How to Watch Jose Andres & Family in Spain Outside UK

If you are looking for an entertaining title to binge-watch this holiday season, Jose Andres & Family in Spain is a must-watch for you. The title will premiere this December on Discovery+. But given the platform’s geo-restrictions in place, you may be wondering about how to watch Jose Andres & Family in Spain outside UK.

Discovery Plus features numerous shows with culinary themes, including intriguing titles like Age of Cakes and Diner Revival. And with the debut of Jose Andres & Family in Spain on the 27th of December, 2022, the platform will add an extra flair to its cooking-related content library.

Unfortunately, directly viewing Discovery Plus outside UK isn’t possible as the platform must follow the clauses of its licensing deals and disallow viewership beyond UK shores.

But luckily, access to Discovery+ content is still possible via VPN connectivity, and we’ll show you step-wise how to unlock its streams next.

Watch Jose Andres & Family in Spain Outside UK – [Quick Guide]

To watch Jose Andres & Family in Spain outside UK, follow the below step-wise method:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service (ExpressVPN is our top recommendation).
  2. Download + set up ExpressVPN’s app on your favored streaming device.
  3. Connect to a UK server within the app.
  4. Launch theDiscovery+ app, look for Jose Andres & Family & run its stream!

Note: Before you can unlock the show, you must have an active Discovery+ subscription.

Where to Watch Jose Andres & Family in Spain Outside UK?

You can watch Jose Andres & Family in Spain from your location outside UK shores on Discovery Plus. However, because the platform puts geo-restrictions on content, you’ll require VPN-supported connectivity to allow you to view its content.

A VPN service like the supremely powerful ExpressVPN will connect you via a fast UK-based server, thus bypassing restrictions.

What is the release date of  Jose Andres & Family in Spain on Discovery Plus?

The Jose Andres & Family in Spain release date on Discovery Plus is Tuesday, the 27th of December, 2022. The show’s producers are Jose Andres Media and Nutopia.

It will feature six episodes following the chef, his non-profits, and his close ones as they go on a unique culinary adventure across the coast of Spain while trying to help out with food shortage problems.

What is the Storyline of  Jose Andres & Family in Spain?

The storyline of Jose Andres & Family in Spain revolves around a chef with a humanitarian inkling who travels with his family (including daughters Carlota, Ines, and Licia) to different places in the country.

He explores the diverse culinary traditions offered by each region. Together, they explore regional delicacies like Valencia’s paella and Madrid’s slow-cooked lamb.

Who are in the cast of  Jose Andres & Family in Spain?

The Jose Andres & Family in Spain cast will feature the legendary chef Jose Andres (whose name is in the show’s title) alongside his three daughters, Carlota, Lucia, and Ines Andres, all of whom he has brought up in the United States.

The humanitarian chef will travel with his daughters and expose them to the culinary riches and delicacies of different locales in Spain.

Is there a Trailer for Jose Andres & Family in Spain?

Yes, a Jose Andres & Family in Spain trailer is on the Discovery Plus YouTube channel and has over six thousand views. The promo features the vibrant chef Jose Andres introducing how the Spanish culinary tradition has shaped him.

He touches on his humanitarian side in the promo, plus shows his daughters, who will join him on his food exploration journey across Spain.

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to Watch Jose Andres & Family in Spain Outside UK?

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Jose Andres & Family in Spain


Jose Andres is important because he is not just a chef but a humanitarian and a visionary who is known for the creation of the World Central Kitchen.

The list of Jose Andres restaurants includes diverse ones he owns and runs, like Oyamel, Jaleo, and Cafe Atlantico, plus ones he directly owns and operates, like Agua Viva, China Chilcano, The Bazaar, Butterfly Tacos & Tortilla, China Poblano, Beefsteak, Minibar, Pepe, Spanish Diner, San Laurel, Pigtail, Nubeluz, and Zaytinya.

Jose Andres serves several varieties of award-winning food types, including sherry vinegar, olives, tinned seafood, preserved vegetables, and others.

Wrap Up

Are your taste buds are tingling for a culinary experience unlike any other? Then you should surely tune in to watch Jose Andres & Family on Discovery Plus, with its debut in late December.

Avoid the pains of running into the Discovery Plus’ viewing restrictions by grabbing an ExpressVPN subscription to watch Jose Andres & Family in Spain outside UK.