How To Watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 in UK in 2023?

You can watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 in UK on Discovery+ with the help of a trustworthy VPN provider like ExpressVPN.

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Kinder Spirite recently premiered on Discovery Plus channel “Trvl Channel,” and created a significant impact on the audience because of heart-pumping scenes

This article will help you understand how to access Watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 from anywhere. As well as the release date of this fantastic show and the horrifying storyline of it. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

How To Watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 in UK – Quick Steps

Here are the simple steps to watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 in UK with the help of a VPN:

  1. Subscribe to a fast VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Install a VPN on your streaming device.
  3. Connect it with a US-based server, preferably a New York server.
  4. Go to the Discovery Plus website and log in.
  5. Watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 in UK.
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Where Can I Watch Kindred Spirits in UK?

Wondering where to watch Kindred Spirits in UK? You can stream Kindred Spirits Season 7 on Discovery Plus via Trvl Channel.

The first episodes of this amazing series will premiere on January 20, 2023. However, unfortunately, you cannot watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 on Discovery+ in UK because of Discovery’s geo-restrictive policy.

If you are a true horror fan and don’t want to skip this amazing documentary, you can bypass the Discovery Plus geo-restrictions using a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN and watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 in UK on Discovery Plus.

Hoping you understood, “Can I watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 in UK”. If so, move to our next heading for more information about the show.

Where To Watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 Online Free

You can watch Kindred Spirits online free on Discovery Plus. Because on the platform, you will get Discovery Plus free trials for 7 days.

After the free trials, you have a Discovery Plus subscription to continue streaming the platform.

Further, the show is only accessible in the US library, so get ExpressVPN and start Kindred Spirits Season 7 streaming online.

Lastly, With the VPN, you can also watch other super hit Discovery Plus shows like Property Brothers Forever Home Season 8 and others

What is The Release Date of Kindred Spirits Season 7 on Discovery+?

Kindred Spirits Season 7 release date is January 20, 2023. In order to watch it on Discovery+, you need to use a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to get past geo-restrictions.

A VPN helps circumvent geo-restrictions by disguising your original IP address with a fake one, making Discovery+ believe you are accessing from the US.

This should answer your question, when is Kindred Spirits Season 7 coming out?

What is the Storyline Kindred Spirits Season 7?

The plot of Kindred Spirits Season 7 revolves around paranormal investigators Adam Berry and Amy Bruni as they assist families and people encountering paranormal activities in their residences or workplaces.

Each episode of Kindred Spirits Season 7 has a unique plot that follows the paranormal investigators as they try to figure out where the paranormal activities are coming from, conduct interviews and analyses, and work with the affected people to address their paranormal experiences.

The series is recognized for its thrilling and frequently heartbreaking narratives, in which the detectives attempt to comprehend and handle the strange happenings that are taking place.

To connect more to the current season’s theme and concept, we have listed all the previous seasons’ summaries of the show in our article. If you are interpreted to read about it. So Keep reading the article till the end.

How Many Episodes of Kindred Spirits Season 7 have?

There are 10 episodes of the Knider Spirits Season 7. Here are their release dates and short summaries:

Episode Number Episode Name Release Date
Episode 1 Broken Spirits  Jan 20, 2023
Episode 2 What Lies Below Jan 27, 2023
Episode 3 Beware the Occult Feb 3, 2023
Episode 4 Ghost Ships Feb 10, 2023
Episode 5 The Angry Ghost Feb 17, 2023
Episode 6 Ghost Wars Feb 24, 2023
Episode 7 Living With the Dead Mar 3, 2023
Episode 8 Shadow in the Night Mar 10, 2023
Episode 9 The Undertaker’s Return Mar 17, 2023
Episode 10 The Country Clube Murders Mar 24, 2023

Broken Spirits

Amy, Adam, and Chip go to a haunted poor farm in Pennsylvania to help ease the scary things happening to workers and visitors. They work to make things right and bring peace to the place.

What Lies Below

Amy, Adam, and Chip are summoned to Palmyra, N.Y., to look into strange activity at a museum. People wonder if a fire caused a group of spirits to become angry or if the ghost of a cruel doctor is causing the disturbance.

Beware the Occult

Amy, Adam, and Chip are taking on a big case for a widow who needs their help. She’s been experiencing strange things in her house, and they need to figure out if it’s because of an old Bible or her late husband. It’s a challenging investigation, but they’re up for it.

Ghost Ships

Amy, Adam, and Chip are checking out a cargo ship that used to sail on the Great Lakes. There’s something spooky on board, and it seems to get angrier. The weird things happening might have to do with stuff from one of the worst shipwrecks in US history.

