How Much Does the CBC Gem Cost in UK?

Searching the internet to know how much CBC Gem Cost? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s your answer: you just have to pay 3.19 GBP per month for the CBC Gem Cost.

This CBC Gem premium cost covers all the features and provides an ad-free experience.

Powered by CBC, this streaming platform is home to the best shows and best trending movies. You also get news channels, documentaries, and much more, making the CBC Gem Cost in UK a steal deal.

If you pay the CBC premium cost, you get the CBC News Network and Gem-exclusive programming at no additional costs. However, CBC Gem has strict geo-restriction policies, which means that it is unavailable everywhere except for Canada. This doesn’t mean that you should forget the idea of tuning into gripping content, though, because VPNs always have you covered.

Now that you know that CBC Gem is just the right platform for you to venture next, here are all the things you need to know about the CBC Gem Cost and how to watch CBC in UK.

CBC Gem Cost in UK [Quick Guide]

Confused about CBC Gem Cost in UK? This quick guide has you sorted! Simply put, the CBC premium cost is about 3.19 GBP per month. Head over to the CBC Gem app or its website to purchase the subscription. You can also cancel CBC subscription any time you want.

The best thing about this platform is the CBC free trial. The trial allows you to thoroughly experience the platform and make a holistic decision about whether you want to invest in it. If you decide to proceed with your subscription, you will be able to stream all the CBC shows and videos in 1080p quality for just 3.19 GBP/month.

Plan Price Per Month Ad-Free Live Stream Access Video Quality
Premium GB£3.18 (CA$4.99) Yes Yes 1080p

Once you subscribe to CBC Gem per month, you’d have a ton of TV Shows and Movies to choose from. You’d also have exclusive access to the highlights of all the famous games, including soccer, golf, swimming, tennis, and much more. You can also customize your feed and enable notifications so that you don’t miss any match updates!

CBC Gem Subscription Cost

How Do I Pay For My CBC Gem Cost in UK?

Both the CBC Gem app and website can be used to pay the CBC Gem Cost. Google Play Store or Apple iTunes will process your payment within seconds, depending on which device you use. All future payments and subscription renewals can be made using the same method.

The CBC Gem website accepts the following payment methods.

  • Visa
  • Debit Visa
  • MasterCard debit
  • MasterCard

However, because of geo-restrictions, the billing address on your card should have a Canadian address. You also won’t be able to pay the CBC Gem premium cost through PayPal, American Express, or a debit card.

Now that you know the compatible payment methods, head over to the CBC website or app and enjoy the CBC Gem per month!

How Do I Access CBC Gem in UK?

From the browser to the app, CBC Gem is available on all major platforms and has a number of compatible devices. You can also use your Android device’s browser, but we recommend using the Gem app for a better experience. Here are some of the ways that allow you easy access to the platform and watch CBC in UK:


If you’re an unauthenticated member and don’t have a registered ID with CBC Gem, here are some of your options:

  • Choose the ad-supported version and stream on-demand videos
  • Tune into Ottawa, a CBC channel, to live stream
  • Children’s content is easily available

CBC Member

If you own a CBC Gem free membership, here’s what you can watch on the platform:

  • Tune in to the ad-supported version and watch on-demand videos of both current and previous shows
  • Put on CBC TV live and get exclusive access to the 14 local channels
  • Head over to the children’s section and stream without any ads

CBC Member – Premium

If you aren’t a victim of geo-restrictions, pay the CBC Gem Premium cost and get the following perks:

  • Ad-free version where all the current and previously aired content is available
  • 24/7 access to CBC News Network
  • CBC Gem-only content can be streamed before its officially aired

What Else is Worth Watching on CBC?

Here is the most popular show list that is available on CBC.


CBC Gem is only free in the UK for 30 days, which is the trial period. Once the free trial ends, you’d have to pay the CBC Gem Cost, which is 3.19 GBP per month.

While VPNs can give you access to the platform, CBC Gem is a paid streaming service, and even locals have to pay to get a subscription. You’d also have to pay for VPNs if you’re accessing the platform from anywhere outside Canada. If you want an ad-free experience or a premium subscription with more features, you’d have to pay a minimal fee of 3.19 GBP per month.

The total CBC Gem Cost in the UK is 3.19 GBP per month.

Having thousands of streaming options, CBC Gem is worth it in the UK! The premium plan doesn’t just give you an ad-free experience; it also gives you exclusive access to CBC News Network live stream and CBC Gem-only programs.

To get CBC Gem in the UK, you must pay a total sum of 3.19 GBP (4.99 CAD).

Wrapping Up

And that’s about it for all the information regarding CBC Gem Cost in UK! We’ve made sure to break down all the necessary pointers so that it doesn’t get complicated for you to keep up.

Now, all you need to do is head to the CBC website and start streaming the thrilling CBC shows and movies! It doesn’t matter if you live in Canada or want to watch CBC in the UK because this guide tells you all the ways around accessing the platform. You can also cancel CBC any time you want if your content consumption decreases.

Just remember to use the right VPN!