How to Watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC

Are you excited to watch ‘The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC’? You’re in the right place! This enthralling medical drama has captured viewers’ hearts globally, and we understand how eagerly UK fans are waiting to watch the new season.

Unfortunately, due to ABC’s geo-restrictions, streamers cannot watch ABC in the UK. But don’t worry! With our guide, you’ll easily discover how to watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just getting started, our insights will ensure you don’t miss a single moment of this compelling series.

A VPN bypasses geo-blocks and connects you to a US server, allowing you to access ABC in UK without delay. But not every VPN is the right option for this job. Therefore, we highly recommend using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN for this.

Stay tuned as we explore the best way to enjoy your favorite shows hassle-free in this “The Good Doctor: Where to Watch and Stream Online in the UK” guide.

How to Watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC [Quick Guide]

Here are the quick and easy steps to watch The Good Doctor in UK on ABC:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service (ExpressVPN comes highly recommended).
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device.
  3. Connect to a US server (preferably Washington DC).
  4. Visit or launch its app.
  5. Start watching The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC.
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Where Can I Watch the Good Doctor in UK?

If you are wondering, where can I watch The Good Doctor – Season 6 in the UK? The sixth season of The Good Doctor is available to stream on ABC in UK. However, since ABC is a streaming platform based in the United States, users in the UK need to subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN to circumvent the geo-restrictions established by the streaming platform.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC?

You need a VPN to watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC because the platform is geo-blocked and only accessible in the US. Only subscribers in the US and US territories can access ABC due to copyright agreements and content distribution rights.

However, you can get around these licensing restrictions on content using a VPN. A premium VPN like ExpressVPN provides you with an American IP address, making you untraceable to the host server. This way, you can easily access ABC and watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK.

What is The Good Doctor Season 6 About?

A highly skilled surgeon with autism and savant syndrome utilizes his exceptional abilities to make a profound impact in saving lives while simultaneously challenging the prevailing doubts of skeptics.

This accomplished medical professional, despite facing unique communication challenges due to his condition, demonstrates remarkable expertise that consistently leads to successful outcomes for patients under their care.

When Did The Good Doctor Season 6 Premiere?

The Good Doctor Season 6 release date was October 3rd, 2022. This highly anticipated season captivated audiences with its compelling storytelling, riveting performances, and thought-provoking medical cases.

Is There Any Trailer for The Good Doctor Season 6?

Yes, there is a trailer for Season 6 of The Good Doctor. You can check it out below:

How Many Episodes Are There of The Good Doctor Season 6?

Season 6 of The Good Doctor had 22 episodes. This was much longer than we thought it would be compared to the other seasons.

Episodes Synopsis
Episode 1 Shaun and his team face multiple challenges including a hostage situation.
Episode 2 An extremely controversial case falls into Shaun’s hands along with Park that will border on ethical grounds.
Episode 3 The team is extremely saddened by the loss of a patient with brain tumor.
Episode 4 A very unique reattachment surgery takes place that questions team’s surgical expertise altogether.
Episode 5 A young girl with liver failure learns a secret about her family which becomes a beacon of hope for her recovery.
Episode 6 In the middle of heatwave induced blackout, the hospital staff is faced with numerous challenges.
Episode 7 With the birth of sextuplets, numerous medical challenges are faced by the team.
Episode 8 The team get a sexual assault patient with surgical complications.
Episode 9 Danni and Danny get into competition in treating a patient with Bulimia disease.
Episode 10 The main focus is upon pregnancy complications of Lea and Lim’s recovery from paralysis.
Episode 11 Lea forms an emotional bond with a dog.
Episode 12 A heart patient’s long journey and a patient’s tumor due to underage sex poses new challenges to the doctors.
Episode 13 Shaun and Lea’s relationship faces trials.
Episode 14 Lim and Jordan clash over options for a treatment of a patient.
Episode 15 The doctors face complicated cases including that of a pregnancy woman.
Episode 16 Shaun’s legal battle comes to a conclusion.
Episode 17 The hospital gets a unique case of a patient with an inverted heart with an HIV case.
Episode 18 Glassman’s diagnosis of brain cancer bring emotional distress to all.
Episode 19 Andrew’s risky decision regarding a surgery leads to some serious consequences.
Episode 20 Glassman is removed from a surgery due to a tough call.
Episode 21 The team deal with a critical class that brings Danny’s addictions to the forefront.
Episode 22 A father’s unexpected condition brings Shaun’s and Asher’s medical expertise into question.

