40 Streaming Services You Should Try In 2022 [Jan’2022]

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Through a tireless research-based investigation, our team came up with a list of 45 all-time favorite channels which are geographically blocked in the United Kingdom. If you are a non-resident of countries like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia you will require a local IP address which is mentioned below to unblock these channels,


Just to give a gist of an idea to our valued customers, we have listed down some of the famous and most in-demand streaming services with their global statistical data.

Channel Name: Netflix

Broadcast Area: United States


  • Although other streaming services are also widely available in the market. Netflix being the King of Streaming still enjoys the big market share.
  • It was established in 1997 by Reed Hastings (Chief Executive Officer) and Marc Randolph.
  • In the year 2020, Netflix won the race by earning the highest number of nominations for Oscar as compared to its competitors.
  • 52.5% of Netflix clients share their log-in details with their family members and friends so they can enjoy their favorite Netflix content.
  • In the UK market, Netflix penetration is 45% of adults who have online access.
  • 13 Million Families in the UK have Netflix subscriptions.
  • According to a survey conducted in April’2020; 36 million hours were viewed for Netflix UK content.
  • By the end of the year 2020, Netflix has earned a revenue of amount 6644 million USD.
  • In the 1st quarter of 2021, Netflix has earned a revenue of amount over 7.16 billion USD.



Channel Name: 7Plus

Broadcast Area: Australia

  • 7plus is a service offered by the Seven Network.
  • It was launched on November 27, 2017. It is owned by Seven West Media.
  • 7Plus Headquarters is situated in Sydney, New South Wales. Australia.
  • 7Plus offers internet live streaming of Channel 7 programs, as well as history shows and original programming, all through a paid monthly subscription.
  • 7plus offers high-definition programming that can be streamed in 1080p. Most content is available immediately after it has aired on 7Plus.
  • The 7plus app can be accessed on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer; it’s on all televisions with FreeviewPlus certification (a TV that automatically updates the EPG and advertises reminders of programs you might want to watch) and is compatible with every major streaming device.
  • The service added two content providers in March 2019, Pac-12 Network and Outdoor Channel.



 Channel Name:9Now

Broadcast Area: Australia

  • 9 Now was launched on 27th January’2016.
  • 9 Now headquarter is in Sydney, New South Wales. Australia
  • The service offers live broadcasting of Channel Nine News and entertainment programming.
  • 9 Now also telecast the live coverage of the latest breaking headlines from 9news.com.au
  • In 2016, Nine Network was the center of a legal battle between regional partner WIN Television and competitor Network Ten.
  • Since its launch in 2018, 9Now has been the Australian market leader at collecting personal data from its users to view content. To date, 9 Now has some 7 million signups for its platform.


 Channel Name: ABC

Broadcast Area: United States

  • The American Broadcasting Company is an American multinational commercial broadcast television network headquartered in Burbank, California.
  • The network’s secondary offices are in New York City.
  • ABC Radio has been sold to Citadel Broadcasting since 2007. The deal was one of the biggest among media companies during that time, as ABC is also one of the oldest broadcasting networks in existence. ABC is often nicknamed ‘The Alphabet Network’.
  • The ABC radio network launched in 1943, succeeding the NBC Blue Network which had been purchased by Edward Noble. In 1948, ABC followed established networks CBS and NBC to television.
  • In the mid-1950s, UPT merged with ABC, a chain of movie theaters that was formerly owned by Paramount Pictures. Leonard Goldenson restructured and improved ABC’s financial standing by approving the development and airing of many successful TV series.
  • ABC has eight owned-and-operated and over 232 affiliated TV stations in the U.S. and territories that can be seen on the over-the-air broadcast when you are near one of the Canada – US points where there is an ABC affiliate nearby.
  • ABC News provides news for Cumulus Media, a radio company that was previously ABC Radio.

Channel Name: BBC iPlayer

Broadcast Area: United Kingdom

  • BBC iPlayer is a streaming service for those familiar with BBC programming. It’s available on mobile, tablets, PCs, and smart TVs.
  • The user who accesses BBC iPlayer in the UK will not experience commercial advertising.
  • Live television transmission or BBC content without a TV license is against the law.
  • The BBC, in 2015, embarked on a new initiative to play audio and video content using open HTML5 standards rather than with Flash or its Media Player mobile app.
  • To emphasize the changes, on October 17, 2018, BBC replaced its Radio brand with a new service called “BBC Sounds.”

