How Much Does Vudu Subscription Cost in the UK in 2023 [November]

How Much does Vudu Subscription

How much does Vudu subscription cost in UK? This article will give a detailed account of Vudu subscription costs and related queries.

Vudu is a well-known video-on-demand service that offers internet viewers access to various films, television programs, and sports. The portal, owned by Fandango Media, provides choices for purchasing, renting, and watching videos for free exclusively.

The platform is compatible with personal computers, gaming consoles, mobile gadgets, and smart televisions. After registering for Vudu, you can view free episodes of Vudu programs and movies, as well as Vudu’s new content. Viewers can watch some of the best movies on Vudu such as Bullet Train, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Top Gun: Maverick, and some of the best shows on Vudu such as House of Dragon, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, etc.

However, access to Vudu is restricted to people in the UK. If you attempt to stream content in the Uk, you will get a geo-restricted error notice that reads, “Playback is inaccessible.” However, if you want to watch Vudu in UK, you will need to Duse a virtual private network (VPN) and connect to servers in the US.

This article will give in-depth information about how much Vudu subscription costs in the UK, as well as the price structure of the service. In addition, we will provide information on the movies, series, and gadgets suitable for Vudu.

How Much Does Vudu Subscription Cost in the UK?

How Much Does Vudu Subscription Cost in the UK? Vudu users are allowed to sign up, but there is no cost associated with becoming a Vudu subscriber. Vudu requires customers to either purchase the material or rent it. There is a wide pricing range for renting movies, ranging from 0.84 GBP to 507 GBP.

The movie cost might vary from 4.22 GBP to 21.13 GBP.

Vudu also offers TV shows. Are you curious about the cost of a Vudu membership for watching TV shows? The price of a single episode might range anywhere from 1.68 GBP to 2.53 GBP on average. Fees for Seasons typically range from 14.37 GBP to 37.21 GBP.

Is Vudu free on Smart TV?

Vudu is free on Smart TV and every other device as its subscription is free. There is also no cost to install the app on any device. The users only incur costs when they buy or rent a movie/show. The platform also offers Vudu packages where you can buy entire seasons in a bundle instead of buying them separately.

If despite everything, you are still dissatisfied with the service, you are free to terminate your Vudu membership at any time and not run into any problems.

Factors affecting Vudu Subscription Cost in the UK

  1. If a discount is available when you make your purchase, Vudu will apply it immediately. If you’re looking for a good deal on Vudu, visit any official sites.
  2. The film will be more expensive to acquire, but once you do, you can keep it forever.
  3. You may view a rented movie for less expense, but you only have up to 48 hours from when you begin streaming it and one month from the lease date.
  4. The Cost of a video depends on its quality. A more excellent quality movie costs more.

Can you watch Vudu movies more than once in the UK?

If you buy a movie, you can watch it multiple times. When you borrow a TV episode or film, you have just 24 and 48 hours to finish viewing it after you begin watching it. In contrast to rentals, which only provide you rights to a film or program for thirty days after the lease starts, any film or program you purchase is yours to keep forever.

Are There Any Discounts on Vudu in the UK?

Vudu is now offering new email subscribers a discount of 30% off their first purchase when they join up.

By subscribing to Vudu, you will get the latest information, news, and discounts mailed to you immediately, in addition to a promotion code good for a discount of 30% to be applied to your subsequent purchase.

How do you add a promo code on Vudu in the UK?

To add a promo code on Vudu, please follow the steps below.

  1. You can exchange your bonus points for the chosen virtual item at this time.
  2. On the page that confirms your purchase, you will see a Voucher that you may use.
  3. You may print the promo code or store it on your computer. Please note that the discount code will also be included in the email confirming your purchase.
  4. Go to to Redeem your coupon.
  5. Input the discount code and hit the “Submit” button.
  6. To Successfully redeem your prize, follow the instructions.

What Devices Are Compatible With Vudu in the UK?

Vudu works with various gadgets, such as streaming players, video game systems, and cell phones. Here is a rundown of everything from computers to media players that are Vudu-ready.

Gaming Consoles

  • Xbox
  • Playstation

Streaming Devices

  • Xfinity
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Chromecast
  • TIVO
  • Roku

Smart TVs

  • LG
  • Samsung


  • DVD Players and Blu-Ray
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • In-Browser app

Best Shows and Movies On Vudu in the UK

Vudu is a streaming service that offers some of the best and most popular movies and shows available right now. Get into your most relaxed attire, choose a cozy seat on the couch, and press play. In an attempt to save you time, we’ve handpicked a few of the best movies and shows now streaming in their entirety on Vudu.

Shows Movies
Westworld (2016- ) There Are No Fakes (2019)
The Office (2005-2013) Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (2010)
Heartland (2007- ) Blue Ruin (2013)
Legacies (2018-2022) Hard Candy (2005)
Euphoria (2019- ) Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)
The Last Kingdom (2015-2022) Raising Victor Vargas (2003)
The Chi (2018- ) A Most Wanted Man (2014)
Barry (2018- ) Sunshine Cleaning (2008)
Evil (2019- ) The Man from Earth (2007)
Yellowstone (2018- ) The Sisters Brothers (2018)

FAQs – Vudu Subscription Cost in the UK

Vudu does not charge users a membership fee every month. Rather, you will have to pay for any films or television series you rent or buy in addition to the free material funded by advertisements.

Vudu does not provide any paid membership plans; nevertheless, consumers have the option to rent or purchase more TV series and movies via the platform. Because advertisements sponsor it, you will need to view ads before you can watch any of the more than 10,000 free programs and seasons of television that are available on this site.

These rentals will likely have higher rates than the average ones. Prices for films that are purchased vary from 4.31 GBP to 21.60 GBP. Vudu also allows users to buy episodes of television series. Prices for each episode vary from 1.72 GBP to 2.58 GBP on average.

Films that you purchase on Vudu do not become your personal property. However, any film or program you buy via Vudu will remain in your ownership forever.

Vudu may become quite costly if you use it in the same way you would use an unrestricted streaming service. Vudu may be an excellent video streaming alternative, but only if you buy a few well-chosen movies. Vudu’s free movie and TV show collection is the service’s main draw for several customers.

Vudu provides users with a large amount of free stuff. On the other hand, for some unknown reason, the Vudu FireStick software does not provide access to the whole catalog of free films and series that are accessible.

In the UK, Roku users may access Vudu at no cost. You have to pay for the films and programs you buy or rent.

Summed Up!

Vudu is an excellent streaming service that provides users with a broad selection of television programs and films that can either be leased or bought. At the same time, other material on Vudu may be accessed without charge but includes advertisements. In order to access Vudu in the United Kingdom, you will need to subscribe to a reliable VPN service.

This blog details all the information you would need to know about how much does Vudu subscription cost in UK and related queries. If you want to know more cost-effective platforms then you may look at CraveTV cost, HAYU, Pluto TV, Disney Plus Hotstar.