How To Watch and Install STARZ on Firestick or Amazon Fire TV?

Don’t get stuck on the same old channel that you’ve been watching for a long time and the monotonous movies and TV shows they telecast every now and then because there’s so much more to the world that every common man is deprived of.
Let us get you familiar with the STARZ channel which is a subscription-based cable and satellite television network in America possessed by Lions Gate Entertainment. It is one of the best streaming platforms that provide its users with the benefit of TV everywhere they go and also gives out its subscription to users who just want to stream.

Installing Starz play on firestick is just as easy as anything in the world and you don’t need to dwell if you think you don’t have sufficient knowledge on How To Watch and Install STARZ on Firestick or Amazon Fire TV. We are here to drench you with immense knowledge in this guide so hang on there!

How to Sign Up and Download STARZ on Amazon Fire TV?

To have the great advantage of watching STARZ on Amazon Fire TV, follow these steps

  1. Visit this official website of Starz in order to sign up for STARZ.
  2. If you are done signing up, open your Amazon Fire TV and head over to your home screen.
  3. Install the STARZ app on your Amazon Fire TV or click here to install.
  4. Click on Download to install the app.
  5. After that, get logged in with the help of your credentials for STARZ.
  6. Finally, you can easily watch STARZ content on Amazon Fire TV.

How To Install STARZ on Firestick?

In order to Install STARZ on Firestick, you need to follow these steps that will guide you all the way.

  1. From the Firestick home screen, find STARZ with the help of the search engine and click on it.
  2. Tap on the STARZ app
  3. Download the app and wait for it to be installed on your Firestick
  4. Once STARZ has been installed, launch it to your Amazon Fire TV.
  5. Now easily stream all the content available on STARZ!

How To Watch Starz play in UK on Amazon Firestick?

First of all, what you need to do is set up a VPN to sign in to STARZ

As STARZ is a streaming platform based in the US it won’t be available to stream for people residing outside the US territory. So in order to combat that problem, we are going to get access with the help of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
The VPN will change your IP address tricking the STARZ website into thinking that the user trying to get access actually resides in the US.

  1. So, buy a subscription to one of the best VPNs like ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN
  2. Connect yourself to a US-based server.
  3. After that, you will be able to access the STARZ website on your Amazon Firestick!

If that method is not tempting to you we have another one.

Sign up to Starz via Amazon Prime

  1. Open the Amazon App and make an account on that.
  2. Add Stars play as an extra channel that will cost you around £4.99 per month

Keep that in mind, if you choose this method you will have to pay extra on top of your Amazon Prime subscription

What features are available on STARZ?

One Profile Only

STARZ offers only one user profile so that means you cannot make different profiles of every family member, you will have to use one account only.

Parental Controls

STARZ allows you to impose some restrictions and block certain shows and movies that you think don’t seem perfect for children. You will have the ability to set up a pin that will give you all the authority in case any transitions need to be made.

4 devices at the same time

STARZ grants you the awesome opportunity of streaming content available on their platform on 4 different devices at the same time.

Offline Downloads

STARZ allows you to download its entire library of content to watch it later offline.

International Access

Although STARZ won’t be available outside America but anything you download while residing in the US will work just fine.


One of the reasons why people subscribe to STARZ is that you can access their original series such as Power, Outlander, and Vida.

TV shows

Adding on to the priority, it lets you access the entire library of shows that STARZ released previously ensures you can watch series such as Boss, American Gods, Party Down, Miami Vice, The Bernie Mac Show, and Friday Night Lights.


It is one of those streaming platforms which grants you access to newly released movies like Spiderman: Far From Home, Men and Black: International, and Jumanji.


It has a full load of content that kids love to watch such as The Cat in the Hat, Bob the Builder, Inspector Gadget, and My Little Pony.

How Much Is STARZplay in UK?

STARZplay in the UK typically costs £1.99/mo for 6 months with the advantage of streaming it on 4 devices at the same time and downloading whatever content you like to stream it later on offline.


Although we would love anything that is for free, unfortunately, STARZplay is not free with Amazon Prime. To grab on STARZplay subscription with Amazon Prime you will have to pay an extra £4.99 per month.

No, sadly STARZplay movies and shows won’t be available in 4k on Firestick as it isn’t compatible.

You can easily search through the Amazon Prime Channels store and find the STARZ channel over there. You can even get the STARZ channel with the help of your Amazon account. Follow these steps to know how you can get that done.
Open your Amazon Prime Video account and head over to the channels section.
Now tap on Watch With Starz, enter your login credentials, or create a new account.
Open STARZ and start streaming!

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Final Verdict:

STARZ is an awesome streaming platform that serves you a great deal of content library that too with not-so-expensive subscription charges. Hop on to this streaming services UK as it gets pretty repetitive engaging with just one video-on-demand service that can’t even provide you with all the newly released movies and TV shows.

Don’t you worry if you want to stream STARZ on firestick because upon completion of this article you’ll be aware of how to stream Starz play on firestick!