Watch The Circus Season 8 In UK On Showtime 

Watch The Circus Season 8 In UK On Showtime 

Are you curious about politics in America? Do you want to go into detail about America’s current affairs? If so, there is a show coming to your screen for this. Season 8 of The Circus is going to release on February 26, 2023. Showtime is going to air this show. But the channel is American based and has geo-restrictions imposed on it. So if you live in the UK, you must be thinking about how to watch The Circus Season 8 in UK on Showtime.

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THE CIRCUS: INSIDE THE GREATEST POLITICAL SHOW ON EARTH is a real-time documentary based on American political issues. People have praised all the previous seasons a lot and now are expecting a lot from the new season.

Watch The Circus Season 8 in UK on Showtime – [Easy Steps]

To watch The Circus Season 8 in UK on Showtime, there are some very simple steps to follow. These are:

  1. Choose the best VPN. We recommend you go for ExpressVPN.
  2. Download it and install it on your device.
  3. Then you need to sign up and log in there.
  4. Select the server of your desired location and connect to it.
  5. Go to Showtime Website and watch The Circus Season 8 in UK on Showtime.

Where to watch The Circus Season 8 in UK?

Showtime is the original platform to air The Circus Season 8. It will be aired on February 26, 2023. If you are in the USA, you can have direct access to the channel without any sort of restriction. But if you are outside the US, you need to bypass the geographical restraints imposed on the channel. The best way to overcome them is to use a good VPN. So it is suggested to use ExpressVPN to watch The Circus Season 8 in UK on Showtime.

Reading this, you will also get to know how much a Showtime subscription costs in the UK. Before you begin, know that you can get a free trial of Showtime in the UK as well. If you don’t want to continue it you can also cancel your Showtime Subscription as well

When does The Circus Season 8 premiere?

The Circus Season 8 is going to premiere on Sunday, February 26, 2023. You can watch this show on Showtime. If you want to be updated about all the political issues of America, then this show is a must-watch. So mark your calendars and get ready as the date of release is quite near.

What is The Circus Season 8 about?

The Circus is a real-time documentary that is all about the political affairs of America. Usually, people listen to headlines in News and believe them at once that is being shown. But sometimes, there are very intense details behind the curtain. The audience is not aware of the reasons why any issue is being happened and who is involved in it. To make people aware of all these details, The Circus Season 8 is coming to your screens.

The main topics of this show are the Presidential race, the Trump administration, the Presidential elections, and Bidden administration. You will come to know about all the lies spoken by Donald Trump about elections. Moreover, it will also throw light on the domestic agenda of Joe Biden.

The anchors of this show are not biased toward any political party and always stand by the truth. Apart from getting political updates, you would see the amazing performances of many stars in the show. The Circus is going to cover 19 states of the US. All this has been done by the persistent efforts of John Heilemann, Mark McKinnon, and Jenn Palmieri who are going to host the show.

The Circus premiered in January 2016. This unique content was so much liked by people at that time also. From then till now, seven seasons of this show have already been released. After enjoying all these seasons, people are expecting a lot from the 8th season as well. We hope it will be up to the expectations of the people.

Who is in The Circus Season 8 cast?

The cast of The Circus Season 8 is as follows:

John Heilemann Self – Host
Alex Wagner Self – Host
Mark McKinnon Self – Host
Jennifer Palmieri Self – Host
Donald Trump Self
Marco Rubio Self – Florida Senator
Donald Trump Jr. Self
Roger Stone Self
James Carville Self
Chris Christie Self
Mitt Romney Self
Tim Miller Self

How many seasons of The Circus Season 8 are there?

There are 8 seasons of The Circus. Seven of them have been released already featuring 118 episodes. Whereas the 8th season is going to air on February 26, 2023.

Is there a trailer for The Circus Season 8?

Yes, there is a trailer for this show. It has been officially released on YouTube. You must watch it to have an idea of political fluctuations going to reveal in this show.

What Else is Worth Watching on Showtime?

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The Circus Season 8


Season 8 of The Circus is going to premiere on February 26, 2023. Now seven seasons of The Circus have been released. The first season of The Circus was aired in January 2016.

Riptides is the latest episode of The Circus. Riptides are the 16th episode of Season 7.

The Circus has been filmed in the USA.

Wrap Up

To enjoy the brilliant political coverage, The Circus Season 8 is a must-watch. It is going to air on February 26, 2023. It will be aired on Showtime. Apart from politics, this show will entertain you with other unique perspectives as well. To watch The Circus Season 8 in UK on Showtime, ExpressVPN is the most efficient and convenient solution. You just need to download it and enjoy the politics by sitting at home.