20 Best Movies on Disney Plus UK to Watch Right Now


With every passing day, Disney Plus is growing bigger and more prominent among the people in the entertainment industry. And why wouldn’t it be? An American subscription-based production company that provides its users with one of the best movies on Disney Plus UK. It is quite a tough competitor of other streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, yet successful. This can be clearly seen by the number of subscribers Disney Plus has worldwide: 87.6 million. However, if you are a user located in UK and are unable to stream this channel due to geo-restrictions, you can still get access to it by following the tips shared here.

With a subscription to this platform, you can get access to an extensive library of content. It includes everything from on-demand and popular movies, tv shows, and documentaries to exclusive Disney Plus Originals. You can find the best movies and shows on Disney Plus for kids, adults, and anyone else, no matter the age. However, in the extremely large content library, it may be a hassle to choose the one decent movie that could satisfy your needs for entertainment.

Of course, everything has a flaw, be it you, me, or this platform. So, despite a lot of great stuff, there may be some crappy content on Disney Plus too. All you have to do is avoid that and find for yourself the feel-good Disney plus movies. How? Don’t worry; we are here exactly for that.

In the list of the best movies on Disney Plus UK below, we have narrowed down the 20 best movies of all time. These are of different genres – some newly released while some old. Regardless, these are the best you can find. So, settle yourself in a peaceful environment with a hot chocolate mug, and while you sip it, pen down the movies you would like to watch.

1. The Bob’s Burgers Movie (2022)

The Bob_s Burgers Movie

Genre: Comedy/Musical

Director: Loren Bouchard, Bernard Derriman

Writer: Loren Bouchard, Nora Smith

Cast: Kristen Schaal, H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Zach Galifianakis, Jenny Slate

IMDb Rating: 7/10

Runtime: 1h 42m

The Bob’s Burgers is the funniest animated movie to get around on Disney Plus. It takes place as a ruptured water main causes a huge sinkhole right at the entrance of Bob’s Burgers restaurant. This makes a severe problem for Bob as his business is severely being affected. Bob’s summer plan has also failed to succeed with the situation. But he, along with Linda, keeps struggling to keep the business running. While busy with that and his worries, he kind of forgets his children.

However, the kids are on a secret mission of their own to unravel a mystery that could help save the family restaurant. As their problems pile up, the underdogs give each other the needed hope to return to the counter where they actually belong.

2. Flee (2021)


Genre: Documentary/Animation

Director: Jonas Poher Rasmussen

Writer: Jonas Poher Rasmussen, Amin Nawabi

Cast: Behrouz Bigdeli, Belal Faiz, Peter Jennings, Bo Asdal Andersen, Rashid Aitouganov

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

Runtime: 1h 29m

Flee is a beautiful tale of a young man, Ameen. It is based on a true story (an animated documentary), thus making the film even more compelling and relatable. Ameen was an Afghani who moved to Denmark unaccompanied by anyone as a mere minor. Now, Ameen has past many years there and is aged 36. He has become a successful academic and decides to get married to his long-time boyfriend finally.

While the man is on the verge of marriage, he must understand the need to confront his past to really have a future. A secret that he kept to himself for 20 years now burdens him and threats to ruin the life that he built. Ameen is sharing his story with a dear friend for the first time.

3. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Genre: Action/Adventure

Director: Sam Raimi

Writer: Michael Waldron, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

Cast: Elizabeth Olsen, Xochitl Gomez, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Cumberbatch, John Krasinski

IMDb Rating: 7/10

Runtime: 2h 6m

Doctor Strange has cast a spell unknowingly that has proved to be a mistake bigger than he imagined: he has opened up the multiverse. Following the events of Spider-Man No Way Home, this movie takes place as Doctor Strange tries to make things right and defeat the enemies along the way.

