Peacock TV Channels: Complete List Of Peacock Channels UK In 2023

The Peacock TV  is a product of NBCUniversal and is meant to compete with services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus UK, HBO Max, and Paramount Plus UK.

This streaming service is named for the iconic NBC logo and attempts to stand out by providing a free, ad-supported option with 13,000 hours of movies, TV shows, and live sports such as WWE Monday Night RAW. Of course, you’ll have to pay for full access to the greatest material, which includes Universal films and live sporting events.

Initially, at the time of its launch, peacock TV was only available in the United States but now Sky has announced the availability of Peacock TV in UK and Europe, as well as Sky Q, Sky Glass, and Now Entertainment customers. (If you aren’t a Sky subscriber, you can watch Peacock from anywhere with a VPN, we recommend ExpressVPN).

Sky’s Managing Director of Content Zai Bennett said:

“Peacock provides Sky customers with an expanded catalog of world-class content, including many of our most popular movies and shows from Peacock and across NBCUniversal.”

IIn this blog, we’ll go through the full list of Peacock TV channels so that you may discover more about Peacock TV.

What Channels Are Available On Peacock TV?

Over 50 channels, as well as all of that and more, are available to Peacock customers. With this package, you’ll be able to view all of the most popular TV shows and movies without interruption. All of Peacock TV’s live sports and events, including the Winter Olympics, Super Bowl LVI, Premier League, and WWE are included in this bundle.

The press release for Peacock is below. It includes a lengthy list of some available content, including all sorts that you might not have heard before!

New York, NY – July 14, 2020 – Peacock, NBCUniversal’s new highly anticipated streaming service, will officially launch tomorrow offering consumers across the country a world-class collection of the best live and on-demand programming from NBCUniversal and beyond.

The Peacock network is coming up on 20,000 hours of premium content. This means there will be plenty to watch for those who love movies and TV shows such as Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4!

The Peacock TV offers the content from the Studios and Network including;

ABC, Bravo, A&E, USA Network, CBS, SYFY, The CW, Oxygen, Universal Kids, E!, NBCSN, CNBC, FOX, MSNBC, Golf Channel, HISTORY, Universal Pictures, Nickelodeon, Focus Features, Showtime, DreamWorks, Illumination, Blumhouse, ViacomCBS, Lionsgate, Paramount, and Warner Bros. 

With a wide variety of content, including original movies and shows from Peacock Original as well 30 curated channels geared towards delivering the latest trends in news NBC Telemundo’s library will be available live with special events happening every day from NBC Nightly News, TODAY, Meet the Press, MSNBC, NBC Sports, Noticias Telemundo, CNBC, E! News and Access Hollywood.

Peacock TV’s available channels are listed below.

Channel Category Genre
AVF Live Comedy
American Greed On-Demand White-collar crimes
Bad Girls Club On-Demand Reality TV Show
Below Deck On-Demand Reality Television
Can’t Not Laugh On-Demand Comedy
Caso Cerrado On-Demand Spanish language Court Show
Chrisley On-Demand Reruns of Chrisley Knows Best
Circle Live Country music, entertainment, and southern lifestyle.
Classic TV On-Demand Classic shows like Little House on the Prairie
CNBC Ka-Ching On-Demand Reruns of CNBC content like Undercover Boss
Dateline 24/7 Live Top picks from the Dateline archives
Fallon Tonight Live Clips from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Hell’s Kitchen On-Demand Reality cooking competition show
Hit Blockbuster Movies On-Demand Famous Movies
In It To Win It On-Demand Competition show among different Top Chefs
LOL Live Comedy 
Law & Crime Live Crime & Controversies
Million Dollar Listing On-Demand Lives of real estate agents 
NBC Golfpass Live Sports (Golf) 
NBC Olympics Great Moments Live Sports (Olympic events)
NBC LX Live Liberal news & opinion channel 
NBC News Now Live News
NBC Boston News Live News
NBC Chicago News Live News
NBC Philadelphia News Live News
NBC South Florida News Live News
NBC Sports Live Sports
Out Of This World On-Demand Reruns of Ancient Aliens
Peacock Latino On-Demand [Espanol] Reruns of I Love Jenni and The Riveras
Peacock Originals On-Demand Peacock originals 
Peacock Picks Comedy Movies On-Demand Comedy
Peacock Picks Family Movies On-Demand Family Movies
Peacock Picks Movies On-Demand Movies on different genres 
Peacock Reality On-Demand Reality Programs
Peacock True Crime On-Demand Crime investigations 
Premier League TV Live England’s Premier League
Psych On-Demand Detective comedy
Rotten Tomatoes Live Reviews on movies and shows.
Sky News Live News
Snapped Live Mystery & Crime
SNL Vault Live Comedy
Telemundo Al Dia Live [Espanol] Daily news, entertainment, and sports clips
The Bob Ross Channel Live Paint Learning Show
The Choice MSNBC Live MSNBC content
This Old House Live Home improvement shows
Today All Day Live News
USA Classic Characters On-Demand USA Network series.
Witching Hour On-Demand Reruns of Charmed
WWE On-Demand WWE Network shows


AVF stands for America’s Funniest Videos, The program features funny homemade videos submitted by the public. The most frequent videos are those that display unintentional physical comedy, pets or children, and staged pranks.

