Pluto TV Channels: Comprehensive List Of Pluto TV Channels

You may watch free TV on Pluto TV without any limits. It is entirely, completely, and totally free! If your budget does not allow for another monthly payment, Pluto TV is one of the greatest free streaming services available. The premium service offers more than 250 live channels and on-demand programs and movies. CBS News Miami is one of the newest additions to the lineup.

In 2014, Paramount Pictures launched Pluto TV, which has grown in popularity. The service is now available in the United States and parts of Europe, Latin America, and Brazil. Unlike live TV streaming services UK such as YouTube TV UK,  Sling TV. Pluto collects free content that is already accessible on the internet.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a complete list of Pluto TV channel listings so you can binge-watch your favorite shows without hassle.

What Is Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is an “over-the-top” (OTT) service, which means it distributes material over the internet such as Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and other well-known streaming services rather than through dedicated lines or radio frequencies. It’s also a subscription-based video-on-demand service (also known as AVOD). As a result, it’s comparable to services such as Sling TV, Tubi TV and Crackle.

You may access Pluto TV from the internet or download the app to any of a variety of devices.

In this article, We’ve compiled a list of the top Pluto TV channels to watch, so let’s dive in without any delay.

What kind Of Channels Are Available On Pluto TV?

On its website, Pluto TV provides a diverse selection of programming. There are many different channels in various categories such as Movies, Entertainment, News, Binge-Watch, Comedy, Sports, Explore, Life+Style, Tech+geek, Kids, Latino, Gameplay, and Music. The following are some of the most notable ones:

Pluto TV Movies Channels List:

Pluto TV has expanded its licensing agreements to include a wide range of high-quality movies in a short time. And the best news is that you won’t have to spend anything to watch them, like YouTube and others, because Pluto is ad-supported.

Here’s a list of all the Pluto TV Movie Channels, along with their channel numbers.

Channel Number  Channel Name
Ch. 7 Pluto TV 007
Ch. 52 TV spotlight
Ch. 54 Pluto TV movies
Ch. 56 Pluto tv movies 2
Ch. 58 TV action
Ch. 60 TV Comedy
Ch. 62 TV Romance
Ch. 64 TV Drama
Ch. 70  TV Terror
Ch. 72 TV Thrillers
Ch. 74 Black Cinema
Ch. 77 Documentaries
Ch. 79 Indies
Ch. 82 The Movie Channel
Ch. 84 CMT Westerns
Ch. 86 Classic Movies
Ch. 88 80’s Rewind
Ch. 92  TV Cult Films
Ch. 94 Flicks of Fury
Ch. 96 The Asylum
Ch. 98 Gravitas Movies

Pluto TV Entertainment Channels List:

A different kind of disability service, Pluto Entertainment specializes in making your wildest dreams come true! PLAY 💜, PERFORM 💜, LEARN 💜, and EXPLORE 💜 are the four fundamental elements of life.

Here’s a complete list of all the Pluto TV Entertainment Channels, including channel numbers.

Channel Number  Channel Name
Ch. 111 MTV Pluto TV
Ch. 114 MTV Dating
Ch. 118 MTV Teen
Ch. 120 ET Live
Ch. 122 All Reality We
Ch. 124 VH1 I love Reality
Ch. 125 Hip Hop Family
Ch. 126 Bet Pluto tv
Ch. 127 Bet Her Pluto tv
Ch. 128 Bet Homecoming
Ch. 130 Spike Pluto
Ch. 134 Spike Outdoors
Ch. 136 American Gladiators
Ch. 139 Baywatch
Ch. 140 Stories AMC
Ch. 141 TV Land Drama
Ch. 143 Animals
Ch. 146 Crime Network
Ch. 148 CMT pluto
Ch. 151 Celebrity
Ch. 153 Reality
Ch. 155 Lives
Ch. 158 Nosey
Ch. 160 Fuse
Ch. 163 Complex
Ch. 165 People TV
Ch. 169 Awesomeness TV
Ch. 172 Degrassi
Ch. 175 British TV
Ch. 177 Classic TV
Ch. 182 Game Show Central
Ch. 184 BUZZR
Ch. 188 SHOUT! TV
Ch. 192 Classic Toons

Pluto TV News Channels List:

Pluto TV has a wide range of fantastic news sources. The CBS News channel is probably the most ideal for live streaming. It’s always live and 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so it’s great for catching up on missed programming while you go about your daily routine. That’s all you need in an all-news station.

Here is the list of Pluto TV News Channels with their channel numbers;

Channel Number  Channel Name
Ch. 223 Election 2020
Ch. 225 Today’s Top Stories
Ch. 227 Pluto News
Ch. 232 NBC News
Ch. 233 NBC News Now
Ch. 236 CBSN
Ch. 237 CBSN New York
Ch. 238 CBSN Los Angelas
Ch. 244 CNN
Ch. 247 America’s Voice
Ch. 248 The First
Ch. 249  OAN Encore
Ch. 250  Blaze Live
Ch. 253 Today
Ch. 258 WeatherNation
Ch. 262 Bloomberg Television
Ch. 266  Cheddar news
Ch. 268 Top Stories by newsy
Ch. 272 TYT Network
Ch. 277 Sky News
Ch. 279 RT America
Ch. 287 Court TV

Pluto TV Binge Watch Channels List:

Pluto TV is a unique alternative to other services that allow you to view traditional cable programs, as it allows you to binge-watch and discover your favorite classic TV shows, all for free. Yes, it’s completely free.

