How To Search On Pluto TV [2023 Updated Guide]

The internet is becoming a more popular way to watch TV. Streaming services have grown increasingly prevalent in recent years, and people are watching whatever they want for less than what it would cost them on traditional cable television networks like HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video.

There are a ton of free and legal TV services out there for you to enjoy! One such platform is PlutoTV. The site offers an On-Demand service with plenty of movies, shows – even live programming from channels like HBO Max that are only available via cable or satellite subscriptions.

For being completely FREE it has quite enough good content on offer but finding what specific series/movie etc…you want can be difficult since most offerings are”t labeled clearly by genre.

It doesn’t offer “actual” search functionality, but what other ways can you find to search on Pluto TV? We’ll take a closer look at these alternative methods in this article and explain how they work.

How To Search On Pluto TV?

When it comes to streaming live TV, the Pluto app has a lot of features and user-friendly options. The interface will be similar on all devices so you don’t have any confusion when using other smart TVs or mobile phones as well!

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Follow these proven strategies to find live television on the pluto TV app.

Search Through The Channel List:

There are a lot of great movies on Pluto TV, but one way to make your search easier is by understanding which number links up with the channel you want. Check out the Pluto TV list for all those awesome channels!

Search Through On-Demand Category:

Pluto has a vast library of streaming videos that you can search through. They have action, Comedy, and Sitcoms among many other genres for all sorts of different tastes! You’ll also find Discovery TV channels like Animal Planet or TLC in addition to classic rock Christmas Music disposed on-demand section.

Search Through Live Category:


You can also browse by genre and category within the Live section of your web browser. Clicking on genres will narrow down your search, or scroll through the TV Guide just like Basic Cable to see what’s playing.

Keep in mind that all of Pluto TV’s content is classified by genre. It isn’t alphabetical and can’t be rearranged or searched any other way. Even without a real search option, Pluto TV is still a great source of free media, as previously said.

Search Through Watch List Attribute:

With the Watch List feature, you can keep track of your favorite movies and TV shows without having to search for them. All it takes is an email address or password! You’ll be able to browse through both live streaming content as well On Demand options.

The account feature, as briefly mentioned before, offers few advantages, but it may be used to design a personal watchlist.

Live and on-demand sections may be browsed. Click on a film or TV series to display information about it in a window if you find one you like. There should be a “+” sign at the bottom of the screen. This functionality only works on Android.

The “Watch List” isn’t available with a browser on a Windows PC, but there is a “Continue Watching” area.

Search Through Google:

You can quickly discover what you’re looking for by Googling the title and selecting All watch choices from the drop-down menu.



The best way to describe Pluto TV is through its tagline: “Free Over-the-Air TV without the cord.” It manages to stay free due in part by showing ads, which some may find annoying but these appear less frequently than on broadcast networks and last shorter amounts of time too!

One of the best things about Pluto TV is that they don’t ask for any personal information or payment methods. All you need to do is download their app, go on a website and start watching!
As long as your streaming account has basic info like email address & name (and no other features), there’s really nothing else needed in order to gain access- through registration does offer some perks such likes favorites feature, etc., only time will tell what changes are made by this company down the line so stay tuned.

Final Thought:

The best thing about Pluto TV is that it offers plenty of great content from popular channels. You can watch your favorite shows and movies without having them air on linear television! All while saving money in the process what’s not to love?

The best way to find how to search on Pluto TV is by using the category menu or channels list. There are tons of options, so it will be hard not to find something that suits your taste!