Does ExpressVPN work with HBO Max in UK in 2024

Keen to know does ExpressVPN work with HBO Max in UK? Yes, ExpressVPN does really support HBO Max.

The best scenario for safely streaming high-quality video content on HBO Max is ExpressVPN, which offers servers that have been completely optimized. Watching HBO Max is simple with ExpressVPN.

HBO Max offers over 2,000 movies and more than 580 TV episodes for streaming. You can watch The Last of Us, the most anticipated show of 2024. Furthermore, HBO Max and Discovery Plus are evolving into Max, a rebranded streaming platform that unites their content libraries, providing viewers with an abundance of entertainment options.

However, due to geo-restrictions, HBO Max is only accessible in the US. To get a US IP address and get around these geo-restrictions and watch HBO Max, you may easily use any of ExpressVPN servers located in 23 major US cities to circumvent does ExpressVPN work with Max in UK question.

How to Watch HBO Max with ExpressVPN in UK? [Easy Guide]

The best VPN for HBO Max is ExpressVPN because it bypasses geo-restrictions worldwide.

  1. Get ExpressVPN since it has US servers that are suitable for streaming.
  2. Get the VPN App for your smartphone, then install it.
  3. Link up with one of the US servers (Recommended: New York server).
  4. Visit the HBO Max website now.

With these steps, does ExpressVPN work with Max in UK no more remains a question for you.

Watch HBO Max with ExpressVPNRisk-Free 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Why does HBO Max block ExpressVPN in UK?

Due to various licensing laws, HBO Max is presently only accessible from the United States and a few countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The streaming provider can find your location by locating the IP address that your local ISP (internet service provider) assigns you when you watch HBO Max.

As a result, HBO Max will display the following geo-blocked error notice to anyone with a non-US IP address:


HBO Max geo-restriction error in UK

All you need to solve this problem and gain access to HBO Max from anywhere is a US IP address, which a virtual private network can only provide (VPN).

Therefore, you must get a VPN service like ExpressVPN, one of the best in the business, with robust encryption and cutting-edge geo-blocking bypass methods.

HBO Max’s geo-restrictions may be simply gotten around with ExpressVPN, which also offers unlimited bandwidth for uninterrupted, buffer-free streaming on five devices at once.

ExpressVPN is swift as well. Our ExpressVPN speed tests reveal that this VPN can deliver download and upload rates of up to 80+ Mbps over a 100 Mbps connection.

How much is HBO Max? Surely new users thought of this question who have not yet joined HBO. If you are not a subscriber, get your subscription now. In addition, if you subscribe to either Hulu or Amazon Prime, you’ll get an HBO Max free trial for a week at no additional cost.

What makes ExpressVPN HBO Max the Best solution for Streaming in UK?

Since ExpressVPN has US servers available in 23 different locations, it is undoubtedly the best HBO Max VPN. In addition to the number of US servers, it offers buffer-free streaming and a MediaStreamer function to improve your streaming experience.


Watch HBO Max in UK with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers Upto Five Simultaneous Connections

ExpressVPN allows five simultaneous device connectivity on a single account. Although there is no restriction on how many Apps can be installed on a smartphone, only five devices can be connected at once.

This implies that setting up ExpressVPN and simultaneously streaming HBO Max on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux devices is simple.

ExpressVPN offers Blazing Speed

ExpressVPN US servers were tested, and the results surprised us. The test results showed an upload speed of 84.64 Mbps and a download speed of 89.42 Mbps, which is sufficient for HBO Max’s high-definition streaming. And makes you forget about does ExpressVPN work with HBO Max in UK?


ExpressVPN speed test

ExpressVPN offers a Limitless Amount of Bandwidth

Having numerous servers in the US is insufficient by itself. To watch your favorite HBO Max TV episodes and movies in 4K Ultra HD and Ultra HD video quality, ExpressVPN also includes unlimited bandwidth on all of its membership plans.

ExpressVPN offers Smart DNS service for HBO Max

Another advantage that ExpressVPN has over other VPN service providers is that it provides a Smart DNS solution under the name “ExpressVPN MediaStreamer.”

With HBO Max, ExpressVPN MediaStreamer works incredibly well. Users can stream HBO Max on non-VPN compatible devices like Roku, PlayStation, and Smart TV from any location using the MediaStreamer feature.

You’ll be happy to learn that HBO Max has been a part of the media streamer’s library ever since it was initially made available to the general public. To stream top-notch content, get HBO Max for Apple TV.

