Top 10 Movies To Watch On Discovery Plus In UK [Updated list 2023]

Wondering what the best movies on Discovery Plus are? Wonder no more! we have curated for you our ultimate list of favorite films. We organized them by popularity so that it’s easy for anyone to find their perfect match – whether they want horror or comedy, there will be something here just right up your alley (pun intended). Our daily updated selection ensures there is always at least one new goodie ready and waiting in anticipation…

Discovery Plus has over 55,000 hours worth of content – and it’s only going up from here! The platform features everything you would expect on any other channel: nature programs about animals or insects; cooking shows with different chefs sharing their secrets for making great food.

There are also travelogues featuring people taking trips around the world through various destinations like Australia, New Zealand, etc., so if one type isn’t enough then expand your mind by exploring all they have available at Discovery Plus online right now !”

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Discovery Plus has some great movie titles that you’ll love. Here are the top 10 movies to watch on Discovery Plus in the UK, we know they’re worth watching!

1. Introducing, Selma Blair (2021)

Genre:                                         Documentary
Original Language:                  English 
Stars:                                           Selma Blair
Production Company:             LD Entertainment
Release Date (Theaters):       Limited
Release Date (Streaming):   Aug 26, 2021
Run Time:                                   1h 30m

Selma Blair’s dark, revealing portrayal after she is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis attempts to slow the disease’s progress.

2. Lily Topples the World (2021)

Genre:                                         Documentary
Original Language:                  English 
Stars:                                           Lily Hevesh, Jimmy Fallon, Casey Neistat
Production Company:            Wheelhouse Creative
Release Date (Theaters):       October 15, 2021, Limited
Release Date (Streaming):    October 21, 2021
Run Time:                                    1h 35m

LILY TOPPLES THE WORLD is the story of Lily Hevesh, a domino toppler who has shattered records and broken boundaries in her profession. It follows Lily as she becomes an artist, role model, and young woman over several years.

This documentary follows several generations of young people as they navigate life in the world’s fastest-growing economy over 3 years, featuring cameo appearances by Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon, YouTuber Casey Neistat, Katy Perry, and a slew of Generation Z creatives.

LILY TOPPLES THE WORLD is a coming-of-age narrative contained within a one-of-a-kind portrait of an artist, the tale of how passion and artistry may lead to reality, and an unlikely American story about a quiet Chinese adoptee who grows up to become a worldwide artistic phenomenon with more than 1 billion YouTube views.

3. Attack of the Murder Hornets (2021)

Genre:                                         Nature, Documentary
Original Language:                  English 
Production Company:            OJO Entertainment
Release Date (Streaming):   Feb 20, 2021
Run Time:                                   1h 26m

In a small Washington community, a group of beekeepers and scientists band together to defend their idyllic town from the devastating foreign species that has captured the nation’s attention. The fate of North American honeybees is at stake.

4. Citizen Penn (2020)

Genre:                                       Nature, Documentary
Original Language:                English 
Writer                                        Don Hardy
Stars                                         Sean Penn, , Anderson Cooper, Cécile Accilien
Production Company:          KTF Films
Release Date (Streaming):  May 6, 2021
Run Time:                                 1h 33m

Sean Penn’s humanitarian intervention in Haiti was one of the most personal and meaningful actions he has ever taken. This film documents how just days after a 7 earthquake struck his home country reducing it to rubble;

Sean managed to team up with some volunteers who would go on alongside him as they offered viewers an intimate look into what happens when someone decides that enough is enough – becoming basically selfless by putting yourself at risk so others can get help even if there are no promises or guarantees about success but the only opportunity for compassion…

5. Chasing The Thunder (2018)

Genre:                                       Adventure, Documentary
Original Language:                English 
Production Companies:          Brick City TV, Vulcan Productions.
Release Date (Streaming): January 2018
Run Time:                                 1h 36m

In this exciting high seas adventure film, two marine conservationists from Sea Shepherd follow a one-hundred-day chase of the unlawful poacher and pirate fishing boat Thunder.

6. The Smartest Kids in the World (2018)

Genre:                                       Documentary
Original Language:                English 
Production Company:           Dinky Pictures
Release Date (Streaming):   Aug 16, 2021
Run Time:                                  1h 45m

The SMARTEST KIDS ON EARTH is the heartwarming and inspiring true tale of four bright, driven kids who study abroad in countries that outstudy the United States in education.

7. No Responders Left Behind (2021)

Genre:                                       History, Documentary
Original Language:                English 
Writer:                                       Rob Lindsay
Stars:                                         Kirsten Gillibrand, John Feal, Michael O’Connell
Release Date (Streaming):  Sep 11, 2021
Run Time:                                 1h 19m

The Story of the 9/11 Responder follows TV host, writer, and political satirist Jon Stewart and advocate John Feal as they attempt to get justice for hundreds of sick First Responders who are dying from toxic chemicals released at Ground Zero.

8. My Beautiful Stutter (2021)

Genre:                                            Documentary
Original Language:                  English
Stars:                                               Taro Alexander, Will Davis, Malcolm,  Travis Robertson
Writer:                                         Steven Sander
Production Company:            Michael Alden, Ryan Gielen
Release Date (Streaming):   Mar 11, 2021
Run Time:                                    1h 30m

My Beautiful Stutter

The Stuttering Association for the Young in New York City hosts an arts-based interactive programme for children who stutter called My Beautiful Stutter. The film follows five such children, ranging in age from nine to eighteen, from all over the United States and from all walks of life.

Some are on the verge of self-harming, while others are withdrawn and afraid, worn out and defeated by failed fluency training, social pressures not to stutter, or the decision to remain silent during their quest to SAY. Over the course of a year, we get to see firsthand the incredible transformation that occurs when these young people from all over the world learn the revolutionary concept at the heart of SAY: that it’s okay to stutter.

9. Rebel Hearts (2021)

Genre:                                           Documentary
Original Language:                 English 
Stars:                                              Helen Kelley, Anita Caspary, Pat Reif, Corita Kent
Writer:                                        Pedro Kos
Producer:                                     Judy Korin, Kira Carstensen, Shawnee Isaac Smith
Release Date (Theaters):      Jun 25, 2021 Limited

Release Date (Streaming):  Jun 27, 2021
Run Time:                                   1h 43m

Rebel Hearts

Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary stood up to the Catholic Church patriarchy in 1960s Los Angeles against an all-powerful Cardinal. Thanks to their bold faith and defiance, our society has been reshaped.

These marches have pushed what it means to be a nun and a woman from 2018 to 1965. Anita Caspary, Helen Kelley, Pat Reif, and Corita Kent were unlikely resistance fighters.

They served others and themselves, forming a community that allowed each sister to reach her full potential. Every attempt to modernise the church was resisted. #MeToo gained momentum as women became leaders and found their voices.

10. The Vaccine: Conquering Covid (2021)

Genre:                                           Documentary
Original Language:                 English 
Stars:                                             Kizzmekia Corbett, Francis Collins, Anthony Fauci
Release Date:                             2021
Run Time:                                   90m

The Vaccine: Conquering Covid

A comprehensive examination of how scientists and experts achieved one of the most remarkable and extraordinary contributions to humanity in history in such a short amount of time.

The race to develop, manufacture, and distribute a vaccine for Covid-19 may be the greatest scientific achievement in modern history, a fierce demonstration of astounding ingenuity to combat a devastating global pandemic.

Wrapping Up!

We put our best effort into compiling this list of the top 10 movies to watch on Discovery Plus in the UK, and we hope you find it useful as you choose your next cinematic adventure.