How To Watch Sky Sports On Apple TV [Quick Guide] 


Are you looking for ways to watch Sky Sports on Apple TV? If yes, this ultimate guide will deal with all your anxiety and frustration regarding the right paths to reach your new destination— Sky Sports. During your leisure time, you might have enjoyed Hulu on Apple TV or HBO Max on Apple TV, but now the Sports season is taking over! It’s time to throw away the blanket, revitalize your passion, and indulge in Football on screen.

Sky Sports has been the flag-bearer of increased commercialization of British Sports since 1991. A group of British subscription sports channels, Sky Sports, is a part of Sky Go.

Sky Sports offer you a variety of channels, including the Premier League, Football, Cricket, and many others. Stream into a variety of games and sports like Boxing, Tennis, Rugby, Football, and others.

We know your next query is,” How much is Sky Sports on Apple TV?” The platform charges GBP 33.99 for all of its sports channels.

Well, all this exciting news is for the people living outside UK as you can easily watch Sky Sports outside UK, through premium VPNs like ExpressVPN. This reliable VPN morphs you into a native and unblocks the geo-restricted sites.

You might have heard about the aura of Sky Sports on Roku, but follow our guide to rock it on Apple TV.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Sky Sports on Apple TV?

A sports enthusiast like you must be looking out for an easy way to stream into Sky Sports and enjoy nail-biting competitions on the magnificent Apple TV. Follow the quick steps and access Sky Sports on Apple TV

  • On your Apple TV, browse Sky Sports app in the Apple/iOS store.
  • Once you spot the Sky Sports Now App, select it and tap the Get button.
  • The app will load on Apple TV.
  • Next, log in to your Sky account and access the Sky Sports app.
  • Now on your Apple TV, you can stream all Sky Go programs, particularly Sky Sports.

How to activate Sky Sports on Apple TV Device?

Sky Go Apple TV 4K is a wonderful combination. Sky Go is the streaming service that, upon subscription on your Apple TV 4K, will leave you glued to your magical screen with its content. Sky Sports is undoubtedly your pick out of the many options that Sky Go offers!

To watch Sky Sports on Apple TV, you must activate it by following the given steps;

  • Start by looking for an Apple TV app on the Home screen or app folder of your Apple TV.
  • Once you spot the app, sign in using your Apple ID.

Once logged in, in your Apple TV app, select the Watch Now screen to watch movies and sports. Here you can get your hands on Sky Sports.

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How to watch Sky Sports on Apple TV through Airplay?

The incredible streaming service Sky Go offers you a lot more than you might have expected. Subscribe to Sky Go and enjoy watching Sky Sports on Apple TV. While sitting in the UK, follow these quick steps and enjoy watching sports to the fullest.

  • Download the Sky Sports Now application from the Apple store on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Link your Apple TV to the same WiFi to which your device( iPhone/iPad) is connected.
  • Access the Sky Sport Now app. You can select from a number of video options available there.
  • Touch/click the Airplay symbol from the playback screen.
  • Select your Apple TV model, and the video will play on your TV.

How to watch Sky Sports on Apple TV from Android phone?

Our Sky Sports TV guide helps you swiftly watch Sky Sports on Apple TV using your Android phone. You may wonder if it is possible. The concept of mirroring the Android screen on your Apple TV through Airplay helps you go through the process. Learn it by following these steps;

  • Go to the Play Store on your Android phone and search for the Mirror 360 app. Install the app.
  • Meanwhile, also download the Sky Sports app. Log in to the app using its credentials.
  • Next, link your Apple TV to the same WiFi that your Android device is connected to.
  • Open the Mirror 360 app. You will come across a list of devices.
  • Select Apple TV. Tap on the Start Now option when a notification pops up.
  • You can now stream Sky Sports content on your Apple TV screen.

How to watch Sky Sports on Apple TV from an iOS phone?

You may come across the free Sky Sports app for iPhone, but that may not help you watch Sky Sports on Apple TV uninterruptedly. Screen mirroring iPhone on Apple TV lets you enjoy the awaited matches in a better way. Follow the steps to watch Sky Sports on Apple TV using your iPhone.

  • Connect your Apple TV to the same Wifi to which your iPhone is connected.
  • Move to the app store on your device and search for the Sky Sports Now app.
  • Once found, install the Sky Sports app.
  • Log in to the Sky Sports Now app filling in the credentials.
  • Open the Control Center by swiping up and down on the screen.
  • Select the Screen mirroring icon in the Control Center.
  • Select Apple TV from the devices list.
  • Finally, your iPhone and Apple TV will be synchronized.

FAQs – Sky Sports on Apple TV

You may not find Sky Sports on Apple TV because of a faulty internet connection, or the app may not have been properly signed in. Check whether your Apple TV is connected to the same internet that your device is connected to.

Other reasons may include the improper or no synchronization of your devices and Apple TV. If you are trying to watch Sky Sports outside UK, you may not watch it without a VPN.

Unfortunately, you can’t get Sky Sports on Apple TV in the UK. However, mirroring your Android or iOS screens works best to let you watch Sky Sports on Apple TV. Well, this is the basic concept. A new trend of “Sky Go Apple TV 4K” has just been introduced where the Apple TV 4K can stream into the Sky Go app and further Sky Sports content.

Sky Sports is part of Sky Go’s streaming service regarding the query that concerns the FREE part. It is free for all Sky TV subscribers in the UK and Ireland. Sky Sports on Apple TV, however, is not free.

If not free, you must wonder how much is Sky Sports on Apple TVcosting in the UK.

Get a monthly package for £33.99 without a contract on NOW for all 11 sports channels.


Our Sky Sports TV guide is definitely the best guide to help you understand watching Sky Sports on Apple TV so far. The easy and quick steps get you exactly to your favorite Sky Sports content. This guide, bit by bit, explains to you the ways that help you link your Android or iOS devices to your Apple TV.

Shedding light on “How much is Sky Sports on Apple TV” helps you decide to invest the amount in satisfying your sports cravings. People living in the UK enjoy these perks to the fullest.

If you are trying to approach Sky Sports from outside UK, a reliable VPN is the key to unlocking the world of nail-biting matches.