How much does HAYU Cost in the UK?

Not finding enough reality TV on streaming services like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix? Hayu (which is pronounced ‘hey-you’) can be the solution to all of your troubles. This platform has everything, whether you want to binge-watch one of the various Real Housewives series, spend time on all the craziness in Keeping Up With the Kardashians, or enjoy a glimpse inside the lives of celebrities, like with Paris in Love. You can go through our list of the best shows on Hayu.

The question is, how much does it cost? How will you be able to access it? And for those who are obsessed with reality TV, is it really worth it? Everything you need to learn about Hayu is included in this article.

How much does Hayu Cost in the UK?

Hayu cost per month is less because its content library is mainly based on reality television shows, unlike most other streaming platforms. For instance, if you subscribe to this NBC Universal streaming service, you will have to pay around £4.99 each month to stream Hayu in the UK.

Currently, the video-streaming platform Hayu offers three streaming plans to its subscribers. You can opt for either a monthly, six-month, or yearly package.

The prices also vary with the plans, such as the platform charging £4.99 for a 30-day plan. And you will have to pay £23.99 for a six-month package. If you want to save more money, you can also choose a yearly plan that will cost you around £43.99.

Before subscribing to any of the above three plans, you can check the content available on Hayu by using its 7-day free trial feature. The good news is that no contract binds you on this platform, so you can easily end your Hayu subscription anytime you want.

How Does Hayu Pricing Compare to Other Streaming Services?

Sometimes, choosing which streaming service better suits your entertainment needs is difficult. Many streaming platforms in the UK are producing quality content so that they do not end up losing their subscribers to their competitors. Let’s see how these streaming giants differ from each other in terms of pricing and plans.

Hayu Cost Compared to HBO Max

A UK subscriber will have to pay roughly £12 each month to stream the content available on HBO Max. However, on Hayu, a monthly subscription plan is priced at £4.99, which is definitely less expensive.

Hayu Cost Compared to Netflix

In the UK, Netflix’s monthly subscription price starts at £6.99, and if you go for an annual plan, you will have to pay around £83.88. Keep in mind none of Netflix’s packages come with a free trial option. On the contrary, Hayu UK’s cost is a lot less, and all of its three plans come with the feature of seven days free trial period.

Hayu Cost Compared to Disney Plus

If you subscribe to the monthly plan of the video-streaming platform Disney Plus, it will cost you roughly £7.99. The annual package on this same platform is priced at £79.90. Unlike Hayu, you cannot stream Disney Plus content for free.

Hayu Cost Compared to Amazon Prime Video

There is not much difference between the Hayu and Amazon Prime monthly subscription prices. For Hayu, you are supposed to pay £4.99/month, whereas, for Amazon Prime, you will have to pay £5.99 each month.

If we compare the yearly plan prices, then Amazon Prime is much more costly because its annual starting price is £71.88.

Is Hayu free trial available in the UK?

Yes, Hayu free trial is available in the UK. Before subscribing to Hayu’s streaming service, you can test out the platform for free for a week to see whether or not you will use it to view its original programming. If you are a subscriber to Amazon Prime Video, you are eligible to receive a free week of Hayu before being charged the monthly fee of £4.99.

Hayu Deals and Free Trials in the UK

The video-streaming service Hayu offers a seven-day free trial period to its UK audience. You can utilize this opportunity to check out this platform, so whenever this free period ends, you can easily decide whether to continue or cancel your Hayu subscription.

Hayu provides three subscription plans to its new subscribers, including a monthly, six-month, and annual package.

FAQs – Hayu Cost

Currently, for a monthly subscription to Hayu, you will have to pay roughly £4.99.

After adding Hayu to your Amazon Prime account, you can only use it for free for seven days. Later on, you will be charged by the video streaming platform according to your chosen subscription plan.

Although Hayu UK costs around £4.99 per month, you can get it for much cheaper by signing up via Amazon Prime and NOW TV. Using this method, you will only be charged £3.99 a month by the subscription-based video-streaming platform.

You can get Hayu for free if you sign up for its seven-day trial period. Remember, after this trial period, the platform will charge you according to your selected subscription plan.


In this article, we covered how much Hayu costs in the UK and how to get it for free. As you can see, a subscription to Hayu is very reasonably priced, and the 30-day trial offers access for free.

Also, Hayu is available on Amazon Prime Video. Therefore, Hayu is a must-see for any enthusiast of the reality TV genre. Hayu is now only available in select European countries; if you are located outside of Europe, you may need to use a high-quality VPN service like ExpressVPN in order to access Hayu. Learn more about how to watch Hayu outside UK.

Read the above-given article for more details about the different plans and prices offered by Hayu.