Hotstar UK: How To Watch It In 2021 [Updated: Dec. 2021]

Have you ever tried to access Hotstar from the United Kingdom? If so, then chances are you were blocked due to regional restrictions. How do you get around this problem? Thankfully, there is a way! This article will show you How to watch Hotstar in the UK and access it without any region limitations. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Many streaming services, like Hotstar, are geo-blocked, which means that people in the United Kingdom can’t access the same films and TV programs as those in India.

However, that does not imply that you are completely cut off from obtaining access to your favorite blockbuster movies on Hotstar in the UK; you may easily get around this type of restriction by using a fantastic VPN provider.


How To Watch Hotstar In The UK: (7 Easy Steps)

By following the steps mentioned in this simple guide, you can easily watch Hotstar in the UK.

  1. Subscribe to the best VPN provider. We at highly recommend ExpressVPN, due to its blazing-fast speed and superlative performance.
  2. Get the selected VPN app downloaded and installed on your preferred devices such as android and iOS.
  3. Login to the VPN app.
  4. Get connected to the closest Indian VPN Server to obtain an Indian IP address.
  5. Go to the official website of Hotstar and sign in or generate a Hotstar account if you don’t have one.
  6. While the majority of the material is available to watch for free, you’ll need an Indian credit card to join up for a premium account.
  7. Now get relaxed and watch movies or your favorite TV shows on Hotstar.

Best VPN To Watch Hotstar UK

Our research team evaluated nineteen VPNs to determine which ones can unblock Hotstar’s geo-restricted content and make it possible for you to watch Hotstar in the UK in 2021.

To choose the best VPN service, we evaluated several standards, while taking into account the needs of the binge-watchers and keeping them engaged watching their favorite Indian films and TV shows on UK Hotstar.

Our list of top VPNs meets the following requirements:

  • At least one Indian Server, but it’s best if there are several.
  • The data transfer rate is fast enough for uninterrupted streaming and provides dependable connections.
  • Unlocks access to Hotstar and similar services from other countries.
  • Encryption ensures that all of your online activity remains private.
  • It should have No IP and DNS leaks.
  • Provides applications for all major platforms.

Following are the three VPNs that have been chosen based on the aforementioned criteria and provide the best way to watch Hotstar in the United Kingdom.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. Surfshark VPN

ExpressVPN – Best VPN For Hotstar UK

ExpressVPN is our topmost and prime choice to watch Hotstar in the UK. It is the best VPN to unblock Hotstar in the UK.

An ExpressVPN subscription gives you access to its network of more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries, including the Indian Server. This means that ExpresVPN can easily unblock many  Indian streaming services such as voot, Zee5, SonyLIV, and many more.

It also provides fast speeds and can unblock a variety of streaming platforms. ExpressVPN supports 5 devices to connect at a time.

A virtual private network (VPN) with a comprehensive list of security mechanisms is included. DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 leak protection and 256-bit encryption are used to ensure that your data is kept secret.

This VPN also has the marvelous feature of a kill switch (which instantly stops data transmission if the VPN connection is lost). Furthermore, ExpressVPN does not keep any personally identifiable information.

Bitcoins are welcome, and you may use your Bitcoins as payment to join up anonymously. You may obtain assistance by contacting the customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via live chat.

The easy-to-use apps for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux are among the most popular features of ExpressVPN. Users may also manually set up a router VPN on their network to provide network-wide security. Custom firmware may be downloaded and installed straight onto supported routers or manually configured by users.


  1. It’s quick enough to stream high-definition video without stuttering.
  2. There were no difficulties in accessing Hotstar India from other countries.
  3. Provides cutting-edge security features that are unrivaled.
  4. With bitcoin, you may pay anonymously.


  1. It’s a little more expensive than the competition.

BEST HOTSTAR VPN: ExpressVPN is our top pick. It has fantastic unblocking capabilities, quick speeds, and the best security features available, making it an excellent choice for viewing Hotstar from outside of India. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

NordVPN – Most Reliable For Hotstar UK

NordVPN enables access to 5,000+ servers in 60 countries including Indian Server, making it an excellent choice for watching Hotstar in the UK.

