How To Watch StarzPlay UK In 2023 [Easy Steps]


Are you curious to know how to watch Starz play in UK ? Just read through this article and you will be amazed to know how easy it is to get access to Starz Play and enjoy watching its fabulous programs with unlimited HD streaming while residing in the UK.

StarzPlay is an American-based on-demand amusement streaming service. It has the edge over its competitors in that it provides dibs to its valued views on recently launched hit movies that are original and brand new from the Box office.

The Starzplay UK collection includes “The Great,” a film about a young man from Harlem who rose to prominence as a gangster, and the just-released “Dr. Death,” as well as travel documentaries “Men in Kilts” and “The Spanish Princess.”

By using the right VPN service, you can access Starz Play’s content in the UK. Here is how it can be done.

How To Watch Starz Play In The UK? (Quick Steps)

By following these simple and quick steps, you can unblock StarzPlay in UK without any hassle.

  1. Subscribe to the best VPN. ExpressVPN is highly recommended.
  2. Sign in to the VPN app after it gets downloaded and installed.
  3. Get connected to the closest American Server from the provided list.
  4. To watch Starz play in the UK, you need to have a Starz play subscription.
  5. Download the Starz app on your preferred device.
  6. Visit the official website of Starz Play. Get log-in to Starz Play by providing your credentials.
  7. Now enjoy unlimited HD streaming of your most-loved Starz Play shows.
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Why do you need a VPN To Unblock StarzPlay UK?

Starz Play is a US streaming service that cannot be accessed outside the US due to geo-blocking policies. If you try to stream Starz Play in UK, your device will notify you with the following an error message:

However, using the right VPN allows you to unblock StarzPlay TV Shows and prime video in the UK without any hassle and security fear. The same method of using a VPN can be applied to unblock other streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and many others.

The VPN masks the user’s IP and DNS and encrypts his/her traffic making the user appear as if he/she is living in the United States of America, so the user won’t get blocked. By using the VPN the user also experiences a better-unlimited HD streaming service because of VPN’s optimized servers.

Therefore, by using the Best Premium VPN such as ExpressVPN, you can easily get StarzPlay in UK without any hassle.

How To Sign Up For Starz Play Via Amazon Prime

Using the best VPN such as ExpressVPN makes it simple to stream advertising-free Starz content. If you have an Amazon Prime account, add this as your extra channel for a set monthly fee.

Depending on the region, this service is called Starzplay and Starzplay costs £4.99 per month for viewing with unlimited HD streaming in the UK or it is called Starz which costs $8.99 per month for viewing in America

Watch StarzPlay in UK with ExpressVPNRisk-Free 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What Are The Best VPNs To Watch Starz Play In The UK

To access Starzplay in the UK, we completed the following three VPNs in 29 hours of thorough study. The criteria for these VPNs were established by a number of variables, including network coverage, constant connections, uploading and downloading speed, Safety and Security, and whether or not Starzplay is available in the UK.

Based on the above Selection Criteria, the following three Best VPNs were shortlisted to unblock StarzPlay in UK.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. Surfshark

ExpressVPN – The Best VPN For Starz Play In UK

Unblock Starzplay in UK with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming StarzPlay in the UK because of how fast it is, how well it protects your information, and how many servers it has. When ExpressVPN was tested for speed at 100 Mbps, the results were very good. It measured an upload speed of 89.42 Mbps and a download speed of 84.64 Mbps. The fastest streaming speeds are on the New York server.

ExpressVPN has very strong encryption because it uses military-grade AES-256-bit encryption, keeps no logs, and has a kill switch. Using the ExpressVPN Media Streamer tool, you can set up SmartDNS settings for streaming devices that can’t connect to a VPN.

It has 3000+ servers in 105 countries. There are many US servers to choose from, but the New York server is the best one to connect to. When you connect to any US server, you can immediately access US-only streaming services like Hulu, American Amazon Prime, Sling TV, and NBC in UK.

ExpressVPN has apps for popular streaming platforms like Android, iOS, Apple TV, macOS, Roku, Fire TV, Linux, and Windows. With one account, you can use it on up to five different devices at the same time.

You can start using ExpressVPN for as little as GB£5.24/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free, and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  1. Blazing Fast speed with 89.42 Mbps.
  2. It keeps your identity and privacy secure with no DNS leaks.
  3. It has around 3000+ Servers in 94 countries.
  4. can connect 5 devices at a time.
  5. It supports Starz Play and other streaming sites such as Sling TV, Paramount Plus UK , CBS, and many more.
  6. It offers unlimited HD streaming.
  7. 24/7 Customer Support.