Strange meets a mysterious young girl, America Chavez, of his dreams who can travel through multiverses. He teams up with her in this mission to fight the menaces, including his own other multiverse self that could destroy millions throughout the universe. Along the way, they take help from Wong, Scarlet Witch (Wanda), and others. Be sure to watch both Doctor Strange and Spider-man no way home before watching this for a better understanding and taste.

4. Pride (2014)


Genre: Drama/Romance

Director: Matthew Warchus

Writer: Stephen Beresford

Cast: Ben Schnetzer, George MacKay, Andrew Scott, Bill Nighy

IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

Runtime: 2 hours

A look at a past society, Pride, is a movie based on a true story. It is the story of a group of gay and lesbian activists who work on raising money for the purpose of helping. They aim to help the families that are being affected by the British miners’ strike in 1984 Wales.

After these London-based lesbian and gay activists and the police see that they have a common enemy, they get together to give their support to miners on strike. The film is not simply homophobic but is actually an informative film, one that has dignity and a bunch of comedy to laugh at.

5. Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022)

Chip _n Dale Rescue Rangers

Genre: Comedy/Adventure

Director: Akiva Schaffer

Writer: Dan Gregor, Doug Mand

Cast: John Mulaney, Andy Samberg, Seth Rogen, Kiki Layne, Tress MacNeille

IMDb Rating: 7/10

Runtime: 1h 37m

In the modern days, Los Angeles, Dale, and Chip are living their lives amongst humans and cartoons. However, 30 years after the end of their popular tv show, they begin to live very differently. But soon, the two learn that a cast member from the original series has disappeared mysteriously. Now, if they want to find and save the cast member, they must put aside their differences, fix the broken friendship, and reunite as allies.

In search of their friend, they will face challenges and hardships, but surpassing all of that, will they ever be able to find their missed friend? Or will it just remain a mystery until other members start to disappear? This newly released film has already made its way and become one of the best movies on Disney Plus UK. You got to try it!

6. Bruce Almighty (2003)

Bruce Almighty

Genre: Comedy/Fantasy

Director: Tom Shadyac

Writer: Steve Koren, Mark O’Keefe, Steve Oedekerk

Cast: Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman, Steve Carell, Jennifer Aniston, Catherine Bell

IMDb Rating: 6.7/10

Runtime: 1h 41m

Bruce Nolan is a whiny TV reporter living and working in Buffalo, New York. Bruce is disappointed and furious with almost everything in his life. Regardless of the love of his life, Grace, and his popularity, he thinks God has done injustice to him. One day, when bursting with anger, Bruce demands a reason for the injustices done to him. God actually responded to him.

God descends down on Earth in a human form and gives Bruce some divine powers that make him capable of ruling the world for one day. God has challenged the young man to take on the great work and see if he can handle it any better. It is to teach Bruce how difficult it is, only if he understands.

7. Fire Island (2022)

Fire Island

Genre: Rom-com

Director: Andrew Ahn

Writer: Joel Kim Booster

Cast: Joel Kim Booster, Conrad Ricamora, Zane Phillips, James Scully, Bowen Yang

IMDb Rating: 6.7/10

Runtime: 1h 45m

Fire Island is a take on modern-day rom-com, depicting an eclectic, multicultural examination of romance and queerness. The story revolves around a group of queer best friends who get together in the Fire Island Pines to have a legendary summer adventure of their week of laughter and love. They are helping themselves with cheap rosé and loads of fun, trying their best for a good quality time.

However, their situations are jeopardized as a sudden change of events takes place. Their summer paradise is dangered, and bonds are pushed to limits. If you are a rom-com fanatic, then Fire Island is a perfect movie for you; you will love the funny jokes and heart-touching moments of the film.