Watch HBO Max with ExpressVPNRisk-Free 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

How to Fix HBO Max not working with ExpressVPN?

Your IP address of HBO Max VPN was detected and blacklisted by HBO Max if you have been using ExpressVPN but now find yourself confronted with a proxy error.

Try these easy ways to access HBO Max even if your temporary IP address has been restricted.

1. Clear Cookies & Cache

The best place to start when trying to fix the HBO Max proxy problem is by clearing the cookies and cache on your computer or browser.

Websites may have asked you to accept cookies. Cookies improve internet experiences, but occasionally they backfire by giving HBO Max access to your actual location, leading to a proxy issue.

As a result, try clearing your browser’s and device’s cache and reconnecting to HBO Max.

Here’s how to delete cookies and cache.

  1. Click the Menu option in your browser after it has opened.
  2. Choose More Tools from the menu.
  3. Select “Clear Browsing Data” from the menu.
  4. Select the Remove Data option to now clear the cache and cookies.

2. Switch to a Different ExpressVPN Server

HBO Max could not function due to proxy-detection bots identifying and blocking the temporary IP that ExpressVPN provided you.

The good news is that only the given IPs, not the entire VPN provider, can be blocked by HBO Max. The best course of action is to change to a different server from ExpressVPN’s list of available servers.

If HBO Max isn’t blocked, you get a new IP address when you switch servers that enables you to access the service.

Changing the ExpressVPN server is outlined here.

  1. Your server connection for accessing HBO Max should be reset.
  2. Choose any additional US server from ExpressVPN‘s list of servers.
  3. Try connecting to your chosen US server and watching HBO Max.

3. Get Updated ExpressVPN

On mobile devices, ExpressVPN updates itself automatically. However, a manual update is required for the desktop App. The older version of the software occasionally performs below par and is unable to unblock HBO Max.

In that scenario, there’s no need to worry about updating ExpressVPN because it’s a simple procedure.

  1. Just tap to launch the ExpressVPN App.
  2. Push the “Update” notification button.
  3. After moving to the download page, click the Download Now option.
  4. You’ll get the latest ExpressVPN for HBO Max in a few seconds.

Has HBO Max rebranded itself in 2023? HBO Max and Discovery Plus merger answered

Yes, HBO Max has embraced a new identity as Max in 2023, reflecting its dedication to innovation and providing viewers with an immersive streaming experience.


Yes, HBO Max works well with ExpressVPN’s dependable US servers. It ensures trouble-free streaming without putting your online anonymity at danger.

Yes, your VPN connection can be blocked at times when using HBO Go. If, on the other hand, you go with a reputable VPN service provider, all you’ll need to do to fix the problem is reconnect to a new server in the same geographic region.

ExpressVPN is a remarkably flexible service that exceeds most of its competitors in terms of speed and ease of access to HBO content. We still believe it’s a great option for people who don’t mind spending a little bit more money each month because it’s strong on privacy as well.

Ultimately, ExpressVPN is a superior choice. It is nearly as quick, offers a larger selection of servers, and gives you more control over your security configuration than NordVPN does. Because of its powerful unblocking capabilities and dedicated IP address option, it’s a good alternative for streaming as well.

You have the opportunity to test out ExpressVPN and NordVPN for yourself thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantees that both services provide. You will be secure in whichever of these VPN services you select.

ExpressVPN is the most reliable virtual private network (VPN) service for streaming HBO Max whether you’re on the go. It has easy access to a variety of streaming services, such as HBO Max, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and others. In addition to this, you are ensured to have a buffer-free experience while yet enjoying the highest possible level of safety.

Through a strategic alliance, HBO Max and Discovery Plus have merged their streaming services into Max, an all-encompassing platform that combines their content libraries, offering viewers an expansive collection of entertainment options. Existing users will seamlessly enjoy the benefits of Max.


HBO Max is a streaming platform that is only accessible in the United States and a few other countries due to its geo-restriction. Because of this, gaining access to HBO Max when traveling outside of the US can be a challenge.

In this article, we have provided a quick fix to your question, “Does ExpressVPN work with HBO Max in UK”? ExpressVPN is a solution that has been tried and tested to overcome the persistent geo-block, and it is available to users today. The use of this VPN service enables users in any area of the world to stream content from HBO Max in 4K quality.

Therefore, the ultimate combo of ExpressVPN and Max is a safe bet if you follow the steps and want to catch up on The Climb, Doctor Who, and other top seasons.