25 Best Shows on DStv to Watch [Updated List]


Have a movie night planned soon but still unsure about what to watch? DStv has all the options you need and reasons to watch DStv in UK!

From jaw-dropping thrillers to hilarious comedies, DStv can have you sit in front of the couch for hours without even realizing it. The platform primarily targets the African audience, but that doesn’t mean that the Best shows on DStv cannot make it to your living room. Use a VPN and unlock the endless DStv movies and shows content available before the spoilers start making rounds!

Wondering how to choose a good watch on DStv? Easy! Go through the brief descriptions of some of the most popular shows on the platform and stop when something grabs your interest; head over to your screens and launch DStv for an exciting experience with the best new tv shows!

While DStv is a treasure chest of amazing content with international and local South African shows to watch overseas. Here are some of the best shows on DStv:

1. Black Tax (2020)


Directors: Joshua Rous, Lwazi Mvusi

Writers: Lwazi Mvusi, Byron Abrahams, Joshua Rous

Cast: Tumi Morake, Clementine Mosimane, Mandle Jwara, Joanne Reynecke, Mamodibe Rampdibe, Sne Dladla, Conrad Rudolph, Vikash Mathura, Kenneth Fok

Runtime: 25m

Genre: Comedy

IMDb Rating: 8.2 /10

Ever heard of a good storyline that has a comedic edge? Black Tax will be the first one on that list! The show takes you through the life of Thuli, who has always lived in the protective shadows of a black community. The young girl is all set to grow up and take care of her responsibilities, but instead, she finds herself gripped in an endless cycle of paying the black tax. Thuli has her own financial and emotional baggage to bear among the chaotic happenings of a youngster’s life- but will she get out of it? Find out with your next watch!

2. Ultimate Love (2020)


Directors: N/A

Writers: N/A

Cast: Dakore Egbuson-Akande, Oluwaseun Olaniyan

Trailer: N/A

Runtime: N/A

Genre: Reality TV

IMDb Rating: N/A

Love watching romantic shows? Ultimate Love will keep you hooked till the end! The show is along the lines of a reality TV competition where many contestants are thrown in together. All the people are expected to live together for a particular time and find compatible matches. The couple that makes it to being lovebirds for a long time gets their entire wedding sponsored by the show. Ultimate Love is a great show to watch at dinner time because the twists and turns will have you feeling warm and all giddy!

3. The Great Kenyan Bake Off (2019)


Director: Myra Ndunga

Writers: Myra Ndunga

Cast: June Gachui, Myra Kivuvani Ndunga, Kiran Jethwa, Nick Ndeda

Runtime: 53m

Genre: Baking, Reality TV

IMDb Rating: N/A

If you’re a fan of the culinary world, you’re bound to find this series an excellent experience. The show has several contestants competing with each other based on their cooking expertise. Every episode has unique and challenging tasks that get judged by a special panel of learned professionals in the industry. The primary area which the contestants have to nail is baking, where they have to impress the judges with different renditions of cakes. The judges then give their verdict, and only one contestant in each episode makes it to be a ‘Star Baker’!

4. Survivor South Africa (2006)


Director: Warren Bleksley

Writer: Handrie Basson

Cast: Phillip Dickson, Marian De Vos, Shane Hattingh, Nico Panagio, Meryl Szolkeiwicz, Danté De Villiers, Steffi Brink, Killarney Jones, Antoinette Tebbutt, Palesa Tau

Runtime: 1h

Genre: Reality TV, Game Show, Adventure

IMDb Rating: 7.9 /10

As the name suggests, this show from the DStv box office has contestants from all over the world fighting for survival. The participants are stranded in a far-off location, where they must fend for themselves. From food to water, to shelter, to also keeping oneself safe from the surrounding dangers, the thrilling activities in this show are definitely what makes it to be one of the Best shows on DStv. The contestants have to vote amongst themselves to eliminate one in each episode, so you’ll also witness brutal competitiveness in the show. Make sure you’re rooting for the right contestant!

