Best Shows on Stan TV UK in 2023

Who told you that you could only eat popcorn when watching movies in cinemas? Let the trend be in your favour now; it’s already 2023! So lower the window and jump on the comfortable bed with some coffee and junk, as we present the best shows on Stan Tv U.K. in 2023.

This year, the cited series has made tremendous strides, lifting the bar of quality scripts, creativity, and verismo. Whether it’s a sitcom or the ever-exciting sequel, we’ve put them all together in one place, so you don’t have to jump between discovering them. So let’s dive into the pool of the best shows on Stan TV UK in 2023


Director: Daniel Nettheim, and Chris Sweney.
Writers: Jack Williams and Harry Williams
Cast: Jamie Dornan, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Genevieve Lemon, Danielle Macdonald, Alex Dimitriades, Olafur Darri Olafsson, and Damon Herriman.
IMDb Rating: 7.0/10

The Tourist 2023 is a highly uncertain piece of the courage of television, depicts that it has been crafted with a particularly strong grip: all the diverse aspects of the display, from the editing to the rhythm design, all are functioning in sequential.

Despite excesses of evidently spontaneous junctures, a bunch of clumsy funniness and violence concluded up being suitable, which is noticeable and adds up to a spotless, well-summarized series. This witty seriocomedy is a fantastic approach to kick off the next 365 days; it’s a must-see series!

Wolf Like Me (2022)

Director: Abe Forsythe
Writer: Abe Forsythe
Cast: Isla Fisher, Ariel Donoghue, Josh Gad, Emma Lung, Alan Dukes, Nash Edgerton, Jake Ryan, Anthony Taufa, and Robyn Nevin.
IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

A rom-com is dark humour that familiarizes you with the anxious element of the sequence. The drama revolves around Gary and Mary, but Donoghue leaves a lasting impression on the spectator’s mind. The two characters, Gary and Mary, where Gary’s daughter is love-deprived after her mum’s demise, and Mary have a mystery that she keeps to herself.

However, the conceptual distance between them is getting narrower; all they have to do is; keep an eye on signs. Wolf Like Me presents the chronic essence of a toxic relationship, but there’s once again an adorable father-daughter moment there.

Made for Love (2021)

Director: Janet Knutsen
Writer: Alissa Nutting, Patrick Somerville, Dean Bakopoulous, and Christina Lee
Cast: Billy Magnussen, Sarunas J. Jackson, Dan Bakkedahl, Cristin Milioti, Noma Dumzweni, Ray Romanno, Caleb Foote, Augusto Aguilera, and Patti Harison.
IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

The first season of Mad for Love closed its doors, leaving the audience in awe. The woman named Hazel Green was a victim of an abusive marriage, and her whereabouts and emotions had been monitored by her drug-addicted spouse, Byron, through a widget installed in her brain.

Hazel ran away from the marriage and began practicing independence with her father, but only after returning to Byron’s technical Hub when he promised a modern treatment for her father’s cancer.

Eden (2021)

Director: John Curran, Mirah Follukes, and Peter Andrikidis.
Writer: Vanessa Gazy, Anya Beyersdorf, Jess Brittain, Clare Sladden, and Penelope Chai
Cast: Sophie Wild, BeBe Bettencourt, Cassandra Sorrell, Alexandria Steffensen, Keiynan Lonsdale, Christopher James Baker, Claude Jabber, Jenna Owen, Dustin Clare, Anastasia Usoltseva, Priscilla, Cody Fern, Shakira Clenton, and Samuel Johnson.
IMDb Rating: 6.6/10

Eden is a perfect series for the people who love the tastes of anime, action, and technology all one concurrently! A girl from her Unrealistic world where there’s no corrosion, desertification, or environmental catastrophe, the world has evolved into a piece of utopia. The title explains it all!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under (2021)

Director: Thairin Smothers, Michelle Visage, Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, and RuPaul.
Writer: RuPaul
Cast: RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Rhys Nicholson, Kita Mean, and Scarlet Adams.
IMDb Rating: 5.4/10

It’s all about the battle to become the next super-star! All participants are assigned to perform various tasks and challenges and are adjudicated by the head judges. Each spell pursues a structure comprised of small tasks, a mega challenge, a maxi challenge, a ramp walk (themed modelling), the evaluating delegation, a lisping contest, and the removal of a competitor.