Channel Name: Hulu

Broadcast Area: United States

  • Hulu was founded on October 29th, 2007 by Jason Kilar, Kelly Campbell, and Bob Chapek.
  • The Walt Disney Company owns Hulu. The site is the company’s original content library in addition to a repository for US TV series.
  • Hulu has two tiers: an ad-supported version and a premium, ad-free option.
  • As of 2020, over 39 million people are subscribed to Hulu, and 4.1 million of those subscribers use the live TV service.
  • Hulu’s revenue for the year 2020 amounted to $4.4 billion USD.
  • Hulu’s revenue for 2020 accounted for 2.9 billion USD.

Channel Name: Stan

Broadcast Area: Australia

  • Stan is a live streaming service that offers a variety of content and it is only available in Australia.
  • Stan has existed since the day of 26th January 2015.
  • Originally, Stan was a collaboration between Nine Entertainment Co. and Fairfax Media called StreamCo Media.
  • This service provides a very wide range of movies and tv shows from both home-grown and international producers, especially with a great emphasis on producers from US and UK.
  • Stan is an international streaming company, that has original content and licensed films and shows.
  • Stan ranked second in online streaming in Australia with over 2.3 million subscribers to date.
  • In 2016, Stan’s original show No Activity became the first streaming TV show to be nominated for a Logie Award at the ceremony.

Channel Name: Sky Sports

Broadcast Area: United Kingdom

  • Sky Sports is a group of British subscription sports channels operated by the British satellite television company Sky.
  • Jonathan Licht manages The Sky Sports network.
  • Sky Sports is the most popular subscription television sports brand in the British Isles. They played a large role in encouraging (baseball) league commissioners to break away from other leagues in 1992, particularly when they sponsored baseball teams like the Boston Red Sox and won exclusive broadcasting rights for premier league games.
  • Many different sports come through the Sky Sports Main Event, and it is a premium package on top of the basic Sky package.
  • Sky Sports’ main event channels are also available as a premium channel on nearly every UK and Ireland satellite, cable, and IPTV (Internet protocol TV) broadcasting system.
  • Basic packages of Sky Sports come with three different channels: Sky Sports News, Sky Sports Racing, and Sky Sports Mix.

Channel Name: TF1

Broadcast Area: France

  • TF1 is the most popular French TV channel. Pronounced as TF1 (te-eh-fuhn), it stands for Télévision française, or “French Television”.
  • TF1 is a French TV channel that airs programs for free but has ties to one of the country’s largest construction companies, Bouygues.
  • TF1 has a French market share of 24%, higher than most other networks.
  • TF1 is part of TF1 Group, which also comprises TV and radio channels along with news channel LCI
  • It previously owned the French satellite provider TPS, which is now the property of the Canal+ Group.
  • The network is an advocate of the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV initiative that promotes both broadcast and broadband streaming.
  • On 20th May 2021, TF1 Group (owners of the channel) suggested a merger with Groupe M6 (owners of M6).

Channel Name: Tubi TV

Broadcast Area: United States

  • Tubi’s is an American streaming site with ads. You can watch free online streams of films and TV programs from their library on the website,
  • The company was launched in San Francisco on April 1’2014.
  • As a result of an increase in subscribers, Tubi reached 33 million monthly active users by January 2019.
  • The initial steps of Tubi’s launch were taken by two entrepreneurs Mr. Massoudi and Mr. Hicks. Tubi’s founders originally conceived the idea for a free-of-charge service that would offer its content ad-supported while people streamed online videos on their devices. The company launched in 2014.
  • Tubi announced reaching a milestone in its user base with more than 20 million monthly active users as of June 2019.
  • The company quoted that around 132 million hours of content was streamed by users in September 2019.
  • The company announced that it had 33 million monthly users in September 2020.
  • Tubi’s agreement with NBCUniversal in February’2019 includes 400 episodes.
  • Tubi, a streaming service available on Vizio Smartcast displays screens became available for the first time on September 25.
  • Tubi partnered with Roku and recently launched a kids-centric hub called “Tubi Kids.” This will soon be available on other supported devices as well.
  • Tubi recently launched its streaming service in Australia on September 1, 2019.
  • Tubi announced that it would partner with TV Azteca in January of 2020 to get started in Mexico, which will allow many more viewers around the world to enjoy Mexican content on a cross-platform app and expand Tubi’s service.

