Amazon Prime Video: How Much Does It Cost In UK

What’s better than a fantastic film or television program? When you’re looking for something to watch, there are an infinite number of streaming services to choose from. But how can we decide which one is the best! It may appear difficult to choose between Netflix when they both have their own features, but don’t worry; we’ve found other alternatives as well, one of them is Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video is the greatest way to watch your favorite series and movies on demand. It’s free for Amazon members, so you have nothing to lose! Through the Amazon Prime website, all of our beloved shows and films will be available.

In this article, we will learn how much does Amazon Prime Video cost in UK and what you can watch on it.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Video Cost In UK?

Prime Video is an amazing service that offers thousands of hours’ worth of videos to choose from. There are different subscription plans, depending on how much you want to access and what benefits come with it!

Amazon Prime Video Cost in UK Amazon Prime Video Package Specifications
£5.99 per month Amazon Prime Video service only
£7.99 per month for Amazon Prime members Complete set of enjoyments including Music streaming and one-day delivery
£79 a year Complete Prime enjoyment
£39 a year (Amazon Prime Student Package) All benefits related to Amazon Prime Student Package.

How To Get Amazon Prime Video?

To make the most out of Prime Video, you need to be an Amazon Prime member. However, if that’s not possible just yet or even now then there are other options for getting access such as signing up with an Amazon free trial and checking what content is available before committing yourself fully!

What Do You Get With Amazon Prime?

Prime Day is Amazon’s big day, where members of the company’s premium service can expect to see hundreds or even thousands of deals on over 100 different items. On this day, Prime members were first introduced to the concept and have remained loyal ever since.

Amazon Prime is a great way to enjoy all of these benefits at once. The main appeal for consumers will be free next-day delivery on millions of eligible items with no minimum purchase requirement, but there’s so much more! Subscribers also get access to Prime Music which has over 2 million ad-free songs and eBooks that can be borrowed from Kindle Owners’ Lending Library every month-

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why Prime membership is so popular. Not only do you get access to an amazing selection of music and books for free with your purchase but there are also other perks like unlimited photo storage on-demand as well!

What Streaming Devices Are Compatible With Amazon Prime Video?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max and the Amazon Fire TV Cube are two of the company’s more popular streaming devices. Through these and other popular streaming devices, you can watch your favorite shows on-demand. The home page has an easy-to-use interface that makes accessing Prime Video content simple as well!

What Format Does Amazon Prime Video Use?

With Prime Video’s support for advanced video and audio formats, there is no need to worry about your content being lost in the transition.

HDR10 titles will continue working with this standard while also allowing users access to 4K UHD playback through Ultra High Definition TVs (UHD). Dolby Vision archiving technology can be found on select movie releases that offer unparalleled picture quality!

What Channels Are Included With Amazon Prime Video?

Get your favorite TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime with just a few clicks! Channels are available now or anytime soon, so you can watch what’s playing today without having to wait. Some subscriptions also include Watch Live making sure there’ll be no delay when it comes time for this month’s episodes of Game Of Thrones.

Prime Video Channels are an easy way to subscribe without having another app or cable package. With over 100 channels available, including HBO, Showtime and Starz Play just as much as your favorite CBS All Access show – you’ll have no trouble finding something worth watching! You can cancel Amazon Prime Video at any time too without any hurdle.

Which Is More Expensive Prime Video Or Netflix?

Pricing Comparison Chart:


Key Factors Amazon Prime


Prime Membership +  Amazon Prime Video Netflix Basic

(Standard Definition)

Netflix Standard

(High Definition)

Netflix Premium

(Ultra High


Monthly Price £5.99 £7.99/month



£5.99 £9.99 £13.99
Free Trial Period One Month  One Month Not Available Not Available Not Available


15 Mbps 15 Mbps 3 Mbps 5 Mbps 25 Mbps

Devices To Stream

Two Two One Two Four



Available  Available Available Available Available
Original Content Available  Available  Available  Available  Available 


Is Amazon Prime Video Worth It?

Prime Video is a great way to keep all your content in one place. It’s also an easy option for those who already have Amazon Prime since there won’t be any additional cost associated with streaming movies or TV shows as part of this service!

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Final Thought:

We hope this article will provide you with all the information needed about how much Amazon Prime video costs in UK.

The perfect cord cutter’s paradise! Amazon Prime Video is an excellent way to keep your interest alive when cutting the cable. You’ll have access to tons of current and classic TV shows, all at one monthly fee that you can cancel at any time with no contracts obligation.

Along with offline viewing, Amazon Prime Video has now introduced commercials and limitations which makes it more affordable. For those who want extra entertainment at the cheapest rate, this streaming video platform might be enough!