Search Party (2022)

Director: John Lee, Heather Jack, Sarah-Violet Bliss, and Charles Rogers
Writer: Sarah-Violet Bliss, Charles Rogers, and Michael Showalter.
Cast: Alia Shawkat, John Reynolds, John Early, Meredith Hagner, and Brandon Micheal Hall
IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

The composition of Sarah Violet’s Search Party 05 is a mystery drama of the disappearance of an institute mate, shedding light on criminality and comedy.

The final season of Search Party said goodbye to the screens leaving an absolute absurd influence on the audience. The roller-coaster ride of the drama commences with a puzzle, twisting via crime and destinies on a whiff of disappearance. Nail-biting series considerably?

The Damn Micheal Che(2022)

Director: Oz Rodriguez
Writer: Matt Richards, Regie Conquest, Wil Sylvince, Calise Hawkins, Kevin Iso, Sam Jay, Matt Richards, Gary Richardson, Rosebud Baker, Cipha Sounds, and Godfrey Wil Sylvince,
Cast: Regie Conquest, Salma Shaw, Da-Jour Jones, Michael Che, Godfrey, Alex English, Dawn McGee, Geoffrey Owens, Billy Porter, Ellen Cleghorne, and Chase Dillon,
IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

The uniqueness of Che’s season is unmatchable; his concept of bringing the subversive matter via the comedic sprinkles truly deserves a standing ovation. This play has the chutzpah to make you giggle until your eyes get watery. The sitcom vocalized issues about the paradox of destitute individuals, the cost-pull inflation, unemployment, and the declination of social-economic growth.

Joe Vs Carole (2022)

Director: Natalie Bailey and Justin Tipping.
Writer: Kate McKinnon
Cast: Kate McKinnon, Dean Winters, Brian Van Holt, Sam Keeley, Marlo Kelly, Nat Wolf, John Cameron Mitchell, William Fichtner, Kyle MacLachlan, and David Wenham.
IMDb Rating: 5.9/10

An outrageous, compassionate, absurd, and perplexing drama series where Joe is incompetent to comprehend his parents’ ardency, desire, and needs. All he wanted was to be with someone who understood him. But unfortunately, John was betrayed when people began to leave him. Later, the zoo owner, Joe, encountered the killing of an animal rights activist.

Bust Down (2022)

Director: Richie Keen
Writer: Sam Jay, Langston Kerman, Jak Knight, Chris Redd, Emmy Blotnick, Zack Fox, and Gary Richardson
Cast: Sam Jay, Langston Kerman, Jak Knight, Chris Redd, Dominque Perry, Freddie Gibbs, Nick Kroll, Keith D. Robinson, Zainab Johnson, Juanita Jennings, David Gborie, Shalewa Sharpe, Dan Bakkedahl, Fredro Starr, Phi Tran, Gary Richardson, Larvell Hood and Kieran Roberts.
IMDb Rating: 6.3/10

The intemperate version of each friend who is casino-employees portrays comical interactions with each other having dead-end jobs. The 06 episodes series uncovers wit in the prosaic relations between associates and discovers forms in which the individuals try to find connotation and sense via their different schemes and wrong beliefs that inevitably complete in depravity.

Minx (2022)

Director: Rachel Lee Goldenberg, Carrie Brownstein, Craig Johnson, Natalia Leite, Stella Meghie, Jake Schreier and Max Winkler.
Writer: Ellen Rapoport, Mason Flink, Julie Mandel Folly, Kimberly Walker, Ben Karlin, Annabel Oakes, and Lara Spotts.
Cast: Michael Angarano, Amy Landecker, Oscar Montoya, Lennon Parham, Idara Victor, Jessica Lowe, Austin Nichols, Trishna, Ophelia Lovibond, Sofia Gonzalez, and Jake Johnson.
IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

The main concern around which the whole serial revolves is; if erections are feminist. The show extends in the void between those queries, amidst supercilious beliefs and intense lusts, between firmly carried significances and occasionally inconvenient living truths.

Nevertheless, Minx’s boundaries are leisurely sufficient to excuse when it’s such an enjoyment to watch. Excluding the ideal characters, allurement, and blunt script, it delivers a treat for the visions – judiciously, produced on the amusements of an eye.

