How Much is Stan Subscription Cost in the UK? is it value for money?


Are you a UK resident wanting to watch Stan and are wondering what is Stan subscription cost in UK? Before knowing the subscription cost, you must know that if you live in the UK, you must first subscribe to a VPN to watch this Australia-based streaming service due to geo-restrictions.

Copyright issues and geo-restrictions back the blockage of certain websites and streaming services across the globe. Geo-restrictions are responsible for the unavailability of Stan in UK, proving a major obstacle in watching shows on Stan TV. A VPN is the only solution to unblock the gateways of Stan and enjoy your favorite shows like Transfusion, Poker Face 2023, and many more.

Stan is an Australian OTT streaming service with a lot of stuff on board for everyone! The platform brews Stan originals, besides the best Stan movies and top Stan shows, and thus creates a not-to-be-missed content library.

Understanding your urge to binge-watch some quality Stan content, we present you with a comprehensive guide. This guide educates you about the Stan Subscription cost in UK and related topics such as Stan Sports in detail. Keep reading to set your Stan Sports Schedule and become a pro at streaming the rip-roaring service on your device in UK.

What Plans are Available on Stan in the UK?

The Stan subscription cost in UK branches into three different plans. You can subscribe to these plans after trying the Stan free trial. The three plans are:

As mentioned earlier, subscribing to a VPN is mandatory before officially subscribing to Stan UK. Follow the steps below and subscribe to Stan in UK.

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service, preferably Express VPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app and log in.
  3. Connect to an Australian server, preferably Melbourne.
  4. Go to the official Stan website and clickStart your 30-day free trial.”
  5. Select one of the three available plans.
  6. Once the plan is selected, scroll down and click the “continue” option.

Select a payment method, providing your details.

Learn about Stan subscription cost and the details of Stan’s three plans in the table below.

Basic Standard Premium
Price Per Month GB£5.70 GB£ 7.98 GB£10.3
Resolution SD HD Upto 4K
Offline Download Devices 1 3 5
Simultaneous Streams 1 3 4
Free Trial available available available

Beside these packages, Stan has recently introduced the new add-on Sports package. You can enjoy Stan Sport for GB£5.70/mo.

According to your affordability, subscribe to any of the plans mentioned above and enjoy Sports, Stan originals, and much more.

Watch Stan with Express VPN

Basic Plan

Basic plan suits you the best if you are not a keen streamer. Get the basic plan for GB£5.70/month. “Free trial and add-free” are the features best describing the basic plan. However, you will also come across these features in the other two plans.

Although, you must not subscribe to the basic plan if you are not an SD fan and don’t enjoy watching Stan originals in SD. Standard and premium will cater to you in a better way.

Standard Plan

Get the standard plan for GB£7.98/Month. Get to watch amazing content in HD resolution. The standard plan allows you to have three Stan streams simultaneously. The standard plan offers you a free trial and the flexibility of using three offline download devices.

The ad-free feature facilitates uninterrupted streaming, so there are no more distractions!

Premium Plan

Premium plan offers you terrific features for just GB£10.3/Month. Subscribe to the premium plan and enjoy Stan streaming UK to the fullest. You can enjoy watching content in 4K resolution. The Premium plan is the best for large families with multiple choices and tastes. It allows you four simultaneous streams on different devices.

You can also download and watch offline videos on five Android or iOS devices. With many impeccable features, the free trial and Ad-free add-ons make it a perfect plan for families.

What is Stan Sport and How Much does it Cost in the UK?

Stan Sports is a recent addition to the growing Stan service. It offers Live and on-demand streaming of the most sought-after sports events.

Stan Sports mainly offers Rugby union, tennis, football, and motorsports, among others. However, it is adding more to its library and will soon be a sports giant.

Subscribe to Stan Sports for an extra GB£5.70/month and enjoy Stan Sports streaming. You can easily add Stan Sports to your current Stan streaming account. Like Stan, Stan Sports can also be subscribed to through a reliable VPN. the premium VPN to do so is Express VPN.

If you are a Rugby fan, subscribe to Express VPN and watch the exciting Stan Sports Rugby UK, The Rugby Championship, Super Rugby Aotearoa, and Super Rugby AU. Besides Rugby, Stan Sports also streams Shute Shield, French Open, Wimbledon, Trans-Tasman Tournaments, Bledisloe Cup, and more.

Stan Spots streaming has more to offer you. It will broadcast UEFA Champions, Europa, Conference, and Youth Leagues for the next three years.

Subscribe to Express VPN to watch Stan Sports

What TV Shows, Movies and Sports are available on Stan subscription?

Featuring iconic originals, blockbuster movies, hit shows, captivating kids’ shows, and exclusive series, Stan houses rip-roaring content. The most sought-after Stan Originals contribute to a major part of the stan library besides Stan movies and Shows.

Once you subscribe to this OTT service, you will find it harder to decide what to watch because the content is diverse. Stan subscription cost UK would seem t nominal for something too diverse and qualitative.

It’s impossible to name all of the content available on Stan, but here are a few recommendations.

Parasite Wolf Like Me Trolls
Military Wives Bump Premiership Rugby Round 12 2023/24
Saving Private Ryan The Australian Lockdown Comedy Festival Matilda
God Father Trilogy I Am Woman Hook
War of the Worlds No Activity Agent Cody Banks
American Sniper The Commons The Gruffalo
The magnificent Seven Bloom Hey Duggee

Which Stan Subscription Plan is Best for Me?

