How To Watch Showtime In UK In 2022 [6 Easy Steps]


If you are residing in the UK and are a big fan of Showtime’s magnificent programs, then you must be anxious to know; how to Watch Showtime in the UK. No need to worry about it, we have designed a simple and easy guide for you, just by reading through the article, you would be enlightened with the proper knowledge to access Showtime quality content while sitting in the UK.

Showtime is an American-based streaming service that offers a wide variety of blockbuster movies and fabulous TV shows.

Unfortunately, Showtime is only streamed in the US. If you ever try to access it while residing in the UK, you will receive this irritating message;

Fortunately, we have some tips and tricks through which you can easily unblock showtime in the UK. You just need to follow this guide step by step and have fun watching your favorite shows and blockbuster movies on Showtime.

Easy & Simple Guide: How To Watch Showtime In The UK?

  1. Subscribe to one of the best VPNs on the market, we recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the app from their website and log in.
  3. Get connected to a US VPN server and visit the official Showtime website at;
  4. To watch Showtime in the UK, you need to have a Showtime subscription.
  5. Download and install the Showtime app on your device.
  6. Open the Showtime app, sign up for your weekly or monthly subscription and have fun watching all the Showtime fantastic content show.

Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch Showtime In The UK

A VPN will allow you to watch Showtime UK anywhere in the world. A VPN is a good way to bypass the location-detecting bots that restrict access to Showtime outside of the US.

Virtual Private Network will obscure your Internet Protocol address and restore it with a new one from the region that you have chosen. Your internet traffic will be encrypted, tricking the site into believing that you are a native citizen of the US and will let you have access to Showtime UK.

This geo-restriction is because of copyright and licensing issues, meaning that numerous sites will not work in other territories because they are allowed to do so.

However, since Showtime is an American-based broadcasting channel and is only accessible in the US region only, one way around this hurdle would be to use the services of Virtual Private Network to access Showtime in the UK.

In addition, a VPN furnishes an added layer of security and anonymity to keep your traffic secure overall.

How To Get A Subscription For Showtime?

Showtime is restricted to US-based residents only; it accepts payments exclusively from Paypal accounts and credit cards registered to US residents. However, gift cards are still an option for consumers outside of the United States who wish to access the service’s content through another channel than their TV provider.

Showtime gift cards can be purchased from any country to subscribe in the US. Enter the code when you pay for the service, assuming the site is asking for a United States zip-code, enter a random number or geo-location through Google.

Why Showtime Isn’t Available In The UK?

To broadcast in the UK, Showtime would have to purchase a broadcasting license and work on copyright.

Showtime has produced several shows that aired on television networks or streaming services, while other titles are made in collaboration with third parties.

Regardless, for any company looking to expand their market globally, some factors need to be considered. Needless to say, these decisions come with higher financial costs and for this reason, Showtime remains a US-specific broadcaster.

What Are The Devices Compatible With Showtime

Following are the Devices, which are compatible with Showtime;

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Apple TV
  • Playstation 4
  • Roku TV
  • Xbox One
  • Oculus (Go & Quest)

How To Select The Best VPN To Watch Showtime In The UK

When you select a VPN for streaming services, then there are certain specifications that you need to consider. To stream Showtime in the UK, you need to look out for these important features.

Mentioned below is the checklist that should be considered while selecting the Best VPN services for streaming Showtime in the UK.

  • Authencity 
  • Fast Speed
  • Vast Server Network in the United States.
  • The capability of unblocking the many geo-restricted channels.
  • Strong Connectivity.
  • Secure Anonymity.
  • User-comfort experience.
  • Compatibility with iOS, Androids, and Windows.

What Are The Best VPNs To Watch Showtime In The UK

A fast VPN service is required to watch Showtime in the United Kingdom or anyplace else outside of the United States. Because video streaming demands good speed, therefore a fast provider is necessary otherwise you’ll experience buffering and bad streaming.  By keeping in view all these attributes of good video streaming, we suggest any of the three best VPN services below for watching Showtime in the UK.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. Surfshark.

