Voot Free Trial: How to Watch Voot for Free in the UK [Updated Guide 2023]

Are you an Indian always on the lookout for watching shows close to home? It’s time to bid goodbyes to hours of searching because this guide has the perfect solution: Voot Free Trial!
Make sure you thoroughly go through this guide to watch the best shows and movies out there.

Being a giant in the streaming industry, Voot is a platform sourced by Indian people for Indians. You can watch relatable stories while being in any part of the world. This makes the platform a popular choice amongst the masses. The Voot Free Trial also makes it stand out amongst the hundreds of streaming options available. Just Select voot, make an account, fill up their required information, and get ready to start your free trial in no time!

Unfortunately, Voot isn’t available in the UK. This doesn’t mean you should reject the idea of watching Voot because here’s the solution: VPN! Good VPN providers like ExpressVPN you can easily get Voot in UK. From there, you can make an account as usual and go on to stream the best Indian content!

There are many different alternatives to Voot, like SonyLiv UK and Zee5 UK but the perks provided by Voot are unmatched. Thousands of people have recently made the shift from other streaming platforms to Voot, making it the go-to for Indian shows, movies, and much more.

This guide will make it easy by providing you with all the necessary information required to work around Voot. So remember not to miss anything! Let’s dive straight into answering all your queries:

Does Voot have a Free Trial in the UK?

Just recently, Voot revokes its free-trial feature for users accessing the platform from the UK. Previously, a 14-day Voot Free Trial was in the deal regardless of the geolocation. To avoid payments, we must look into free alternatives.

What are the Different Methods to Get Voot Content Free in the UK

If you don’t live in India and want to access Voot content for free, we have some good news! You can find a couple of ways in which you can watch tons of shows and movies without paying a penny. Here’s how:

Vi Sim Card- Vi, powered by Vodafone, recently became a popular way of streaming Voot for free. This is because the company recently made ties with Viacom 18, and according to their agreement, they’re supposed to provide streaming services to their users without any additional costs.

Paytm- the payment platform regularly offers seasonal discounts and promo codes. These help you stream Voot for almost six months, if you get lucky enough. Be on the lookout for a promo code, and you’d have uncountable shows to watch without paying anything!

Jio sim- if you already have a Jio sim, you can go on to claim your free trial from Voot. The sim card has numerous plans available to facilitate online streaming at little to no cost.

Don’t worry if you live in the UK anymore because you can always ask a friend for a small favour! Just acquire a Jio sim with the help of a friend and relative and unlock Voot Free Trial in no time!

How to Get Voot Select Free Content via Vi?

If you’ve decided Vi as your means of watching Voot for free, follow the steps mentioned below and get ready for a thrilling ride:

Install the Express VPN app and make your account. Purchase a subscription plan and log in to your account.
Change your location to an Indian region, ensuring that your IP address does not remain original anymore.
Launch any app store supported by your device and start the Voot app download
Wait for the installation to complete and launch the application once done
Locate the ‘Login‘ on the menu
Enter Vi’s mobile number, and you will immediately receive an OTP.
Enter the values, and that’s it! Now it’s time to sit back, grab the popcorn, and put on an interesting watch!

For the smooth process, make sure you are attentive while entering your phone number and the OTP. Your phone number should also be valid because otherwise, you won’t be able to avail the perks offered by Vi, including the exemption of a Voot subscription fee.

How to Get Voot Select 6 Months Membership?

While most free methods of using Voot for free only last for a few weeks, Paytm can give you six months of access without any cost with its promo code. If you wish to stream Indian content for an extended period of time, look into these directives:

  • Download the Paytm application from any app store supported by your device
  • Launch the app and log in using your credentials
  • Scroll down to the very end of the page and locate “Cashback & Offers.”
  • From the list of options, choose ‘Redeem now’.
  • All the available memberships will be displayed in a list.
  • Find the Voot membership from the hundreds of options.
  • Click on the banner, and all the details about the membership will be displayed.
  • Select 5000 Paytm First points
  • This will give you a unique promo code.
  • Copy this code anywhere you want, and remember to keep it safe
  • Using a VPN, change your location and select an Indian region.
  • Launch the Voot application and enter your credentials, an Indian number in this case
  • Enter the promo code you got from Paytm and select ‘Apply’.
  • Wait patiently for the process to complete, and you’ll have free Indian content for six months, without paying any Voot subscription fee!

Claim the Promo Code for Voot Free Trial?