Channel Name: TV3 Player

Broadcast Area: Ireland

  • Virgin Media Player (TV3 Player) is a streaming service that provides live programs and video-on-demand in Ireland.
  • As of 8 October 2011[6], the service was launched in place of TV3’s Catch Up service.
  • As a part of the TV3 Group’s rebrand to Virgin Media Television on 30th August 2018, the service was renamed Virgin Media Player.
  • People living in Ireland are eligible for this service.
  • The service supports its availability on PCs, Macs, and desktop or laptop devices.
  • It is now available on Sony Bravia TV, Sony Blu-ray players, and the Playstation 3.
  • This service is HTML5 compatible, which means you can access the program regardless of your operating system.

Channel Name: TVB

Broadcast Area: Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong-based TVB is one of the most popular choices for Asian televisions.
  • TVB operates five television channels in Hong Kong, to provide a variety of Cantonese and English language options.
  • TVB is headquartered in TVB City-Hong Kong on the Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate.
  • The operation of Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) began in 1967 and became officially registered on July 26, 1965. Following as co-founder for three decades, Sir Run Run Shaw succeeded the role from 1980 to 2011. The scope of business includes television broadcasts networks, film distribution as well complex management with digital media.
  • TVB is globally well-known for its famous dramas and international pageants such as Miss Hong Kong and Miss Chinese International Pageants.
  • Historically, it has been the most dominant TV broadcaster in Hong Kong.

Channel Name: Voot

Broadcast Area: India

  • Voot is a VOD streaming service and a live broadcast app, both of which concentrate mostly on Indian entertainment.
  • Voot was launched in March of 2016 as Viacom’s online arm.
  • Viacom 18’s Video on Demand service is available for both iOS and Android users via the app, as well as KaiOS (JioPhone) users by accessing it through a website.
  • Viacom operates mobile and desktop VOD platforms for advertising-based content.
  • Although Voot is only available in India, it offers a wide variety of video content from shows like MTV and Colors.
  • Multiple local languages are supported by Voot.
  • Voot announced the launch of its paid subscription service” Voot Select” in February 2020 to its audiences.
  • Some of the Voot series cannot be accessed unless the viewer subscribes to Voot Select.

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Channel Name: Zee5

Broadcast Area: India

  • ZEE5 is a popular subscription VOD and over-the-top streaming service looked after by the Essel Group, which is backed by its subsidiary ZEE Entertainment Enterprises.
  • ZEE5 was released in India on February 14th, with content in twelve different languages.
  • The ZEE5 App can be downloaded on iPhones and iPads, Android tablets, Samsung TVs.
  • According to the survey report in December 2019, 56 million was claimed to be the number of active users visits monthly on ZEE5.
  • The service is being rolled out in countries all over the world, with it becoming available to US users on June 22nd of this year.

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Channel Name: Adult Swim

Broadcast Area: United States


  • Adult swim is a basic-cable network’s late-night adult-oriented programming block created and headed by its in-house production facility, Williams Street.
  • Adult Swim was founded as a spin-off block of Cartoon Network in response to the success of an earlier program, Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
  • The term “Adult Swim” is derived from a lifeguard’s break. Because the children can’t swim alone, they are ejected and only adults may swim, hence Adult Swim.
  • The block began on September 2, 2001, at 10:00 p.m., with a repeat of an earlier episode of Home Movies.
  • The block began at 10:00 p.m. and ended at 1:00 a.m. The block originally started at 10:00 p.m. and ended at 1:00 a.m.
  • Adult Swim was founded in 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
  • Adult Swim is owned by Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Bruce Taylor is the CEO of Adult Swim.
  • The headquarters of Adult Swim is situated in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
  • Turner Broadcasting System is the parent organization of Adult Swimm its sister networks are Cartoon Network, CNN, truTV, TNT, HLN.
  • Each night’s broadcasts would be repeated on Thursday nights. Adult Swim programs are now shown between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m


Channel Name: ATRESplayer

Broadcast Area: Spain

  • ATRESPLAYER is a Spanish OTT television and streaming service from Atresmedia, the parent company. The service may be viewed on a variety of gadgets, including smartphones and tablets, PCs, and smart TVs.
  • It was initially released in the year 2013 as Nubeox.
  • Its official language is Español.
  • On the other hand, ATRESplayer Premium is a paid content distribution service offered by the platform. This enables subscribers to view and download premium material (except Novelas Nova), with no commercials or disruptions.
  • To view everything available through the Atresmedia channels. You may watch material before it is aired in open or exclusive content like the Veneno biopic, which has proven to be a success, thus prompting most subscriptions.

