Pluto TV Cost: Everything You Need To Know In 2023


Scratching your head and questioning — what is Pluto TV? Pluto TV is a free television channel offering video-on-demand services.

Anyone who’s ever come across Pluto TV can’t help but question the subscription cost. We understand why’s that so – the modern interface and the variety of thrilling titles push viewers into thinking that Pluto TV might cost a lot!

This guide covers the Pluto TV cost and what you get with it. We’ve also knit together an honest Pluto TV review and ended with a final verdict. Stay hooked to find out!

How Much Does Pluto TV Cost?

Is Pluto TV free? Pluto TV is a free streaming service that doesn’t require a signup or subscription.

The ad-supported service is home to 100+ live channels and on-demand content covering documentaries to reality TV shows.

You don’t even have to sign up or enter your credit card details to stream content on Pluto TV, as it’s free.

Take a look at the table below so you know what to expect from Pluto TV before heading straight to stream its content.

Features Pluto TV 
Monthly Subscription Cost Free
Number of TV Channels 100+
Number of Movie Titles 1000+
Offline Viewing Unavailable
Pluto TV Originals Unavailable
Streaming Quality SD and HD

Pluto TV free plans (with ads)

Pluto TV has an advertisement-supported package that lets you drop in and start watching content immediately for free.

Although it’s not necessary to create an account on Pluto TV, it sure gets you some perks. With a Pluto TV account, you can resume watching a show on another device and add your favourite channels to the grid.

Pluto airs commercial breaks during shows. Typically, you can expect about 4 commercials of 20-30 seconds during a half-hour program.

You can search and watch free shows on Pluto TV by looking for them on its newly-added search feature.

Earlier, Pluto TV worked as a channel guide for traditional cable TV, and users had to browse through the available content to watch anything. Safe to say, it was a task to search on Pluto TV but that’s no longer the case!

How To Watch Pluto TV In The UK?

As of 1st October 2018, Pluto TV launched 12 channels on the Sky Now TV service in the UK. Pluto TV is available in the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, US, Austria, and Switzerland. This means it won’t be a hassle to watch Pluto TV in the UK.

You need to follow these few simple steps to watch Pluto TV in the UK:

  1. Open the Pluto TV website or app.
  2. Search for a show or play live TV.
  3. That’s about it – you’re all set to watch Pluto TV in the UK!

Note: Pluto TV is a geo-restricted platform and its content isn’t readily available in most countries. If you’re outside UK (in an unsupported country) then you’ll need to subscribe to a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN and bypass the geo-block securely.

What’s Available On Pluto TV?

Pluto TV offers live video streaming from a diverse range of channels including Nickelodeon, MTV, CNN and on-demand content catering to all genre-lovers at no cost.

For your ease, we’ve mentioned the channels available on Pluto TV and worth-watching movies and TV series in the upcoming section.

What movies does Pluto TV have?

Despite being a free platform, Pluto TV has the most thrilling collection of movie titles to stream.

Here’s a list of must-watch movies on Pluto TV:

  • Freaks
  • The Guardians
  • Bandido
  • Mortdecai
  • The Good Neighbour

If these titles aren’t enough for a serial streamer like you, check out a detailed list of Pluto TV movies and enjoy!

What kind of TV shows are on Pluto TV?

From sci-fi to paranormal and lifestyle, Pluto TV has the most diverse library of TV shows on its platform to watch for free.

Out of the many exciting shows on Pluto TV, these are definitely worth watching:

  • Love Island
  • Kim’s Convenience
  • Yellowjackets
  • Good Sam
  • Baywatch

How many channels does Pluto TV offer?

Pluto TV offers 100+ channels spread across diverse categories; news, entertainment, reality, sports, music, kids, crime, and comedy for free.

Currently, these channels are available on Pluto TV:


The channel lineup on Pluto TV is commendable as it’s divided into separate sections. Once you go to Pluto TV, the extensive variety of the channels will definitely have you coming back for more!

Pluto TV Reviews

Though there aren’t a lot many reviews on Pluto TV, the existing ones are mainly positive. Despite being a free streaming service, Pluto TV has the most entertaining chunk of movie and TV show titles.

Pluto TV is definitely not an all-round cable replacement but it’s a decent addition alongside your Netflix or other streaming subscription. If you’re not ready to completely give up on cable, then Pluto TV is a great pick.

You can stream live TV on web browsers and on Android or iOS apps—but with ads in between. Not just this, it’s bound to keep multiple genre-lovers entertained for long hours. However, there is a slightly lesser collection of traditional cable channels.

In all honesty, the Pluto TV cost makes it quite a catch and it doesn’t hurt to try out the service!

Pluto TV App And Supported Devices

The Pluto TV app is available on Android and iOS platforms. Moreover, Pluto TV is compatible with most of the media-streaming devices including:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • LG Smart TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Chromecast
  • Play Station
  • Roku devices
  • Apple TV
  • TV Plus
Quick tip: Similar to the web browsers, you can easily stream Pluto TV on its apps without having to sign up!

Are There Any Sticking Points With Pluto TV?

Free streaming platforms have certain problems and Pluto TV isn’t an exception. The main sticking point with Pluto TV is the hefty amount of commercial breaks that result in a disappointing streaming experience.

Other than the ads, Pluto TV often stutters and plays the initial segments of the show you’re currently watching.

In addition, some channels on Pluto TV look as if they were uploaded after being recorded on vintage VHS tapes. Some viewers might understand that Pluto TV is a free platform and overlook these issues – but for some, this might be a deal-breaker.

FAQs: Pluto TV Cost

Yes, Pluto TV is 100% free without any hidden fees or contracts. You can catch up on famous blockbusters, classics, and sports without paying a penny.

No, Pluto TV does not offer a free trial as the streaming platform is free itself. You don’t have to share any identifying information such as your credit card details or email address to enjoy content on Pluto TV.

Yes, you can watch Pluto TV on multiple devices at the same time as it is a free streaming service. With a Pluto TV account, you also log in to another device and watch from where you left off.

All the available channels on Pluto TV are free. Some of the best free Pluto TV channels are Star Trek, CBS, Hell’s Kitchen, NFL, and Stories by AMC.

To watch Pluto TV free in the UK, you just have to visit the official website or install the Pluto TV app > Hit the play button on a title and enjoy.
However, you’ll need to get ExpressVPN to watch Pluto TV outside UK or in another unsupported country.

Final Verdict

With all said and done, Pluto TV is worth trying out!

You can simply go to Pluto TV’s website on your laptop or PC and catch up on great-quality content. The only drawback is the constant commercial breaks that get annoying with time.

Amid the sea of streaming services in UK, Pluto TV is quick to catch a cord-cutter’s eye because of its contemporary interface. But if you’re not one to sit through commercials, then it’s best to not pin your hopes on Pluto TV.

It might not be the smartest move to rely on Pluto TV only as it’s not an absolute replacement for cable. Pluto TV will work for you if you’re looking for free cable alternatives to spice up your monthly Netflix or Prime subscriptions.

Now, we hope you’re no longer concerned about the Pluto TV cost and you’re well on your way to binge-watch something from its catalogue. In all honesty, we’re surely eyeing the titles and its cost makes everything all the more better!