Who Is In the Cast of The Good Doctor Season 6?

In Season 6 of The Good Doctor, many main actors and actresses were expected to return. The main characters among these were:

Cast Characters
Freddie Highmore Dr. Shaun Murphy
Hill Harper Dr. Marcus Andrews
Richard Schiff Dr. Aaron Glassman
Paige Spara Lea Dilallo
Will Yun Lee Dr. Alex Park

The following people also appeared in The Good Doctor:

Cast  Characters
Dylan Kingwell Steve Murphy
Antonia Thomas Dr. Claire Browne
Sharon Leal Breeze Browne
Chris D’Elia Kenny
Fiona Gubelmann Dr. Morgan Reznick
Eric Winter Dr. Matt Coyle
Hollis Jane Andrews Sophie
Nicholas Gonzalez Dr. Neil Melendez
Ricky He Kellan Park
Necar Zadegan Dr. Jordan Ko
Christina Chang Dr. Audrey Lim
Karin Konoval Deena Petringa
Noah Galvin Dr. Asher Wolke
Annette O’Toole Caroline Reznik
Chuku Modu Dr. Jared Kalu
Moises Arias Luca Jones
Tamlyn Tomita Allegra Aoki
Priscilla Faia Dr. Cintia D’Souza
Bria Henderson Dr. Jordan Allen
Michael Trucco Ethan Murphy
Jasika Nicole Dottoressa Carly Lever
Irene Keng Dr. Elle McLean
Beau Garrett Jessica Preston
Marcuis Harris Miles Brown
Osvaldo Benavides Dr. Mateo Rendón Osma
Eve Gordon Nurse Fryday
Daniel Dae Kim Dr. Jackson Han
Carly Pope Lily Cross

How Many Seasons Does The Good Doctor Have?

The Good Doctor has been made for six years. All of them can be streamed on ABC. However, a Virtual Private Network is required in the UK to access all episodes of The Good Doctor. We recommend ExpressVPN because of how fast and good it is.

Has The Good Doctor Cancelled Season 7?

No, The Good Doctor has been renewed for the 7th season, but a release date hasn’t been announced yet. The postponement of The Good Doctor Season 7 to 2024, instead of its initially scheduled premiere in Fall 2023, arises from the continuing strikes led by the Writer’s Guild of America and SAG AFTRA

Where Else Can You Watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK?

If you’re in the UK, then you can easily watch The Good Doctor Season 6 on NOW TV, Channel 4, and Amazon Prime Video, or acquire it by downloading it from the Sky Store, Microsoft Store, Apple TV, and Google Play Movies.

Why Is ExpressVPN the Best VPN to Watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC because it allows you to access geo-restricted content easily. Moreover, it offers an excellent blend of speed, reliability, and security. You only need a reliable internet connection to get started. Read on to find out more about this premium VPN service.

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC

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ExpressVPN speed test results on a 100 Mbps connection.

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What Else Can You Watch on ABC in February 2024?

Here’s a list of everything you can watch on ABC this February 2024:

The Good Doctor Season 6


The Good Doctor is available on Netflix in various countries, such as Australia, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, and many others. To access the show from the UK, you can use a VPN to switch your current IP address to one of the locations mentioned above.

The Good Doctor” is primarily broadcast on Sky Witness in UK. This channel has been the go-to destination for UK fans looking to catch up with the latest episodes of this popular medical drama series.

ABC had given the green light to a spinoff of “The Good Doctor” called “The Good Lawyer.” In August 2022, it was first said that the project was being worked on. Felicity Huffman and Kennedy McMann were slated to star. On March 6, the episode that set up “The Good Lawyer” aired as part of the sixth season of “The Good Doctor.”

Han was fired, and Dr. Audrey Lim took over as Chief of Surgery. Shaun, on the other hand, was hired back.

Wrap Up!

That’s everything we have on how can I watch The Good Doctor in the UK. While ABC is primarily a US-based network, viewers in the UK can still watch The Good Doctor Season 6 by using a premium VPN service.

Once you connect to a US server of ExpressVPN, you can instantly bypass geo-blocks and watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC without any delays.

ExpressVPN offers multiple US servers, fast speeds, and excellent unblocking abilities that all combine and let you stream the TV show easily.