NordVPN is, however, one of the most popular due to its large library of supported platforms. It can unblock a wide range of streaming services including Netflix (3rd party), Amazon Prime Video (3rd party), and many others. NordVPN works with a variety of apps too, such as Kodi and Smart TV.

You’ll be able to download and finish geo-restricted content at breakneck speeds, thanks to Super Vibe’s lightning-fast servers. Furthermore, because of the limitless bandwidth and unrivaled speeds, you won’t have to worry about latency or buffering.

This company is well-known for its strong emphasis on security. It has 256-bit AES encryption, a customizable kill switch, and protection against IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC leaks. There are additional secure servers available that provide even greater anonymity, as well as an ad-blocker and malware-scanner.

NordVPN also offers dedicated IP addresses for a low monthly fee. This is ideal if you want to ensure that your gaming traffic isn’t being monitored. NordVPN, in addition to other features we’ve mentioned above, provides a no-logs policy. This implies that it has no records of your actions whatsoever.

Over live chat or email, assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

NordVPN is available for download on all major platforms, including Android and iOS. Manual installation is also possible on certain routers.


  1. There are several high-speed Indian servers.
  2. It has a magnificent unblocking ability.
  3. NordVPN offers a variety of online security features to choose from.
  4. NordVPN has a no-logs policy.
  5. NordVPN serves its customers with 24/7 assistance.


  1. Slowdowns may occur in desktop apps.

AUTHORITATIVE HOTSTAR VPN: NordVPN has blazing speeds, excellent security, and privacy features, as well as exceptional unblocking capabilities. It also includes a 30-day money-back policy, making it an attractive choice.

Surfshark VPN – Pocket – Friendly VPN For Hotstar UK

Surfshark is a terrific VPN to unblock Hotstar in the UK. It provides over 3,000 servers in 60+ locations, including India servers. Additionally, it can unblock restricted streaming services like Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix from other countries.

The privacy of your ISP and the security of your data are both guaranteed by Surfshark VPN, which means you can unblock any streaming service or video site from anywhere around the globe. This VPN has no bandwidth restrictions and provides constant, dependable speeds, so you may watch TV in high definition on whatever device or platform you choose.

To prevent hackers from seeing your traffic, this service uses 256-bit encryption. That’s not all, though: DNS and IPv6 leak protection, a kill switch, and the capacity to connect automatically when connecting to a public wifi network are all included.

It offers a safe and secure browsing experience, as well as the NoBorders, feature to ensure that you can browse the web freely and securely no matter where you go. It does not log any personal information that could be used to identify you. Customer Support is available 24/7 days a week via email and live chat.

Surfshark provides a variety of readily available Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux programs. If you’d prefer not to use automation software to install it on your network routers manually, that’s also an option.


  1. Allows you to connect unlimited devices at a time.
  2. Accessibility of geo-restricted sites is excellent.
  3. Prioritizes your security and privacy
  4. It does not keep any record of your online activity.


  1. Sluggish speeds are somewhat common.

WALLET – FRIENDLY HOTSTAR VPN: Surfshark is a VPN that puts a high premium on privacy and enables you to use Hotstar and other similar services from any device. It comes with a 30-day money-back refund policy.

Why A VPN Is Needed To Watch Disney+ Hotstar In The UK

Hotstar is geo-blocked; it is only accessible in the United Kingdom, Canada, India, and the United States. This implies that you won’t be able to watch Disney+ Hotstar from outside of India if you’re not from one of those countries. Therefore, to get access to any of the geo-restricted sites, you will need a VPN, which can disguise your identity by hiding your IP address.

With a VPN, you may switch your IP address to any of the Hotstar specific countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, and India, and receive access to different variations of Hotstar. Different versions of Hotstar are available for various regions, similar to Amazon Prime Video.