5. Legacy (2020)


Directors: Andre Odendaal, Krijay Govender, Catharine Cooke

Writers: Gillian Breslin, Gwydion Beynon

Cast: Michelle Botes, Sean-Marco Vorster, Trix Vivier, Dawid Minnaar, Siyabonga Twala, Kgomotso Christopher, Mary-Anne Barlow, Aton David Jeftha, Jay Anstey

Runtime: 23m

Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: 4.1 /10

Are you among those who want to pass their time with the Best Action Shows To Stream? Legacy is your answer! The show has a thrilling storyline about a father-son duo. Together, they must fight for their survival, but the things which keep propping up have them suck in the scenario for quite a while. To add to their misery, they are joined by a new alliance that reveals dark secrets about the biological father of the teenager, which only makes things ten times more complicated.

6. Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over (2019)


Directors: Caroline O’Shaughnessy, Rachel Tracy. Liana Stewart


Cast: Carla Bellucci, Stacey Dooley

Trailer: N/A

Runtime: 1h

Genre: Documentary

IMDb Rating: 6.9 /10

Known as one of the Best shows on DStv, this watch has quite a unique storyline. The protagonist, Stacey, has a job where she has to sleep over with different families every couple of days. Stacey documents their happenings, and the up-close insight into different kinds of relationships helps her get a better grasp on family ties. During the 72-hour cycle, Stacey gets to witness some of the unique aspects of seemingly normal lives that are bound to pique your interest. The diverse range of families will also have you relate to more than one thing during the show!

7. The River (2018)


Directors: Johnny Barbuzano

Writers: Makwarela Phatu, Gwydion Beynon, Nelisa Ngcobo

Cast: Larona Moagi, Sindi Dlathu, Hlomla Dandala, Presley Chweneyagae, Asakhe Nojoko, Tk Sebothoma, Thoko Ntshinga, Thapelo Sebogodi, Shannon Esra

Runtime: 20m

Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: 7.5 /10

The show revolves around the owner of the Khanyisa Diamonds, Lindiwe, her elaborate lifestyle and her protectiveness around her family and business. She is married to Zweli Dikana the provincial police commissioner. The couple resides in a mansion with their three children in South Africa.

The series also show the contrasting poverty of the Mokoena family consisting of Malefu Mokoena and her three children who live in the mining town Refilwe and location of Khanyisa diamonds.

8. Van der Valk (1972)


Directors: Graham Evans, Mikes Vardy, Marc Miller

Writers: David Butler, Nicolas Freeling, Philip Broadley

Cast: Susan Travers, Joanna Dunham, Michael Latimer, Barry Foster, Ronald Hines, Dave Carter, Meg Davies, Nigel Stock, Sydney Tafler, Alan Haines, Natasha Pyne

Runtime: 2h

Genre: Drama, Action

IMDb Rating: 7.1 /10

Searching for a show that has a touch of action and drama both? Van der Valk will fulfill all your cravings! Set in Amsterdam, the show is about the investigative activities of a detective named Van der Valk. The detective has a team under him who helps him solve mysteries behind some of the most gruesome murders and crimes committed every day. Each case has shortcomings of its own, and Van must find ways to catch the perpetrator before he can devote more crimes. With the thrilling adventures and complex mysteries to solve, this show is bound to trigger some hormones inside you!

9. The Queen (2016)


Directors: Andries van der Merwe, Xolani Mabaso, Zolani Phakade, Wandile Magadla

Writers: Phathutshedzo, Makwarela, Gwydion Beynon


Runtime: 23m

Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: 8.2 /10

Set against the backdrop of drug trade and South Africa’s economic problems, The Queen is a dramatic television series that follows the Khoza family’s journey through middle age. Harriet and her late husband, the kingpin “The Queen”, built up their business while keeping an iron-clad lid on everything. After his death, Harriet struggles to rebuild their organisation. You will often question what happens next, and the show is sure to keep you engaged till the very end.

10. Animal Impossible (2020)


Directors: James Reed, Laura Coates, David Denny

Writers: David Denny, John Shackleton, Laura Coates

Cast: Ryan Johnson, Tim Warwood, Adam Gendle

Runtime: 55m

Genre: Documentary

IMDb Rating: 7.5 /10

If you have a soft spot for all kinds of animals, this show will leave you feeling glad about your choices. The story is about two best friends, Tim and Adam, who decide to travel across the world to find answers to some unasked questions. These questions are as far-fetched as wondering if a cat can land on its feet and why just spiders produce spider silk. Tim and Adam have no bounds when coming up with animal-related confusions; the best part is that they don’t hesitate to find their answers.

