How To Get Discovery Plus Free Trial UK [Updated Guide 2023]


Are you looking for Discovery plus free trial in UK? If yes, you’ve arrived at the right destination. We have compiled the necessary ways to obtain Discovery Plus Free Trial in UK

Warner Bros. owns Discovery Plus, and the company’s headquarters may be found in Silver Spring, Maryland, in the United States. Discovery has launched a streaming service that will have you covered with everything from home improvement shows to wildlife documentaries. The new offering, called “Discovery Plus,” aggregates all of the company’s popular brands into one platform including Animal Planets, A&E Networks, and many more.

Discovery’s new streaming service is a hit for those who enjoy reality TV. The company has gone after an entirely different demographic than other services by creating content that ranges from competitions and cooking shows to home renovation series, in addition to their traditional fare of wild animal adventures or criminal investigations!

It’s one of the most rapidly expanding streaming services, with over 70 million American and over 400 million international users as of this writing.

Please be aware that due to geo-restrictions, Discovery Channel entertainment is not available in specific countries. You will need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access Discovery Plus UK. ExpressVPN is the service we suggest you use. ExpressVPN may also bypass geo-restrictions for streaming services like Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

How To Get Discovery Plus Free Trial UK?

The Discovery Plus channels are available in four different subscription tiers, each of which comes with a free trial period. If you are interested in trying out Discovery Plus for free for a week, you can do so by signing up for Discovery Plus free trial. Below are the plans available for your membership to avail Discovery Plus free trial.

  • Discovery Plus with Advertisements: £4.23 each month
  • Discovery Plus without Advertisements (Ad-free): £5.92 each month
  • Verizon Unlimited Package: Initial six months are free, then £5.92 each month
  • Discovery Plus (Ad-lite): £3.38 each month
  • Student subscription package: £2.53 each month (Discover Plus Ad-lite is 40% off for students.)

After making your selection from among the available options, proceed with the actions outlined in the following steps:

  1. Fill out your personal information such as name, email, and birth date.
  2. Please specify how you intend to pay, along with any additional billing information.
  3. Set a secure password.
  4. Enter your account information.
  5. Now you will obtain Discovery Plus free trial.

Discovery+ is like a treasure-trove of new and interesting things. With its free seven-day trial, you can decide whether the advertising-based plan or without will best suit your needs!

This streaming service has more than 70 channels for you to watch. Unlike other services, discovery plus offers its customers access not only to live TV but also to 30 days’ worth of on-demand content from some of our favorite networks like Quest, HGTV, Quest Red,  Really, DMAX, and Food Network.

Pricing For Discovery Plus UK

Discovery+ Plan Discovery+ Prices
Student Subscription Plan £2.52/Month
Discovery Plus Ad-Lite £3.38/Month
Discovery Plus With Ads £4.23/Month
Discovery Plus Without Ads £5.92/Month
Verizon Unlimited Package £5.92/Month

For a week, Amazon Prime members can test out Discovery+, Discovery Channel, Discovery Kids, and Motor Trend for free. Turn off Auto-Renew if you just want to use the trial without having to cancel before being charged.

The first three days of Discovery Plus are completely free, so new customers may test it out for that long. That’s three days’ worth of both the Entertainment and Entertainment & Sports passes. After the trial has ended, your subscription will continue on a monthly or yearly basis (depending on your selection) unless you cancel it.

How to Get Discovery Plus 30-Day Free Trial in UK?

Unfortunately, you can no longer get a 30-day Discovery Plus free trial. In the United Kingdom, third-party providers provide a free 30-day trial of Discovery Plus, although the trial typically comes with restrictions. That’s why it’s impossible for any of them to match the deal you’d get by negotiating with Discovery Plus directly.

For those who are still on the fence about subscribing, Discovery Plus offers a free trial of their service for seven days. If you live in the UK and are offered a free trial of Discovery Plus, you can use it to watch anything you choose.

Discovery Plus 7-Day Free Trial in UK

The 7-day Discovery Plus free trial offer is the only one available in the United Kingdom on the streaming service’s website or mobile app. All new users are eligible for the free 7-day trial of Discovery Plus; however, the availability of the offer is contingent on the location from where you access the streaming platform.

In addition, if you decide that you no longer wish to use it, you have the option to terminate the trial at any moment.

Discovery Plus Free Trial in UK with Amazon Prime account

The Discovery Plus free trial is only available to Amazon Prime members. This is the optimal method for signing up since not only will you receive a free trial for seven days on Discovery Plus in UK, but you will also be qualified for a free trial for thirty days on Amazon Prime Video.

With a six-month free trial instead of the standard 30 days, this Amazon Prime Video package is even more appealing to students. That’s like getting an extra five months of Amazon Prime Video for free!

Furthermore, the Amazon Prime trial membership period is not time-limited. But that time frame must be the same calendar year. Those who haven’t had an Amazon Prime membership for more than a year can sign up for a free 30-day trial that includes the Discovery Plus promotion.

Discovery Plus in UK costs £4.23 with advertisements and £5.92 without advertisements when the trial period finishes. However, Amazon Prime in the United Kingdom costs just £10.96 a month.

