Voot Subscription and Price Plan Guide in UK [Updated 2023]

Looking for a Voot subscription plan in UK? Great! we have covered it in this article. Voot is an extraordinarily fantastic Indian video streaming platform that provides OTT and on-demand videos. It is a subscription-based platform and is owned by Viacom18. Voot is available for Android, iOS, and laptop/desktop. It has an extensive library of amazing content that varies from genre to genre. Yes, you can watch all different kinds of genres here, i.e., comedy, drama, rom-com, action, adventure, etc. The catalog it offers contains more than 400 movies and 200 tv shows. It, sure, is a bundle of fun you can get all in one platform!

Recently, Voot has become quite popular in the entertainment industry among users with real watching tastes. You can access all the popular and best content you can think of through this platform. So if you have been suggested Voot by your friends or family, I would say it was a great suggestion. The platform is worth checking out, and if you have decided to subscribe to it, you may need to know certain things about it. Well, this article will take care of that as long as you read through it properly.

Furthermore, since Voot is an Indian streaming platform, you cannot access it in the UK. But the problem can be solved with the help of a reliable VPN, like Express VPN. A VPN which definitely help you to access Voot in UK or anywhere else in the world. So, without any further ado, let us start digging the mud of information regarding the Voot subscription plan in UK and its prices.

What Are The Different Voot Subscription Plans in the UK?

Different Voot subscription plans in UK are offered to the users, designed carefully to suit their needs and wants. The different plans ensure that people with less money or time could also enjoy the most out of the platform at a very suitable amount of charge. There are over 70,000 hours of content to watch on Voot that includes entertaining movies, shows, and even the Voot originals. Examples of the content include 777 Charlie (2022), The Lost Symbol (2021), Shabaash Mithu (2022), Marzi (2018), etc. You can also find the content in different languages, like Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Odia, Telugu, and Tamil, which Voot supports. Hence, you are not bound to stick and enjoy content in one language!

Despite having various great features, you need to know the price insights of the platform before coming up with a final decision. It may seem like a perfect platform that could satisfy your entertainment needs, which it sure is. However, the prices and plans Voot offers will just help you decide which one you should go for. The table below will give you a real quick capture of the plans and prices; we have given further details for these later in the article.

Plans Prices charged Ads
Voot Free With Ads
Voot Select Monthly GBP1.58 /mo (INR149 per month) No Ads
Voot Select Yearly GBP3.17/year (INR299 per year) No Ads

You must be happy seeing Voot free subscription, right? Yup, it is right and is also one of the best features of Voot to find. The monthly and yearly plans of Voot are also not too expensive. If we consider the amazing, quality streaming service it provides, we can understand the prices charged for different plans justify the charges just rightly.

Best Voot subscription plans in India

So this is the heading under which we will discuss the features that actually make the different plans unique and interesting in their own way. As the name of the plan suggests, the best service you can get from Voot is through the subscription to the yearly plan. Well, that is because it will be the cheapest. However, you will be bound to Voot for the whole year once you sign up for it. The monthly plan to Voot may be a little more expensive, but you will have the freedom to switch to any other platform once the month is over. The basic plan is just plain basic. Anyway, the features are discussed below for you.

Free Voot subscription plans in UK (Basic).

With the Voot Basic (free) plan, users can get access to free content, including both popular and hit movies and tv shows. However, this would be streaming with ads. But that shouldn’t matter much as long as you are enjoying free stuff with little interruptions. Other than that, you may not be able to watch in more languages or with high quality (it offers only HD 720p). You can watch new Indian movies and Color TV serials after tv telecasts. The simultaneous screening will be limited to one device with no international shows. There may not be so much to get out of this plan, but still, this is the best you can get in very little. Besides, there are also free trials other than this basic plan for Voot’s different plans. You can also check out Voot’s free subscription to see which plan suits you best.

As for this, you can simply download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store to sign up for it. And if you are thinking about how to unblock voot free because you can’t access it in the UK, then you need to have a trusted VPN for that. With a VPN, you will be able to unblock not only the voot basic free plan but also all the other plans if you ever wish to switch to them.

Monthly Voot subscription plans in UK

For the Voot select subscription UK; the most interesting thing is the free trial you get for 3 whole days. This period is pretty enough for one to judge whether the service is right for them. So, to start with, you can acquire the trial and then continue to stream if you wish. The feature of this plan is that it is one of the cheapest streaming plans, only GBP1.58/mo (INR149/mo) compared to other platforms. Hulu, Netflix, HBO, etc., are just so much expensive for their services.