11. Country House Hunters (2020)




Cast: Catriona Rowntree

Runtime: 23m

Genre: Reality TV, Family

IMDb Rating: N/A

Ever fantasized about living in an Australian Bush? This show will take you through all the pros and cons of actually spending your life in a country house. A young couple aspires to relocate in this show but has to deal with all the difficulties involved in the process. What begins as an exciting adventure soon has them wondering if they’re making the right decision. The duo sets out to survey three houses, and the show helps them with the process. Will these two have any luck finding their dream house? Find out on your next watch!

12. Is’thunzi (2016)


Directors: Amanda Lane

Writers: Amanda Lane

Cast: Bohang Moeko, Makgotso M, Thuso Mbedu, Zikhona Bali, Francois Coetzee, Jabulani Mouze Phambana

Runtime: 22m

Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: N/A

Is’thunzi is a perfect watch for young individuals struggling to make it big in their lives. The show takes you through the lives of teenagers from multiple parts of the world and shows their everyday struggles. From achieving academic goals, fighting oppressive surroundings, and managing their love lives, this show will only get relatable as each episode passes. Shedding your social and cultural stereotypes is not easy, but the girls in Is’thunzi, or ‘ninjas,’ as they refer to themselves, show you how the impossible can be achieved if only you’re willing enough.

13. Our Perfect Wedding (2017)


Directors: N/A


Cast: Nomsa Buthelezi, Vele Manenje, Minni Dlamini, Asipho Sethu, Tumi Morake, Jessica Nkos

Runtime: 1h

Genre: Reality TV

IMDb Rating: N/A

Want to see some hearts and flowers? Tune into Our Perfect Wedding and find yourself surrounded by warmness. Each episode showcases a couple struggling to materialize their wedding but failing miserably. You don’t have to feel disappointed, though, because this is not the end! The show helps the couple pull off their wedding in style; from the venues to the attires to even the guest lists, everything is taken care of with Love and regard. The ending note often has the couples shedding tears of happiness, making the show worth every penny.

14. Lockdown (2017)


Directors: Mandla N.

Writers: Mmabatho Montsho, Mandla N.

Cast: Lorcia Cooper, Lauren Jenae, Tichina Arnold, Stevel Marc, Manaka Ranaka, Zola Nombona, Pamela Nomvete, Mmabatho Montsho, Natasha Thahane, Eugene Khumbanyiwa

Trailer: N/A

Runtime: N/A

Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: 8.6 /10

If the happenings around prisons attract you, Lockdown will be a good way of passing your time. The show has a fictional prison for women with captives from around the world. Each prisoner has a deep, dark story behind their current imprisonment, which only gets more intense with each episode. Amongst the gruesome sufferings, an inmate rises to power amongst the rest who yearns for nothing more than freedom. This woman has a daughter outside prison, which only adds to fueling her attempts to flee the spot. Can the prison hold its captives for long? Stream the show to find out!

15. Nkululeko (2018)


Directors: Amy Jephta

Writers: Amy Jephta

Cast: Chris Gxalab, Abongile Salli, Zimkhitha Nyoka, Tiisetso Thoka, Aphiwe Mkefe

Trailer: N/A

Runtime: N/A

Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: N/A

Nkululeko is a story that is bound to trigger some emotions in you. Being one of the Best shows on DStv, this watch simultaneously has a motivating and disappointing storyline. The story kicks off when an academic professional is ecstatically preparing for an upcoming competition that can be a game-changer for his career. His preparations are in full swing, and his abilities are well capable of winning him the title, but all hell breaks loose when he makes a reckless choice. His life and career come to a dip so low that he has a hard time recovering from the loss.