Channel Name: beIN Sports

Broadcast Area: Qatar


  • BeIN Sports is a worldwide network of sports channels owned and operated by the Qatari media conglomerate beIN.
  • It has had a significant impact on the commercialization of Qatari sports.
  • Nasser Al-Khelaifi is the company’s CEO, and Yousef Obaidly is the firm’s Chairman.
  • beIN Sports was founded in 2012 and its headquarter is in Paris, France.
  • beIN Media Group is the parent organization of beIN Sports.
  • The Sister Networks of beIN Sports are beIN SPORTS France, Al Jazeera, beIN Channels Network, Digiturk, Al Jazeera America.

Channel Name: BFI

Broadcast Area: United Kingdom

  • The British Film Institute is a film and television non-profit organization that protects and promotes filmmaking and television in the United Kingdom.
  • The British Film Institute (BFI) uses lottery money to stimulate film production, distribution, and education. It is sponsored by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS).
  • It was founded in 1933.
  • The headquarters of BFI is situated in the United Kingdom.
  • Ben Roberts is the company’s CEO, and Tim Richards is the firm’s Chairman.
  • The subsidiaries of BFI are BFI National Archive, BFI Production Board.

Channel Name: BT Sport

Broadcast Area: United Kingdom

  • BT Sport is a collection of BT Consumer’s pay television sports channels, which was established on August 1, 2013.
  • The stations are located at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which once served as London’s International Broadcast Center.
  • The BT Sport package offers every live Premier League game, as well as the UEFA Champions League, Premiership Rugby, and a variety of other sports.
  • You can watch all of it through the BT Sport app on Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Roku players, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast with Google TV.
  • In the United Kingdom, BT Sport is accessible via the BT TV, Sky, and Virgin Media television services, as well as Sky, Eir TV, and Vodafone TV in Ireland.

Channel Name: CBS

Broadcast Area: United States

  • The Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) is a language entertainment television network headquartered in New York.
  • In 1928, the Columbia Broadcasting System became CBS, which is now one of the world’s most-watched television networks.
  • CBS Corporation (formerly Columbia Broadcasting System and CBS Inc.) is a major American media business that owns the CBS national television network as well as Simon & Schuster book publishers and Showtime cable network.
  • CBS is home to Star Trek as well as local stations such as CBS, CBSN, CBS Sports HQ, and ET Live 24/7.
  • This streaming service, formerly known as CBS All Access, has now changed its name to Paramount Plus.
  • It will continue to have access to original programming from its previous network, while it will also host exclusives and first dibs on theatrical releases for never-before-seen flicks.

Channel Name: Channel 4

Broadcast Area: United Kingdom

  • A free-to-air public service television network based in the United Kingdom, Channel 4 is operated by a not-for-profit organization called the Independent Television Commission.
  • London is its headquarters, with a national office in Leeds and creative clusters in Glasgow and Bristol.
  • The Channel Four Television Corporation was formed under the Broadcasting Act of 1990, and all its publishing/broadcasting responsibilities were passed on to the new company in 1993.
  • Channel 4 is a publisher and broadcaster. It does not create its own programming, but it hires more than 300 independent production companies from all across the United Kingdom to produce them, making it a major source of inspiration and outlet for the country’s highly successful independent sector.
  • It promotes innovation and creativity throughout the film industry by investing heavily in training and talent development.
  • More than three-quarters of the country’s population watch Channel 4 programs during an average week.