8. Le Mans ’66 (2019)

Le Mans _66

Genre: Drama/Sport

Director: James Mangold

Writer: John-Henry Butterworth, Jez Butterworth, Jason Keller

Cast: Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Caitriona Balfe, Josh Lucas Jon Bernthal,

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

Runtime: 2h 32m

The movie Le Mans ‘66 is also titled Ford Vs. Ferrari, to clear up the confusion. Back to the movie, Le Mans ‘66 is a full-on sports film that revolves around Carroll Shelby. Enzo Ferrari’s Rosso-Corsa racing cars controlled and dominated the motorcar world in the mid-1960s. Therefore, an automotive designer, Carroll Shelby, retires forcibly after the successful demand of the ‘24 Hours of Le Mans’ race in 1959.

However, Lee Iacocca, the Vice President of Henry Ford’s motor company, offers an opportunity the defeat the Italians in their own play. Under the pressing condition, Ken Miles, a British race car driver, and racing engineer, reluctantly straightens the hand of friendship with Carroll to upgrade the company’s image. Now, together, Carroll and Ken would produce a trailblazing vehicle that could blast against the Ferrari race cars.

9. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Genre: Sci-fi/Action

Director: Matt Reeves

Writer: Mark Bomback

Cast: Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Toby Kebbell, Keri Russell

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

Runtime: 2h 11m

In the growing nation of apes, Caesar, a chimpanzee, is the leader and ruler of these genetically evolved apes. A decade earlier, there was a hazardous virus that was unleashed on Earth and spread everywhere, taking lives. However, a group of human survivors from that devastating virus made a way out. Caesar accepted them into his territory of apes but risked his own nation.

A fragile peace was signed between the two species but did not last long. A vindictive bonobo created misunderstandings between humans and apes that led to conflicts – at worse, a war. Your search for the best movies on Disney Plus UK should stop here! It is worth counting among those.

10. The French Dispatch (2021)

The French Dispatch

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Director: Wes Anderson

Writer: Wes Anderson

Cast: Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Timothée Chalamet, Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

Runtime: 1h 48m

The French Dispatch is a movie circling the love letter in the outpost of a US newspaper to the journalists that brings a collection of stories to life. It was published in “the French Dispatch” magazine in the 20th century in a fictional French city. Basically, the movie is an anthology of those 3 segments. With each segment, Wes Anderson brings up a wonderful, heartfelt story that is nothing like the previous one.

The visual eloquence displayed in the movie is perfect, and the work of the artist simply speaks for itself! It will be unwise of the person searching for the best movies on Disney Plus for adults but skipping this out.

11. The Fly (1986)

the fly

Genre: Horror/Sci-fi

Director: David Cronenberg

Writer: Charles Edward Pogue, David Cronenberg

Cast: Jeff Goldblum, David Cronenberg, Geena Davis, Vincent Price, Joy Boushel

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

Runtime: 1h 36m

A brilliant but eccentric scientist, Seth Brundle, is working on an experiment and aims to bring a great change to the world with his teleportation technology. Seth is elated as everything seems to work out well, and his transportation machine looks good, ready for testing. So, he decides to test the machine on himself, thinking that things will go right and he will achieve his target.

However, as he tests it on himself, he gets fused with The Fly, the worst type of pest on Earth. His experiment has gone terribly wrong, but unbeknownst to him, he was not alone in all of this procedure. Only Seth knows what will become of him playing God.

12. Nightmare Alley (2021)

Nightmare Alley

Genre: Thriller/Drama

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Writer: Kim Morgan, Guillermo del Toro,

Cast: Cate Blanchett, Bradley Cooper, Toni Collette, Rooney Mara, Paul Anderson

IMDb Rating: 7/10

Runtime: 2h 30m

Nightmare Alley seems like a horror movie name, but it isn’t. Rather, it is a movie with a far better genre, assuming you don’t really like horror. Stanton Carlisle (Bradley Cooper) is a charismatic, down-on-luck carnival worker who wants to work all the way up from his low-ranking job. Then, one day, he endears himself to Zeena, a clairvoyant, and her telepath husband, Pete, at a traveling carnival.