Billions (2016)

Director: Chloe Domont, Joshua Marston, and Tara Nicole Weyr.
Writer: David Levien, Brian Koppelman, and Andrew Ross Sorkin.
Cast: Maggie Siff, Jeffrey DeMunn, David Costabilee, Dan Soder, Condola Rashad, Asia Kate Dillon, Kelly AuCoin, Daniel K. Isaac, and Paul Giamatti.
IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Billions season 06 is among the best shows on stan tv U.K. in 2023, stealing the audience’s hearts with its awe-inspiring trailer. Billion is a huge triumph. It’s a bang.

It’s a consequential hit, nail-biting season. One of the characters, Axe, overcame the 9/11 invasions and walked from the dust of the World Trade Center to evolve into Master of the Universe. The mantra of the Axe was; successful, consistent, and momentous. Billions.

BEL-AIR (2022)

Director: Dale Stern, Ava Berkofsky, Matthew A. Cherry, Morgan Cooper, Nick Copus, Aurora Guerrero, Carl Seaton, Tasha Smith, and Sylvain White.
Writer: Andy Borowitz, Susan Borowitz, T.J. Brady, Morgan Cooper, Henry ‘Hank’ Jones, Benny Medina, Rasheed Newson, Jeff Pollack, Malcolm Spellman, Ephraim Salaam, Janeika James, JaSheika Ashel James, Carla Banks-Waddles, Nicole Delaney, Paul Eriksen, Yolonda Lawrence, and Chris Collins.
Cast: Jabari Banks, Cassandra Freeman, Jimmy Akingbola, Olly Sholotan, Coco Jones, Akira Akbar, Simone Joy Jones, Jordan L. Jones, Adrian Holmes, Joe Holt, April Parker Jones, Jon Beavers, Stevonte Hart, Charlie Hall, Michael Ealy, Tyler Barnhardt, Duane Martin, Wendy Davis, Ben Cain, Benita Krista Nall, Bayley Corman, and Rachel Leyco.
IMDb Rating: 5.9/10

A naive child, Smith grows up on the roadways of Philadelphia and survives in the Bel-Air villa with his relatives. As he began to experience the world through his eyes, he noted that his institute is not a suitable place. Smith is an incredible partaker of basketball; he’s a pro at it. However, he was a victim of emotional hesitation and still a spokesman for social conscience.

Home Economics (2021)

Director: Dean Holland, Ryan Case, Gail Mancuso, Randall Keenan, Winston, Matt Sohn, Kabir Akhtar, Michael McDonald, and Betsy Thomas.
Writer: Michael Colton, John Aboud, Tasha Henderson, Ashly Pervez, Tucker Cawley, Julieanne Smolinski, Jason Belleville, Melissa Hunter, Damir Konjicija, and Kriss Turner.
Cast: Topher Grace, Caitlin McGee, Karla Souza, Sasheer Zamata, Shiloh Bearman, Jordyn Curet, Jacobi Swain, Chloe Jo Rountree, Jimmy Tatro, Lidia Porto, Phil Reeves, Nora Dunn, Tetona Jackson, Marc Sully Saint-Fleur, Justine Lupe, Roselyn Sanchez, Nicole Byer, Dustin Ybarra, Danica McKellar, and Vincent Rodriguez III.
IMDb Rating: 6.6/10

With extraordinary screenplay and compatible compassion between the actors, the three siblings have a dynamic relationship with each other, and partners Marina and Dennis – are hesitantly looking forward to an amusing passage. Instead, the show spins near the mischievous entertainers who love to dwell around the home, making fun of families and stalking one and all down the road. The best comedy show to root for!

The Ghost Town Terror (2022)

Director: Neil Fernandez
Writer: Keith Guinto and Jeffrey M. Parker
Cast: Sapphire Sandalo, Tim Wood, Sarah Lemos, and Scott Di Lalla.
IMDb Rating: 5.5/10

If I had to explain it in two words, I would yell; horror and the monstrosity!
This is one of those shows where you jump to judgment before having the straight proofs. The series starts with a happy family, which slowly and gradually gets depressed and unhappy. The family got tense about the dark mystery where the people strangely vanished overnight.