Peacock TV has hand-picked family-friendly comedy videos from America’s Funniest Home Videos.

American Greed

Documentaries about white-collar offenses are a popular genre.

CNBC’s third documentary series is American Greed: Crimes, Schemes and Broken Dreams. The program follows instances of Ponzi schemes, embezzlement, and other white-collar offenses with interviews from police detectives, fraud victims, and sometimes perpetrators.

Bad Girls Club

Jonathan Murray, the creator of Bad Girls Club (BGC) envisioned a show full of tension and aggressiveness. He created this program for Oxygen Network in America with an eye on unruly women who were eager to fight each other as well as have some luxury time while they’re inside their mansions! 

The cast enjoyed three months at home where everything was monitored by staff members; however outside activities like shopping or going out drinking weren’t limited whatsoever which made things more interesting than before.

Below Deck

Below Deck is an inside look at what it means to live and work on a superyacht. The show follows the crew members as they deal with personal issues in order for all aboard, including themselves (and sometimes even other people), to have fun during the charter season!

Can’t Not Laugh

TV clips from the NBC sitcoms are always a good time and make the Peacock TV customers laugh.

Caso Cerrado

This popular Spanish-language show is called “Case Closed,” formerly ‘Sala de Parejas.” It features Cuban American lawyer Ana María Polo arbitrating cases for volunteers.


The hit reality TV show, Chrisley Knows Best is back for another year! This time around the drama will be centered around Todd and his family as they navigate life together. From Atlanta to Roswell (and now Nashville).


The circle is a revolutionary digital multicast network, bringing the best of country music to its fans everywhere. Circle’s programming varies from original productions that are uniquely designed for this specific audience with an acoustic soundscape in mind; other times you can find classic hits or documentaries about rural living which give insight into what it means “to be farm strong”

Classic TV

This category is for those who want to reminisce about the good old days and watch television programs from decades past.

CNBC Ka-Ching

On April 17, 1989, CNBC was formed as a collaboration between NBCUniversal and Cablevision. This channel aims to deliver real-time business news from across the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Dateline 24/7

It was formerly the network’s flagship general interest news program, but it has evolved into a primarily true crime magazine with only occasional issues dedicated to other themes.

Fallon Tonight

Hosted by Jimmy Fallon, the Tonight Show has been a popular talk show since it first aired in 2014. The program is produced by Broadway Video and Universal Television with its sixth iteration beginning in February 2014

Hell’s Kitchen


Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, which aired in 2005 on Fox, is a reality television show in which the host renovates restaurants. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay created the United Kingdom version of Hell’s Kitchen before he became famous.

The United States adaptation, like the original British version, follows a modified progressive elimination format to eliminate 20 aspiring chefs until one winner remains over the course of a season; it is broadcast live but without audience participation or amusing challenges (or ratings).

Hit Blockbuster Movies

The bundle includes a variety of popular and box office hits that you may watch on Peacock TV at home from the comfort of your own.

In It To Win It

These shows from other NBC properties, such as Top Chef, have aired in competition.


Stand-up comedy specials and live broadcasts, as well as a comedy series, are all available from Kevin Hart.

Law & Crime


Dan Abrams launched Law & Crime in the United States as a live streaming test and legal news channel. Dan provides courtroom analysis and commentary from his base in the United States, covering trials that take place across the country on a daily basis. It’s now available on a number of popular OTT platforms, including Pluto,  PlayStation Vue[2], and Philo.

Million Dollar Listing

The Bravo Network’s Million Dollar Listing franchise is a reality television show. Each episode of the program follows real estate brokers working in a major American city as they sell high-end residences to viewers, giving them an inside look at the world of high-priced real estate.

NBC Golfpass

The Golf Channel (often called simply Golf) is a sports cable network owned by the NBC Sports Group, a division of NBCUniversal. It was founded in Birmingham, Alabama, and is still based there.

NBC Olympics Great Moments

NBC Sports will show you the best of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. The telecasts produced by this company are aired on various platforms, including their broadcast network as well as different cable networks such as CNBC or USA Network after market hours and early in the morning on MSNBC. 

This broadcasting service is commercially known as NBC Olympics.


There are many different types of news and opinion content out there, but this channel focuses on providing you with something new. They provide a youthful perspective that other stations don’t have the same dedication to giving their audience as much variety in what they talk about or how it’s delivered!

NBC News Now

NBC News produces award-winning journalism that informs Americans about their world and holds those in power accountable. 

The division operates under NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, a subsidiary of Comcast who also owns cable channels like MSNBC or CNBC with business reporting resources for consumers; international news service Telemundo(which broadcasts Spanish language programming) alongside English Language ones such as CNN International.

NBC Boston News

The news division of NBC is known to many people as the “fourth broadcasting network.” This channel broadcasts region-specific reports such as those from Boston.