  1. Bit expensive as compared to its competitors.

Watch StarzPlay in UK with ExpressVPNRisk-Free 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

NordVPN –Most Reliable VPN for Starz Play In UK

Unblock Starzplay in UK with NordVPN

NordVPN is known for its large number of servers and cutting-edge security features. It has a huge network with 6000+ ultra fast servers in 61 countries. Because NordVPN’s servers aren’t used as much, you’ll always get the fastest speeds and the most bandwidth.

Both downloading and uploading are fast with NordVPN. With a download speed of 84.55 Mbps and an upload speed of 42.15 Mbps, NordVPN did a great job in the 100 Mbps speed test. The difference in speed between NordVPN servers and real servers was almost nonexistent.

nordvpn speed

The company is in charge of more than 1970 servers in more than 8 states, including Texas, California, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Illinois, and Virginia. You can watch StarzPlay in the UK using these servers. Also, NordVPN can be used to get ITV and Channel 4 outside UK.

There are the most up-to-date encryption methods, like IKEv2 and AES 256-Bit Encryption. Your data and privacy are also kept safe by things like Double VPN, Onion Over VPN, Obfuscated servers, DNS Leak prevention, IP Masking, and Dedicated IPs.

NordVPN works with a wide range of streaming devices, including Kodi, Roku, Apple TV, Windows, iOS, Android, Firestick, macOS, and Linux. Up to six devices can use the same account at the same time.

NordVPN costs GB£3.13/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) - Save up to 63% with exclusive 2-year plan + 3 months free for a friend. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  1. NordVPN has an average download speed of 84.55 Mbps with unlimited HD streaming.
  2. It provides high privacy and security services with no IP and DNS leaks.
  3. It works great with Starz Play and other streaming services UK too such as Youtube TV UK, Disney Plus in UK, TVNZ in UK, HBO Max and many more.
  4. Best Gaming VPN.
  5. It boasts of connecting six devices at a time.
  6. Both cash payment and Cryptocurrency are accepted.
  7. 24/7 customer support.


  1. Slow Server Switching.
  2. Does not have a user-friendly OpenVPN configuration

Watch StarzPlay in UK with NordVPNRisk-Free 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Surfshark – Budget-Friendly VPN For Starz Play In UK

Unblock Starzplay in UK with Surfshark

Surfshark VPN is known for having great features at prices that are easy on the wallet. It costs GB£1.96/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee. There is also a 100% refund policy after 30 days.

The VPN has a large network of 3200+ servers in 100+ countries, including over 600 servers in 25 US locations. These servers use cutting-edge technology to unblock streaming services from anywhere in the world, including FuboTV in the UK, Youtube TV, Netflix, BBC iPlayer outside the UK, and more.

The 100 Mbps connection speed test results show that Surfshark has fast streaming speeds. It could send data at 49.42 Mbps and receive data at 86.55 Mbps. Connect to a New York or Los Angeles server for the fastest speeds.

surfshark speed

Even though Surfshark is cheap, it has all the latest security and privacy features, such as the latest, best-in-class AES-256-GCM encryption. You can also hide your identity with a Kill Switch, Camouflage Mode, Private DNS, and leak prevention, which are all important features.

Surfshark works with Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, Roku, iOS, Firestick, Kodi, Apple TV, and other devices that can stream. You can use one subscription on as many devices as you want.


  1. It provides a fast speed of 71 Mbps for unlimited HD Streaming
  2. It supports a trouble-free user experience
  3. Surfshark supports Starz Play and other streaming services too such as Peacock TV in UK,  BBC iPlayer outside UK, CBC in UK, TV one in UK, DStv, and many more
  4. It shows high concern for user security and privacy.
  5. 24/7 good customer support.


  1. Sometimes it has a slow server on advanced security.


Watch StarzPlay in UK with SurfsharkRisk-Free 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Can We Use Free VPNs To Watch StarzPlay UK?

We highly discourage the use of a Free VPN.

Free VPNs are unable to connect due to limited servers and restricted connections, not only causing difficulties with accessing streaming websites but blocking international viewers from being able to view Starz Play as well.

Furthermore, free VPNs tend to bombard your streaming device with ads. Free VPNs generate income from these ads and this is the reason why they are characterized as “free” for users.

Other than showing ads, many free VPN services may sell your information to other companies for profits. This is another warning sign when it comes to the safety of a free VPN service.

Moreover, free VPN services sometimes cause buffering. Therefore, if you want to watch Starz Play without interruption for a binge-watching session, always use a VPN with premium service.

How much does Starzplay Subscription cost in UK?