Channel Name: DIRECTV

Broadcast Area: United States

  • DirecTV is a direct-broadcast satellite provider based in El Segundo, California. Its digital satellite television and audio service was launched on June 17, 1994, and provides services to homes in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
  • The founder of DIRECTV is  Eddy Hartenstein.
  •  AT&T is DIRECTV’s parent organization and the owners are AT&T, TPG.
  • Its headquarters is situated in  El Segundo, California, United States.
  • The subsidiaries of DIRECTV are  DirecTV Stream, SKY Brasil Serviços Ltda., Vrio, MORE.

Channel Name: DStv

Broadcast Area: South Africa

  • MultiChoice’s DStv is a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service that was founded in 1995. The service offers numerous channels and services to its customers.
  • MultiChoice is the owner and parent organization of DStv.
  • It was founded on 6th October 1995.
  • DStv headquarters are located in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Each DStv subscription comes with four users on the DStv app, with two of them able to watch at once. This implies that you can use the app on up to four devices at once, and device management is handled through the app.
  • The area served by DStv is Sub-Saharan Africa.

Channel Name: HBO Max

Broadcast Area: United States

  • HBO Max is a streaming service offered in the United States by AT&T WarnerMedia, through WarnerMedia Direct.
  • HBO Max is a standalone streaming service that combines all of HBO with even more TV shows, big films, and original Max Originals for the whole family.
  • HBO Max was launched on 27th May’2020 and is owned by  AT&T.
  • HBO Max has around  69.4 million users; (as of September 30, 2021).
  • HBO Max’s content is available in  English (USA), Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, and others.
  • HBO Max is available through the Android Google Play market and has an app for Android smartphones and tablets. You’ll be able to join up inside the app using in-app purchases, and you’ll also be able to watch HBO Max on your Android TV, Chromebook, or Chromecast.
  • HBO Max is a bundle of HBO and its sister networks, including DC Universe, CNN, TNT, TBS, and Cartoon Network. HBO Max also develops original programming and features in addition to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.
  • HBO Max subscribers can watch HBO Max on three devices at the same time. There are no restrictions on the number of devices you may log in to. However, one account can only stream three films at once.

Channel Name: Hotstar

Broadcast Area: India

  • Star India’s Hotstar is a subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service owned by The Walt Disney Company and managed by Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution, which is a division of The Walt Disney Company.
  • Over 100,000 hours of TV programming and movies are available across nine languages on Hotstar right now. Every major sports event is broadcast live.
  • Hotstar was launched on 11 February 2015.
  • Parent Organizations of Hotstar are  Star India, Disney Media, and Entertainment Distribution.
  • It has around 43.7 million users (paid; as of 2nd October 2021); 300 million active users (May 2020).
  • Members of Disney+ Hotstar Premium will also get access to the same perks, with up to four devices able to view 4K high-definition material. If you’re a Super Plan subscriber, you’ll be able to watch Disney+ Hotstar on two devices at the same time.

Channel Name: Kayo Sports.

Broadcast Area: Australia.

  • In 2018, Fox Sports acquired Kayo Sports, an over-the-top video streaming service in Australia, from Streamotion (a 100% owned subsidiary of Foxtel).
  • ESPN, beIN Sports, and Racing.com are among the live and on-demand sports available on Kayo sports.
  • The parent organization and owner of Kayo Sports is Foxtel.
  • Kayo Sports was founded on November 26, 2018. It has 1 million (as of 7 May 2021).
  • The CEO of Kayo Sports is Julian Ogrin.
  • Kayo Sports Headquarters are in  Artarmon, Australia.
  • The Basis Plan of Kayo Sports allows you to connect 2 devices to stream at a time while Kayo Premium allows streaming 3 devices simultaneously.

Channel Name: NBC.

Broadcast Area: United States.

  • The National Broadcasting Company is a commercial American English-language broadcast television and radio network operated by Comcast.
  • The company’s headquarters are at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, with major offices located near Los Angeles and Chicago.
  •  David Sarnoff is the founder and  Jeff Shell is the CEO of NBC.
  • Its headquarters are in New York, New York, United States.
  • Parent Organizations of NBC are NBCUniversal, Comcast.
  • The subsidiaries of NBC are NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC, USA Network, Bravo, MORE.
  • NBC was founded on June 19, 1926, and was launched; Radio: November 15, 1926 Television: April 30, 1939.
  • You may watch a maximum of one (1) stream of Content at any one time across all of your devices using your NBC Account. It’s not permissible for one user to watch numerous streams at the same time.

