How to Watch Vanderpump Rules Season 11 In UK On Peacock [Best Trick]

With the help of a trustworthy VPN service like ExpressVPN, you can bypass geo-restrictions to watch Vanderpump Rules season 11 in UK on Peacock. Brace yourself for a season of jaw-dropping moments as Vanderpump Rules is back with season 11 that you can stream on Peacock TV in UK cable free.

After the successful season 10, Bravo has announced the Vanderpump Rules season 11 release date. The new season airdate on Bravo is 30 Jan, 2024 whereas Vanderpump Rules season 11 premiere date on Peacock is 31st Jan, 2024. Let’s take a look at the quick steps below:

How to Watch Vanderpump Rules Season 11 In UK On Peacock? [5 Easy Steps]

Here are the 5 easy steps to watch Vanderpump Rules season 11 in UK on Peacock with the help of ExpressVPN:

  1. Subscribe a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN on your device.
  3. Connect to a US based server, preferably a New York server.
  4. Open the Peacock TV website, and search for Vanderpump Rules season 11.
  5. Enjoy the show on Peacock in UK!

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Alongside a VPN you will also require a subscription to Peacock TV to watch the show. Explore the Peacock cost options to know how much is Peacock TV in UK and select the plan that suits you the best to enjoy Vanderpump Rules season 11.

Where Can I Watch Vanderpump Rules Season 11 In UK?

To watch Vanderpump Rules season 11 in UK, Peacock TV is the go-to channel. While the Vanderpump Rules season 11 episodes are available on Bravo, we recommend Peacock TV as it’s free of hassle and a cable-free platform.

So, what to watch on Peacock TV in UK? Peacock TV offers almost all genres shows and sports from which you can discover the best options for yourself. Make sure to use ExpressVPN to watch the Peacock TV content in the UK without any limitations.

When Will Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Premiere on Peacock?

Vanderpump rules season 11 premiere date on Peacock TV is 31st Jan, 2024. Subscribe to Peacock TV and use ExpressVPN to avoid geo-restrictions and watch Vanderpump Rules season 11 in UK on Peacock.

How to Watch Vanderpump Rules Season 11 In UK on Peacock For Free?

You can take advantage of Peacock TV free trial to watch Vanderpump Rules season 11 in UK on Peacock for free. Make sure to use ExpressVPN to by pass geo-blocks.

However, Peacock TV’s free trial in UK is limited so you will need a subscription to stream your favorite shows. Apart from using a free trial, you can also take advantage of students deals and promo codes to get Peacock subscription at a discounted price.

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What’s Vanderpump Rules Season 11 About?

Vanderpump Rules is about the lives and dramas of employees at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants and bars in West Hollywood, California.

According to a press release, season 11 of the show will feature the cast attempting to pick up the pieces following a scandal that shocked the tight-knit friend group. They will try to recover from a scandal, rebuild friendships, and start businesses while navigating resentments, forgiveness, and shifting alliances.

Who is in The Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Cast?

A lot of Vanderpump Rules season 11 cast will include the returning cast of the previous season except Raquel Leviss. Here is the returning cast of the show:

Lisa Vanderpump Tom Schwartz
Tom Sandoval Ariana Madix
Katie Maloney Scheana Shay
Lala Kent James Kennedy
Ally Lewber Brock Davies

Check out the official website for Vanderpump rules season 11 cast photos if you are interested.

How Many Episodes are In Vanderpump Rules Season 11?

The new season of Vanderpump Rules will have 2 episodes in total that you can watch on Peacock TV in the UK after its premiere.

Is There any Trailer Of Vanderpump Rules Season 11?

Yes, there is the Vanderpump Rules season 11 trailer which gives a sneak peek into the drama and life of staff working in West Hollywood California.

What Can Fans Expect From Vanderpump Rules Season 11?

Vanderpump Rules season 11 follows the former SURvers as they rebuild friendships, start businesses, and heal from previous relationships after a scandal.

The trailer shows resentments, forgiveness, and shifting alliances as they navigate the lines drawn in the sand while rebuilding friendships and developing their businesses. The former couple struggles with co-existing, especially as some reconnect with Sandoval.

Katie, one half of another former couple, is dealing with a past indiscretion that threatens to disrupt her and Scheana’s friendship and post-divorce relationship with Tom. The drama also extends into Scheana’s relationship.

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 News, Post-Scandal Comebacks and Dynamics With Tom Sandoval

Vanderpump is back with another new season after its successful 10th season that set the reality TV world ablaze. Here are some of the news and scandals of the season:

  • Raquel Leviss left the show after the scandal between her and Tom Sandoval.
  • Ariana Madix ended her decade-long relationship amid the affair.
  • Lisa Vanderpump took the role of Peacemaker.
  • Season 10 was nominated for the Emmy Nomination for the first time.
  • The group was part of the biggest headlines because of Ariana and Tom’s legal fight over the house.

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Watch Vanderpump Rules Season 11 In UK On Peacock with ExpressVPN

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Vanderpump Rules Season 11

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You can watch Vanderpump Rules season 11 in the UK on Peacock TV with the help of ExpressVPN.

No, but you can watch Vanderpump rules in the UK on Peacock TV using ExpressVPN.

Vanderpump has a total of 11 seasons with 10 complete seasons and season 11 on the way.

No, Raquel has left the series after the scandal between her and Tom Sandoval.

Yes, Jax Taylor the bad boy of Vanderpump rules will be back for season 11.

Wrap Up!

In summary, to watch Vanderpump Rules season 11 in UK on Peacock you will need a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN to overcome geographical restrictions and access Peacock TV in the UK.

You can follow the instructions provided in the guide above to learn how to access Peacock TV using ExpressVPN and enjoy your favorite shows and series.