Top 10 All-Time Comedies on Netflix Right Now Full Pack of Pure Entertainment [Updated 2023]

Is adulting exhausting to keep up with because of the consistent inflation and never-ending pandemic? Does the state of the world make you want to quit everything and cuddle up on a couch with a feel-good movie?
We know our readers hold high expectations from us to give them the best recommendations of films that will excite them, and we understand that a wholesome rom-com is the perfect solution to adulting blues. So please scroll through the list for this excellent list of comedy movies on Netflix we can guarantee you will enjoy!

St. Vincent (2014)


Director: Theodore Melfi
Writer: Theodore Melfi
Cast: Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts
Run time: 1 hr 43 min
IMDB: 6/10

Oliver feels like he doesn’t wholly belong anywhere as he keeps lugging his suitcase from New York to Wisconsin to live with his parents for three weeks as they are divorced. One Friday night, while staying with his dad, he suddenly gets an emergency business call and calls up a babysitter to take care of Oliver for two hours.

The babysitter is Vincent, a retired war veteran who lives next door and needs a job since he lost his savings from his alcohol addiction and has completely cut off contact with his sons. When Oliver and Vincent start spending time together, they help each other adjust to the changes they are undergoing in their life and learn that a door closed doesn’t mean that opportunities are over.

Stripes (1981)


Director: Ivan Reitman
Writer: Len Blum, Daniel Goldberg, Harold Ramis
Cast: Bill Murray, Daniel Goldberg, Harold Ramis
Duration: 1 hr 46 min
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10
Russell and John are dissatisfied with their unfulfilling employment and envious of their pals, who often have lucrative careers and travel. The two decide to enlist in the army to change their way of life.

Bill Murray is a well-known actor whose movies have won praise from critics. This movie has also gotten high praise from movie bloggers, who placed it on their list of Netflix comedies they think everyone should watch.

The Other Guys (2010)

The Other Guys

Director: Adam Mckay
Writer: Adam Mckay, Chris Henchy
Cast: Will Ferell, Mark Wahlberg, Derek Jeter
Running time: 1 hr 47 min
IMDB: 6.6/10

Terry and Allen go back to working as office clerks who complete paperwork. In contrast, other investigators go on risky excursions because they cannot advance in their careers as police detectives.

By working together to look into a shady businessman who has links to multiple killings, they decide to turn their lives around. By solving this case, they want to establish themselves as New York’s top investigators.

Road Trip (2000)

Road Trip

Director: Todd Philips
Writer: Todd Phillips, Scott Armstrong
Cast: Breckin Meyer, Sean William Scott, Amy Smart
Running time: 1 hr 33 min
IMDB: 6.4/10

When they discover they had unintentionally shared a pornographic video of one of their pals with a female colleague, a group of college mates decides to embark on a road trip. Brian, Bruno, Anderson, William, and David are all coming together for the weekend after seven long years since they were last together in college to celebrate David getting married to his childhood crush, Selena.

But things go immediately upside down when during a drunken karaoke session, William sends a picture of his naked body to August, his rival at work and someone he secretly harbors feelings for.

Due Date (2010)

Due Date

Director: Todd Phillips
Writer: Alan R. Cohen, Alan Freedland, Adam Sktykiel
Cast: Robert Downey Jr, Zach Galifianakis, Michelle Monaghan
Running time: 1 hr 35 min
IMDB: 6.4/10

When a workaholic father travels across the country for business meetings, his wife informs him that she will give birth. He needs to set things right to rebuild his relationship with his family.
To make it to the birth of his child on time, David decides to take a ride with a failing actor. The two partners discover a lot in common as they travel across three states to make it to their aspired destinations on time.

Just Go With It (2011)

Just Go With It

Director: Dennis Dugan
Writer: Allan Loeb, Timothy Dowling, I.A.L. Diamond
Cast: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker
Running time: 1 hr 20 min
IMDB: 5/10

Darren Edwards is a famous plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, and he is known for his phobia of commitment and marriage by refusing to date someone for longer than three weeks. When his long-time college fling Andrea reaches out to him to catch up, he suddenly feels embarrassed to realize that she has already built up a family and he hasn’t, so he lies and says he is already married.

When Andrea convinces him to go on a vacation where Darren could bring his wife along, Darren has to quickly decide whom to select as he pretend wife. He asks his assistant Carolina, who has worked with him since he started his career, to pretend to be his wife only for this time. On vacation, things are going smooth, and everyone keeps commenting on how Darren and Carolina make a good couple; the situation is further complicated when Darren begins falling for Carolina.

My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

My Best Friend's Wedding

Director: P.J Hogan
Writer: Ronald Bass
Cast: Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Dermot Mulroney
Running time: 1 hr 45 min
IMDB: 6/10

Rachel and Andrew were friends with benefits in college, and after a horrible breakup, the two decided that they were better off as best friends. But they also make a pact that they will get married if neither of them falls in love by the time they are 30. Fast forward to Rachel becoming a well-known food critic in New York when she learns that her friend has found love and is going to be married. After realizing she loves Andrew, Rachel returns to her hometown to end the wedding.

Beerfest (2006)


Director: Jay Chandrasekhar
Writer: Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme
Cast: Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme
Running time: 1 hr 33 min
IMDB: 7/10

After their grandfather passed away at the age of 90, the brothers Jan and Todd set out for Munich to visit Oktoberfest and spread his ashes upon the ground where the “Beer Sport” contest takes place, as per his final will.

The “Beer Games,” a sport where the team that consumes the most beer during a match wins a million dollars, are there when they arrive at the festival. The two brothers decide to enter the competition shortly after forming a team.

Fun With Dick And Jane (2005)

Fun With Dick And Jane

Director: Dean Parisot
Writer: Nicholas Stoller; Judd Apatow; Gerald Gaiser
Cast: Téa Leoni, Jim Carrey, Alec Baldwin
Running time: 1h 30m
IMDB: 6.1/10

Dick and Jane Harper unexpectedly struggle to pay their payments after losing their media company. To make a proper living, they have to sell their twelve-acre mansion to move into a run-down motel and begin to sell their furniture and homes.

When Jane is quick and intelligent enough to steal a woman’s purse so she and her husband can have a nice dinner, she realizes there are more innovative ways of making money. Then both she and Dick begin a series of burglaries across homes to make money faster and receive a loan to start a new business.

Grown Ups (2010)

Grown Ups

Director: Dennis Dugan
Writer: Adam Sandler, Fred Wolf
Cast: Adam Sandler, Salma Hayek, Maya Rudolph, Kevin James
Running time: 1 hr 20 min
IMDB: 8/10

In high school, Edward, John, Michael, and Samuel were all on the same basketball team and were great friends. However, they lose touch after graduating and moving on to their careers and marriages.

The five buddies reunite for their basketball coach’s funeral 20 years after they learn of his passing. On the Fourth of July, they plan to bring their families together for a vacation at a resort where they can reconnect over their shared childhood experiences and have a memorable weekend.

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Netflix has overcome every other streaming app to be declared one of the most popular streaming platforms of the decade, mostly in regards to how it has single-handedly revived the rom-com genre once more. From popular Korean dramas like “Business Proposal”, “Her Private Life”, and even the famous trilogy “To all the boys I’ve loved before”, Netflix knows that its audience wants a wholesome love story with a comedic sense and is feeding our thirst.

This list of excellent comedy movies on Netflix is a hilarious mix of comedy, drama and romance that will lift up your spirits and put a smile on your face. Happy watching!