Pluto TV is a streaming platform unlike any other. It offers hundreds of free channels from various studios and networks, all curated by their in-house staff to create more than 250 distinct channels. On top of that, it has on-demand movies and television programming.

Following is the list of Pluto TV Binge Watch Channels;

Channel Number  Channel Name
Ch. 308 Cops Spike
Ch. 314 MTV Guy Code
Ch. 317 MTV The Hills
Ch. 322 Love & Hip Hop VH1
Ch. 323 The Challenge MTV
Ch. 324  Black Ink Crew VH1
Ch. 326 RuPaul’s Drag Race VH1
Ch. 329 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders CMT
Ch. 334 Unsolved Mysteries
Ch. 338 Forensic Files
Ch. 342  The New Detectives
Ch. 346 Cold Case Files
Ch. 349 Fear Factor
Ch. 350  Leverage
Ch. 351  Criss Angel MindFreak
Ch. 353  Dog the Bounty Hunter
Ch. 356  Hell’s Kitchen Uncensored
Ch. 361  WPT
Ch. 365 This Old House
Ch. 367 Antiques RoadShow UK
Ch. 370 Doctor Who Classic
Ch. 373 McLeod’s Daughters
Ch. 375 MidSomer Murders
Ch. 381 Wipeout
Ch. 385 MST3K
Ch. 389 RiffTrax

Pluto TV Comedy Channels List:

Comedy is a form of drama in which the goal is to make people laugh, especially in theatre, film, stand-up comedy, television, radio, and literature. A comedy can be defined as a play with a happy conclusion.

Here’s a list of all the Pluto TV Comedy Channels, with their respective channel numbers.

Channel Number  Channel Name
Ch. 411 Comedy Central Pluto TV
Ch. 415 Comedy Central Stand-Up
Ch. 417 Wild’N Out MTV
Ch. 418 tosh.0
Ch. 419 Crank Yankers Comedy Central
Ch. 420 TV Land Sitcoms
Ch. 421 One day at a time
Ch. 422 Slightly OFF IFC
Ch. 423 Funny AF
Ch. 426 StandUp TV
Ch. 428 Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud!  Network
Ch. 430  Cats 24/7
Ch. 432 Dogs 24/7
Ch. 434 The Pet Collective
Ch. 439 Internet Gold
Ch. 441 FailArmy

Pluto TV Sports Channels List:

On Pluto TV, watch NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA news as well as everything else that involves bats, balls, or pucks for free!

Here is a list of all the Pluto TV Sports Channels, along with their channel numbers.

Channel Number  Channel Name
Ch. 455  Pluto tv Sports
Ch. 461 Fox Sports
Ch. 465 NFL Channel
Ch. 477 PGA Tour
Ch. 481 Major League Soccer
Ch. 486  bein Sports extra
Ch. 491 Stadium
Ch. 495 TV Surf
Ch. 499 TV Winter Sports
Ch. 501 Red Bull TV
Ch. 505 SportsMan
Ch. 507 Pursuit UP
Ch. 509 Fight
Ch. 513 Glory Kickboxing
Ch. 515  Impact Wrestling
Ch. 517  SportsGrid
Ch. 519  Eleven Sports
Ch. 530 BIG SKY conference

Pluto TV Explore Channels List:

Here’s a list of all the Pluto TV Explore Channels, as well as their channel numbers.

Channel Number  Channel Name
Ch. 551 Curiosity to Inspire
Ch. 561 TV Cars
Ch. 565 TV History
Ch. 567 TV Biography
Ch. 569 TV Military
Ch. 571 TV conspiracy
Ch. 573 TV Travel
Ch. 575 People are awesome
Ch. 577 Adventure
Ch. 579 Voyager Documentaries
Ch. 582 NatureVision TV
Ch. 585  Chassy
Ch. 591 THC
Ch. 597 Slow TV
Ch. 598 4K TV

Pluto TV Life + Style Channels List:

Following is the list of Pluto TV Life+Style Channel List;

Channel Number  Channel Name
Ch. 611 Food TV
Ch. 613 Lively Place
Ch. 614 Frontdoor
Ch. 615 Cribs MTV
Ch. 617 Awe encore
Ch. 619 TV Her
Ch. 622 TV Her Dramas
Ch. 627 Are You The One? MTV
Ch. 628 TV Weddings
Ch. 633 Faith TV
Ch. 635 TBN
Ch. 637 Hillsong Channel

Pluto TV Tech + Geek Channels List:

Here is the list of Pluto TV’s Tech+Geek Channel List;

Channel Number  Channel Name
Ch. 660 Andromeda
Ch. 661 TV Sci-fi
Ch. 665 TV Science
Ch. 669 TV Tech
Ch. 673 TV Gamer
Ch. 675 Anime All-day
Ch. 677 Naruto
Ch. 681 Tokushoutsu
Ch. 684 CNET
Ch. 686 IGN
Ch.694 NASA
Ch. 696 Minecraftv
Ch. 698 Game Play Roblox

Pluto TV Kids Channels List:

A number of Nickelodeon-branded channels are available on Pluto TV, so it’s possible that a parent would want to limit their children’s viewing to these channels alone.

