How much is CraveTV cost in UK? All Price & Plans included

Looking for an answer “how much does CraveTV cost in UK?” Well, the monthly cost of the Crave Total Plan is 12.59 GBP (19.99 CAD), while the monthly cost of the Crave Mobile Plan is only 6.29 GBP (9.99 CAD).

Any Crave subscription will now grant access to all previously available Crave content. You can watch CraveTV in UK and enjoy thousands of hours of the best CraveTV shows, CraveTV movies and more. New Crave, HBO, HBO Max, and Showtime originals, the entire HBO catalogue, blockbuster movies from Hollywood, and the finest French-language programming in Canada.

CraveTV is a Canadian-based streaming platform that Bell Media owns. We Own This City, Tokyo Vice, and The Time Traveler’s Wife are just a few of the fantastic films and TV shows that can be found there.

So, let’s not waste any more time and dive into the specifics of the CraveTV UK cost and the features included in the CraveTV subscription plans.

How Much Does CraveTV Cost in UK [Simple Guide]?

There are currently two subscription options available for CraveTV costs. Both the subscription tiers give you entry to the same extensive catalogue of streaming video. But with Crave Total, you can stream on four screens at once.

The monthly cost for Crave Mobile is 6.29 GBP (9.99 CAD), while the CraveTV Total price is 12.59 GBP (19.99 CAD). Starz is an available add-on channel for your CraveTV subscription in UK. Learn everything you need to know about the UK price of CraveTV in the comprehensive table below!

Features Crave Mobile  Crave Total
Price per month GB£6.27
Price per year GB£62.68
Simultaneous Connections 1 4
Resolution 720p 1080p
Starz add-on price GB£3.76/mo

What Does Each CraveTV Plan in UK Include?


Now that you know how much Crave TV costs in the UK, it’s time to dive into the specifics of each package.

As previously mentioned, either plan is available for the entire library (including HBO, Crave Originals, HBO Max, Showtime, and more). Let’s examine the benefits of each package:

1. Crave Mobile

Crave Mobile is a great option for those who prefer to watch videos on the go. The specs are as follows:

  • There’s a free trial available.
  • You have access to everything Crave has to offer.
  • You can only get Crave Mobile on your mobile device.
  • The 720p resolution should be good enough for a mobile device.
  • Provides access to just one gadget at a time.
  • You can’t stream videos from your mobile device to your TV, and you can’t download them either.
  • To access Starz programming as an add-on, a monthly fee of GB£3.76 (or CA$5.99) per month is required.

2. Crave Total

If you have a large family or group of friends who want to share a Crave subscription, Crave Total is your best bet. Those characteristics are as follows:

  • There is a free trial available.
  • Two free months are included in the package.
  • You have access to everything Crave has to offer.
  • It can be accessed on any screen, be it a smartphone, TV, computer, etc.
  • When compared to Crave Mobile, the video quality is superior (1080p).
  • It allows for four independent streams to be played at once.
  • It’s possible to save videos for offline viewing.
  • The monthly cost to access Starz programming as an add-on is £3.76 (CA$5.99) per month.

You can watch all of the best CraveTV shows and movies with any of the plans.

How does CraveTV cost compare to Other Streaming Platforms?

It is always wise to compare various streaming platforms before investing in one because in this way, you can opt for a better option. Here we will only compare the features of CraveTV with a few leading streaming platforms so that it is easier for you to decide where to invest.

Channel Simultaneous Streams Maximum Video Quality Free Trial Period Monthly Price
fuboTV fuboTV 3 4K N/A $24.99
Disney+ Disney+ 4 4K N/A $11.99
Discovery+ Discovery+ 1 4K 7-days $6.99
Prime Video Prime Video 3 4K 1 month $7.99
hayu hayu 1 HD 7 days $5.99
Shudder Shudder 1 HD 7 days $4.99
Apple TV+ Apple TV+ 6 4K 7 days $5.99
Netflix Basic Netflix Basic 1 SD N/A $9.99
Crave Mobile Crave Mobile 1 SD 7-days $9.99
Crave Total Crave Mobile 4 HD 7-days $19.99
Sundance Now Sundance Now 1 HD 7 days $6.99
Netflix Standard Netflix Standard 2 HD N/A $16.49
Netflix Premium Netflix Standard 4 4K N/A $20.99
YouTube Premium YouTube Premium 1 4K 1 month $11.99
Nick+ via Prime Video Nick+ via Prime Video 3 4K 1 month $5.99

How can I subscribe to CraveTV?

At the moment, there are four different ways to become a Crave subscriber:

1. Directly through

First, if you want to subscribe to Crave, you can do so by visiting, where you can sign up for an account and pay with a credit card that is accepted in Canada. Crave will automatically charge your credit card on file either monthly or annually depending on the plan you select.

2. Through in-app purchase (IAPs):

A selection of Crave subscriptions is now available for purchase directly from our apps in the Apple App Store and the Roku Channel Store. The app’s affiliate will be responsible for sending you a bill.

3. Through your TV provider:

Most television service providers now offer Crave as a channel for subscribers to sign up (Bell, Cogeco, Rogers, Shaw, Telus, Videotron etc.). Your TV service provider will send you a bill for their services.

4. Through a mobility provider:

Some mobile service providers offer Crave subscriptions (e.g. Bell Mobility). Your mobile service provider will be responsible for billing you.

It is important to note that not all Crave and STARZ services are available from all providers and partners. If you have a subscription through one of our partners and would like more information about the products they offer, please get in touch with them directly.

How Much Data Does CraveTV Use?

Depending on your device, an hour of streaming on Crave can use data ranging from 0.2GB to 2.5GB. Of course, if you watch classic hits available on Crave on the phone, the data usage will be less. However, one hour of HD streaming using a computer will quickly finish your data package.

Does Crave have a free trial in UK?

Yes, if you are not sure about buying a subscription package of Crave, you can first check it out for free. The CraveTV free trial period will last you around seven days, and I think it’s sufficient time to reach a decision.

FAQs – CraveTV in UK

A UK citizen can pay for CraveTV via gift cards.

Yes, you can get CareTV for free for up to seven days. And soon after this trial period ends, the platform will charge you according to your selected subscription plan.

Due to geo-restrictions, you can get CraveTV in the UK only with the help of a good VPN.

Sadly No, the subscription-based platform Crave does not offer a one-month free trial period. Before the platform starts charging, you can go through the content available on Crave for seven days without paying.


We tried our best to cover everything you need to know about CraveTV cost. Try it yourself, and then decide whether its library of content is worthy of your time and money or not. But before you do subscribe to this platform, check out CraveTV cost, prices, and different plans given above in the article.

Crave’s video streaming service is definitely a good option for people who like watching classic hits. The platform is also working on producing originals to not lag behind its competitors, such as Netflix. If you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can cancel CraveTV subscription at any time hassle-free.