The Angry Ghost

A family in rural New York is in trouble, and Amy, Adam, and Chip come to their aid. The family is attacked by aggressive dark apparitions that scratch and harm them. The team is trying to discover who or what is haunting the house.

Ghost Wars

Amy, Adam, and Chip are visiting a library in Rhode Island that has been experiencing spooky things for many years. Books fly off shelves, objects move independently, and people hear strange noises at night. They want to investigate and find out what’s going on.

Living With the Dead

Amy, Adam, and Chip rescue a family haunted by a mean ghost that won’t go away. The haunting is so severe that the family has blocked off a part of their house to keep it contained.

Shadow in the Night

Amy, Adam, and Chip assist a scared mother and her kids haunted by a scary shadowy figure. The family thinks the ghost may have come through a portal and is connected to a nearby prison.

The Undertaker’s Return

Amy, Adam, and Chip are exploring an old house from the 1800s in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The place is haunted by a mysterious figure dressed in a shroud which is fixated on the caretaker.

The Country Clube Murders

Amy, Adam, and Chip are exploring an old house from the 1800s in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The place is haunted by a mysterious figure dressed in a shroud which is fixated on the caretaker.

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Who are in the Kindred Spirits Season 7?

The Kindred Spirits Season 7 cast includes the following:

Cast Role
Adam Berry Host
Adam Bruni Host
Chip Coffey Host
Dana Newkirk Haunted Object Expert
Greg Newkirk Haunted Object Expert
John E.L. Tenney Occult Expert

Is there a Trailer of Kindred Spirits Season 7 on Discovery Plus?

No, Discovery Plus has not released the Kindred Spirits Season 7 (2023) trailer. We will keep you updated as soon as the trailer is available. To get an idea of the plot, you can also stream the previous seasons of Kindred Spirits on Discovery Plus.

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Recap of All Seasons of Kindred Spirits

Curious to find out the season’s summary? Here is every season summary of the show with their episode count:

Season Number Description Number of Episodes Released Date
Season 1 Amy and Adam venture into the woods in Pennsylvania to search for answers for their family. However, they encounter an evil spirit that attacks a homeowner and breaks things. The ghost tries to scare Amy and Adam into leaving the house. 8 October 21, 2016
Season 2 KINDRED SPIRITS is a show about Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, experts in investigating ghosts. They help people who are scared of strange things happening in their homes. By providing evidence and support, they give families the courage to take back their homes and lives. 10 September 15, 2017
Season 3 Amy Bruni and Adam Berry assist families troubled by supernatural events in their homes. Their goal is to help these families find peace and resolution. 10 January 24, 2019
Season 4 Families experiencing strange activity in their homes seek help from two top paranormal investigators, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry. Despite being scared, they meet with the duo, who gather evidence, guide the spirits, and bring peace back to their homes. 13 January 3, 2020
Season 5 Join Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, two paranormal experts, as they tackle the scariest and most emotional cases of their lives in Kindred Spirits. 10 January 2, 2021
Season 6 A group of experts in paranormal activity are on a mission to investigate reports of spooky happenings. They are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and uncover the truth about these strange occurrences. With their skills and experience, they hope to shed light on the supernatural world and answer those seeking them. 10 December 18, 2021
Season 7 Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, and Chip Coffey assist individuals haunted by spirits. They investigate the locations, gather evidence, and resolve the spirit activity, bringing closure to the affected individuals. 10 January 20, 2023

Kindred Spirits Season 7


Yes, all the seasons of Kindred Spirits are available on Discovery Plus. Don’t forget to pair your Discovery Plus subscription with a reliable VPN subscription (preferably ExpressVPN) before the release of Kindred Spirits Season 7. In this way, you can enjoy unlimited streaming without interruption.

Lucky McKee directed Kindred Spirits Season 7, in which Adam Berry and Amy Bruni go on paranormal excursions and investigate various paranormal activities. You can watch it on Discovery+ using a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Yes, Kindred Spirits Season 7 is worth streaming, especially if you are a horror fan and enjoy paranormal documentaries. The most recent season features 10 episodes dedicated to various haunted locations and their investigations.

Final Verdict

We hope you liked this article and you now know how to watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 in UK with the help of ExpressVPN. If you enjoy watching the horror genre, you’ll love this paranormal documentary as it investigates various haunted places.

Kindred Spirits Season 7 will be released on Discovery Plus on January 20, 2023. So, if you want to access Kindred Spirits Season 7 on Discovery Pus in UK get subscribed to a quality VPN provider.

Happy Streaming!