How To Get CraveTV free trial in the UK? [Updated Guide 2023]

Get Cravetv Free Trial

Do you enjoy watching movies and shows of varying genres? Then you should signup for a CraveTV free trial. Crave TV is one of the biggest Canadian streaming platforms offering a plethora of the best CraveTV shows, and other entertainment and action content such as CraveTV movies.

So if you have not tried it yet and are a little apprehensive, try Crave TV free trial in UK. Crave TV free trial 2022 is available in UK for users who want to give this platform a shot but with the help of a trusted VPN, as this Canadian-based streaming channel is not accessible without it.

Is CraveTV free trial available in the UK?

The answer is yes; Crave gives only first-time users access to a CraveTV free trial that lasts for 7 days. You need to create a new account with Crave TV in order to qualify for the trial period.

As it is a Canadian platform, one needs a VPN to watch Crave TV in UK.

How to Sign Up for CraveTV to Get a Free Trial in the UK? [Step-by-Step Process]

Because of its locational restrictions, the streaming platform known as CraveTV is only available to users in Canada. It is simple to access CraveTV channels if you have a VPN service and are located in the UK.

If you want to watch CraveTV in the UK while using a VPN, follow these easy steps:

  • Sign up for a reputable virtual private network service such as ExpressVPN.
  • Get the VPN app on your smartphone by downloading it.
  • Utilising your stored passwords, log in to the VPN software.

crave in uk

  • Connect to the server in Canada that ExpressVPN provides. (The server in Toronto comes highly recommended.)
  • Visit the CraveTV homepage and enter your email address.

crave free trial

  • After you have created a password, you may go on by clicking the “Continue” button.
  • Pick the membership plan that suits your needs the best.
  • Provide your payment details.


  • To begin your risk-free trial, choose the “Subscribe” option from the menu.

How Much Does CraveTV Cost After the Free Trial in the UK?

After the duration of your trial version has passed, a specified amount will be deducted from your account in lieu of Crave TV cost. You also have the option to purchase add-ons, such as STARZ. Crave TV Mobile and Crave TV Total are the two different paid services available from Crave.

Crave Mobile

People who watch movies and television programmes on their portable devices, such as smartphones, are the ones who will benefit the most from them. The Crave mobile membership is more affordable, with prices beginning at GBP 6.40+tax/month (7.09USD+tax/month). You also can pay GBP 64 plus tax per year (equivalent to 70.94USD plus tax per year) for a yearly membership.

With this membership, you can only access available material on demand. There is no option to stream or save, and only one user is permitted to view anything from the service at a time.

Crave Total

The Crave Total membership, which has a starting price of GBP 12.81+tax/mo (or 14.20USD+tax per mo), is perfect for families with more than one member. You also can pay for the annual membership, which costs GBP 64 plus tax per year (or 70.94USD plus tax per year in the US). With this Crave TV subscription, you will have access to all of Crave TV’s programming, including both live TV and programmes that can be seen on demand.

You will get access to the highest possible movie definition, streaming to your large screen, and on-demand downloading of your videos anytime. With this membership, you’ll always have access to four different streams.


STARZ is available with an extra fee of GBP 3.84+tax per month (or 4.26USD+tax per month in the US). You also have the option to pay it annually for GBP 38.40 plus tax annually equivalent to 42.56USD plus tax per year). With this add-on, you will get coverage of each of STARZ’s programming, including both live Television and programmes that you can watch whenever you choose.

FAQs – Crave Free Trial in the UK

Crave TV is free for seven days due to its free trial.

No, Crave TV only offers a 7-day free trial.

Yes, you can cancel your Crave TV subscription anytime and continue using it by the end of its billing cycle.

Yes, you can get Crave TV free trial in UK but you will have to log in to a VPN service to access it.


You are now fully informed on how to watch Crave TV in the UK and signup for a Crave TV free trial. The most convenient and risk-free method to watch Crave TV in the UK is through a VPN. Therefore, before using the Crave TV app or going to its official website, you need to ensure that a reliable VPN connection is established with a server located in Canada.