Sling TV VS YouTube TV: Is Sling TV Or YouTube TV Better

There are a lot of great options out there for cord-cutters, but Sling TV and YouTube TV stand head and shoulders above the rest. You can get all your favorite networks with no hassle thanks to their respective deals with Disney Plus UK or ESPN plus UK.

If you’re tight on cash, YouTube TV is the way to go with more channels and an excellent cloud DVR. Unfortunately, it costs £50 per month – but luckily there’s budget-level Sling TV at just £23! The service offers about half as many features for less than one-third of that price.

Is Sling TV or YouTube tv better? The two services have been compared in this post to find out which one is superior. Let’s see who wins, and help determine if you should go with sling tv or youtube for your next project by comparing them side-by-side! so what do they offer? Let’s take a look…

Which Streaming Service Is The Best: Sling TV Or YouTube TV?

For a reasonable price, Sling TV provides outstanding value. Add-on packages give various choices. YouTube TV is the finest alternative if you want additional channels, including local stations and premium networks, as well as limitless DVR storage, but it is expensive as compared to Sling TV.

Key Factors Sling TV YouTube TV
Cost per month £23- £34.50 £50
Number of Channels  30 – 50+ 85+
DVR Storage  50 Hours Unlimited
Streams 1-4 3
Number Of Local Channels 36 391
Details Sling TV YouTube TV

Sling TV’s biggest strength is its low price.

YouTube TV is a fantastic alternative to cable television. It has more channels and unlimited cloud DVR storage, so you won’t miss episodes when you can’t watch live. YouTube TV truly has the most comprehensive DVR—most services allow you to save programs and movies for 28 days before removing them, but it allows you to keep all of your favorites.

YouTube TV offers a lot of flexibility with six different user profiles per household, so each member can develop their own streaming profile to tailor the site’s experience.

Which Is Cheaper Sling Or YouTube TV?

Sling TV offers a lot of options and pricing can be tricky, but YouTube TV makes it easy with one plan at an affordable price. In particular, you should check out the channel lineups to make sure your favorite shows are available when streaming on Sling!

What Are Sling TV Subscription Charges?

Key Factors Sling Orange Sling Blue Sling Orange+Blue
Cost/month £23 £23 £34.50
Number Of Channels 32 47 53
Streams 1 3 4

When it comes to streaming services, there are a lot of different options out in the market. One such option is Sling TV which offers two channels – Orange and Blue for £23 per month for each package. While this may seem like too many choices at first glance.

If you want both coasts paired together then we recommend going with their “Sling Orange+ Blue.” service that combines them into one bill and offers you to get access to 53 channels by subscribing to the one package i.e; Sling Orange+ Blue.

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What Are YouTube TV Subscription Charges?

Plan Cost/month Number Of Channels Streams
YouTube TV £50 85+ 3

YouTube TV UK offers one of the most basic live TV packages around, but if you want to add some premium channels for an additional fee then it’s worth checking out. The service has over 85 total offerings and includes necessities like kids’ programming or sports games that are important in everyone’s life!

What Are The Sling TV And YouTube TV Cost Differentials And Add-On Expenses?

Sling TV 

Payment For Extra Features  Extra Charges
Cloud DVR Upgrade 200 hours at the cost of £3.83
Channel Add-Ons £3.83 – £7.66 per package
On-demand movies £2.30 – £4.60 per movie


Sling TV is the most affordable live television streaming service available. You can save any show for later with no hidden costs, but if you want more cloud DVR storage space to hold your favorite broadcasts then it’ll cost an extra £3.83 per month from 50 hours up until 200 hours.

If you want to save some money, then the option of watching movies on-demand is perfect for your needs. You can watch older favorites and new releases that are separate from any live channels paid subscriptions may offer at prices ranging anywhere between £2.30 – £4.60 per movie – depending upon when it was released in theaters or otherwise available online as well!

If you want to get your fix on some good TV, Sling TV is the service for you. Not only does it have a small channel selection but they also offer add-ons that can make up for this shortcoming so check them out! 

You might find yourself interested in Hallmark Channel or Lifetime movies depending on what kind of moods strike each day while browsing through their various extras packages available at five dollars per month – including Kids Extra, Sports Extra, News Extra, and many more.

YouTube TV

Payment For Extra Features  Extra Charges
None Not Applicable

YouTube TV is a great service for those who want to cut the cord. It has no hidden fees, and its unlimited cloud DVR makes it free! Plus you can get access to any movie playing on live channels even if they air after the launch date without having to pay extra money – this includes original shows/movies as well so there isn’t anything holding back your viewing experience with YouTube tv either.