With a Hotstar VPN, you may trick Hotstar into thinking you’re coming from another country by hiding your actual location and providing it with a new IP address. We recommend using the Indian version of Hotstar if you’re using a VPN.

Is Hotstar Available In The UK?

Yes, the United Kingdom has Disney+ Hotstar, which allows you to watch Hotstar India directly from its website or download the Hotstar app for both the App Store and Google Play Store on your smartphone. By creating your Hotstar account, you can easily get access to all your favorite content on Hotstar in the UK.

The majority of today’s Bollywood blockbuster movies and Indian TV shows are only available on Hotstar India. So, if you’re in the United Kingdom and don’t have access to Hotstar India, you’ll be missing out on Indian content that’s only available there.

Hotstar UK, on the other hand, does not provide access to films and TV programs from India.

Furthermore, if you try to watch Hotstar movies and TV Shows in the UK, your screen will be notified with the following error message;

Videos on are not available in the UK. To watch Hotstar videos available in the UK go to

This is due to copyright and licensing arrangements. Movies that are broadcast in India on Hotstar may not be available on the British version of the service owing to rights concerns. However, you may access Hotstar in the United Kingdom if you use an authenticated and dependable VPN.

Does Free VPN Work With Hotstar India?

Use of a free VPN to watch Hotstar India in the UK is highly discouraged. Smaller networks are more common among free VPNs, making it less likely that they will have Indian servers. Last but not least, free VPNs usually have more users than their premium counterparts, resulting in slow speeds, long buffering times, and stuttering video, all these would give you a bad streaming experience.

There are plenty of privacy concerns that can arise from using a free VPN. Many of the applications you’ll find on the Google Play Store don’t utilize encryption, which means they’re just as vulnerable to prying eyes as surfing without one.

Equally damaging, malicious attackers are flooding marketplaces in droves to profit from your privacy concerns. The safest approach to stay safe on the internet is to use a strong VPN service that follows a no-logs policy.


What Is Hotstar India?

Live streaming is available on Hotstar India, which includes over 30 channels (including Star Sports, HBO, Showtime, and Maa Gold).

Many internet-connected devices can access your media library, making it a convenient way to store and view films or TV shows. It also provides access to a huge collection of television programs and movies (many of which are free to watch).

English, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, and Malayalam are among the languages supported by Hotstar.

Cost Of Hotstar?

‘Hotstar’ is a paid streaming service available in many countries. Hotstar’s cost varies by location. The following are the estimated costs for Hotstar in various nations:

  • India: ₹299 per month
  • United Kingdom: £5.99 per month
  • United States: $9.99 per month
  • Canada: CAD 12.99 per month

Hotstar: The Best Version Of Indian TV?

Why should you use Hotstar in India? Because Hotstar India provides free subscriptions and has the most extensive collection of Indian material of any version.

Here are a few of the benefits of Hotstar India as compared to the UK’s Hotstar:

  • Hotstar India is less expensive than other versions.
  • To watch content for free, such as the Champions League, Hotstar has a lot of it. There’s also a premium version to watch your favorite shows from its enormous Indian library that isn’t available on other versions.
  • Only Hotstar in India currently offers content from the Mouse House, so you can now watch Disney+ movies and television shows there too.
  • Hotstar India offers a 7-10 day refund policy, but Hotstar UK subscribers are not entitled to it.

Hotstar UK: How To Get It At The Best Price?

If you’ve already picked a VPN with several Indian servers, it’s simple to sign up for Hotstar India in the UK at a significantly lower price than Hotstar UK.

Once your connection is established with an Indian VPN server, download the Hotstar app, go to, and watch unrestricted free content of Indian Hotstar. You don’t even need to create a profile or sign in to enjoy free streaming of Hotstar movies and shows.

Hotstar users who have access to Indian Hotstar can do free streaming and therefore have much to enjoy, but the service’s premium version restricts access to popular shows such as Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, American horror stories, and most current Indian series.

If you’re looking to acquire a premium subscription with a VPN, you can save money on Hotstar in the United Kingdom.