16. Ifalakhe (2019)


Director: Mmamitse Thibedi

Writers: Thuli Zuma, Gugu Ncube-Zuma

Cast: Bheki Ncube, Ntokozo Ngcobo, Bheki Sibiya, Chris Radebe, Lindiwe Ndlovu, Tu Nokwe, Noxolo Mathula, Gugu Ncube-Zuma, Nkosinathi Keswa, Sthandwa Nzuza

Runtime: 45m

Genre: Adventure

IMDb Rating: N/A

If you haven’t yet heard of the powerful stories about the Okuhle tribe, you need to put on Ifalakhe at your earliest. The show is about how the tribe suffers for quite a while at the hands of the Khanya people until they finally put their foot down and decide to fight back. A war rages at large, and the Okuhle Tribe has no chance of winning at first, but revenge and loss are powerful emotions that keep them going. The raw emotions and shifting events are enough for this show to make it to the best shows on the DStv list!

17. The Herd (2018)


Directors: Denny Y. Miller

Writers: Rorisang Motuba

Cast: Sello Maake Ka-Ncube

Trailer: N/A

Runtime: 45m

Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: N/A

When a farmer named Muzi observes that his cattle keeps mysteriously disappearing, he comes up with every way possible to ward off the thief. However, nothing seems to work, and Muzi keeps bearing the loss over the years to come. When MaMngadi comes into the picture, she brings with her a proposed solution to end Muzi’s woes. According to MaMngadi, sacrificing an innocent human can keep the cattle safe and the thief at bay. Will Muzi succumb to taking a life in order to keep his livelihood running? Tune into The Herd to find out!

18. Housekeepers (2018)


Directors: Zuko Nodada, Natalie Haarhoff

Writers: Portia Gumede, Duduzile Zamantungwa Mabaso

Cast: Gabriel Mini, Connie Chiume, Paballo Koza, Thando Thabethe, Noxolo Dlamini, Andile Mxakaza, Fezile Makhanya, Nandi Mbatha, Masasa Mbangeni, Bohang Moeko


Genre: Thriller, Drama

IMDb Rating: 8.9 /10

Housekeepers went on to become one of the Best shows on DStv because of its plot. The story showcases a young girl from a wealthy family struggling to make peace with the fact that her entire family is no more. As a result of the mass murder, the girl is left alone o fend for herself, with a burning need for revenge and closure. As a way of cracking the mystery behind her family’s deaths, she decides to hide behind the cover of a housekeeper. Apart from her investigative struggle, she also has to handle the challenging housekeeper duties.

19. Isithembiso (2017)


Director: Emile Smith, John Barker, Zeno Petersen

Writers: Justine Loots, David Gordon, Alex Burger

Cast: Chichi Letswalo, Zamani Mbatha, Nandi Mbatha, Hamilton Dlamini, Llewellyn Cordier, Lillian Dube, Meshack Mavuso, Mxolisi Masango, Mpho Osei Tutu


Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: N/A

Remember the City Of Gold from the fables? Isithembiso brings it to life and also showcases people struggling to get their hands on the gold. The show has a young and dynamic duo that comes into the rumoured City Of Gold not just to get rich but also in the hopes of sorting out their relationships. Their intentions are not met with cooperation from the city, though, and now the two people must find ways of coping. The drama involved in this show is enough to make it one of the Best shows on DStv, so make sure you don’t miss it!

20. Ring Of Lies (2016)



Writers: Dennis Venter, Ross Van Leeve

Cast: Zithobe Hlongwane, Mbulelo Grootboom, Baby Cele, Connie Chiume, Bohand Moeko, Sam Medupe, Warren Masemola, Florence Masebe, Mpho Sebeng


Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: N/A

Ring of Lies is a must-watch if the idea of struggling love lives excites you. The show portrays the life of an aspiring boxer whose career takes a turn when he falls in Love. The girl he fancies is none other than his own manager’s daughter, and what should have been a steamy love story turns out to be a nightmare for the couple. Each episode has its own drama, misunderstandings, and betrayals that eventually break the couple apart. At the same time, the girl’s mother has secrets that might contribute to the couple’s failure.

21. Utatakho (2018)




Cast: Nimrod Nkosi, Zola


Genre: Drama, Reality TV

IMDb Rating: N/A

This show gives you a first-hand insight into the lives of abandoned, unclaimed children. Nimrod Nkosi, the host of this show, goes on to interact with such people of all backgrounds and also helps them find their genetic histories. Each episode results in a child reuniting with his biological father, which adds value to the show. Make sure you watch this show with an open mind because the raw emotions portrayed are definitely not easy to manage without breaking into tears. The endings are not always happy, though, so don’t get disappointed when you don’t see one!

