How Much Is Peacock TV A Month In UK [Updated Guide Feb 2024]

The Peacock is a prominent over-the-top video streaming service based in the United States. On July 15, 2020, it was established by the NBC Universal Television & Streaming division. Peacock TV has over 54 million subscribers as of June, 2023.

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There are films and original programming as well as live sports and news broadcasts on the site, among other things. Live programming costs extra for Premium subscribers, whereas original production is available for no extra charges.

If you’re interested in finding out how much and watch Peacock TV in UK, keep reading. In this blog, we’ll provide you with all of the information you need to make an educated decision when signing up for this service, including Peacock TV pricing, service alternatives, and other appealing deals.

How Much Does Peacock TV Subscription Cost?

To satisfy the needs of its customers, Peacock TV offers three membership plans.

Subscription Plan  Price/Month  Ad-Supported Features
Peacock Premium 4.71 Euros Yes
  • It allows you to stream all of The Office seasons (including the most recent one) on-demand.
  • This plan offers access to a large selection of programming, including live sports matches, original shows, and current NBC series that are accessible the next day.
Peacock Premium Plus 9.43 Euros No
  • Premium Plus removes all advertising from the majority of the content – (a few shows, movies, and events will continue to be subjected to brief advertisements.)
  • Premium Plus also enables you to download certain titles for offline viewing.

You may look it up at to get a complete list of possibilities.

All Peacock TV plans come with at least 7,500 hours of programming, including movies, TV shows, current NBC programs, and 24/7 virtual channels. Telemundo also has Spanish-language entertainment available.

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Is It Possible To Watch Peacock Television For Free Of Cost?

There are no secret codes or methods to access Peacock TV content for free. Simply create an account with Peacock to start your complimentary membership.

If you’re a Comcast or Cox subscriber and want to use Peacock Premium, simply link your accounts to the streaming service using Peacock’s Account Settings. For $4.99 per month, Xfinity and Cox customers can upgrade to Premium Plus, which eliminates advertisements.

What’s The Difference Between Peacock Free And Paid Subscriptions?

7,500 hours of programming with ads are included with the free tier of Peacock, which includes next-day access to episodes from early NBC series and a varying selection of classic films and television programs.

You’ll get access to 15,000 hours of ad-supported programming when you join Peacock Premium, including all nine seasons of The Office and the entire collection of Peacock Originals and films.

Peacock Subscription Cost HD














Premium 4.71 Euros Yes Yes No Yes 6 3
Premium Plus 9.43 Euros Yes Yes Yes Yes 6 3

Are There Any Peacock TV Discounts And Free Trials On Premium Plans?

If you want to save money on Peacock rentals, go for a yearly agreement rather than paying per month and free trials are no longer available.

Subscription Plan  Monthly Cost  Yearly Cost  Saving 
Peacock Premium  4.71 Euros 47.19 Euros £7.39 ($10)
Peacock Premium Plus 9.43 Euros 94.39 Euros £14.79 ($20)

The Peacock Premium Plan has three to five minutes of ads each hour, while the Plus configuration includes many more commercial-free hours.

If you already have an Xfinity Internet or Cable subscription, you may get Peacock Premium for free as a bonus.

What Apps And Devices Are Compatible With Peacock TV

The Peacock TV app is now available on most major streaming devices, including Fire TV in June 2023. Peacock is also accessible through Roku, gaming consoles, and select smart TVs.

You may also get Peacock TV via the Google Play Store for Android phones, as well as the Apple App Store for iOS devices, iPads, and Apple TVs.

Here’s a list of Peacock-supported devices:

Apple mobile devices Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD
Android mobile devices Android TV
Amazon Fire TV Smart TVs
Google Chromecast Comcast Xfinity X1
Comcast Xfinity Flex Microsoft Xbox One, Series X, and S
Sony PlayStation 4 and PS5 Vizio SmartCast TVs

What Are The Various Peacock TV Channels Available?

The Peacock Channels are a group of 24/7 streaming programming that is available to all Peacock customers.

Over 30 distinct genres are covered, including news, sports, TV series, and films. The Office Zen is a Peacock Channel worth noting; it includes the Premier League TV channel, The Bob Ross Channel, NBC News Now, and SNL Vault.

What’s The Most Popular Content On Peacock TV?

