How to Watch Abbott Elementary Season 2 in UK

How to Watch Abbott Elementary Season 2 in UK

If you enjoy coming-of-age shows set in school environments, mark your calendar for the debut of Abbott Elementary in January 2023 on ABC. The show will be simple for viewers to enjoy in the US. Sadly, UK residents will encounter watching restrictions. But don’t worry: this post will equip you with the necessary info about how to watch Abbott Elementary Season 2 in UK.

ABC offers plenty of sitcom titles in its library, like Atlanta and Benched. But Abbott Elementary’s addition to the platform on January 4, 2023, will bring a different flavor given the show’s wide acclaim.

Sadly, you can’t get ABC directly in UK because of geo-blockages. You will thus need the support of a top-tier VPN like ExpressVPN to stream ABC in UK because it abides by broadcasting restrictions and is only accessible to U.S. residents.

Watch Abbott Elementary Season 2 in UK – [Quick Guide]

Follow along the 4-step process shown below to overcome unwanted interruptions and watch Abbott Elementary Season 2 in UK:

  1. Subscribe to an effective premium VPN (we rank ExpressVPN #1)
  2. Install & launch the VPN app on your favored streaming gadget
  3. Connect to a USA server available in the app
  4. Run the ABC app, look for Abbott Elementary Season 2 & enjoy streaming it

Where to watch Abbott Elementary Season 2 in UK?

You can watch Abbott Elementary Season 2 from your residence within the UK via ABC. The show will return to screens in early 2023 after a brief hiatus over the 2022 holiday season.

Abbott Elementary’s popularity means it gets primetime viewing (9:00 p.m. Eastern Time). Only a VPN would allow you complete access to the show’s episodes in the UK.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Abbott Elementary Season 2 in UK?

You need a VPN to watch Abbott Elementary Season 2 from a UK-based location because ABC doesn’t have distribution rights in the country. If you try to access ABC in UK, you will see the geo-restriction error on your screen.

However, a reliable VPN will sort the issue by assigning your device a US IP. ABC will then recognize you as a US-based viewer and let you view the show.

What is the Abbott Elementary Season 2 release date?

The release date for Abbott Elementary Season 2 latest episodes is Wednesday, January 4, 2023, on ABC. The show’s episodes will release each week during the primetime programming slot (9 p.m. Eastern Time). Season 2 promises to live up to its acclaimed and award-winning opening season.

What is Abbott Elementary Season 2 about?

Abbott Elementary Season 2 plot is about a group of elementary school students finding their way in life with support from their terrific teachers. The show is a “mockumentary” highlighting an underprivileged Philadelphia school. Season 2 will find the central characters mingling, with many relationships brewing and breaking.

How many seasons does Abbott Elementary have?

Abbott Elementary has two seasons so far. The show became an exceptional hit from the get-go. Its first season was a wild success and garnered several awards. The show’s wide early acclaim compelled producers to give it another go when the first season’s filming was still going on.

Is Abbott elementary season 2 continuing?

Yes, Abbott Elementary Season 2 is continuing and will run on ABC until the middle of January. The cast will return to the screen on the 4th of January after a hiatus during the holiday season.

The sitcom quickly became a sensation after making its season 1 debut in December 2021. It hit a chord with viewers that producers decided to renew it for a second stint while it was on the air.

Who are in the cast of Abbott Elementary Season 2?

The Abbott Elementary Season 2 number of episodes is 22. Due to its immense popularity, the show was renewed for its second season in March 2022. Given this high number of episodes, the show’s latest season is split into two halves.

The second half will commence in January 2023 after a break toward the end of 2022.

Who are in the cast of Abbott Elementary Season 2?

The main stars featuring in the  Abbott Elementary Season 2 cast are shown below:

Quinta Brunson plays Janine Teagues
Tyler James Williams plays Gregory Eddie
Janelle James plays Ava Colman
Lisa Ann Walter plays Melissa Schemmenti
Sheryl Lee Ralph plays Barbara Howard
Chris Perfetti plays Jacob Hill
William Stanford Davis plays Mr. Johnson
Zack Fox plays Tariq
Aayden William plays Barbara’s student
Keyla Meija plays Ashley
Reggie Conquest plays Devin

Where is Abbott Elementary Set?

Abbott Elementary is set in the Western side of Philadelphia in the US. The central location is the fictional elementary school Abbott Elementary. The school mostly has black students.

And though it is a fictitious institute, its portrayal is entirely accurate. Compared to many other schools in the district, this one has a lot of mismanagement and always needs more funding.

Is there a Trailer for Abbott Elementary Season 2?

Yes, an Abbott Elementary Season 2 trailer is available on the Rotten Tomatoes YouTube channel. The promo lasts 113 seconds and starts by revealing the show’s Emmy-winning status. The upbeat trailer shows the humorous interactions between teachers, students, and the staff filming their antics.

Is Abbott Elementary Based on a true story?

No, Abbott Elementary isn’t based on a true story. Instead, it is a fictitious portrayal that shows a typical black-dominated school environment. The show’s writers (including Quinta Brunson) went through various aspects of the themes covered in the show.

That’s why even former teachers attest to the show’s accuracy, especially the devotion teachers have for their students.

Is Abbott Elementary Season 2 good?

Yes, Abbott Elementary Season 2 is good based on the show’s released episode reviews thus far. The show has a fine balance of tenacious teachers and personality-filled students. The show’s creator (and star) Quinto Brunson shines, playing the energetic leading character Janine Teagues.

Will Janine and Gregory Get Together?

Yes, as per fan polling, Abbott Elementary’s most intriguing duo of Janine and Gregory will end up together. This prediction by the fans is based on the continuous and escalating romantic tension between the two.

The two even danced together and almost kissed. Based on these interactions, many are confident of the pair’s hookup by the Abbott Elementary Season 2 finale.

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Abbott Elementary Season 2


No, Abbott Elementary Season 2 is ongoing.

Yes, Janine broke up with Tariq in season 1.

Abbott Elementary is doing well in the ratings with an 88% Rotten Tomatoes audience score. 

Wrap Up

Get your 2023 rolling with the humor-filled second season of the Emmy-award-winning sitcom Abbott Elementary. The highly acclaimed show returns to ABC streaming screens in the first week of January. Subscribe to ExpressVPN immediately to avoid ABC’s geo-restrictions and watch Abbott Elementary Season 2 in UK.