HBO Max Free Trial: How To Avail It In 2024 [Updated Guide]

HBO Max! The home of original content that was created exclusively for them. The awesome thing about HBO Max is that it will make you unable to watch them right after they hit cinemas. The entire library of HBO Max UK consists not only of original programming but also tons (literally) in classics as well iconic films that no other provider offers.

With more and more content hitting the streaming service, finding a Max free trial has become one of those hot tickets that you just can’t miss. Besides, HBO Max and Discovery Plus are coming together to create Max, a transformative streaming platform that will revolutionize the way we enjoy content.

In this article, we’ll go through how to avail of an HBO Max free trial in 2024 but before that, you must know how to watch HBO Max in UK because it is geo-restricted in the UK and we recommend using ExpressVPN so you can watch your favorite HBO Max programs easily and readily.

Is HBO Max Free Trial Still Available

HBO Max does not presently have a free trial opportunity. The HBO Max free trial period previously ended before Wonder Woman 1984’s release in December 2020, and since then, Warner Bros. has announced that all of its film releases will have day-and-date theatrical and streaming premieres across 2021.

The Max free service for the first seven days. Not only did it give access to Warner Brothers’ century-old film collection, but legendary HBO programs such as The Sopranos and Ghibli’s Studio are also included.

From HBO Max’s introduction in the United States in May 2020 until early December 2020, free trials were available to assist perplexed consumers to determine if the new streaming service was suitable for them.

While the HBO Max free trial vanished before Wonder Woman 1984’s premiere, which was accessible both in theaters and through HBO Max, some people may still use an HBO Max free trial.

If you reside in the United States, you can still watch HBO Max for free if you join one of Cricket Wireless’ $60 unlimited plans, which includes the ad-supported plan for free.

HBO Max is a subscription-based streaming service. HBO Max has recently started in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a seven-day free trial available to try it out.

Before getting the free trial, you are required to connect to HBO Max VPN. The best VPN in the industry that we recommend is ExpressVPN.

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How To Avail HBO Max Free Trial

If you’re looking for a free trial of HBO Max, you’ll discover that the service has dropped its free trial option just like several of its rivals. HBO formerly offered a 7-day free trial when it first debuted, but it is no longer available. Don’t get too upset, though. If you know what you’re doing, there is still a way to get an HBO free trial.

1. Through Hulu Subscription plan

Customers may still get the Max free trial through Hulu’s HBO Max free trial even if the service does not have a free trial. Users are given seven days to test out both Hulu and HBO Max for free, which is plenty of time to check everything out before subscribing.

Hulu is one of the services that offer a free trial when subscribing to HBO Max through their platform. When you join HBO Max through Hulu, it costs $15 per month.

You won’t be able to subscribe to the $10 plan on the HBO Max website if you sign up through Hulu. You also get to try HBO Max for free for a week if you add it to your Hulu subscription.

How To Add On HBO Max Through Hulu Subscription

There is good news for those who already have a Hulu subscription: adding HBO Max to their account allows them to test it out for free.

  1. In the upper right corner, select your profile icon by visiting
  2. Click on Account.
  3. Scroll down to Manage Add-ons. Select it.
  4. Select Review Changes from the drop-down menu next to HBO Max.
  5. Select Confirm from the drop-down menu after reviewing the changes.

2. Through DIRECTV

The DirecTV UK Max special is a great way to get your favorite channel without paying an arm and leg. For three months, you can watch all of the hit shows on HBO with this offer – no strings attached!

This deal works well for anyone who has access either through Cable or Streaming services from Wireless Customers as they are both eligible under these promotions. You simply need to visit select your desired deal.

3. Through Roku

For those of you who are looking to subscribe to HBO Max, Roku is offering a 30-day free trial if bought and activated by January 14. This deal only applies to new subscribers of the premium channel and it must be redeemed by that date specifically: 1/21/2024!

Is Max Replacing HBO Max?

Yes, HBO Max is undergoing a transformation and becoming Max, a merged platform with Discovery Plus, providing users with an even more comprehensive streaming experience.

Wrapping Up!

HBO Max is an awesome streaming service but unfortunately, they don’t offer a free trial. Fortunately, there is still hope! You can easily avail of the Max free trial in 2024 by using some methods.

For no cost, you may get a seven-day free trial of HBO Max by signing up through Hulu. Additionally, if you have DirecTV, then that means that DirecTV subscribers who join their service will receive three months’ worth of the channel at no cost too.