Subscribers to the Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus services can watch exclusive material from Peacock Originals. The Saved by the Bell revival, sci-fi drama Brave New World (which was recently canceled), and upcoming Law & Order: Hate Crimes are all part of Peacock Originals.

Peacock Originals comprises programs that have been renewed for additional seasons after airing elsewhere, such as A.P. Bio, a former NBC Must See TV comedy.

Peacock Premium TV is a superlative streaming service that caters to its valued subscribers. It provides all current seasons of The Office, 30 Rock, Modern Family, Unsolved Mysteries, Battlestar Galactica, Keeping Up With The Kardashians,  and other top titles. You may watch the full Peacock Library on its official website.

What Types Of Peacock Films Are Accessible?

The Peacock movie line-up is subject to frequent upheaval, and certain movies appear over time. It’s not the spot for brand-new releases, but there are several contemporary classics like Despicable Me and Bridesmaids, as well as many other well-known films from the 80s.

It’s a collection of movies that I’d classify as “watered-down,” so it contains plenty of great older films, but ones you’ve seen before. Take a look at the most up-to-date list on the official website.

Is It Possible To Watch Brand-New Peacock Films?

In 2021, Universal began releasing select films, such as “Halloween Kills,” on Peacock Premium and in theaters across the country simultaneously. On February 11, 2022, “Marry Me” was the next same-day release. There have been no additional same-day releases announced for 2023.

Other potential Universal movies, such as “Jurassic World: Dominion,” will be unveiled within four months of their theatrical debut. In July 2021, a partnership was announced that covers DreamWorks Animation, Illumination Studios, Universal Studio Productions, and Focus Features releases.

After the theatrical windows, Peacock will exclusively market the films for four months. They may then be licensed to other vendors for an additional ten months before returning exclusively to Peacock again.

HBO Max and HBO Following have been airing Universal films since recently. Despite the fact that 2022 releases will not be available on HBO’s platforms, 2021 Universal films, such as “F9,” are still scheduled to premiere on HBO first.

Is There Any Kid Content Available On Peacock TV?

There’s also a lot of kid-friendly material available on Peacock TV: Cleopatra in Space, Where’s Waldo? and Curious George will all be added to the collection, as well as past seasons of  Top Chef Junior, Woody Woodpecker, and New Adventures of He-Man.

Is There Any Sports Programming On Peacock TV?

Peacock is attempting to stand out from the crowd by emphasizing sports. Not only was it granted exclusive rights to capture the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, but it will also have comprehensive coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Peacock began working for the WWE in January 2021, signing a deal to exclusively produce and distribute content on the WWE Network, such as pay-per-views and in-ring events. This occurred in April 2021.

Is There a Peacock Premier League Soccer To Watch?

Peacock Premium subscribers can watch over 175 live Premier League soccer matches and on-demand replays. The Premier League TV channel also provides around-the-clock news and replays of past Premier League matches on the NBC Sports Channel.

Is It Worth Getting Peacock TV?

It’s tough to dispute the value of a free platform, but Peacock TV’s basic plan offers a decent range of TV Shows like Poker face, Love Island, American Auto and movies from NBC Universal’s wide range of trademarks – in large part due to its Peacock Channels.

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However, given that Peacock Premium is now $4.99 per month, it’s difficult to justify paying for it when Hulu already provides similar content. Hulu costs $5.99 per month (with advertisements) and offers more diverse programming, broader device compatibility (including Amazon Fire TV), and multiple user profiles – features that are currently lacking from Peacock TV.

Hulu can be purchased for just $12.99 a month when combined with ESPN Plus and Disney Plus, bringing live sports, as well as additional series and movies to stream.

If Peacock TV can build a strong library of excellent original programming, expand its collection of exclusive shows and movies, broaden its live sports offerings, and deploy popular features, it has the potential to become a well-rounded streaming service that is worth paying for.

What Can You Watch on Peacock TV in UK

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Final Verdict

Peacock TV has a lot of potential to become a fantastic competent streaming service that is worth paying for, but it is still in its early phases.

You may discover how much does Peacock TV cost by going through our article and selecting the best Peacock streaming subscription plan for you.

you may simply use Peacock Free to complement an already-extensive streaming collection or pay for a month or two of The Office bingeing. There’s no foul in taking advantage if you’re a subscribing Xfinity or Cox Cable customer with access to Peacock Premium at no cost.