All Pluto TV Kids Channels are listed below, along with the channel numbers for each.

Channel Number  Channel Name
Ch. 707 TV Family
Ch. 709 TV Kids Animation
Ch. 711 Nick Pluto TV
Ch. 712 Nick jr. Pluto TV
Ch. 714 Nick Movies
Ch. 716 Nick Games
Ch. 719 Totally Turtles Nick
Ch. 721 Dora TV Nick
Ch. 726 TV Tween
Ch. 729 TV Kids
Ch. 733 After School Cartoons
Ch. 737  Anime All Ages
Ch. 742 Pocket. watch

Pluto TV Latino Channels List:

Latino streams are now available in Spanish with the rebranding of Pluto TV. The niche category, which launched on an OTT platform this year has been given a makeover and will be known as “Pluto en Español.”

This new edition offers free ad-supported streaming television through Viacom CBS’ owned company EstrellaTV among other channels such as Euro news or Tele Fé Noticias that provide news programming targeted specifically towards Latino audiences

Here’s a rundown of all the Pluto TV Latino Channels, including their channel numbers.

Channel Number  Channel Name
Ch. 754 The Walking Dead espanol
Ch. 756 TV Cine Estelar
Ch. 760 TV Peiculas
Ch. 764 TV cine
Ch. 765 TV cine Accion
Ch. 766 TV cine Terror
Ch. 772 TV Investiga
Ch. 773 Spike Aventura
Ch. 775 Dog El, Caarracompensas
Ch. 776 TV Realities En Espanol
Ch. 777 TV Cocina
Ch. 778 TV mundo
Ch. 779 TV Naturaleza
Ch. 780 TV Novelas
Ch. 782 Telenovelas Clasicas
Ch. 784 Nick Latino
Ch. 785 Nick jr. Latino
Ch. 788 MTV Latino
Ch. 790 Comedy Central Latino
Ch. 792 TV Brasil
Ch. 796 Combate World
Ch. 798 AAA

Pluto TV Gameplay Channels List:

Here’s a list of all the Pluto TV Game Play Channels, along with their channel numbers.

Channel Number  Channel Name
Ch. 816  Gameplay Roblox
Ch. 817 Gameplay Fortnite
Ch. 818 Gameplay Sports
Ch. 819 Gameplay Call of Duty

Pluto TV Music Channels List:

The latest additions to Pluto TV include the legendary 1960s German music program Beat Club, as well as MTV Unplugged, and the legendary 1970s American network show Saturday Night Live. Clubbing TV is one of three new channels launching on the Viacom CBS streaming service, which will span six decades of music history.

Here’s a list of the Pluto TV Music Channels, along with their channel numbers.

Channel Number  Channel Name
Ch. 902 Pluto TV
Ch. 905 Live Music Replay
Ch. 924 MTV Biggest Pop
Ch. 927 TO! MTV
Ch. 930 MTV Spankin’ New
Ch. 934 MTV Block Party
Ch. 945 Vevo Pop
Ch. 952 Main Stage
Ch. 953 City
Ch. 954 RedCup
Ch. 955 The Cross
Ch. 956 Fuego
Ch. 957 70’s
Ch. 958 80’s
Ch. 959 90’s
Ch. 960 y2K
Ch. 961 Dash
Ch. 962 Loud
Ch. 963 Indie
Ch. 964 DoggyStyle
Ch. 965 Electro City
Ch. 966 Discover
Ch. 967 AlterNative
Ch. 969 SuBDustrial
Ch. 970 Euphoria
Ch. 971 The Strip
Ch. 972 ’11’
Ch. 973 Oldies
Ch. 974 Ratpack
Ch. 975 What the Funk!
Ch. 976 The Bridge
Ch. 977 Moonlight
Ch. 978 Pure Soul
Ch. 979 Love
Ch. 980 La Isla
Ch. 981 Reggae King
Ch. 982 Cool

*Note: It’s important to keep in mind that all the Pluto Tv Channels lists are subject to change.


Pluto TV has over 250 channels accessible due to agreements with about 170 content providers, including CNN, Comedy Central, the NFL, Nickelodeon, and A&E.

You won’t be able to add extra channels to Pluto TV. However, as the Internet TV service updates its outstanding collection, new ones will undoubtedly emerge from time to time.

Final Thought:

If you want to cut the cable and stream live television, Pluto TV is the finest solution. Not only do you have a wide range of Pluto TV channels to select from, but you also get to watch whatever you want for nothing.

You must use a top VPN service like ExpressVPN to obtain and install Pluto TV because of the geo-blocking policies and International laws.