How to get HBO Max on Apple TV in UK 2023 [Updated Guide]

Is HBO Max on Apple TV? Yes, you can get HBO Max in UK on Apple TV. Open a Google Play or Apple ID account. Log in to the app store using your account. Install and download the HBO Max app. See other ways how to add HBO Max to Apple TV 3rd generation and HBO Max on Apple TV gen 2.

Those of you who are interested in downloading HBO Max on Apple TV will be pleased to learn that the streaming service has been offered on the media streamer ever since it was first introduced. Apple TV brings together all of your favorite video-on-demand platforms in a streamlined and user-friendly interface.

In addition, the merger between HBO Max and Discovery Plus signifies the birth of Max, a reimagined streaming service designed to exceed viewer expectations when they begin to watch HBO Max on Apple TV.

Following this, we will show how to install HBO Max on Apple TV, and what you can watch on one of the top streaming services, in addition to other platforms that are accessible to download onto your Apple TV device. For further details, read the article down below.

How to Install HBO Max on Apple TV

Do you want to know how to watch HBO Max on Apple TV? The good news is that it’s a really simple process if you have the correct version of Apple TV hardware.

To begin, ensure that your Apple TV device is compatible with the HBO Max streaming service. HBO Max requires an Apple TV device that should be fourth generation or later. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started with HBO Max on Apple TV.

  • Launch the Apple TV App Store.
  • Look up “HBO Max.”
  • Choose HBO Max and then download it.
  • Open HBO Max app application after installation.
  • Users who already have an HBO Max subscription can sign in with their account information and begin streaming HBO Max content.
  • New HBO Max users can join up for the subscription using Apple TV’s In-App Purchase function.
  • Once it is finished, the HBO Max will be accessible from the Apple TV homepage.

Looking for a way to get HBO Max free trial but unfortunately, it is a subscription-based service. Thousands of titles are available to view using HBO Max subscription in either its ad-supported £8.81($9.99) or ad-free £13.22($14.99) tier. No HBO Max free trial for new users.

Users may stream HBO Max on a variety of devices, including Apple TV. Roku, Amazon Fire TV, YouTube TV, Google TV, Android TV, and Vizio smart TVs all support the streaming service.

How to Sign Up and Download HBO Max on Apple TV

How to Download and Sign up for HBO Max on Apple TV

  • Visit the HBO Max website to get started.
  • After you have successfully registered, navigate to the Home Screen of your Apple TV.
  • You may look for “HBO Max” by opening the app store on your Apple TV.
  • To install the app, select “Download” from the menu.
  • After the installation is complete, you may sign in using the credentials you used for HBO Max.
  • Apple TV now supports streaming of the HBO Max service.

Which Apple TVs are Supported on HBO Max?

HBO Max is anticipated to be available on Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, iPhone/iPad, Android TV,  Android Phone/Tablet, Windows, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, LG Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, VIZIO Smart TV, and Samsung Smart TV.

Only iOS or Android smartphones that support AirPlay 2 or Cast may be used with some of those devices, including Roku, VIZIO, Fire TV,  and LG Smart TV.

HBO Max isn’t anticipated to work with Nintendo. If you wish to view HBO Max, a separate streaming device is required.

How Much is HBO Max on Apple TV in UK?

The HBO Max membership offers two different tiers of service, with the ability to pay on a recurring monthly contract or to prepay for a whole year at a discount of 20%.

The ‘With Ads‘ option may be purchased for £8.81 ($9.99) per month or £88.17 ($99.99) per year

Ad-Free” plan may be purchased for £13.22 ($14.99) per month or £132.25 ($149.99) per year

Both options include unrestricted access to all 10 of Max’s entertainment centers, which include DC, HBO, Classics Curated by TCM, Cartoon Network, Studio Ghibli, Sesame Workshop, Adult Swim, Crunchyroll, Looney Tunes, and Cartoonito, in addition to the unique Max Original content. You’ll also get the ability to broadcast on all three of your devices at the same time.

If you purchase the “Ad Free” plan for £13.22 ($14.99), there will be no advertisements. You have the ability to download a maximum of 30 titles for offline watching, and some of the films are available in magnificent 4K HDR.

Although there are some minor tweaks, the latest version of the HBO Max program for Apple TV doesn’t seem all that different. For better or worse, there is a new scrollable “hero banner” at the top, and you may bypass the credits and go straight to the next episode of a series.

One of the most noticeable modifications is the inclusion of a “My Stuff” feature that is completely functional. With functionality for altering and categorizing material, users are given complete control over their “My List” and “Continue Watching” queues.

Thanks to the processing capability of the Apple TV and Apple TV 4K, WarnerMedia teases that the HBO Max app for Apple TV will soon have “more dynamic interface animations.”