Paytm users can claim their promo code without any hassle. If you don’t want to let go of your free trial any time soon, follow these steps:

  • Download the ExpressVPN app and set your location to India.
  • Close the VPN and go to your Paytm application
  • From the bottom of the page, select ‘Cashback and Offers‘.
  • Select Voot and click on “5000 Paytm First Points
  • Your promo code will be displayed right before you.

Since the six-month free trial is a steal deal, it’s always hard to get. The offer isn’t available round the year, and you’d have to keep an eye out to get it as soon as it’s out. Keep checking the Paytm offers on their website/app, as well as the subscription offers on Voot’s page.

How to Get Voot Premium via Jio?

If you want to use your Jio sim to waive off the Voot subscription fee, you’re in for quite a straightforward process. The concerning part is the prepaid and postpaid plans, though, because if you don’t choose them carefully, your access to Voot will be limited. Postpaid plans are mentioned on JioFiber’s website, but if you’re a prepaid user, here’s a list of all their plans:

Jio Fiber Prepaid Plan: 12.60GBP (999 INR)

Jio Fiber Prepaid Plan: 18.91GBP (1499 INR)

Jio Fiber Prepaid Plan: 31.52GBP (2499 INR)

Jio Fiber Prepaid Plan: 50.43GBP (3999 INR)

Jio Fiber Prepaid Plan: 93.41 GBP (INR 8999)

Once you’re done recharging your account, follow these steps to get access to Voot Free Trial:

  • Install a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN and launch the app
  • Sign in or if you already have an account, enter your credentials
  • Change your geo-location and go to the Voot app
  • Enter your Jio mobile number on the app.
  • An OTP will be directed to the number you enter; once received, fill in the values on the Voot app.
  • It’d take a few seconds for your request to process, and once done; you’d have free access to one of the leading platforms of Indian content!

While operating through a Jio number is fairly easy, you will face difficulties if you enter the wrong number or a faulty OTP. to avoid any mishaps, make sure the Jio number is in your personal use or with someone trusted. Your OTP will also have a limited expiry so remember to keep all things at hand so that delays are avoided!

FAQs – Voot Free Trial

Still, have some questions regarding the Voot Free Trial? We have you covered with our answers to the most common queries:

Yes! Voot has a free trial with every subscription, regardless of how much you’re paying. This helps you in cancelling your subscription within time in case you don’t like the platform. Free trials also become important for cases where you already have a streaming platform; you wouldn’t want to cancel your current subscription for a platform that you end up disliking!
There are no specific requirements for claiming a free trial on Voot because it’s a part of the deal. All you have to do is do your homework because not every country is compatible with Voot.

No, Voot is not available for free in the UK. This doesn’t mean that you can temporarily access the platform without any money involved because free trials are always there to save the day!
Free trials require a bit of effort, though, because you may not be able to get them directly. The UK specifically has its access to free trials revoked, so you’d have to look into alternate methods of avoiding the Voot subscription fee

Unfortunately, Voot is not available anywhere outside India. The platform is specifically meant for the Indian audience but what the makers fail to realize is that Indians are spread across the globe!
Don’t worry if you’re an Indian living abroad, though. Be it the UK or any other country; you can always access Voot with the help of VPNs. The only effort you require is searching up any trusted VPN that has the option of an Indian location. Launch the VPN, change your location, and Voot will be fooled into believing that you’re operating the platform from outside India!

Since the Voot Free trial only begins after you’ve purchased a subscription, cancelling it is the same as cancelling your entire subscription. Next, head over to the ‘My Account’ page in the application or website, and kick on the ‘unsubscription’ button. A popup will demand to confirm the selection, and once done, Voot will automatically put you on the list of users who want to go. Once your cancellation is complete, you will be sent a notification by Viacom18.
This process, however, only applies to the people who have purchased a subscription plan. If you have opted for free methods like Paytm or Jio Fiber, you’d have to contact the relevant authorities of your network providers.

No, Voot will offer you a full refund if you choose to walk out during the middle of your subscription.


Voot has been a well-known name in terms of providing users with awesome Indian content.
Voot series, Movies and Shows can be streamed free for 20 days with Voot free trial.

The best part about Voot is their free trial which can be availed from various methods. Be it Paytm, Jio Fiber, or Voot free subscription with Airtel; you will be able open a treasure box of Indian content without spending from your personal treasures.

You don’t have to be concerned about not finding a free alternative now, because scrolling through this guide will help you learn all the necessary information. VPNs, installations, payment plans; we’ve laid down all the things you’d need for watching Voot!

Wondering about Voot Subscription, how many devices does it offer? Good news! One subscription allows you to use the platform across multiple devices. This makes the most out of the money spent and also gives you a whole lot of convenience.