ExpressVPN: The Best Showtime VPN

If you want to watch Showtime using a VPN, ExpressVPN is the top-ranked VPN and will have no trouble accessing streams for geo-blocked content. Along with Showtime, this VPN can easily unblock geo-restricted sites such as Sling TVDisney PlusDiscovery PlusESPN PlusAdult Swim, Pluto TV, ThreeNow, ORF, CTVNetflix, Hulu, HBO Max, ABC, CBS, and many more.

It is a pivotal VPN that not only unblocks geo-limited content does so securely and with no logs for the ultimate peace of mind.

In addition to providing unlimited bandwidth, ExpressVPN has a fast blazing speed of 135Mbps. This means that you would enjoy high and fast connectivity without any buffering issues.

This VPN has a large network of more than 3,000 secured servers in more than 90 countries, which confirms that it is accessible from nearly anywhere. Moreover, the US is one of their many locations, which ensures that your internet connections will not be slowed due to geo-restrictions on copyrighted content.

It keeps your identity and privacy secure with no IP and DNS leaks. The data you receive and send is strongly secured with 256-bit encryption. ExpressVPN supports 5 devices to connect simultaneously, which is highly appreciated by its users.

It is also compatible with all the main devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

The price is a bit high, but it is worth getting ExpressVPN’s subscription because of its marvelous performance and blazing high speed. Three attractive subscription plans have been offered by ExpressVPN.

  1. Monthly Plan for $12.95 per month
  2. Half Yearly Plan for $9.99 per month
  3. Yearly Plan for $8.32 per month

It offers 30 days money-back guarantee.

NordVPN: The Most Reliable Showtime VPN

NordVPN is the perfect service for users looking to unblock Showtime. It has 5,400+ servers in 80+ geographical locations across 59 countries with more than 14 million customers around the globe.

This wide variety of NordVPN servers across 59 countries makes it easier to find an HD connection quality stream that works well. NordVPN has an average download speed of 115 Mbps. NordVPN has a precise no-log policy that provides high privacy and security services with no IP and DNS leaks.

NordVPN is the best to know to unblock several streaming sites such as Paramount PlusPeacock TV, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Australian TV ATRESplayer Crackle, and many more. It is compatible with all the devices such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and others.

NordVPN has economical price offers. The yearly plan of NordVPN is cost-effective and easily affordable, currently, it is offering $11.95 per month, or $83.88 per year, while the 2-year plan is only $3.71/month.

 All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Surfshark: Pocket-Friendly Showtime VPN

If you are looking for a way to watch Showtime in the UK, Surfshark is an affordable option. With unlimited bandwidth and unrestricted connection speeds, it comes at a reasonable monthly price. Surfshark has a strong capability for unblocking Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Vudu, and numerous other streaming platforms.

Surfshark is one of the top-ranked VPNs with an extremely magnificent streaming performance. It has 3,200+ servers in 160+ locations around 65 countries. Surfshark provides a good speed of 71 Mbps for HD Live Streaming.

It supports unlimited streaming devices to connect at a time. Surfshark is quite user-friendly and braces a trouble-free user experience. It has high concern towards users’ security and privacy.

Surfshark has an affordable and pocket-friendly pricing plan for all of its valued customers;

  1. $12.95 per month for Monthly Plan
  2. $6.49 per month for Half -Yearly Plan
  3. $2.49 per month for Yearly Plan plus 12 months extra free

It also offers a 30-days money-back refund policy.


Showtime is not available in the UK, but anyone outside of the US can access it by using a VPN service.

You can watch Showtime with your Showtime subscription. With a Showtime subscription, you can access and stream live TV & on-demand in one place; movies & programming come at no additional cost.

Signing up for a 30-day free trial of Showtime gives unparalleled access to the network’s original series and movies. Stream it through your browser or download the mobile app.

To watch Showtime Anytime, you need to subscribe through a participating TV provider or streaming service and have an internet connection with high speed. Navigate to the show you want to watch and select “Play” or select “Activate” from Settings.

A VPN allows you to watch the Showtime channel from anywhere in the globe. Because Showtime is a US-based streaming site, you’ll need a trustworthy VPN such as ExpressVPN to view it.


We hope that this blog would be helpful for you in making your concepts clear about unblocking geo-restricted content. Simply by, following our step-by-step guide, you could easily, get access to watch Showtime in the UK.

If you have any queries regarding the specific topic, please do write to us. Our team is always there for you to resolve your issues on the spot.