What Are The Channels Missing From YouTube TV And Sling TV?

Missing Channels:

Sling TV  YouTube TV
CBS Sports Network A&E
FOX News Hallmark
HBO Lifetime
Nickelodeon VICE
Complete View Of Missing Channels  Complete View Of Missing Channels 

With the addition of 14 Viacom channels last year, YouTube TV is now one of only a few live streaming services that have more cable-like features. However, this also means an increase in cost for those who want access to these popular networks like Comedy Central or Paramount Network with their service– SlingTV does not offer them at all!

Sling does not have all the Viacom channels but it does offer some. Sling TV also does not support some prime channels such as Fox News.

What Are The Most In-Demand Channels For Sling TV And YouTube TV?

The vast channel lineups of Sling TV and YouTube TV are sure to satisfy any viewer, but it’s important that you compare each service individually before signing up. 

For example: while both offer a good amount for popular networks like ESPN or Disney Channel (among others), one may have more specific needs in terms of movies/TV shows from the 20th century; also consider whether extra addons such as Fox News would be valuable to your household.

Sling TV  YouTube TV
Disney Channel AMC
ESPN CBS Sports Network
Lifetime ESPN
MTV Syfy
NFL Network TNT
Sling TV Plan Details  YouTube TV Plan Details 

YouTube TV offers a better Channel Line-up selection available for its customers.

What Sports Channels Are Available On Sling TV And YouTube TV?

Sports Channels  Sling TV  YouTube TV
ABC Not Available  Available
Big Ten Network Not Available  Available
CBS Not Available  Available
CBS Sports Network Not Available  Available
ESPN Available Available
ESPN2 Available Available
ESPN3 Available Not Available 
ESPNEWS Not Available  Available
FOX Not Available  Available
FS1 Available Available
FS2 Available Available
Golf Channel Not Available  Available
NFL Network Available Not Available 
NBC Not Available  Available
Stadium Available Not Available 
Telemundo Not Available  Available
TNT Available Available

With Sling TV, you can get all of the most desirable sports channels at an affordable price. Pair that with their Sports Extra add-on packs for even more live game action and it is easy to see why we think this service would be perfect if gaming or watching other types of media isn’t your thing!

Sports Channels  Sling Sports Extra (Blue) Sling Sports Extra (Orange)
ACC Network Extra Not Available  Available
ACC Network ESPN Not Available Available
beIN Sports Available Available
ESPN Bases Loaded Not Available Available
ESPN Goal Line Not Available Available
ESPNEWS Not Available Available
ESPNU Not Available Available
Golf Channel Available Not Available
MLB Network Available Available
MLB Network Strike Zone Available Available
NBA TV Available Available
NFL RedZone Available Not Available
NHL Network Available Available
Olympic Channel Available Not Available
Outside TV Available Available
Pac-12 Available Available
SEC Network Not Available Available
SEC Network+ Not Available Available
Tennis Channel Available Available

The truth is that YouTube TV has more sports channels for only £11.38 a month than Sling Orange + Blue, and we think this makes it objectively better!

What Premium Channels Are Available On Sling TV And YouTube TV?

Premium Channels  Sling TV/month YouTube TV/month
Acorn TV Not Available  £4.55
AMC Premiere Not Available  £3.79
Curiosity Stream £2.28 £2.28
EPIX £3.79 £4.55
Fox Soccer Plus Not Available  £11.38
HBO Not Available  £11.37
HBO Max Not Available  £11.37
NBA League Pass Not Available  £30.34
Starz play £6.83 £6.83
Showtime £6.83 £8.35
Shudder £2.28 £4.55
Sundance Now Not Available  £5.31
Urban Movie Channel Not Available  £3.79


For £50 a month, you can enjoy the finest TV programming on YouTube TV, which includes both HBO and its sister service, HBO Max.

Sling TV, like YouTube TV, offers a modest number of premium channels, but it does an excellent job of matching prices. Its package add-ons can also help you fill in the gaps in your channel lineup at a reasonable cost.

So, while Sling TV enables you to watch your favorite shows at a low price, YouTube TV eliminates the need for you to pay for extra services by delivering only the important ones right now.

Sling TV Vs YouTube TV: Which One Should You Choose?

If you’re trying to decide between Sling TV and YouTube TV, there’s no better way than sling because their service offers excellent value. With two different packages available for any need in your household, it can be tough deciding which is right! But if unlimited DVR space or local feeds matter more then go with YouTube TV since they offer those extra perks as well.