StarzPlay price varies by subscription plan. It has three different pricing tiers, which are briefly described below:

  • The bundle for 3 months is approximately $21.53.
  • The bundle for 6 months is approximately $43.32.
  • The bundle for 12 months is approximately $86.92.

There is no free trial available for Starz at this time, but you can get a Starz Free Trial through some other streaming services. During your Starz free trial, you have the option to cancel StarzPlay subscription at any time.

Is there a Starzplay free trial in UK?

Hulu Currently Offers a Free Trial of Starz. In addition to its own free trial period of 30 days, Hulu also provides a free trial of Starz’s streaming service that lasts for seven days.

How To Get A Discount On Cancellation Of StarzPlay UK

We’ve found a special offer where if you attempt to cancel Starz account, you’ll receive a coupon for the discounted fixed rate of $2.99 per month (around £2.29) for three months

 You can get 16 weeks of STARZ for just $10 ( Under 8 GBP) with a 7-day trial.

StarzPlay Supported Devices

Following is the list of STARZplay compatible devices;

  • Smart TVs (Samsung)
  • Virgin TV
  • PlayStation
  • Roku
  • Amazon devices
  • Apple TV and devices
  • Xbox

How to Download Starz Play Account on Android?

Following are the steps to download Starz Play app on android.

  • On the home screen, select the Google Play Store icon.
  • Tap the Starz Play icon after searching for it.
  • To download and confirm installation, choose install.
  • Select Open to start your Starz Play app after it has been downloaded.
  • Enjoy streaming content on StarzPlay.

How to Download Starz Play App On iOS?

The Starz Play iOS app can be downloaded using the instructions below.

  • On the home screen, select the App Store icon.
  • Locate the Starz Play icon by searching for it.
  • Confirm the installation by clicking the Get button.
  • Select Open to start your Starz Play app after it has been downloaded.
  • Enjoy the content you like.

How do I get STARZPlay app on my Firestick in the United Kingdom?

Follow the instructions below to install STARZplay on Firestick.

  • Find STARZ using Firestick’s built-in search bar, then select it to add it to your library.
  • Launch the STARZ app.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, it will be automatically installed on your Firestick.
  • Install STARZ on your Amazon Fire TV, and then run the app.
  • Stream STARZ’s entire library without any hassle now!

How do I get the STARZPlay app on Amazon in UK?

Follow the steps to get the Starzplay app on Amazon in UK.

  • Launch the Amazon mobile app and register for an account.
  • It will cost you about £4.99 per month to add Stars Play as an additional channel.
  • Remember that if you go this route, you’ll need to pay more money on top of your Amazon Prime membership.

What movies are available on Starzplay?

The following are the best movies on Starz play to watch.

what movies are avilable on starz play

  1. FOCUS
  2. Creed
  3. Hacksaw Ridge
  4. Godzilla
  5. The Great Gatsby
  6. The Notebook
  7. The 100
  8. Sherlock Holmes
  9. Beowulf
  10. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole

Best Starzplay Shows

There are good shows on Starz Play available to watch. Here is a list of the best StarzPlay UK shows:


  1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  4. Blindspotting
  5. Power
  6. Blindspot
  7. The 100
  8. Black Mafia Family
  9. Spartacus: Blood And Sand
  10. Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena

What is the difference between STARZ and Starzplay?

Starz is a cable and satellite TV network in the US that you have to pay to watch. Starz Play, on the other hand, is the channel’s official app. It lets you stream popular movies and original TV shows from their library.

FAQs – Starzplay in UK

Starz Play is a geo-restricted streaming site, that is only available in the USA, but you can easily watch it in the UK with the help of a VPN and can experience unlimited HD streaming.

Yes, you can use free VPNs to stream StarzPlay in the UK, but we don’t recommend it because of security concerns.

Starzplay free with Amazon prime members only so you can add STARZ and 100+ more channels easily

Unfortunately, StarzPlay is not free with Amazon Prime UK.

STARZ monthly subscription cost is $8.99 per month and $74.99 for the yearly plan.

To start a free trial for 7 days and watch your favorite shows online, you can sign up with the best VPN provider such as ExpressVPN. You also have the option to get a subscription by using the gift card method.

STARZPLAY is a premium on-demand service that you can get in the UK through Virgin TV. It has the biggest movies and best TV shows from the United States and the United Kingdom. It also has original STARZ shows that come out on the same day they premiere in the United States.

Wrapping Up

We hope, this guide would be helpful for you in making you understand how to watch Starz play in UK. With the help of the best VPN provider such as ExpressVPN, you can easily enjoy the Best Movies on StarzPlay and shows while residing in the UK without any hassle.