Channel Name: Peacock TV.

Broadcast Area: United States.

  • Peacock is an American over-the-top video streaming service owned and operated by the Television and Streaming division of NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast. Named after the NBC logo,
  • The service was founded on April 15, 2020, and was launched on July 15, 2020.
  • NBCUniversal’s new streaming service is called Peacock TV. The service will provide a centralized location for NBCUniversal entertainment, with a large collection of NBC comedies and dramas, live sports, Universal Studios films, and original programming.
  • Peacock TV is owned by Comcast.
  • It has 54 million (as of July 29, 2021), 10 million premium (as of May 2021).
  • The headquarters of Peacock TV is located in  New York, United States.
  • The parent organization of NBC is  NBCUniversal and its sister network include NBC, NBCSN, CNBC, MSNBC, MORE.
  • A peacock is as free-flowing as a bird. To use all of Peacock’s features, upgrade your account to Peacock Premium for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. (This is the Peacock TV premium cost at the time of this writeup).

Channel Name: ProSieben.

Broadcast Area: Germany.

  • ProSieben is a German free-to-air television network, which was founded in 1989.
  • It is owned by ProSiebenSat. 1 Media. It began operations on January 1, 1989.
  • It is the country’s second-largest privately held television business.
  • The ProSieben founders are  Thomas Kirch, Gerhard Ackermans and its CEO is Daniel Rosemann.
  • ProSieben headquarters are in Unterföhring, ‎Germany. 

Channel Name: Showtime

Broadcast Area: United States.

  • Showtime Networks Inc. is an American entertainment business that runs Showtime, the premium cable network’s main service.
  • It is a ViacomCBS division under its domestic networks unit.
  • SHOWTIME is a premium entertainment service featuring critically acclaimed Original Series and Limited Series, ground-breaking documentaries and docu-series, blockbuster Hollywood movies, action-packed sports events, hilarious comedy series, and more.
  • The founder of Showtime is WarnerMedia and the CEO is David Nevins.
  • The parent organizations of Showtime are ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks, CBS Corporation and its subsidiaries are The Movie Channel, Showtime Entertainment.
  • Showtime was founded in the year 1983 and its headquarters is located in  New York, New York, United States.

Channel Name: SonyLIV.

Broadcast Area: India.

  • SonyLIV is a premium streaming service owned by Sony Pictures Networks India.
  • In 2013, SonyLIV was the first over-the-top (OTT) service in India.
  • SonyLIV was founded on January 23, 2013.
  • The owner of SonyLIV is Sony Corporation and its parent organizations are  Sony Corporation, Sony Pictures Networks India.
  • The headquarter of SonyLIV is located in Mumbai, India.
  • SonyLIV has 29.6 million users  (paid), 98 million monthly active users [This info is around from all available counties.]
  • There are 21 stations in the network, including Sony Entertainment TV (SET), which is India’s most popular entertainment channel in Hindi. It owns television networks such as AXN, Sony MAX, and Sony SAB.

Channel Name: ThreeNow.

Broadcast Area: New Zealand.

  • ThreeNow is a national television station in New Zealand (stylized as +HR=E). It was launched on November 26, 1989.
  • ThreeNow (previously called 3Now) is an on-demand streaming service in which Three and sister channels Bravo, Choice TV, and HGTV, as well as web-only shows, are accessible.
  • The ThreeNow app is now available on the ThreeNow website as well as iOS and Android smartphones.
  • It was New Zealand’s first privately-owned television station, which launched on 26th November’1989.
  • Discovery New Zealand owns and operates Three, a general entertainment platform with a significant news and current affairs component known as Newshub.
  • ThreeNow broadcast multiple programs that carry a significant amount of local material, most of which is aired during prime time.

Channel Name: TVNZ.

Broadcast Area: New Zealand.

  • TVNZ is a television station that receives broadcast coverage in New Zealand and parts of the Pacific region.
  • TVNZ is a publicly owned, commercially-funded television service in New Zealand.
  • TVNZ reaches more than 2 million Kiwis each day through TVNZ 1, 2, DUKE, and the TVNZ OnDemand digital entertainment platform.
  • TVNZ was founded in February 1980. It is owned by the Minister of Broadcasting, Communications, and Digital Media of New Zealand.
  • Kevin Kenrick is its CEO.
  • TVNZ headquarters is in  Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Subsidiaries of TVNZ are  South Pacific Pictures, NZOOM.

