Does Peacock Have Live TV in UK? The Ultimate Guide Unveiled! [Updated Feb]

You may ask Does Peacock have live TV in UK? Yes. We will tell you how to get Peacock in the UK and will answer all your questions and queries in our today’s article. Peacock provides many live TV channels, including NBC News Now, NFL Network, Premier League TV, NBC Sports, and WWE.

Yes, Peacock offers live TV with channels like Sky News and local NBC news stations. However, if you’re in the UK and want to watch Peacock in the UK, you can use a VPN service like ExpressVPN to unblock and stream Peacock TV seamlessly.

Peacock TV offers live sports content too! In addition to its live TV channels, Peacock provides dedicated channels specifically for live sports coverage. You can find various sports events and programs on Peacock, including football, wrestling, and more. Whether you’re a passionate sports fan or enjoy watching live games, Peacock has ast selection of options to satisfy your sporting interests.

What Things to Remember for Watching Live TV on Peacock in the UK [Tips]

Here are the things to remember:

Subscription: Ensure that you have a valid Peacock Live TV subscription to access premium live TV content including Bel-Air Season 2. Some live TV channels may require an additional subscription or may be available through specific packages.

Supported Devices: Check if the device you plan to use is compatible with Peacock. Peacock is accessible on various platforms, including smart TVs, streaming devices, mobile devices, and web browsers. Make sure your device meets the requirements.

Internet Connection: A stable and reliable internet connection is essential for the smooth streaming of live TV content. Consider using a wired connection or a strong Wi-Fi signal for the best streaming experience.

Regional Availability: Peacock’s live TV offerings may vary based on your location. Some Peacock TV channels or programs may have regional restrictions or be exclusive to specific areas. Confirm the availability of live TV content at your VPN location.

Channel Lineup: Familiarize yourself with Peacock’s channel lineup and the live TV channels it offers. Check for any specific sports, news, or entertainment channels you are interested in and ensure they are available on Peacock.

Program Schedule: Stay updated on the program schedule for your favourite live shows, such as Temptation Island Season 5 and America’s Got Talent Season 18, or sports events. Peacock may provide a programming guide or schedule to help you plan your viewing.

Streaming Quality: Adjust the streaming quality settings according to your internet speed and device capabilities. Peacock offers different video quality options, allowing you to optimize the viewing experience based on your preferences and connection stability.

Additional Features: Explore features Peacock may offer for live TVs, such as DVR functionality or on-demand access to previously aired content. These features can enhance your viewing experience and allow you to catch up on missed shows.

The most important thing to check is whether you’re VPN is connected or not.

In summary, in the passage we have answered, does Peacock has live TV in the UK. Moreover, you can always get the Peacock TV free trial and then choose to get the premium subscription plan.

How Many Live Channels Does Peacock Offer in the UK?

The Peacock TV app now presents customers with an impressive selection of approximately 49 Peacock Live TV channels, covering various popular categories such as reality television, news, and sports. Peacock offers specialized live channels tailored to cater to various interests. These include Peacock Latino, Peacock Originals, Peacock Reality, Peacock Picks: Comedy Movies, and Peacock Picks: Family Movies. Movie enthusiasts can delight in a fantastic collection of Peacock TV best movies.

Peacock provides a wide variety of news programming options for those passionate about news. Tune in to channels like NBC News Now, NBC Philadelphia News, NBC Boston News, NBC Chicago News, NBC South Florida News, and even Sky News. Additionally, you can watch Peacock on Firestick devices. Sports fans will be thrilled to discover that Peacock grants access to exciting sports programming. Enjoy channels like WWE Network, Premier League TV, NBC Golf Pass, and the NFL Channel, among others.

Now, you might be wondering about the cost of Peacock TV.

Peacock Free: This plan is free of charge. You can experience some films, exclusive series, and sports activities without any subscription charge. Don’t forget to avail the Peacock promo codes.

Peacock Premium: The Peacock TV cost for Premium plan are quite reasonable i.e., $4.99. With this plan, you benefit by gaining access to the giant library of Peacock content material, consisting of full seasons of exclusive Peacock Originals, popular TV shows, movies, live sports activities, dramas, documentaries, and more. However, please note that this plan includes advertisements while streaming.

Peacock Premium Plus: The Peacock Premium Plus plan is available for a slightly higher month-to-month subscription rate of about $9.99 a month. With this plan, you enjoy all the takeaways of Peacock Premium, but with the added feature of ad-free streaming. This plan is the best value plan as you’ll receive the most immersion during your streaming times.

What can you watch on Peacock Live TV in the UK?

Peacock TV presents an extensive array of channels, ensuring an appealing selection for every interest. The platform delivers exceptional and captivating shows and documentaries, providing viewers with unique and engaging content.

With dedicated channels for comedy, sports like WWE Monday Night RAW, news, and music, Peacock offers a diverse streaming experience that caters to a broad audience. Whether you’re seeking intriguing dramas, side-splitting comedies, or thought-provoking documentaries, Peacock has you covered.

However, due to the unavailability of Live TV in the UK on Peacock. Hence to unblock it, we have to use a VPN to get access to the vast amounts of Live content. This passage will surely answer the burning question, Does Peacock have Live TV in UK and Live channels there? Here is the Peacock live TV channels list:

American Greed Hot Blockbuster Movies Peacock Originals
Below Deck Kiss Me Deadly Peacock Latino
Bad Girls Club In It to Win It Psych
Black Led Comedy LOL! Network Peacock Picks: Comedy Movies
Black Cinema Million Dollar Listing Peacock Reality

Get ready to watch all this breathtaking content on Peacock on Apple TV.

FAQs – Does Peacock have Live TV in UK?

Yes, Peacock TV charges a fee. If you want to watch live sports and other shows on Peacock, you will need to subscribe for $4.99 to $9.99 per month, depending on the tier you choose.

Peacock does not provide a live stream of any of the local NBC stations. However, if you’re asking, “Does Peacock Have Live TV in UK?”, it does include channels that are devoted to rebroadcasting from NBC stations in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Florida, and some may be from the UK.

Premium membership, which costs $4.99 per month, or a Premium Plus subscription, which costs $9.99 per month, will need to be purchased for you to use the service.

WWE Live is one of the many live sports’ shows that Peacock offers. You can watch this and many other shows and movies on Peacock TV by downloading the best Peacock TV VPN, ExpressVPN.

So, is Peacock live TV free? No. You can watch Peacock live TV in the UK with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. To have access to the full content library of Peacock, you will have to use the paid version.


Hence, does Peacock have Live TV in UK? Yes, with high-end VPNs such as ExpressVPN, Peacock TV provides a comprehensive streaming experience with live TV channels, various genres to choose from, and options for different interests.

To have access to them in the UK, use a VPN. Whether you’re a fan of reality TV, news, sports, or movies, Peacock offers a diverse range of content to cater to your preferences. With approximately 49 channels, Peacock caters to various interests such as reality television, news, sports, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a subscription to Peacock TV and ExpressVPN now! Happy streaming! If you have any questions or would just like to share your thoughts about the blog, do leave a comment in the section below.