The Comeback Trail (2020)

Director: George Gallo
Writer: George Gallo and Josh Posner.
Cast: Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, Morgan Freeman, Zach Braff, Emile Hirsch, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Kate Katzman, Eddie Griffin, Chris Mullinax, Patrick Muldoon, Julie Lott, Blerim Destani, and Vincent Spano.
IMDb Rating: 5.7/10

The Comeback Trail brings a wicked sense of humour with the essential touch of brutality, which is ridiculous, assertive delivery of words and phrases and ends with leaving a positive approach to the audience.

The entire show is about the debt where two producers who owe money to the gang and put up their film lead into evil risks; the play takes the wild turns, but, I assure you it will be hard not to giggle in between.

May God Save Us (2016)

Director: Rodrigo Sorogoyen.
Writer: Isabel Peña, and Rodrigo Sorogoyen.
Cast: Antonio de la Torre, Roberto Álamo, Javier Pereira, Luis Zahera, Raúl Prieto, María de Nati, María Ballesteros, José Luis García Pérez, Mónica López, Rocío Muñoz-Cobo, Teresa Lozano, Fran Nortes, Andrés Gertrúdix, Jesús Caba, and Alfonso
IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

A despicable tale where two actors, one of which is unable to control the anger issues that forced his problem in getting designated for police, and the other has an absence of confidence which caused him to stutter every word in the crowd. The series is about persons who cannot maintain their bodies and the women who are the prey of abusive life. The men’s frustration is due to career issues and the surrounding.

The Girl from Plainville (2022)

Director: Pippa Bianco, Lisa Cholodenko, Liz Hannah, Zetna Fuentes,and Daniel Minahan.
Writer: Liz Hannah, Patrick Macmanus, Sarah Cho, Ahmadu Garba, Bashir Gavriel, Ashley Michel Hoban, Sara Pearson, and Jesse Barron.
Cast: Chloë Sevigny, Elle Fanning, Colton Ryan, Ella Rubin, Kylie Liya Page, Jeff Wahlberg, Callie Brook McClincy, Aleks Alifirenko Jr., Sharik Khan, Ella Kennedy Davis, Kai Lennox, Leah Thompkins, Sandy Burhans, Jeff Burhans, Aya Cash, and Kelly AuCoin
IMDb Rating: 6.5/10

Conrad Ray, a brilliant but misperceived kid, encountered something one morning in a Kmart parking lot and choked himself to death. His family is surprised; the only clue they can find of purpose is a few scratched suicide letters to his father and a girl named Michelle Carter. His family had never heard her name before.

The girl Michelle seems endearing and starts making contact with Coco’s family (nickname Conrad). Local authorities saw the messages of Coco and Michelle, that the girl was begging him to kill himself. She pretends with family and friends that he has been missing for three days.

Show Me the Money (2012)

Director: Richard Dipirro
Writer: Alex Chauvin, Rosemarie DiSalvo, Chip Dornell, Joseph Ferraro, Mathew Harawitz, Shelley Herman, Danielle Koenig, Doug Shaffer, Maureen Driscoll, Gary Lucy, Arnie Meissner, and
Cast: victoria Gracie, Julianne Hough, Mimi Karsh, Sabrina Song, William Shatner, Sara Holden, Matt Marr, Beau Weaver, Yesenia Adame, andVai Tiare.
IMDb Rating: 4.8/10

Walter Mosely has discussed three different classes and emphasizes hierarchy status. He believes that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer day by day. But the question arises where do the rich men get money from? It arrives from the sweat of the middle class and their hard work.

The top of the top remains above all. They acquire a high-class apartment, travel in luxury cars, and spend vacations in Europe rather than the poor class striving to have food on their tables. All the wealthy persons flaunt their lifestyle; however, they rarely give charity to organizations.

Trigger Point Review (2022)

Director: Gilles Bannier, and Jennie Darnell
Writer: Daniel Brierley
Cast: Vicky McClure, Eric Shango, Cal MacAninch, Tom Stokes, Gavin Sibson, Gwynfor Jones, Mark Stanley, Manjinder Virk, Kris Hitchen, Ralph Ineson, Nadine Marshall, and Nabil Elouahabi.
IMDb Rating: 6.1/10

A series where two partners are in the Police Disposal Squad department, they performed in Afghanistan together with other actors. The couple got a call from a factory where there was a suspicion of a bomb; the couple went there to rescue women and children from Devin Ports. Later, they found a bomb in the car and tried to refuse it, but it exploded.