Channel Name: Amazon Prime.

Broadcast Area: United States.

  • Amazon Prime is an Amazon-operated paid subscription service that provides access to additional services not available or accessible at a premium to other Amazon customers.
  • It was founded on 2nd February’2005 and is owned by Amazon.
  • It has around 200 million users.
  • For paid or free trial people in the United States and Puerto Rico, Unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes is available through Amazon Prime Video.
  • Amazon Channels enables you to watch HBO, SHOWTIME, and STARZ programs and films. This content is available without a cable subscription or any additional applications, and you may unsubscribe at any time without any charges.
  • Amazon Prime Video is accessible on a range of devices and can be viewed simultaneously by up to three users with the same login details, while only two devices may watch the same film or TV series at once.

Channel Name: CTV.

Broadcast Area: Canada.

  • CTV is a Canadian English-language television network owned by Bell Media. CTV was founded in 1961 and acquired by BCE Inc. in 2000, becoming part of the Bell Media subsidiary BCE.
  • It was founded in 1960, Toronto, Canada.
  • The headquarters of CTV is in Toronto, Canada.
  • The Parent Organizations of CTV are  Bell Media, BCE Inc. CTV News is the subsidiary of CTV.
  • BCE Inc owns CTV.
  • With the extension, you may view all of your networked devices at once. You can also watch remotely from up to three mobile devices while you’re away from home.

Channel Name: ORF.

Broadcast Area: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg

  • The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) is Austria’s major media company, with four national television networks and twelve radio stations, as well as a large number of websites.
  • Because the ORF is a foundation under public law, it must follow a number of obligations and requirements set forth in the ORF Act.
  • ORF is not profit-oriented, and instead invests all revenue – half of which comes from radio and television license fees, the rest from advertising and other income – directly into programs and services it provides to its ORF audiences.
  • The ORF’s headquarters and studios are in Vienna, where the company also runs numerous regional facilities throughout Austria as well as a worldwide network of correspondents who contribute to its many shows in all three media.
  • ORF 1 and ORF 2 are the TV networks that provide a wide range of programming, with current news, in-depth information, documentaries, TV magazines, reports, talk shows, and other programs.

Channel Name: Pluto TV.

Broadcast Area: United States.

  • Pluto TV is an internet television service founded in 2013 by Tom Ryan, Ilya Pozin, and Nick Grouf. It’s based in Los Angeles, California, in the United States and parts of Europe and Latin America.
  • Pluto TV was founded on August 1, 2013.
  • It has 54 million monthly active users (as of July 9, 2021).
  • The headquarters of Pluto TV is located in  Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • The parent organization of Pluto TV is  ViacomCBS Streaming and its sister network is  Paramount+.
  • Pluto TV offers the ability to watch on several devices without any restrictions.

Channel Name: Starz Play.

Broadcast Area: United States.

  • Starz Play by Cinepax is a premium subscription video on demand (SVOD) service that offers thousands of blockbuster Hollywood films, TV series, documentaries, kid’s programming, and same-day-as-US series as well Pakistani and Bollywood specialty.
  • Starz Play was founded in 2018.
  • Lionsgate Entertainment company is the founder of Starz Play.
  • Starz Play’s headquarters is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • You may watch Starz Play on up to four devices at the same time.

Channel Name: YouTube TV.

Broadcast Area: United States.

  • YouTube TV is a live television service with on-demand video and cloud-based DVR from more than 85 networks, including the Big Four broadcast networks and PBS, which is available in over 80% of US households.
  • YouTube TV is a television- and movie-streaming service that makes use of YouTube’s user-friendly design. It includes local network broadcast stations, basic cable networks, and original YouTube Red web series on streaming boxes, smart TVs, computers, and mobile devices.
  • YouTube TV is only available in the United States, and it’s run by Google subsidiary YouTube.
  • YouTube TV is founded on February 28, 2017.
  • YouTube TV Headquarters is situated at 901 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, California, U.S.
  • You can use YouTube TV on up to three devices at the same time. It’s worth noting that watching YouTube TV on a computer and a smartphone at the same time is considered two of the three authorized gadgets.