NBC Chicago News

When it comes to the fourth broadcasting network, you can’t really go wrong with NBC. They are known for their region-specific reports such as those from Chicago and they never fail to deliver high-quality news coverage!

NBC Philadelphia News

This channel broadcasts News from Philadelphia.

NBC South Florida News

This channel will keep you up-to-date with the latest news from across South Florida.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports is a division of the broadcast network NBC, owned and operated by NBCUniversal. you can watch this channel through peacock subscription. It features sports broadcasts on its own along with some events that are shared across different networks such as the National Football League(NFL), Notre Dame Hockey 2022-23 and  football games like English premier league 22-23!

Out Of This World

The ancient aliens’ show is currently available on this channel.

A woman with strange superhuman skills stars in this American fantasy comedy. It debuted on the syndicated airwaves on September 17, 1987, and ended on May 25, 1991.

Peacock Latino

This channel broadcasts Peacock TV content in the Spanish language.

Peacock Originals

This channel broadcasts original programming from Peacock Entertainment.

Peacock Picks Comedy Movies

This channel is a place to discover hilarious Universal Studios films.

Peacock Picks Family Movies

This channel, which is run by Universal Studios, provides family-friendly films.

Peacock Picks Movies

This channel plays Universal Studios films in a variety of genres.

Peacock Reality

This channel features a variety of reality programming from NBC properties.

Peacock True Crime

This channel shows real-life criminal investigations from the show The First 48, among other things.

Premier League TV

Various programming from England’s Premier League is aired on this channel.


This channel broadcasts reruns of American television detective drama shows.

Psych is a funny, fast-paced American detective comedy series that stars James Roday as Shawn Spencer. The show has been called “magical” by Entertainment Weekly and CNNgo calls it ‘one of TV’s best. With his incredible eidetic memory and high-level observational skills – which are usually better than those possessed by true solve shifters.

He solves crimes for the Santa Barbara Police Department without any involvement from otherworldly forces or precognition; just good old fashioned observation with some help from his friends who also happen to be psychic experts themselves

Rotten Tomatoes

This channel broadcasts reviews with expert responses and comments on different movies and shows.

The creators of Rotten Tomatoes were undergraduates who wanted to make it easier for people interested in film and TV reviews. They launched the website back when there was no such thing as a trailer review, so every scene would have its own little clip with feedback from experts!

Sky News

Broadcasts Sky News.


This channel shows the true-crime series examining illustrious female homicides.

SNL Vault

Lorne Michaels and Dick Ebersol created Saturday Night Live (SNL), an American late-night live sketch comedy and variety show. 

A large changing cast of repertory performers performs in the performances which frequently parody contemporary culture with politics being featured throughout each episode hosted by celebrity guests who usually deliver opening monologs as well participate in togetherness sketches while musical guest appearances occur so often on each episode.

Telemundo Al Dia

Telemundo Al Día is an American morning television show that broadcasts from the Telemundo Center in Miami. The anchors, Arantxa Loizaga and Nacho Lozano start your day with a dose of entertainment as they report on what’s happening around them while presenting news gathering opportunities for other stations across America to use!

The Bob Ross Channel

This show is the perfect solution for anyone who loves painting and needs some guidance. The Bob Ross Channel has been around since 1983, with over 500 episodes! He teaches people how to complete landscapes in one sitting.

The Choice MSNBC

Watch MSNBC get the latest news from around America, including politics and current events. The channel is owned by NBCUniversal News Group which means it has access (through ownership) to all sorts of stories that other networks might not cover as thoroughly or at all!

This Old House

This Old House is an American home improvement brand with television shows, a magazine, and a website (This old house). The company’s headquarter is in Stamford, Connecticut. 

This iconic show follows remodeling projects of houses over weekly episodes for Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) viewers to learn about how they can renovate their homes to look more comfortable and functional without breaking the bank!

Today All Day

It’s a news and talk morning television program that aired for the first time on January 14, 1952. It is the first of its kind in World Television History, having broadcast for 70 years and ranking fifth for longest-running series among American programs!

USA Classic Characters

USA Network is the home of award-winning original programming, and it’s no surprise why: this channel has been around since 1980. It might be basic cable TV but the USA still offers something for everyone!

Witching Hour

Charmed is a supernatural series that aired on The WB in the United States. Charmed was formerly aired on this network. One of the most popular and exciting shows on television is Charmed. The Charmed Ones are three sisters who combine their supernatural powers to protect innocent people from dangerous beings like demons and warlocks!


World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE as it’s more popularly known in the industry, is an American integrated media and entertainment company that specializes solely in professional wrestling. The business started out with just one promotion but has now expanded worldwide.

Wrapping Up!

We hope you find this post helpful in determining whether or not you want to subscribe to Peacock TV based on the number of varieties of Peacock TV Channels available.

Yes, absolutely. Peacock is well-positioned to be a major player in the Streaming War with its live sports, classic and current shows, as well as fan-favorite movies (plus its free tier!).