Is Optus Sport free trial available? What does the service offer at its Basic tier?

Optus Sport Free Trial

Are you looking for a way to obtain an Optus Sport free trial in UK? Sadly, the 14-day free trial that Optus Sport provided is no longer available. Before August 2022, Optus customers had free access to Optus Sport, but that service has since been withdrawn.

However, you may register for a free Optus Sport account and access a small selection of materials, such as Optus Sport Fitness and football highlights. The 2022 Women’s FA Cup final and the UEFA Women’s Euro Final are two rare examples of live games that Optus Sport offers for free.

Optus Sport is a streaming service that broadcasts sporting events in Australia. Users from that country can easily watch events from the English Premier League, the Europa League, and a great many other sporting events. For those interested in football, it is a strong competitor in the field of sports streaming.

The platform provides coverage of the most prominent football championships and enables users to experience live broadcasts of all games of the current season of the English Premier League, all of which can be accessed through an aesthetically pleasing app. In the end, access to live games and other material requires a membership.

Let’s explore more if we can get Optus Sport Free Trial in UK.

How To Enjoy Optus Sport Free Trial in UK [Simple Guide]

It is essential to note that the Optus Sport free trial is no longer available, but you can still enjoy some highlights and old sports on Optus Sport. Please proceed with these three steps:

  1. Visit the Optus Sport website or download the Optus Sport.
  2. After creating your account with Optus Sport, select whether you want to pay on a monthly or annual basis.
  3. Get started watching football online with Optus Sport!


As a geo-restricted service, Optus Sport can only legally provide its content to Australian residents. As a result, the service is not available in the United Kingdom. Because of this limitation, customers cannot log in to Optus Sport. If you are located in UK and want to access Optus Sport in UK, you will need to subscribe to a paid VPN service (ExpressVPN is recommended) that has servers in Australia in order to circumvent this restriction.

Optus Sport Plans and Pricing in UK

Once you have downloaded the app and signed up for it, you will be able to purchase an Optus Sport ticket for the price of £12.96 ($14.99) per month.

Those of you who do not already have such a package may be interested in learning more about the Optus Sport cost. You may tackle this problem from one of two different angles. To begin, there is a plan that costs £21.60 ($24.99) a month and can be cancelled at any moment. You are allowed to register the Optus Sport app on a maximum of four different devices by utilizing this function. You will, however, be restricted to viewing only a single video at a time.

If you want to save some money over the course of a season, you might consider purchasing the annual membership to Optus Sport for a one-time payment of £172 ($199). This will save you around £86.43 ($100) over the course of the season. You can register up to four devices at the same time with this option, even though you can only watch content on a single device.

Optus subscribers who are eligible can purchase a membership to Optus Sport for the low monthly price of £6.04 ($6.99). This was free in the past, but a price increase that was announced in May 2022 meant that this benefit would no longer be available. Optus SubHub, the company’s platform for managing subscriptions, is used to handle the maintenance of the Optus Sport subscription for users of Optus who do not have prepaid services.

On all Optus Prepaid Mobile plans, the Optus Sport Prepaid Mobile Add-On may be purchased for £43.22 ($12) per month (excluding Prepaid Mobile Broadband and Coles Prepaid). A 28-day Optus Sport Prepaid Mobile Add-On is valid.

Optus Sport features

The Optus Sport package includes a few additional features. First things first, you can also watch football-related programmes, news, and replays online with Optus. Fans have access to the same kind of connected information that they would find on other web platforms, but they can get it all in one location thanks to these alternatives.

The following association football tournaments and leagues are presently provided by the service:

  • Premier League
  • European qualifiers
  • UEFA EURO 2024
  • 2023 Women’s World Cup
  • Selected international friendlies played in Europe by UEFA teams
  • UEFA Nations League
  • FA Women’s Super League
  • J League
  • La Liga

The mini matches offered by Optus are undeniably one of the service’s most alluring selling points. There is a package that may cater to your requirements, whether it be three minutes long (which they refer to as Quick), nine minutes long (Short), twenty-five minutes long (Mini), forty-five minutes long (Mega), or ninety minutes long (Full). A mechanism that prevents users from viewing spoilers can also be helpful, but only if social media is avoided.

In addition, Optus Sport provided coverage of the most recent European World Cup qualifications and will continue to do so for the 2026 qualifiers. In point of fact, Optus Sport issued a press statement in June of 2022, claiming that over the course of the subsequent four years, it would broadcast more than 1,000 matches featuring the best national teams in Europe. In addition to this, the Women’s World Cup 2023 will be held in Australia. This event will take place in 2023. It was revealed in June 2022 that they secured the rights to La Liga, which is the highest level of professional football played in Spain, for a number of years.

Furthermore, Optus is currently available on a wide variety of devices, and as a result, all of its customers may use its services regardless of whether they are at home or away from it. Their shows are accessible through iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as tablets. Casting content to a television using Google Chromecast is also possible using these mobile devices. Web browsers, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Fetch TV, and Apple computers and Windows computers are some of the various platforms that allow streaming.

Last but not least, subscribers get access to additional features such as the ability to view classic matches and watch exclusive documentaries.

FAQs – Optus Sport Free Trial

No, they don’t have an Optus Sport free trial in UK  but do have a completely free tier of access that you can enjoy with limited access. However, you will require a virtual private network (VPN) connection in order to view Optus Sport UK. We recommend that you sign up for ExpressVPN

A monthly subscription to Optus Sport may be purchased for £6.04 ($6.99) using Optus SubHub (subscription management platform) by qualified users to receive services from Optus. At this price, you save more than 70% off the regular retail price of £21.60 ($24.99) a month.

Yes, you can get Optus Sports for 1 month in UK. A membership to Optus Sport can be obtained by visiting the website of Optus Sport, making a purchase in the App Store, or making a purchase in the Google Play store. A direct subscription to Optus Sport may be purchased for £21.60 ($24.99) per month or for £172 ($199) for an annual fee, both of which are only accessible through the Optus Sport website.

You can watch the finest football in the world thanks to Optus Sport app. You will get access to hundreds of international matches over the next four years, in addition to having unique access to every single match of the Premier League, J-League, Women’s World Cup 2023, LaLiga, Women’s Super League, and UEFA Euro 2024.

Optus Sport free trial – Conclusion

Finally, this article has shed light on the fact that there is no Optus Sport free trial available. Because it is among the most prominent and successful sports streaming providers, availing of its package is a good deal to get access to multiple sporting games for around £12.96 ($14.99) per month, especially if you are a fan of football because it allows you to see all the games at once.

In addition to tuning in using a computer, subscribers may watch on a larger screen using certain Samsung and LG smart TVs, the Xbox, Fetch TV, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, or Chromecast, as well as other supported streaming media players.