With this and the newly acquired information about the wealthy elite of 1940s New York society, Stanton creates a golden ticket to victory. He intends to swindle and grift them. Molly is loyally by his side, and he plans to trick a dangerous tycoon. Further, with the help of a mysterious psychiatrist, Stanton’s formidable opponent, he proceeds with his work.

13. Death on the Nile (2022)

Death on the Nile

Genre: Mystery/Crime

Director: Kenneth Branagh

Writer: Michael Green

Cast: Kenneth Branagh, Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, Tom Bateman, Letitia Wright

IMDb Rating: 6.3/10

Runtime: 2h 7m

Do you like a mystery that is on the next level – more mysterious than one can imagine? Well, this is it. Death on the Nile is a fantastic and wonderfully mysterious film that revolves around a Belgian detective named Hercule Poirot. While on vacation in Egypt’s glamourous river streamer, Hercule tries to make the best out of his time.

However, his job follows him all the way there as his vacation turns into a terrifying murderer’s search when an idyllic couple’s beautiful honeymoon is cut short. The tale in the landscape of Egypt and in the majestic pyramids depicts enough twists and turns that it becomes hard for the viewers to guess exactly what will happen next until it is finally shown, leaving the audience in shock.

14. Turning Red (2022)

turning red

Genre: Family/Comedy

Director: Domee Shi

Writer: Domee Shi, Julia Cho, Sarah Streicher

Cast: Jordan Fisher, Sandra Oh, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Rosalie Chiang, Ava Morse

IMDb Rating: 7/10

Runtime: 1h 40m

A 13-years old teenager, Meilin Lee is a confident yet dorky young little lady who is stuck poorly between being the dutiful and obedient daughter of her mother and the chaos of her adolescence self and youth. Her mother, Ming Lee, is very protective of her; therefore, she is never too far from her daughter, making it an unfortunate truth for Meilin.

As if the changes in her body, relationship, and interest were not enough, poor Meilin turns into a giant red fluff ball of panda whenever she gets too excited about anything. Problem? She is always getting too excited! What will become of this little thing in this difficult life? Turning Red is a recently released film, but the ratings for it are already up, making it one of the best movies on Disney Plus UK.

15. West Side Story (2021)

West Side Story (2021)

Genre: Musical/Romance

Director: Steven Spielberg

Writer: Tony Kushner

Cast: Ansel Elgort, Rachel Zegler, Ariana DeBose, Rita Moreno, Maddie Ziegler

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

Runtime: 2h 36m

The movie, West Side Story, explores the forbidden love and a rivalry between two street gangs, the Sharks and the Jets. In a take in 1957, Manhattan, Upper West Side, a handsome young guy Tony spots a girl named Maria and falls in love with her at first sight at a high school dance.

However, their love is forbidden because both of them belong to the 2 rival gangs on the street, each of whom wants control of the street. The increasing romance is just helping to fuel the fire between Jets and Sharks. Now, what will become of the love birds and the outrageous gangs?

16. The King’s Man (2021)

The King_s Man

Genre: Action/Adventure

Director: Matthew Vaughn

Writer: Matthew Vaughn, Karl Gajdusek

Cast: Taron Egerton, Gemma Arterton, Ralph Fiennes, Harris Dickinson, Rhys Ifans

IMDb Rating: 6.3/10

Runtime: 2h 11m

Another timeless classic movie creation, The King’s Man, is a tale of adventure and action that you would like. It is one of the best movies on Disney Plus UK that revolves around the time of the 20th century when a Kingsman organization is created to plan a war. The agency would plot a battle that could wipe out millions or even destroy humanity as a whole. But to stop it, a man must race against time and stop history’s masterminds and tyrants who aim for this battle.

