How to Watch The Winchesters in UK on the CW in February 2024

The Winchesters is the newest series, in the same universe as Supernatural that gained immense popularity amongst the audiences. The story follows the life of two brothers, Sam and Dean, and they follow in their father’s footsteps as demon hunters to protect the world from supernatural threats.

Here you can get all the details on how to watch The Winchesters in UK on the CW if you’re keen to dive into the epic story. Our guide ensures you won’t miss a moment of this thrilling series, despite geographical barriers.

By subscribing to ExpressVPN, you can effortlessly unblock The CW and enjoy The Winchesters in the UK without any hassle. Due to licensing constraints, The CW’s content is region-specific, and the UK doesn’t fall within its standard service area. But fret not, with the best VPN for CW, you can navigate these restrictions with ease.

Whether you’re a die-hard Supernatural fan or a newcomer to the lore, our guide is packed with all the information you need. So, let’s get started and ensure you’re ready to join the Winchester family’s adventures from the comfort of your UK home.

How to Watch The Winchesters in UK on the CW [Quick Guide]

Watch The Winchesters in the UK on The CW by following these essential steps. Get a VPN if you want to find out how can you watch The Winchesters in the UK:

  1. Begin by selecting a top-tier VPN service, with ExpressVPN leading the charge for its unparalleled speed and reliability.
  2. Install the VPN and connect to a US server to bypass geo-restrictions effortlessly.(Recommended: New York).
  3. Navigate to The  CW Website’s official website or app, sign in, and,
  4. Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of “The Winchesters.”

Note: For a seamless viewing experience, ensure your VPN is optimized for streaming services, offering you uninterrupted access to your favorite shows.

Where to Watch The Winchesters in UK?

“The Winchesters” beckons UK viewers with its captivating storyline, exclusively available on The CW’s digital platforms. The CW network can be accessed without a subscription if you’re inside the United States, even though it’s free to do so there. We recommend ExpressVPN because its VPN service is excellent.

However, for those seeking alternative viewing avenues, we’ve curated a list of potential platforms where the show might be accessible.  Stay tuned for updates on streaming services that may feature “The Winchesters” and expand your viewing options beyond The CW.

If you are considering the Winchesters release date, the show was released on the 11th October, 2022 last year. Now, you can find the complete episodes of Winchesters on CW.

Fans also ask about the Winchesters season 2 release date.  Sadly, there will be no season 2 as the show was cancelled in May 2023.

When is The Winchesters release date?

Wondering, where can i watch the winchesters in UK?

The CW Channel will premiere The Winchesters in the US on October 11; new episodes will air weekly. The CW app will allow US users to access episodes as well.

The Winchesters’ UK premiere date is still unknown. However, it will probably air on E4, just like other CW programs like Batwoman, when it does.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch The Winchesters in UK on the CW?

Dive into the heart of “The Winchesters” without the constraints of geo-restrictions by employing a VPN. A VPN masks your UK location, giving you the freedom to explore The CW’s content as if you were in the USA.

How do I watch The Winchesters in the UK? Fret not, you can still watch the Winchesters with ExpressVPN stands out for its robust security features and swift servers, ensuring a smooth and private streaming experience. Discover why a VPN is your key to unlocking “The Winchesters” and other geo-restricted content on the CW in UK.

What is The Winchesters Plot?

The Winchester is a Supernatural spin-off series for The CW centered around John and Mary Winchester, who are Dean Winchester’s parents.

Embark on a journey through “The Winchesters” plot, where the epic love story of John and Mary Winchester unfolds, setting the stage for the iconic “Supernatural” series.

This prequel delves into their quest to find their missing fathers and combat the supernatural forces they encounter. With Dean Winchester as the narrator, the series promises a blend of romance, mystery, and thrilling monster hunts that will captivate fans and newcomers alike.

How many episodes are there in The Winchesters?

“The Winchesters” first season comprises 13 enthralling episodes, each weaving a tale of the supernatural with a runtime of approximately one hour.

While the series has concluded its initial run, fans may wonder about the potential for future episodes or seasons. Stay updated with us for the latest news on episode releases and season renewals.

Is there any Trailer for The Winchesters?

Catch a glimpse of the supernatural thrills awaiting in “The Winchesters” by watching the official trailer. The preview offers a sneak peek into the series’ tone, setting, and the dynamic between the beloved characters.

For those eager to delve deeper, additional videos and behind-the-scenes content are available to enrich your anticipation for the show.

Who is in the Cast of The Winchesters?

“The Winchesters” features a stellar cast that brings the prequel to life. Meg Donnelly and Drake Rodger lead as Mary Campbell and John Winchester, respectively, with a supporting cast that adds depth and intrigue to the narrative.

Discover more about the actors, their previous roles, and how they contribute to the legacy of the “Supernatural” universe. Here is a list of the people who are in The Winchesters 2022 and what they do on the TV show:

Cast Characters
Meg Donnelly Mary Campbell
Bianca Kajlich Millie Winchester
Drake Rodger John Winchester
Demetria McKinney Ada Monroe
Jojo Fleites Carlos
Nida Khurshid Latika
Bridget Regan Roxy
Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester
Billy Slaughter Demon Jack
Lacey Dover Hippie
Veronica Berry Dana

What is the IMDb rating of The Winchesters?

The first season of the film The Winchesters has a 6.3/10 rating on IMDb. The popular TV show Supernatural has a spinoff called The Winchesters. The trailer for The Winchesters looks pretty funny, and it also has some similarities to the Supernatural series.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch The Winchesters in UK on the CW?

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The Winchesters

What Else is worth watching on The CW in UK in February 2024?

Beyond “The Winchesters,” The CW is home to a plethora of shows that capture the imagination. From the comedic antics of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” to the heroic tales in “Gotham Knights,” there’s something for everyone.

Explore our curated list of must-watch CW shows available in the UK this November, complete with premiere dates and season highlights.


Dean and Lydia Winchester have a daughter named Emma. Her family raised her despite being an Amazon warrior who has been taught to kill her father. She gets along well with Cassandra.

Overall, “The Winchesters” has a good start, even if it’s not very creative. Yes, it’s bloody and frightening, but if the concept keeps working, it will inevitably be a good recipe for entertaining teen television.

In an interview on the podcast Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum, Jensen stated that he had held back on telling Jared about the secret project because he did not want to “jinx” the series while it was still in development.

Wrap Up

A Supernatural spin-off called The Winchesters is currently available for streaming on The CW. If you are in the UK, don’t worry about the geo-blocks on the platform; a VPN can easily unblock geo-restrictions, and you can watch The Winchesters in UK on the CW using ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is our top choice because it is reliable and has security features that keep your communication fully encrypted. Also, the speed it offers is extraordinary. You can enjoy many other shows on the CW other than the Winchesters using ExpressVPN.

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