22. Gomora (2020)


Directors: Nozipho Nkelemba, Zeno Peterson

Writers: Kutlwano Ditsele, Gwydion Beynon

Cast: Katlego Danke, Thembi Seete, Zolisa Xaluva, Connie Chiume, Sannah Mchunu, Ntobeko Sishi, Siyabonga Xaba, Ama Qamata, Molefe-Ndaba, Siphesihle Ndaba

Runtime: 23m

Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: 7.2 /10

This TV series became one of the Best shows on DStv because of its empowering portrayal. This story is about a young woman facing stigmas and stereotypes in her current township. With the lack of opportunities and the dangers involved, it’s not easy for this woman to leave her roots behind and start afresh. However, a leap of faith is all it takes for her to flee her township and try her luck in a new location. It is not long before she breaks barriers and becomes a successful socialite at her current age.

23. Obsession: Dark Desires (2014)


Directors: Jamie Crawford, Jim Greayer, Elliot Goldner

Writers: Jim Greayer, Jamie Crawford, Steve Murphy

Cast: Ian Porter, Stephanie Moore, Richard Banks, Stephanie Jones, Matthew Raymond, Greg Canestrari, Aykut Hilmi, Andrée Bernard, John Burton, TyLean Tuijl

Trailer: N/A

Runtime: 43m

Genre: Drama, Crime, Documentary

IMDb Rating: 7.2 /10

If you’ve ever been a victim of a stalker, this show will be a highly relatable watch for you. The series has people from all over the world sharing their traumatic experiences of being stalked. Often, the show chooses to make documentaries based on real cases to shed light on the ongoing criminal activities worldwide. These episodes can be pretty disturbing to watch for the faint-hearted because you don’t just get to see a person being stalked but also the failure and ignorance of law institutions and the consequences faced by the victims later.

24. Arendsvlei (2018)


Directors: Darryl Fuchs, Denny Y. Miller, Jarrid Geduld

Writers: Meesha Aboo, Theltom Masimila, Lize Vosloo

Cast: Sherman Pharo, Celeste Matthews Wannenburgh, Melissa De Vries, Crystal-Donna Roberts, Kay Smith, Rehane Abrahams, Jody Abrahams, Roberto Kyle

Runtime: N/A

Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: 9.6 /10

This show is about an empathetic family who feels deeply for underprivileged people. As a way of giving back to society, they build a school from scratch aimed at people who don’t have access to education. Their initiative is highly successful at first and is met with great appreciation; however, it is not long before a revenge-thirsty woman threatens their school. This person won’t stop at anything to take the school down, and now the family must figure out ways of keeping their brain-child safe.

25. Suidooster (2015)


Directors: Romano Gorlei, Heleni Handt, Shirley Ellis

Writers: Ilse Oppelt, Tristam Atkins, Henry Cloete

Cast: Marco Spaumer, Marcel van Heerden, Irshaad Ally, Simone Biscombe, Jill Levenberg, Cedwyn Joel, Denise Newman, Portia Joel, Theresa Sedras

Runtime: 30m

Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: 8.3 /10

If you want an all-rounding insight into South-African communities, Suidooster will be your best bet. The show portrays the lives of everyday shop owners and goes through the struggles they have to face. The city’s crime rate is increasing by the day, driving the shopkeepers to their wits’ end. At the same time, a love angle is also displayed, which only complicates things further. Rated as one of the Best shows on DStv, Suidooster is sure to keep you hooked for an extended period of time!

Wrapping Up

The Best shows on DStv won’t be easy to find amongst the thousands of options. The best thing here is that you don’t have to spend hours contemplating because this guide will take you swiftly through the best content available on the platform.

By the end of this guide, you’ll hopefully have a clear choice of what you want to watch at your next slumber party.

DStv has a pandora of TV shows and movies, but it’s essential for you to sift through cleverly. This will guarantee a worthwhile experience, and you won’t be left disappointed after spending a couple of hours watching something.

Make sure you don’t rush into deciding and go through all the descriptions to find yourself a perfect match. We hope you have a good time!