Now that enough has been said about the Stan Subscription cost in UK, let’s discuss which plan is the best for you. The picture quality and the number of people watching the content in your house are the variables that decide the best subscription plan for you. Further, the frequency of watching content also can be a decisive factor when choosing a subscription plan.

The crux of the above-said points thus simply narrates;

  • You wish to watch movies or shows in the highest available picture quality
  • There are many users on the same account who simultaneously stream Stan on their devices.
  • You love to download videos offline on devices to watch them later.

If these points justify your demand, you can subscribe either to the Standard plan for GB£7.98/Month or Premium Plan for GB£10.3/Month. Stan Subscription cancel option is always there in case you want an upgrade or downgrade.

If watching sports is your main concern while subscribing to a streaming service, you can pay an additional amount of GB£5.70/mo to the existing packages for Stan Sports streaming in the UK. Once you have selected the Sports plan you best learn how to get it on your preferred device. You can get Stan Sports on:

How to Add Stan Sport Through Web Browser

Get an Express VPN subscription and connect to the Melbourne server. You can now add Stan Sports through web browsers like Chrome or Firefox through the following steps:

  • Go to the Stan official website,
  • Use your Stan login credentials to sign in to your current Stan account.
  • Go to Manage Account and select the Sports tab on the left side of the screen.
  • Choose Sports for GB£5.70/mo.
  • Choose “Begin Watching,” and you’re all set to go!
Get Express VPN and Add Stan Sports Through Firefox

How to Add Stan Sport Through Smart TV

Subscribe to Express VPN. Connect to the Melbourne server and enjoy Stan Sports streaming in the UK by following these steps:

  • Select the Apps tab at the top of your Android TV Homescreen.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and scroll down to the Featured Apps category.
  • Locate and choose the Stan TV app.
  • Click install, wait, and open once the installation is completed.
  • Navigate to on your mobile or computer. Enter the 6-7 digit code on your screen and click Activate.
  • You may be asked to log in to your Stan account if you are not already signed in on that particular device.
Subscribe to Express VPN and Add Stan Sports through Smart TV

How to Add Stan Sport Through Android Device

Before you add Stan Sports through Smart TV, you must first subscribe to the premium Express VPN and connect to the Melbourne server. Once subscribed, follow the steps to Add Stan Sports through Smart TV.

  • Select the Apps tab at the top of your Android TV Homescreen.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and scroll down to the Featured Apps category.
  • Locate and choose the Stan TV app.
  • Click install, wait, and open once the installation is completed.
  • Navigate to on your mobile or computer. Enter the 6-7 digit code on your screen and click Activate. You may be asked to log in to your Stan account if you are not already signed in on that particular device.
Subscribe to Express VPN and Add Stan Sports through Web

How to Add Stan Sport Through iOs Device

Subscribe to Express VPN, connect to the Melbourne server, and use your iOS device to add Stan Sports following the steps below.

  • Download the Stan app from the Apple App store.
  • Open the Stan app.
  • Log in using the credentials that you entered when you created your Stan account. Click Log in to Stan.
  • Once you log in, go ahead, and enjoy access to the unlimited Sports content.
Subscribe to Express VPN and Add Stan Sports through iOS Device

Is Stan subscription worth it?

Yes! Stan subscription is worth it for not one but many reasons. Watch Stan Originals and other nail-biting shows and movies for only GB£5.70/monthGB£10.3/Month. The huge Stan library with diverse content doesn’t cost you much. The quality and quantity are both worth the Stan subscription cost in UK. The three plans, Basic, Standard, and Premium, are thoughtfully designed to cater to different audience levels.

Focussing on picture quality, multiple streaming devices, free trials, and ad-free content, Stan knows how to hook the audience. Stan caters to the avid Sports lover in the best possible way. Stan offers you a whole Sports channel to enjoy live and on-demand Sports events in exchange for extra pounds.

We guarantee no looking back once you understand the qualitative Stan service. However, you can still cancel Stan in UK when you wish for a downgrade.

FAQS – Stan Subscription Cost

Stan Subscription cost in UK varies with its three plans, Basic, Standard, and Premium, for GB£5.70/month, GB£7.98/Month, and GB£10.3/Month, respectively.

No! You don’t need to pay for movies. Subscribe to a plan and watch unlimited movies with no additional charges.

Netflix and Stan package are almost comparable in terms of pricing. The premium Stan plan is slightly expensive but is worth it! Moreover, Stan bears pluses over Netflix. It allows you simultaneously streaming on multiple devices.

Follow the steps to get your Stan 3-month free trial and enjoy Stan Originals and more.

  • Go to
  • Enter your email address and click Start your free trial.
  • Choose a subscription plan.
  • Once your free trial is over, you will be charged according to the selected subscription plan.

Wrapping Up

Our comprehensive guide has explained the Stan subscription cost in UK to the core. The detailed discussion of three different plans with astonishing features would be a great help to deciding on the plan of your choice.

This blog also contains details about why Stan Sports is a great option. Last but not least, the role of VPN plays the main lead. You can’t subscribe to Stan until you subscribe to a premium Express VPN.