  • With the Voot subscription plan in UK, you get to unlock all the top-rated movies, tv shows, and Voot originals available in the library.
  • There are no ads to disturb your fun.
  • The video quality is always in HD for all the content.
  • You can access more than 20 live tv channels.
  • The fun and intriguing international shows are available.
  • Content can be viewed in more than nine languages.
  • Get 3 days of the free trial before starting the premium membership with this plan.
  • Exclusive global premieres
  • Watch the latest released episodes of your favorite tv shows.
  • The best feature? You can also enjoy live sports.

All in this one platform! Now, don’t you think the money charged compensates rightly? If yes, you will hit the Voot website and make your move!

Yearly Voot subscription plans in the UK

Yearly Voot subscription plan, another Voot subscription plan in UK, has features exactly similar to that of the monthly plan. The difference is just of the price charged and the time you stay bound to the platform. The price charged for this plan is GBP 3.17/year (INR299/year). Other than that, the free trial you can get with this one plan is also for a more extended period. You can enjoy free trial for 14 days as a new user of the yearly plan. So, go ahead and take advantage of the free trial before signing up for a long-term plan. If you want to know the features of this Voot subscription plan in the UK, they are as follows:

  • With the Voot subscription plan in the UK, you get to unlock all the top-rated movies, tv shows, and Voot originals available on the library.
  • There are no ads to disturb your fun.
  • The video quality is always in HD for all the content.
  • You can access more than 20 live tv channels.
  • The fun and intriguing international shows are available.
  • Content can be viewed in more than nine languages.
  • Get 3 days of the free trial before starting the premium membership with this plan.
  • Exclusive global premieres
  • Watch the latest released episodes of your favorite tv shows.
  • You can also enjoy live sports.

What is the Difference Between Voot Basic & Voot Select Subscription Plans?

The differences between the Voot Basic & Voot Select plans are pretty straightforward and obvious. Definitely, the basic or free plan of Voot will not provide you with as many features or shows and movies as the premium plan. But it is worth checking out the basic differences between the two. Let’s then look down on the features of both individually to understand them better. See, no wonder the decision is in your hands to choose whether the basic or premium plan. But having sound knowledge of it will help you make a good decision.

Voot Basic Plan (free) Features

  • No international show available.
  • Voot special will be with ads.
  • You can only get to watch the new shows and movies after Tv telecasts.
  • The video quality will be limited to 720p.
  • Simultaneous screening is limited to one device only.
  • No variety of languages. Content is only available in Hindi.

Voot Select Premium Subscription Features

  • Voot special available without ads.
  • Interesting international shows.
  • Both Hindi dubbed and English movies can be watched.
  • The video quality will be HD 1080p.
  • Simultaneous screening is limited to four devices.
  • Watch new tv shows and movies before tv telecasts.

FAQs – Voot Subscriptionin UK

Yes, Voot is a worthy streaming platform that does provide quite great content for the users in a very reasonable amount. It is a lot cheaper than many other OTT platforms and thus, makes the best choice for many. The Voot subscription plans in UK make it even easier for a lot of people to afford it. You can watch your favorite channels, movies, and tv shows on the go with the live-playing feature of Voot. But if you still feel unsure, then you check out their free trials.

Upto 4 simultaneous devices can watch and stream on Voot with one Voot select subscription. After you purchase the premium Voot subscription, you can share it with your friends, family, and anyone else you want as long as the devices are numbered only 4. But if you go for the basic (free) plan of Voot, then you can only watch it yourself as streaming will only be allowed on 1 device.

You can easily change your Voot subscription plan in UK by following some easy steps. But before you decide and move on to change your previous Voot subscription, you will have to wait until it ends. After that, you can follow the steps below to finally change it:

  • At the right corner, you will find your profile icon. Click on it.
  • For choosing a new plan, click on the option that says, ‘try now.’
  • Choose the plan you want to change your subscription into.
  • Now, add the payment method and information you are asked for.

But remember that Voot has kept its costs very low for Indians. If you want to change your current plan before the period has ended, then you can either end the subscription and quickly switch to the other plan. Or, simply wait up and let it end.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this article has helped you in some way to know about the voot Subscription plan in UK, and the prices it charges. To be honest, the streaming platform is quite great, and the price it charges is totally justified by the amazing services it provides. You can satisfy both your crave and need for entertainment in a fun way through this platform. Then, why don’t you try it out?

Even the free trials it offers can help you know if Voot is the right choice for you. But if you have decided to go for it already, then knowing about the plans and prices is pretty crucial for you before choosing any specific one. So, then, are you up for a cup of coffee with some snacks? After all, you need to set up your Voot account and enjoy the movies, shows and web-series you have been longing to watch, right?