Discovery Plus Free Trial Deal With Verizon

Everyone with a Verizon account can test out Discovery Plus at no cost for a full six months. Unfortunately, only Verizon customers may take advantage of this excellent Discovery plus trial offer.

  • Go Unlimited
  • Start an Unlimited
  • Beyond Unlimited
  • Above Unlimited
  • Do More Unlimited

If you’re interested, you can also sign up for a free year of Discovery Plus when the initial six months are up. To do so, you simply only sign up for either the Verizon Play More Unlimited or Get More Unlimited Plan.

Here’s all you need to do to sign up with Verizon and get the Discovery Plus deal:

  1. Access your account by going to the official Verizon website and logging in there.
  2. Find the Account tab towards the top of the screen and click it. When the drop-down option appears, select “Add-ons and apps overview.”
  3. To the right, you’ll see a selection of available extensions.
  4. When you are ready, select the Get it now link that should be present under Discovery Plus.
  5. Sign up for Verizon’s Discovery Plus for a free trial period of six months or a full year.

Discovery+ Free Trial for Students

After a 7-day free trial period for new subscribers to discovery+, eligible students are able to gain access to the discovery plus (Ad-Lite) service for the low price of just $2.99 per month.

The service also contains what are known as exclusives and discovery+ Originals, which are thrilling programmes and specials that are not available anywhere else and are not to be missed. And discovery+ is home to the most comprehensive library of Emmy Award–winning natural history programs, with exclusive streaming access to the BBC’s most extensive natural history library, which includes shows such as Planet Earth, Blue Planet, and Frozen Planet.

Discovery+ Free Trial With Vodafone?

The Offer is valid till 5th July’2022.

Customers who are not yet Discovery+ subscribers can receive six months of free Discovery+ with no upfront cost by visiting the Vodafone website or using the Vodafone VeryMe app.

Subscriptions are renewed at £4.23/month (charged to the Vodafone phone bill) after six months unless they are canceled. To cancel, go to Vodafone and select “Manage Subscriptions” then Cancel Discovery plus.

Discovery+ Free Trial With Sky Q

How would you like to have free access to all of Discovery’s channels for 12 months? To gain access, simply say “Get Discovery Plus” into your voice-enabled Sky Q remote. Instead of using the separate Discovery+ app, you’ll be able to view it through the dedicated Discovery+ app on Sky Q.

What is the Cost of Discovery Plus in UK After a Free Trial?

Discover Plus costs vary once your Discovery Plus free trial ends, you’ll be charged the starting price of £2.53 per month plus the remainder of the cost of your selected plan. After the initial free trial, Discovery Plus will cost according to the following packages:

Discovery+ Plan Discovery+ Prices
Student Subscription Plan £2.52/Month
Discovery Plus Ad-Lite £3.38/Month
Discovery Plus With Ads £4.23/Month
Discovery Plus Without Ads £5.92/Month
Verizon Unlimited Package £5.92/Month

Discovery Plus Free Channels

The following is a list of some of the Discovery+ channels that we have assembled for our audience:

  • Quest
  • HGTV
  • TLC and many more.

This is the list of channels that we recommend, although you may view the whole list of channels on Google.

Is Discovery Plus in UK Worth It?

Yes, Discovery Plus in the UK is well worth it if you enjoy reality TV, nature documentaries, cookery shows, and other non-fiction entertainment.

Moreover, Discovery Plus in UK is the ideal place to use as a supplementary service because of its low monthly charges. Discovery Plus, for instance, is a great addition to other streaming services like HBO GO, Disney GO, Netflix, etc.

There are better uses for £4.23 (or £5.92) per month than this. To top it all off, you can stream Discovery Plus on your Roku, Android, or iOS device for a little monthly fee.

FAQ – Discovery Plus Free Trial

Yes, Discovery Plus Free Trial is still available in 2023. There are two subscription tiers available for discovery+, one of which is sure to meet your budget. Choose the subscription that best suits your needs and get a week of Discovery Plus free trial right away!

Yes, if you have never subscribed to Discovery Plus UK previously, then you are eligible for a free six-month trial through Amazon Prime Video.

The cost of the most commonly subscribed Discovery plus packages after free trials is  £4.23 (or £5.92) per month.

No, if you do not provide a credit card, you will not be eligible for a free trial of Discovery Plus.

Yes, if you do not manually log in and cancel your subscription, Discovery Plus will continue to be automatically renewed.

Wrapping UP!

This post will teach you everything you need to know about how to get Discovery Plus free trial UK. The previous article has provided in-depth instructions for using the 2022 Discovery Plus free trial. This guide shows that Discovery Plus offers a 7-day free trial. The free trial period is a great opportunity to see if Discovery Plus is the perfect streaming platform for you.

If you are considering subscribing to the fantastic Discovery Plus streaming service, you can quickly and easily learn everything you need to know about the various subscription options and prices. If you sign up for Discovery Plus, you can spend your weekends chilling out with some of the network’s top shows.