Best Shows To Watch On Discovery Plus In UK [Updated Guide 2023]

Discovery+ is a streaming service that includes original programming, live streaming, and catch-up access to channels such as the Discovery Channel, The Food Network, HGTV, Animal Planet, and many more.

Discovery plus has been around for a while now and it’s not just about streaming services. discovery plus offers something different than other popular programs such as Netflix or Hulu because their library is made up of many well-known franchises that you can’t find anywhere else!

Take a break from the daily grind with these must-watch shows. From DIY home renovation to wildlife documentaries, there’s something for everyone on Discovery Plus!

Don’t know what to watch? Check out this list of the best shows to watch on Discovery Plus in UK.

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1. Meet The Meerkats (2021)

Genre: Documentary
Premiere Date: May 8, 2021
Cast: Rob Delaney, Meerkats
Number of Seasons: 1
Network: Discovery +

This program tells the tale of unusual meerkat families that were recovered from the illegal wildlife trade and are being restored to their natural habitat in the Kalahari. As a result of this animal soap, former pets learn to embrace nature, combining pleasure and danger in equal measure.

2. Destination Fear (2019)

Genre: Horror
Premiere Date: Oct 26, 2019
Cast: Dakota Laden,  Alex Schroeder,  Tanner Wiseman, Chelsea Laden.
Number of Seasons: 3
Network: Travel Channel

In this fantastic and frightening haunted house experience, Dakota Laden, a daring paranormal investigator, drives his sister, Chelsea, and closest buddy, Tanner, across the country in an RV to spend the night at America’s most haunted sites.

3. American Detective (2021)

Genre: Documentary, Crime.
Premiere Date: Jan 1, 2021
Cast: Joe Kenda, Leonard Freeny, Jay Heselschwerdt.
Number of Seasons: 1
Network: Discovery +

In this true-crime drama, seasoned homicide detective Lt. Joe Kenda demonstrates other cops’ surprising and often perplexing murder investigations.

Each show consists of the dedicated investigators who worked on each case and didn’t give up until they found out what happened.

4. Extraordinary Stories Behind Everyday Things (2021)

Genre: Documentary.
Premiere Date: July 15, 2021
Cast: Carson Beck
Number of Seasons: 3
Network: Magnolia Network

Have you ever wanted to know how your favorite things are produced? There’s no shortage of shows to choose from. The Extraordinary Stories Behind Everyday Things is all about items made in the United States, ranging from pianos to pinball machines to American flags.

5. Hometown (2016)

Genre: Reality-TV, Special interest
Premiere Date: Jan 24, 2016
Cast: Ben Napier, Amber Hayes, Erin Napier.
Number of Seasons: 5
Network: HGTV

Ben and Erin Napier are a Laurel, Mississippi power couple who love simple Southern living. They’re always busy with renovation projects for first-time buyers or young families looking to revitalize their hometown property while still being close enough that they can see grandkids on weekends!

The style sense of the designer is key when it comes time to makeover these old houses into something new again – but he doesn’t go alone here; his woodworking skills preserve history where necessary as well.

6. On the Case with Paula Zahn (2009)

Genre: Documentary, Crime
Premiere Date: Nov 29, 2020
Cast: Paula Zahn, Raymond Brenkert, Tom Scorzone.
Number of Seasons: 21
Network: Investigation Discovery.

Journalist Paula Zahn is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who has been tracking criminal cases for years. In this TV show, she steps out of the studio and into the field to unravel each story featuring those closest: lawyers, detectives; victims’ families — even convicted murderers themselves!

7. How the Universe Works (2010)

Genre: Documentary.
Premiere Date: Apr 25, 2010
Cast: Phil Plait, Mike Rowe, Michelle Thaller.
Number of Seasons: 8
Network: Science Channel.

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered about how it all fits together? You’re not alone. The universe is a vast, breathtaking place that we can only begin to comprehend in part through our limited human minds.

With this TV show, you’ll learn all about the beautiful universe! From where everything came from and why stars twinkle, to what makes galaxy spiral arms members different colors or forms – it’s explained in detail so don’t miss out on these fascinating insights.

8. Crikey! It’s the Irwins (2018)

Genre: Documentary.
Premiere Date: October 28, 2018
Cast: Robert Clarence Irwin, Bindi Irwin, Terri Irwin.
Number of Seasons: 3
Network: Animal Planet.

The Irwin family has a unique bond with animals that was founded by Steve, who wanted people closer to nature. They continue this mission today through their TV series on Animal Planet and around globe-trotting adventures!