17. Eternals (2021)


Genre: Action/Fantasy

Director: Chloé Zhao

Writer: Chloé Zhao, Patrick Burleigh, Ryan Firpo

Cast: Harry Styles, Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, Ma Dong-Seok, Gemma Chan

IMDb Rating: 6.3/10

Runtime: 2h 37m

The saga of the Eternals movie is of great interest, and if you are a Marvel fan, this movie will become your next favorite one. Anyway, the story is about a team of aliens (the Eternals) who are immortal beings, residing on Earth secretly for thousands of years. While they lived hidden, they shaped the history of Earth and its civilizations.

This race of creation has supernatural powers, and now they must get out from their hides and reunite as an unexpected tragedy has occurred. A monstrous ancient creature named Deviants has returned mysteriously and is threatening the peace. The Eternals must battle the evil and end it for good.

There is a chance that Eternals 2 may come. But as for now, there isn’t any work started because it may be too early for that. But there is hope!

18. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl

Genre: Adventure/Action

Director: Gore Verbinski

Writer: Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Stuart Beattie

Cast: Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, Jack Davenport

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

Runtime: 2h 23m

A resourceful blacksmith named Will Turner joins a savvy pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, for the reason to free the love of his life, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the governor’s daughter who has been kidnapped by an associate of Jack, Captain Barbossa, who suspects that she has the medallion.

However, the truth behind kidnapping her isn’t what the clever and fierce Captain Barbossa shows. He is under an ancient curse, along with his entire large crew, doomed for perpetuity. They can’t live nor die, but there is one way to break the curse: a blood sacrifice. If you like this film of the franchise, I will suggest you watch other parts as well. The film series contains at least 6 movies to this date.

19. Encanto (2021)


Genre: Musical/Family

Director: Byron Howard, Jared Bush

Writer: Charise Castro Smith, Jared Bush, Byron Howard

Cast: Stephanie Beatriz, Wilmer Valderrama, John Leguizamo, Maluma

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

Runtime: 1h 49m

An extraordinary family, Madrigals, is living in a magical house in the beautifully charming place, Encanto, hidden in the mountains of Columbia. The specialty of the family is that each family child is gifted with a special supernatural power. It first started years ago and now has been passed on to every new family child.

However, one child of the family, Mirable, has not received any power. She is the only ordinary person in the family of different abilities, so she has to suffer through all the frustration. But as Mirable finds out that her family’s magic and the magic around Encanto are in danger, she tries to help. While being the only ordinary person, she becomes the last hope for her family. If you are looking for the best family films on Disney Plus UK, you have to consider this one.

20. Father of the Bride (2022)

Father of the Bride (2022)

Genre: Romance/Drama

Director: Gary Alazraki

Writer: Matt Lopez

Cast: Andy Garcia, Gloria Estefan, Adria Arjona, Isabela Merced, Diego Boneta

IMDb Rating: 5.9/10

Runtime: 1h 58m

Let’s end the list of the 20 best movies on Disney Plus UK with Father of the Bride. As the name might have let you guess, the story revolves around a father and the wedding ceremony of his daughter. Billy’s daughter’s wedding is coming up, but in the prison of multiple relationships, he must come to grips with his daughter.

In this open love, music, food, and comedy of Father of the Bride, you are going to have the enjoyment you have been longing for. Henceforth, you are very enthusiastically invited to this modern-day romance comedy. You will love it!

Wrap Up!

Movies are short and concise, and most of them end up without a follow-up part. That’s the beauty of them. You can easily grab an hour or two of your day on the weekend and enjoy, relieving all your stress. So, this article was all about the 20 best movies on Disney Plus UK that you can find of interest.

The movies mentioned belong to different genres, thus, suiting and satisfying different entertainment needs of the viewers. You can pick anyone from the list for your current screening, or you can make a list at your end as well that includes the movie you would like to watch in the future.

This way, there won’t be a need for you to search for movies again and again and waste your precious time. With that said, we hope that the list has proven to be of some help to you. Grab the popcorn fresh and start already!

In addition to that, if things don’t work out, you can always cancel your Disney Plus subscription without any hidden charges.