For each location, Hotstar subscription charges on monthly basis are different. It varies depending on the consumer’s country of residence. Let’s look at the pricing for Disney+ Hotstar in India and the United Kingdom to see how much they differ.

This is how you may save up to £50+ per year on an annual plan by utilizing a VPN and an Indian IP.

By following these simple steps, you will get Hotstar at the Best Price

  • Get the selected VPN app such as ExpressVPN downloaded and installed on your preferred device.
  • Open the VPN app and sign in to it after creating your account.
  • By using the VPN client, get connected to the Indian server.
  • Visit the official website of Hotstar and tap on the option “ Choose your Plan”
  • Get your Hotstar account registered by signing up with your email ID and password.
  • Complete the process by selecting the most appropriate Payment Mode.
  • After completion of the process, you can easily enjoy the Hotstar Premium plan at discounted rates.

Please Note: To get a subscription for Disney+Hotstar in the United Kingdom, you will need an Indian Debit/ Credit Card, for this, you have to request your Indian friend to proceed on your behalf.

Watch Hotstar UK On Android And IOS

For Android and iOS users, the Disney+ Hotstar app is accessible on both App Store and Google Play Store.

Android Users

  • Get the subscription from the best VPN provider, we recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Get the VPN app downloaded and installed on your preferred Android device.
  • Open the VPN app and sign in by providing your credentials.
  • Get connected to the closest Indian server.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and look for the Hotstar app.
  • Get the Hotstar app installed, create your Hotstar account and have fun watching Hotstar on your Android device.

IOS Users: 

Follow these simple steps and enjoy streaming Hotstar movies and TV shows on iphone, ipad, mac and Apple TV.

  • Head over to settings and click your Apple ID
  • Tap Media and Purchases and get sign-in.
  • Change your region/country to India
  • Go to the App Store and look for the Hotstar app.
  • Get the Hotstar app downloaded and installed on your iOS device.
  • Get connected to the ExpressVPN Indian server
  • Head over to the Hotstar app, log in to your Hotstar account by providing your credentials.
  • Enjoy streaming Hotstar in the UK on your iOS device.

Difference Between Hotstar India And Hotstar UK

On Indian Hotstar, you have access to numerous channels, but on Hotstar UK it’s a very different story. On Indian Hotstar, for example, you may watch much free content including “Koffee with Karan.” In contrast, there is no free content on UK Hotstar since a Hotstar subscription is required to access its content.

Devices Compatible With Hotstar

  • Windows (desktop, laptop)
  • Android
  • macOS
  • iOS (iPad and iPhone)
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Firestick TV
  • Apple TV


With a VPN, you may watch Hotstar for free in the United Kingdom. Only Hotstar India provides a free plan with a library of free movies and shows, as previously said. If you want to watch Hotstar for free, connect to an Indian server and change your IP address to India.

Yes, you can watch IPL on Hotstar in the United Kingdom. IPL is not the official broadcaster in the UK and Ireland because Sky Sports is responsible for that. However, if you have a Hotstar membership, you may watch live IPL streaming on the platform in the United Kingdom.

The use of different region subscriptions on Hotstar from outside of India is not allowed. For example, if you sign up for Hotstar in India, you will not be able to access the service in the United Kingdom with that account. You may utilize your Hotstar membership in the UK by changing your IP address to India and viewing Indian Hotstar using the services of VPN.

Yes, it includes a large number of LIVE sports, news, films, and entertainment channels.


Wrapping It Up!

So, now you must have complete information about Hotstar UK: How to watch it in 2021. Select a VPN with servers in India such as ExpressVPN, and you’ll be able to access free movies and series on Hotstar immediately.

Hotstar is an excellent streaming service that is both affordable and has all of Marvel’s latest movies and series, allowing you to watch Hotstar content in the UK for less money. We’re delighted that you’ve discovered Hotstar to watch your favorite Bollywood movies and Indian TV shows in the UK. We hope you’re already streaming your favorite programs on Disney+ Hotstar. Have a great day, and enjoy streaming!