9. A Perfect Planet (2021)

Genre: Documentary.
Premiere Date: January 4, 2021
Cast: David Attenborough
Number of Seasons: 1
Network: Discovery Plus.

Planet Earth is a beautiful place. It has everything – the perfect size, shape, and distance from the sun for life as we know it to flourish; natural forces that nurture all forms of plant-based existence on our blue marble with warm sunshine touching every corner 24/7 even during winter months when temperatures can dip below freezing point at times!

A global weather system circulates freshwater throughout its surface while delivering nutrients deep into oceans where they are needed most by creatures who live there too far away from shorelines or other sources accessible only by sea travel…A powerful volcanic landscape creates lush forests which provide food security not just today but generations ago before humans had ever set foot onto land.

10. Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (2006)

Genre: Reality-TV
Premiere Date: November 4, 2006
Cast: Hunter Fieri, Guy Fieri, Ryder Fieri
Number of Seasons: 38
Network: Food Network.

Guy Fieri is on a quest to discover some of the greatest greasy spoons in America and document how they’ve been operating for years. He does this by walking up to individuals and asking about their encounters with these restaurants while dining at several different locations that are well-known among locals or other residents of the area. Many episodes feature restaurants linked by themes such as burgers or comfort food.

11. Good Eats: The Return (2019)

Genre: Reality-TV
Premiere Date: Sep 28, 2019
Cast: Alex Guarnaschelli, Alton Brown, Arielle Johnson
Number of Seasons: 1
Network: Food Network.

You don’t need to be a professional chef or have any kitchen skills at all! The Alton Brown Food Investigation program will explore the origins of various ingredients and decode culinary habits with history, comedy & puppets.

And we get downright adventurous while trying out some new food trends that are taking over our plates every day – like appliance-based cuisine. So if you’re looking for something lighthearted but still informative about what’s going on behind closed doors in your favorite restaurant kitchens across America then this is right up your alley.”

12. 90 Day Fiancé (2014)

Genre: Reality, Documentary, Romance.  
Premiere Date: Jan 12, 2014
Cast: Mike Youngquist,, Natalie Podiakova, Nicole Nafziger
Number of Seasons: 1
Network: TLC.

When Non-US citizens want to live in the US, they must get married and apply for a K1 visa. This allows them 90 days before their wedding date or else risk being deported back home with no chance of coming back again ever! If this special couple is lucky enough for both applicants’ houses (American or not) then there will be green card applications soon after getting hitched – making it all worthwhile.

13. Fixer Upper (2013-2018)

Genre: Reality, House Garden
Premiere Date: May 23, 2013
Cast: Joanna Gaines, Dustin Anderson, Chip Gaines
Number of Seasons: 5
Network: HGTV.

Chip and Joanna Gaines are a dynamic duo who take on clients in their area of Waco, Texas. They turn old fixer-uppers into dream houses with ease!

14. The Prison Breaker (2021)

Genre: Documentary
Premiere Date: October 5, 2021
Cast: Byron Christopher, Richard Lee McNair.
Number of Seasons: 1
Network: Discovery Plus.

McNair’s story is one of ingenious genius and impossible ambition. With his letters, photos, and videos from behind bars as well interviews with those who knew him best including a journalist that covered all aspects about Richard Lee McNair’s criminal exploits for over ten years this four-hour documentary will take you inside the mind (and heart)of America’s most daring escape artist as no other has before!

15. Our America With Lisa Ling (2011)

Genre: News
Premiere Date: February 15, 2011
Cast: Lisa Ling, Ciara Blue, Todd Bentley.
Number of Seasons: 5
Network: American Heroes Channel

Lisa Ling has been on an adventure journey to learn about what makes people tick. Her travels have taken her all around the United States and into many homes, where she’s met with fascinating individuals who share their stories of success or struggle for a chance at happiness in this compelling documentary-style series called “Our Americans With Lisa Ling.”

Wrapping Up!

The new Discovery+ streaming service boasts “50 original titles and over 150 hours of exclusive content,” according to their press release.

The library includes several segments from lifestyle, cooking (and more!) with a mix that has been seen before if you’ve ever watched any channel on TV or online–but there’s also some exciting news: 55,000 episodes are waiting for those who haven’t yet tuned into this popular TV network!

Besides shows you can also watch the best sports on Discovery+ UK by connecting ExpressVPN

In this post, we’ve put up a list of the best shows to watch on Discovery Plus in UK, hoping it will be of assistance in selecting the one that best fits your temperament.