HBO Max: On How Many Devices It Can Be Simultaneously Viewed In 2023

HBO Max is constantly adding new content, and the vast majority of it has IMDb ratings or reviews that are top-notch. As a result, you’ll probably want to share your HBO Max account with family and friends! Morevwr, Max, the new and improved version of HBO Max and Discovery Plus, is set to elevate the streaming experience for viewers, offering an unparalleled selection of movies, series, and documentaries.

The question arises as, to how many devices HBO Max can be simultaneously viewed in 2023? When compared to similar services in this price range, you could be shocked at how generous their simultaneous streaming policy is.

Three devices may be used simultaneously by HBO Max subscribers. You can have several devices linked to your account as you like. However, one account can only send three videos at once.

This article will teach you how to watch Max on up to three devices simultaneously, as well as provide more information about simultaneous streams limitations and other profile-related concerns.

HBO Max: Streaming It On Numerous Devices

If you want to view HBO Max UK on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can do so through the HBO Max app for iOS and Android. By subscribing to the HBO Max service, You may access as many HBO Max programs on numerous devices as you wish, with no restrictions. Customers are allowed to view HBO Max programs on three separate streaming devices simultaneously.

The HBO Max subscription plan costs $9.99 per month with Advertisements and $14.99 per month without advertisements, but there is a three-stream limit on both versions. The following are the key distinctions between these plans.

Specification Difference Among Two Plans Of HBO Max

HBO Max Plan With Ad
4 minutes of Ads per hour Yes No
Can watch same-day theatrical release movies No Yes
Can download content for offline viewing No Yes
1080p capped Video resolution Yes Yes

Workaround For The HBO Max Simultaneous Stream Limit

If you’re streaming video to more than three devices at once, there’s a problem. As a consequence, if your family wants to stream HBO Max on more than three devices simultaneously, obtain and save a program or film on a mobile device before other household members begin streaming. This could be achievable on HBO Max Ad-free version.

You may view HBO Max on your mobile device by following these directions:

  1. Download the HBO Max App, on your phone or tablet.
  2. Choose the stuff you’d want to download.
  3. To download it, tap on the Download button.
  4. When the download is finished, your desired HBO Max content will be accessible to view on the selected device.

You can still use the HBO Max app if you’re streaming an HBO Max program on three devices, by following mentioned below steps;

  1. Go to your profile in the HBO Max app’s Downloads tab (It’s the symbol of a down arrow),
  2. Select your favorite show, then hit the play button on more than three devices.

Because you can store a total of 30 downloaded films on your HBO Max account, you may watch them on up to 30 different devices. Technically, this implies that you can view anything on as many as 33 devices (Three people may stream HBO Max at once, while 30 mobile devices can do so with a downloaded program or movie).

HBO Max Compatible Devices

The following devices are supported by HBO Max

  • Android phones and tablets
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV (4th generation and later)
  • Computers (PC and Mac browsers)
  • Apple iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Amazon Fire TV (As of Nov 17)
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • Samsung TVs (2016 and later)
  • HBO Max is now supported on Roku
  • HBO Max is now supported on LG Smart TV.

Streaming Error On HBO Max

If you try to exceed any of the screen restrictions described above, you’ll receive an error message stating that you’re watching on too many devices at once through your HBO Max account. If this happens, it’s because you’re viewing on three devices simultaneously or someone else is.

To find out which gadgets have been used recently, perform the following steps:

  • Open the HBO Max app on your streaming device.
  • Consider the following courses of action:
  1. The first step is to go into your phone or tablet’s settings and select the Profile icon (top left corner).
  2. Click on your profile icon in the upper-right corner of your computer.
  • Select “Manage Devices” A list of the last few devices you’ve used appears below under “Other Devices”.

Only add devices to the list if they are yours. Make sure you don’t have a stream still active on them unless you want to broadcast your media indefinitely. If you don’t recognize a gadget on the list, it’s possible that someone is using your HBO Max account without your consent.

If someone uses your account without your permission, you may use this information to contact the HBO Max Help center and they can assist you with identifying and stopping fraud.

Number Of Profiles On HBO Max

A profile is tied to your HBO Max account rather than a specific device. Any device you use to access HBO Max will be able to see the profiles connected with your HBO Max account.

Users may create as many HBO Max accounts as they wish, each with its own customizable profiles, saved favorites and suggested material tailored to the tastes of each household member.

During the signup procedure, your account will be assigned a primary profile automatically. You may then establish up to five additional Profiles within your account for a total of five.

Is Max Replacing HBO Max?

Yes, Max is the rebranded version of HBO Max, arising from the merger with Discovery Plus, bringing a fresh look and expanded content library to subscribers.

Final Thought

This article will provide you with a good idea about HBO Max, including how many devices it can be viewed simultaneously in 2023.

Max is a popular video streaming service in many countries throughout the world. You may enjoy a huge number of films and series using this service.

There are several benefits to signing up for HBO Max, including the ability to watch it on numerous devices at the same time and save HBO Max content locally so you can view it offline.