How To Watch Peacock On Apple TV in UK [Updated Guide February 2024]

Watch-Peacock-TV-on-Apple-TV Do you want to watch Peacock TV on Apple TV in the UK? If yes, then this is the perfect guide for you to ensure you can access Peacock on Apple TV. You may also wonder “How much is Peacock TV?” Peacock offers a free edition with limited access to its resources or a paid premium plan with complete access. The monthly cost of the premium plus package of Peacock TV is 8.41 GBP, while the premium pricing is 4.20 GBP.

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Can you watch Peacock on Apple TV?

Yes, you can watch Peacock TV on Apple TV in the UK, but you will need an Apple TV of the 4th generation or higher that is capable of running tvOS 13 in order to use the Peacock feature on your device.

How to sign up and download Peacock on Apple TV

Peacock’s sign-up process may be completed either from inside the Peacock TV app itself on the Apple TV or through the website beforehand.

  • Open Apple TV and go to the App Store.
  • Get yourself a VPN service. In our testing, ExpressVPN provided the smoothest viewing experience with its New York server when used with Peacock TV.
  • Connect to a US-based server.
  • Launch the Apple App Store.

peacook tv screen

  • Search for Peacock from the search bar. Choose the Peacock option from the list of results.
  • Click the option labeled “Download.”


  • Select Open.
  • Choose either the Sign In or the Register Now option depending on whether you have subscribed to Peacock.
  • If you haven’t subscribed to Peacock TV, click on Register Now and follow the instructions.

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You may also use streaming devices for seeing Peacock on a big screen. You can install the Peacock app on your device and log in with the same credentials to get started watching Peacock shows like WWE Monday Night RAW on a big screen. You can watch Peacock on Smart TV and other streaming devices and if you are interested, you should check out Discounts price Peacock promo codes 2024.

How to sign up for Peacock on other streaming devices?

You can Sign Up for Peacock on other streaming devices by following the steps given below:

  • Open the Peacock TV website.
  • Click on Register Now and follow the instructions to sign up.
  • Once signed up, open the app store on your device and search for the Peacock TV app.
  • Download the Peacock TV app.
  • Open the app and log in with your Peacock TV login details.
  • Some devices may require you to activate your Peacock account on the device via an activation code.
  • If you are attempting to watch Peacock TV shows such as Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 outside the US, Subscribe and add a VPN service to your device and connect to a US server. We recommend ExpressVPN and its New York server.

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How to use Apple TV to AirPlay Peacock TV?

The Peacock TV app is only available in HD and 4K versions. You can not install new applications on Apple TVs of the third generation and before since those generations lack an App Store. You could screen mirror the video content on your iOS device instead, or you could use AirPlay to stream the movie.

  1. Your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) must be added to the same Wi-Fi connection as your Apple TV.
  2. Open The Peacock TV app on your iPhone/iPad.
  3. If you haven’t already, download the Peacock TV from the Apple store.
  4. In order to begin viewing your preferred film, please sign in with your Peacock TV login credentials.
  5. Launch AirPlay by tapping on the icon on your iPhone/iPad.
  6. Find your Apple TV from the devices and tap on it.
  7. Watch Peacock TV on Apple TV.
  8. It is to be noted that a VPN service with a US server needs to be connected before launching the Peacock TV app if you are watching from outside the US. Try ExpressVPN and its New York server for a seamless streaming experience.

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What features are available on Peacock?

Peacock TV offers the following features to its users:

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Child-friendly content

NBC’s Peacock channel broadcasts a lot of kid-friendly programming, including several series produced by DreamWorks Animation. Peacock offers just a limited amount of original material geared for children, and virtually little of it is unique to the site. The majority of the programs that air on children’s television are also shown on other platforms.

Parental Control

Parents can turn on parental control on the Peacock TV app by turning on the option from the settings and entering a unique PIN of their choice.

TV Shows

“Two and a Half Men,” “Chicago Fire,” The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning Season 1,” “Parks and Recreation,” “Irreverent and “The Office” are only available on NBCUniversal’s Peacock channel, which NBCUniversal owns. Additionally, it is the only location where earlier seasons of America’s Got Talent Season 18 may be seen. Peacock Television airs repeats of almost all currently airing NBC programming.

Other Shows

Like Pluto TV, Peacock offers both on-demand and traditional programming. Over 15,000 hours of quality programming, reruns, and films are available on Peacock. Some of them are real-time, like, the SNL Vault channel, while others are made, like The Olympic Channel. Not only can Peacock TV Premium users access WWE Network’s PPV programs and the library, but they also get exposure to Premier League matches that aren’t shown on conventional TV. In addition, The Olympic Channel is available on a continuous online feed. Late-night television viewers may tune in each night at 8 p.m. ET to see “Late Night” and “The Tonight Show” repeats.

Offline Downloads

If you switch to Peacock Premium Plus, you’ll be capable of downloading programs to watch on your smartphone or iPad even when you’re not connected to the internet. A program that is one hour long will typically demand roughly 500 megabytes of storage space on your smartphone.

Up to 3 Devices

Peacock gives you the ability to watch on at least three different devices at the same time.


Peacock Premium and Peacock Free are both sponsored by advertisements. However, there will only be 5 minutes of adverts for every hour of material available on either service. Peacock Premium Plus is available for GBP 8.11($9.99) per month and may be subscribed to in order to eliminate advertisements; however, advertisements will still be shown on the live NBC broadcast.

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FAQs – Peacock on Apple TV

Yes, Peacock has an Apple TV app. On Apple devices, you may download the Peacock app and sign up for Peacock Free or Peacock Premium directly from the app.

Yes, a VPN to stream Peacock on Apple TV is entirely within the law.

Follow these steps to learn How to get Peacock on Apple TV.

  1. Open Apple TV.
  2. Launch the App Store.
  3. Select the search button.
  4. Begin the Peacock search. From the options, choose Peacock.
  5. Click on the Download button.
  6. Click on Open.
  7. To join, click sign up.

This access may be purchased for £9.99 each month, and all first-time members are eligible for a Peacock TV free trial period of seven days.

Please check that you have a network that is powerful enough to support streaming. Clear both the cookies and the data on your gadget. In the options menu of your smartphone, you should have the option to delete the cache and data. Remove the Peacock software from your smartphone, then reinstall it.


This guide will help you to learn how to watch Peacock on Apple TV in the UK. Streaming your favorite Peacock TV shows like Bel-Air Season 2, Yellowstone and can watch upcoming shows and Peacock TV movies, and other content is no longer just completely safe, but it is also completely free. If, on the other hand, you want unrestricted access to the whole Peacock TV collection, you would need to subscribe.

However, if you feel the service isn’t for you, you can always cancel your Peacock TV subscription. The service is compatible with many devices apart from Apple TV, and viewers can watch Peacock TV on Roku and Peacock TV on FireStick. If you wish to access Peacock TV outside the US, you will need to use a premium VPN service such as ExpressVPN.