Mommie Dearest (1981)

Director: Frank Perry
Writer: Christina Crawford, Frank Yablan, Frank Perry, Tracy Hotchner, and Robert Getchell.
Cast: Diana Scarwed, Carolyn Coates, Howard Da Silva, James Kirkwood Jr., Michael Edwards, Jocelyn Brando, Priscilla Pointer, Joe Abdullah, Gary Allen, Selma Archer, Adrian Aron, Xander Berkeley, Matthew Campion, Steve Forrest, Jerry Douglas, Margaret Fairchild, Phillip R. Allen, aye Dunaway, L.B. Mayer, James Kirkwood Jr., and Michael Hawkins.
IMDb Rating: 6.6/10

In this biographical film, glamorous yet boldest lady Star Joan takes two orphans, and at first, their quirky family appears pleased. However, the table turns when Joan gets fired from MGM studios due to her romantic fulfilment going spoiled. However, her resentment and abusiveness increase towards her daughter named, Christiana.

Her daughter (Christiana) departs from home and is offered an acting role, only to find her mother’s sight still surpassing her.

A Mighty Heart (2007)

Director: Winter-bottom and Michael.
Writer: John Orlof, and Mariane Pearl.
Cast: Saira Nasir Khan, Arif Khan, Angelina Jolie, Archie Panjabi, Mohammed Afzal, Mushtaq Khan, Dawood Khan, Telal Saied, Archie Panjabi,Tipu Taheer, Amit Dhawan, and Dan Futterman.
IMDb: 6.6/10

It is a piece of jaw-dropper and political commercial work, with details of persuasive style and compelling the audience to watch it repeatedly.

The actress, Marine, was in her sixth month of pregnancy when she was bound in her trial of Pakistani soup and kept waiting for her husband in the mother-to-be phase. The inter blend of political turmoil where the spouse of the leading actress goes missing in Pakistan.

The Trip To Spain (2017)

Director: Michael and Winterbottom
Writer: Steve convinces Rob
Cast: Kerry Shale, Rob Brydon, Justin Edwards, Rebecca Johnson, Marta Barrio, Margo Stilley, Kyle Soller, Steve Coogan, and Claire Keelan.
IMDb Rating: 6.6/10

The two boys met together to fly with their humor and cravings on a voyage to sea in Spain, but their journey wasn’t silky and didn’t go as intended.

Call The Midwife Season (2022)

Director: Ann Tricklebank
Writer: Heidi Thomas and Jennifer Worth.
Cast: Vanessa Redgrave, Linda Bassett, Fenella Woolger, Laura Main, Cliff Parisi, Edward Shaw, Annabelle Apsion, Stephen McGann, and Megan Cusack.
IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

An incredible series that makes your eye stuck and your jaw dropped! From vivacious moments to some unfortunate incidents and tragic moments, it spins around all of this.

Life and Beth (2022)

Director: Ryan McFaul, Amy Schumer, Kevin Kane, and Daniel Powell
Writer: Amy Schumer, Erin Jackson, Mia Jackson, Lavar Walker, Colleen McGuinness, Emily Goldwyn, and Ron Weiner
Cast: my Schumer, Violet Young, Michael Rapaport, Yamaneika Saunders, Laura Benanti, Grace Power, Robert Lee Harvey, Michael Cera, and Susannah Flood
IMDb Rating: 6.5/10

This series has the lead actress who started having flashbacks of her unforeseen happenings in the past and her forthcoming self!

Yellowstone (2018)

Director: Taylor Sheridan, Stephen Kay, Guy Ferland, John Dah, Christina, Alexandra Voros, Ed Bianchi, and Ben Richardson.
Writer: Taylor Sheridan, Johnn Linson, Brett Conrad, Eric Jay Beck, Ian Mcculloch, and John Coveny.
Cast: Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille, Brecken Merrill, Jefferson White, Gil Birmingham, Forrie J. Smith, Denim Richards, Ian Bohen, Mo Brings Plenty, Jake Ream, and Ryan Bingham.
IMDb Rating: 8.7/10

Yellowstone is a startling and thrilling series. Apart from its super suspenseful scenes, one can not stop watching the background’s captivating view and mountainous landscape.
Yellowstone revolves around the Dutton family, the owners of the biggest ranches in the U.S. The storylines revolve around the Dutton family’s conflicts with its neighbours and land developers.

