Paramount Plus Free Trial: All You Need To Know In 2023

Formerly called CBS All Access, Paramount Plus UK is home to exclusive originals and nail-biting thrillers. This rebranding attempt also suggests that the platform isn’t starting from scratch. So, with all that there’s to binge watch here—viewers are left hanging with one question: Is there a Paramount Plus free trial in 2023?

Paramount+ sure has much to offer, but with so much on the block (Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming sites), viewers are quick to look around for a Paramount Plus free trial. 

Paramount Plus does come with a 7-day free trial to cut to the chase, unlike many other streaming services. Ahead you’ll find all the recent deals that you shouldn’t miss out on and some FAQs

 Is There a Paramount Plus Free Trial in 2023?

As of now, Paramount Plus offers an absolutely-free 7-day trial that can be availed through two sources. You can either go to the official website of Paramount Plus or add it to your Amazon Prime plan (only possible if you’re an active subscriber). 

The platform also offers a bundle package at $11.99/month that saves up to 28% and lets viewers access Showtime alongside Paramount Plus. 

Paramount Plus has a history of introducing generous free trials that lasted up to 30 days and even some promo codes to benefit viewers further. Therefore, it’s best to search around for any promo codes, discounts, or tempting offers that might save you some pounds.

How to Get a Paramount Plus Free Trial?

It’s pretty straightforward to get started with the Paramount Plus free trial. To start your free trial, do this: 

  •       Visit the Paramount Plus official website. 
  •       Click on Try it free

  •       Hit Continue to proceed.

  •       Choose a plan.

Note: You can either go for the Essential, limited ads plan with a monthly price of $4.99, or Premium, which is a no-ad plan for a monthly price of $9.99.  

  •       Enter the required information to create an account and select a payment method.

  •       Start streaming Paramount+ originals on your free trial. 

What are Paramount Plus Current Deals?

Despite being a cord-cutter, we all love keeping our monthly outgoings down—and Paramount Plus’ current deals ensure we keep our finances in check. 

Currently, you can bundle Showtime with Paramount Plus and make the most out of these streaming platforms at a price of $19.99. Also, their current pricing plans let you save 16% on both the Essential and Premium annual plans. Please note that you can only access the annual plans through the official Paramount Plus website. 

How to Sign Up for Amazon’s Paramount Plus Free Trial?

Here’s how to get started with Amazon’s Paramount Plus free trial.

  •       Visit the Amazon Prime Video’s Paramount+ website. 
  •       Select Start your free trials.

  •       Use your credentials to log into Amazon.

  •       Opt for a plan that works for you. 

Important: Limited commercial plans are available at $5.99/month, while the premium plan comes at $9.99/month. You’re charged the subscription rate once your free trial ends. 

1.        Start watching!

What Shows are on Paramount Plus?

This streaming platform has more than enough to offer, from old favourites to critically-acclaimed shows and reality series. Here’s a compilation of the shows you can enjoy during your Paramount Plus free trial. 

  1.       66th Grammys
  2.       Discovery
  3.       Survivor (Season 44)
  4.       Picard
  5.        Lingo 
  6.       Flashdance
  7.       Love Story 
  8.       NCIS Crossover Event
  9.       The Man Who Fell to Earth
  10.       The Parallax View
  11.       Are you the One
  12.       Mayor of Kingstown
  13.       The Game 
  14.       Criminal Minds 
  15.       Wolf Pack
  16.       Lower Decks


Paramount+ is a hub of over 30,000+ episodes and movies from Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., MTV, CBS Comedy Central, live events, and a ton of Paramount Plus exclusive content like Teen Wolf: The Movie.

It’s because you signed up for the free trial and forgot to cancel it by the last day of your trial period. Once the Paramount Plus free trial ends, you’re automatically charged as per the monthly subscription rate you selected while signing up.

Yes, you can cancel the Paramount Plus free trial by going to the Subscriptions page on Google Play Store or and cancel your subscription from there.

Our Final Take

Now that you’re at the end, we hope this article helped you understand the Paramount Plus free trial, some relevant FAQs, and what you’ll be getting from the price you pay monthly. Safe to say, Paramount Plus is available on all major platforms and has an extensive library making it a great pick. 

If there’s more you’re concerned with, drop down a comment!