What to Watch on HBO Max on Apple TV in UK?

HBO Max is a streaming service that shows a vast library of WarnerMedia properties. Some of these properties include current and classic HBO shows, TV shows from Warner Bros., and movies like Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons, dedicated channels for Turner Classic Movies, DC, and more, as well as HBO Max Originals, which are the service’s very own productions.

What features are available on HBO Max?

Up to 5 Profiles

HBO Max gives you the ability to create many user accounts, each of which can have its own distinct color.

Up to 3 Devices

You are permitted to stream on 3 different devices at the same time when you subscribe to HBO Max.

Parental Controls

It is possible to develop individualized profiles for children. They will restrict the sorts of content that the kid is able to view, as well as prohibit the youngster from playing back specific types of television series and movies based on their ratings.

In order to activate, you will be required to choose a PIN, which will then grant you the ability to unlock or modify the limitations.

Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+,  Star, and Paramount Plus are some of the other streaming services that also provide parental control options.

Offline Downloads

The ability to download your favorite episodes and movies to watch on your tablet or mobile device is one of the most significant advantages that HBO Max has over HBO NOW. Every thirty days, you will be required to update the material.

You will not have access to offline downloads if you have the HBO Max With Ads tier; thus, you will need to upgrade to the HBO Max Ad-Free Tier in order to have access to offline downloads.

International Access

You will not be able to access the HBO Max service if you are located outside of the United States, but you’ll be able to watch any offline downloads that you have purchased.

Best Shows on HBO-Max

You can watch the Best Shows on HBO Max. The launch of the Game of Thrones spin-off  House of the Dragon on HBO and HBO Max in Europe has broken records for the number of viewers that tuned in to see the event. You can also watch other events like USWNT vs Canada Live Sports in UK.

Best Movies on HBO-Max

The very finest films that are now available to stream on HBO Max, include comedies, blockbuster films, romantic comedies, dramas that have won Oscars, and much more.

HBO Max has swiftly established itself as without a doubt one of the most impressive streaming services available, boasting an extensive catalog of films both from the recent past and the more recent present. It is a veritable cornucopia of options, with a substantial number of older films in addition to genuine recent blockbusters.

The Batman is one of the best movies on HBO Max. Matt Reeves is directing the superhero movie that has appeared on HBO Max, and Robert Pattison appears in the film alongside Zoe Kravitz.

Is Max Replacing HBO Max?

Yes, HBO Max is evolving into Max, a unified streaming service resulting from the merger with Discovery Plus, ensuring a seamless transition for existing subscribers.

FAQs – HBO Max on Apple

Is HBO Max free on Apple TV Plus in UK?

No, HBO Max is not free on Apple TV Plus in UK.

No, HBO Max is not free on Apple TV Plus in UK.

Follow the steps below to activate HBO Max on Apple TV in UK.

  • Launch HBO Max on your Apple TV, navigate to the Profile button, and then select the Sign In option.
  • Select the option to Log in with a Provider.
  • Pick one option from the following list:
  • If you are required to establish an account, the following should be done:
  • You may start streaming as soon as you select who will be viewing on your TV.

If your HBO Max app not working on Apple TV in UK, you just make sure your Apple TV and HBO Max apps are up to date. App for HBO Max: Enter “HBO Max” into the App Store’s search bar. Select Update if an app update is available. iPod touch:

Go to Settings > System > Software Updates > Update Software on your Apple TV.

Try some of the following: Make sure the volume isn’t muted or turned down by checking the volume controls in HBO Max and on your PC. If you’re utilizing external speakers, make sure the speaker cords and volume control are in working order. Upgrade to the newest version of your browser.

WarnerMedia is launching a new update of the HBO Max app for Apple TV and Apple TV 4K HBO Max devices in UK. The update will roll out gradually, the firm said, in response to customer concerns about the program’s performance and stability issues.

Several methods exist for quickly moving forward or backward in the video in UK. Use the smart TV or device remote to perform any of the following during playback: Skip 10 seconds in either direction: To move backward or ahead, use the left or right button. To skip another 10 seconds, press once more.

Max replaces HBO Max as the rebranded platform, signifying the merger with Discovery Plus and introducing exciting changes and enhanced features for viewers.


You can get HBO Max on apple TV by simply following the details mentioned above. You must ensure that the HBO Max streaming service is compatible with your Apple TV device. Apple TV devices must be a fourth generation or newer in order to receive HBO Max. Accessing HBO Max on an Apple device from the UK requires the use of a virtual private network or best HBO Max VPN.

HBO Max offers thousands of titles. HBO Max contains current and historic HBO series, Turner Classic Movies, Warner Bros. movies and TV shows, DC, and more, as well as HBO Max Originals. So, watch HBO Max on Apple TV and bring joy to your home.