10 Best Crime Movies on Netflix right now

Most of us enjoy watching crime films because they are interesting and suspenseful. Until the criminals are caught, it’s impossible to put down a crime novel or turn off a crime movie. An intense rush, thrill, and temporary break from reality are all provided by the 10 best crime movies on Netflix right now.

The finest Amazon Prime crime films immerse us in a new universe and take us on an incredible journey..” Are you looking for the top 10 best crime movies on Netflix right now? We’ve compiled a list to keep you engaged.

The following is a list of the ten best crime movies on Netflix right now.

Mirage: 2019

Director: Oriol Paulo
Writer: Lara Sendim, Oriol Paulo
Cast: Chino Darín, Nora Navas, Adriana Ugarte
IMDB: (7.4/10)
Runtime: 2h:8m

Cindy and Parag agree to meet so that they may fulfill one other’s emotional needs. However, things quickly take an unsettling turn.

Mirage blends a murder mystery with Vera’s time-travel, alternate-universe narrative, a happily married lady who moves into a new home with her husband, David, and their little daughter, Gloria. Vera, who is now a nurse, dropped out of med school to parent her kid.

Forgotten: 2017

Director: Hang-jun Jang
Writer: Hang-jun Jang
Cast: Mu-Yeol Kim, Kang Ha-neul, Lee Soon-won
IMDB: (7.4/10)
Runtime: 1h:49m

Jin-Seok pursues the truth behind his kidnapped brother’s unusual abduction after returning, apparently a changed man with no recollection of the previous 19 days.

Jin-Seok, a young guy, relocates with his parents and elder brother Yoo-Seok to a new home. Jin-Seok notices that something is wrong with their new house. He watches Yoo-Seok being abducted and carried into a vehicle one rainy night. Yoo-Seok returns after a nineteen-day absence.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie: 2019

Director: Vince Gilligan
Writer: Vince Gilligan
Cast: Matt Jones, Todd Terry, Aaron Paul
IMDB: (7.3/10)
Runtime: 2h:2m

Jesse Pinkman, who just escaped prison, must confront his past if he is to have any hope of a brighter future. Tod’s uncle Jack tortured and enslaved Jesse for years until Mr. White freed him, and now Jesse must face the ghosts of his past. Ed Galbraith, Saul Goodman’s hoover guy, is his sole chance of escaping a police search.

You may get a new identity and a new beginning from the right person for the appropriate price. While trying to raise money for a “new dust filter for his Hoover MaxExtract PressurePro model,” Jesse is in a race against time with the support of his team.
The film’s theme is one of self-improvement, yet there are also scenes of brutal realism.

The Devil All The Time: 2020

Director: Antonio Campos
Writer: Paulo Campos, Antonio Campos, Donald Ray Pollock
Cast: Tom Holland, Haley Bennett, Bill Skarsgård
IMDB: (7.1/10)
Runtime: 2h:18m

An unholy preacher, a sick couple, and a crooked sheriff all converge around Arvin Russell as he confronts the evil forces threatening him and his family in the backwoods of Ohio and its bordering states.

While “The Devil All The Time” is set during World War II, Antonio Campos’ film shows a fascinating and horrifying environment pitting the righteous against the wicked. This movie is full of crime, drama, and thrill.

The Platform: 2019

Director: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia
Writer: Pedro Rivero, David Desola
Cast: Antonia San Juan, Ivan Massagué, Alexandra Masangkay
IMDB: (7/10)
Runtime: 1h:34m

The movie revolves around a strange place, a prison that can’t be described, and a deep hole whose many levels are unknown. Two people live on each floor. A platform that went down and had food for everyone on it. It is a cruel fight for survival but also a chance to work together.

Goreng awakens in a section of The Hole, a location where food is transported down using The Platform.

People beneath get less when those above grow greedy and consume everything they want. Goreng learns from his inmates that the people beneath may go insane and lose their sanity, leading to violent cannibalism, so he begins to devise a strategy for The Hole’s occupants.

Calibre: 2018

Director: Matt Palmer
Writer: Matt Palmer
Cast: Ian Pirie, Jack Lowden, Jack Lowden
IMDB: (6.8/10)
Runtime: 1h:41m

Vaughn and Marcus, who have known each other since they were children, go on a hunting expedition together in a remote region of the Scottish Highlands. The dynamic duo is put to the ultimate test when they are placed in an exciting circumstance for which none of them could have been ready.

I Am Thinking Of Ending Things: 2020

Director: Charlie Kaufman
Writer: Iain Reid, Charlie Kaufman
Cast: Jessie Buckley, Jesse Plemons, Guy Boyd,
IMDB: (6.7/10)
Runtime: 2h:14m

In light of her doubts, a young girl travels on a road trip with her new boyfriend to visit his family farm, even though she has reservations about their relationship.

She begins to question everything she ever knew about Jake, herself, and the world when she and Jake’s parents become stranded on the farm during a snowstorm. A study of longing, remorse, and the frailty of human character.

I Am Mother: 2019

Director: Grant Sputore
Writer: Grant Sputore, Michael Lloyd Green
Cast: Hazel Sanders, Rose Byrne, Luke Hawker
IMDB: (6.7/10)
Runtime: 1h:55m

Mother, a robot designed to repopulate the earth, raises a teenage girl underground. Everything the young girl knows about her life is turned upside down when a mysterious woman soaked in blood arrives.

The best type of mystery in a film is when you can uncover the clues alongside our characters, and I Am Mother takes you on that journey. The film doesn’t waste any time immersing you in the story and allowing you to figure things out as the characters do. I Am Mother immediately creates a strange and tense atmosphere.

The Crimes That Bind: 2020

Director: Sebastián Schindel
Writer: Sebastián Schindel, Pablo Del Teso
Cast: Sofía Gala Castiglione, Cecilia Roth, Benjamín Amadeo
IMDB: (6.7/10)
Runtime: 1h:39m

Alicia is a mother whose son has been arrested and sent to prison on allegations of raping and attempting to murder his former wife. Alicia is confident that her son did not commit the crime, so she decides to defend him in court.

However, the wife offers a different account of what happened. But then something occurs with the housekeeper that causes them to look at the situation in a completely new light.

Pandora: 2016

Director: Jong-woo Park, Jeong-woo Park
Writer: Jong-woo Park, Jeong-woo Park
Cast: Do-bin Baek, Sung-Wook Eo, Dae Kyung Ahn
IMDB: (6.6/10)
Runtime: 2h:16m

Jae-Hyeok lives in a tiny Korean village with his sister-in-law, mother, and nephew; he works at a nearby nuclear power plant and is dating Yeon-Joo. Pyung-Sub, on the other hand, works at the same nuclear power facility.

He is concerned about the situation there, but no one in the government pays attention to him. An earthquake hits Jae-little Hyeok’s village, causing blasts at the nuclear power station. The situation swiftly gets out of control, causing massive terror throughout the country. Jae-Hyeok and his coworkers return to the nuclear power plant to prevent another nuclear accident.

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