Cloud DVR Comparison

Sling TV Vs YouTube TV Cloud DVR Storage  Cloud DVR Price 
Sling TV
  1. Orange, Blue, Orange + Blue 
50 hrs Included 
  1. Orange, Blue, Orange + Blue 
200 hrs £3.79/month
YouTube TV Unlimited ( for 9 months)  Included 

Regardless of whether you opt for one of the Sling TV plans with a fifty-hour cloud DVR or spend an extra £3.79 per month for 200 hours of storage, you can keep your shows for as long as you want. There’s no time limit on how long you can keep it.

The free version of YouTube TV includes a cloud DVR that has no storage limits. However, it removes recorded material after 9 months. As a result, you may record as much as you wish, but be careful not to record so many repeated episodes of your favorite shows that you can’t finish in time.

Simultaneous Streams

Sling TV’s most popular plan, Sling Orange + Blue, gives you four streams (one stream for Orange channels and three streams for Blue channels). YouTube TV takes it a step further by just offering three simultaneous streams, allowing you to watch any channel.

Sling TV Vs YouTube TV Multiple Stream  Offline Viewing  
Sling TV
  1. Sling Orange 
1 Not Available 
  1. Sling Blue 
3 Not Available 
  1. Sling Orange + Blue 
4 Not Available 
YouTube TV 3 £15.18/month upgrade for 4K support and offline viewing 

Sling TV’s multiple streaming is limited to the package you choose. The Orange + Blue plan is ideal for families with lots of members who wish to watch at the same time.

Three simultaneous streams are enough for your family to access the programming and movies they desire when they want it thanks to YouTube TV, which allows you to watch three different channels at once. Furthermore, YouTube TV provides six distinct user profiles, so your family may simply switch accounts as required.

If you pay an extra £15.18 per month for YouTube TV’s 4K Plus upgrade, you’ll be able to watch as many streams, download shows to watch offline, and view in 4K resolution (if your device or smart TV supports it).

Compatible Devices

Compatible Devices Sling TV YouTube TV
Amazon Fire TV Available Available
Amazon Fire tablet Available Available
Android mobile devices Available Available
Android TV Available Available
Apple TV Available Available
Google Chromecast Available Available
iOS mobile devices Available Available
iPod Touch Available Available
LG TV Smart TVs (select models) Available Available
Apple computers Available Available
Nintendo Switch Not Available Not Available
Oculus Go Available Not Available
PlayStation 3 Not Available Not Available
PlayStation 4 Not Available Available
PlayStation 5 Not Available Available
Roku Available Available
Samsung Smart TVs (select models) Available Available
VIZIO SmartCast TV (select models) Available Available
Wii Not Available Not Available
Wii U Not Available Not Available
Windows computers Available Available
Windows 10 phones Available Not Available
Xbox 360 Not Available Not Available
Xbox One Available Available

YouTube TV is perfect for gamers who want to stream their favorite games without having an Xbox One. But if you don’t own any gaming consoles, then SlingTV might be better since it’s compatible with all kinds of devices including mobile apps which allow users access wherever they’re located!

Video Resolutions

Key Attribute  Sling TV  YouTube TV
Video Quality  720p 720p

New technology is coming out all the time, but we need to be mindful of how quickly things change. For example, video resolutions have changed significantly in recent years- with Sling TV and YouTubeTV being no exception! Now both streams offer 720p quality instead or 1080P which really does make a difference when streaming live versus on-demand later down your timeline so be sure you choose wisely before getting started

Good User Experience

You can expect the same intuitive user experience with Sling TV and YouTube TV,  they both provide great flexibility for binge-watching your favorite shows without cable!

Sling TV

The channel guide on Sling TV may be viewed in two ways: by channel or in grid view.

The streaming service has a grid view that looks just like conventional cable TV, with logos and schedule information for all of your favorite channels. You can restrict what you see by categories such as entertainment or sports if needed!

YouTube TV

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a channel logo, a video preview from the channel, and descriptions for the next two hours of live TV on YouTube TV’s channel guide.

Final Thought

Is Sling TV or YouTube TV better? That’s the question! Sling TV vs YouTube TV which service is better for you depends on what kind of viewing habits and preferences you have, but one thing that will be certain: They’re both great options if they fit into your budget nicely.

YouTube TV may be the ideal alternative for customers looking for cable-like programming with more options, local channels, and recording capabilities.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, SlingTV may be a good alternative since it provides most of these characteristics for free and saves money by including them in your monthly subscription cost rather than paying for each channel or collection package after purchase.