Watch Kathy Burke Growing Up Outside UK on Channel 4


You must check out Kathy Burke’s latest series if you are a Kathy Burke channel 4 fan. The latest TV series is available until 8 March 2023 on Channel 4. This channel is easily available in the UK but geo-locked outside the UK due to content licensing issues. In this article, we explain to you how to watch Kathy Burke Growing Up outside UK on Channel 4.

Channel 4 is only accessible in the UK, so it is a geo-restricted streaming platform like other significant streaming services. To watch Kathy Burke outside the UK you need a VPN like ExpressVPN because a premium VPN bypasses Channel 4’s geo-restrictions. Channel 4 is a pioneering British platform that is renowned for its varied mix of mind-blowing reality best showstrending movies, compelling dramas, and interesting documentaries.

Continue reading till the end as we explain the show and also discuss how to access Channel 4 outside UK.

Watch Kathy Burke Growing Up Outside UK on Channel 4 – [Easy Steps]

Follow these simple and quick steps to watch Kathy Burke Growing Up outside UK on Channel 4:

  • Get a high-end VPN with multiple servers. (ExpressVPN is a perfect choice).
  • Download and install ExpressVPN on your streaming devices.
  • Register to the VPN by signing up and logging in with details and purchasing after the subscription.
  • Now connect ExpressVPN to the UK server.
  • Go to the website of Channel 4 and stream Kathy Burke. Enjoy watching!

So, without further ado, get your Channel 4 and ExpressVPN subscriptions. Once the trial ends, you must get a monthly or annual Channel 4 subscription.

Where can I watch Kathy Burke Growing Up?

Channel 4 is where you can watch Kathy Burke Growing Up. This March, the two-part series will air on Channel 4. Viewers need a channel 4 subscription to watch it as it is released mainly on Channel 4.

But viewers located in the USA do not watch Channel 4 free trial content because it is a geo-restricted channel. So, instead of missing this show, you need a strong VPN like ExpressVPN to watch Kathy Burke Growing Up in the USA on Channel 4. ExpressVPN is best as it hides your IP to UK IP address and streams the movie.

When does Kathy Burke Growing Up release on channel 4?

Kathy Burke Growing Up is released on 8th March 2023 on Channel 4. In this two-part series, Kathy visits a funeral home in Croydon. There, she finds the ways in which people go to avoid death. You can also watch the new episode this coming Wednesday at 10 pm UK time.

What’s the documentary Kathy Burke Growing Up about?

The documentary Kathy Burke Growing Up is about what it means to be old. Kathy discovers as she turns 58 a question should we accept old age or need to fight? To aid in her quest, Kathy travels and meets extraordinary people who share their thoughts on being young and old today.

Many famous faces share their experiences and insights in the documentary. Some of the faces include showbiz friends Jennifer Saunders, Bill Bailey, Charlotte Church, and TikTok sensation Frances Bourgeois.

Who are in the cast of Kathy Burke Growing Up?

The Growing Up series features Kathy Burke as the lead star in two episodes. There are also famous names like Tik Tok sensation Frances Bourgeois and showbiz friends Charlotte Church, Jennifer Sanders, and Bill Bailey.

Kathy spends time with Jennifer Saunders and Bill Bailey to see if they are embracing aging. This series also features a sociologist Rania Hafeez, who explains why older people are abandoned.

How many episodes of Kathy Burke Growing Up?

Kathy Burke Growing Up has 2 episodes. The new documentary is a two-part TV series that will air on Channel 4 on March 8. This is an interesting show that will show how far people go to avoid death.

Who directed Kathy Burke Growing Up?

Kathy Burke Growing Up is directed by Lucy Wilcox. Show host Cathy Burke turned her attention to getting old age. This show was created by Nina Davies and Colin Flynn.

Is there a trailer for Kathy Burke Growing Up?

No, there is not a trailer for Kathy Burke’s youtube Growing Up.

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Kathy Burke Growing Up


Kathy Burke was born on 13 June 1964 at the Royal Free Hospital, London, in Islington.

Yes, Kathy Burke and Harry Enfield are all still on friendly terms. But each has moved on to other things after making the film. Some people ask if was Kathy burke married to Gary Oldman. No Kathy Burke married Gary Oldman.

Shut up you stupid c–t,” Kathy Burke said to Helena as a non-working life member. It was during an interview in the 1990s.

Wrap up

Kathy Burke children: Growing Up comedy is one that nobody wants to miss it. For viewers in the USA, Due to Channel 4 being geo-restriction viewers in the USA wants to know how to watch Kathy Burke Growing Up outside UK on channel 4. ExpressVPN is the recommended VPN to access Channel 4 outside the UK without any interruptions.

Download ExpressVPN right now to watch this fascinating documentary.