Miracle Workers (2019)

Director: Dan Schimpf, Steve Buscemi, Andrew DeYoung, Ryan Case, Maurice Marable, Jorma Taccone, Tamra Davis, Daniel Gray Longino, Andrew Mogel, Jarrad Paul, Claire Scanlon, and Blake McClure.
Writer: Robert Padnick, Matthew Bass, Theodore Bressman, Taylor Cox, Carrie Kemper, and Jared Miller.
Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Geraldine Viswanathan, Lamont Thompson, Lolly Adefope Jon Bass, Steve Buscemi, Mary Anne McGarry, Karan Soni, Tammy Dahlstrom, and Sasha Compère.
IMDb Rating: 7.0/10

Featuring our favourite Daniel Radcliffe, the Miracle Workers is a treat to our eyes. Here, Redcliffe is a delinquent social worker who assisted people in finding their keys by bouncing under thousand of feet of snowflakes. It’s a satirical sequel with glimpses of romance in the workplace with the little indication of realization of how not every prayer goes rejected.

Hacks (2021)

Director: Lucia Aniello, Desiree Akhavan, and Paul W. Downs
Writer: Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs, Katherine Kearns, Jen Statsky, Joanna Calo, Ariel Karlin, Andrew Law, Pat Regan, and Samantha Riley
Cast: Hannah Einbinder, Poppy Liu, Jean Smart, Rose Abdoo, Paul W. Downs, Christopher McDonald, Carl Clemons Hopkins, Megan Stalter, Mark, and Kaitlin Olson
IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

The best-of hack is to drive the audience to laugh their lungs out and be dying on the floor chuckling. The dark-humor show awe-struck the viewers by having the open-mic comic from Las Vegas, Deborah Vance, and a dude who constantly outlives life in a hustle, Joan Rivers.

The Gloaming (2020)

Director: Greg McLean, Sian Davies, and Michael Rymer
Writer: Vicki Madden and Peter McKenna
Cast: Markella Kavanagh, Ewen Leslie, Max Brown, Rena Owen, Anthony Phelan, Nicole Chamoun, Aaron Pedersen, Ditch Davey, Matt Testro, Josephine Blazier, and Emma Booth.
IMDb Rating: 6.6/10

A dark drama where the murderer of a 20-year-old-girl is interconnected with all the central characters and is tormented by “gloamings”.

The narrative of the exhilarating crime series is around a woman named Emma Booth, who was working as a spy with the police department, and Dasy, her foster child who killed a lady and is in trouble. He wanted to escape from the situation before the police caught him.

Killing Eve (2018)

Director: Emily Atef and Anu Menon
Writer: Jon Baker, Georgia Lester, and Sarah Simmonds
Cast: Jodie Comer, Sandra Oh, Fiona Shaw, Kim Bodnia, Owen McDonnell, Sean Delaney, Edward Bluemel, Camille Cottin, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste.
IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

With the joint efforts of every individual’s unique character, “Killing Eve” became a massive hit of the year. Its current season 04 satisfied the audience’s cravings as they are forever longing for what’s next? The series revolves around two women and the sequence of events that interlink their lives Eve, a security service operative, and Villanelle, an assassin.

Line of Duty (2012)

Director: Daniel Nettheim, David Caffrey, Jennie Darnell, Jed Mercurio, Susan Tully, and Gareth Bryn
Writer: Jed Mercurio
Cast: Martin Compston, Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar, Gregory Piper, and Nigel Boyle.
IMDb Rating: 8.7/10

The series follows a police officer who led a botched operation against a terrorist who was going to detonate a bomb. The operation turned out to be disastrous as his team raised the wrong building and killed an innocent unarmed man,


The age of the 21st century has evolved into a lot of technological modernity and advancement. With that being said, this is the last generation of the cinema era, and the netizens are already craving the series and show to kill time. Not only this you can also watch other popular content such as Dawn of the Dolphins, Bel Air, Black Snow, Shazam 2023, and many more.

In the sight of these modifications, we find that stan T.V. provides the yearly best series to cater to everyone in the household. So for your ease, we have gathered details of the best shows on stan T.V. U.K. in 2023. So now take a break, grab the popcorn, and call out your homies to spend a fun-filled night.