The 20 Best TV Shows on Crackle to Watch in 2023 [Updated Guide]

Best TV Shows on Crackle UK

Looking for the best TV shows on crackle today? It’s no secret that when it comes to the newest cinematic offerings, most consumers go no farther than services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Despite this, Crackle has turned out to be a platform with a good library of shows and movies, making its place in the best streaming services.

Movie buffs and find the best movies on Crackle and amazing Crackle TV shows for the ones who prefer long-time screen commitments. From Drama to comedy, action to romance, it has something for everyone.

Although the streaming platform is not available to UK audiences, they can still watch Crackle in the UK through a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN.

So without further wait, let’s dive into this list of the best Crackle TV shows based on their popularity to make your search for quality entertainment a little bit simpler. Pick your favourite show from the list of free TV shows on Crackle we’ve compiled.

The Critic (1994 – 2001)


Director: Chuck Sheetz, Susie Dietter, Dan Jeup, Gregg Vanzo

Writer: Nell Scovell, Max Pross, Patric M. Verrone, Al Jean

Cast: Judith Ivey, Valerie Levitt, Gene Shalit, Jennifer Lien, Phil Hartman, Milton Berle

IMDB Rating: 7.9/10

Genre: Sitcom/Animation

No of seasons: 2

New York film reviewer Jay Sherman is forced to write reviews for movies he doesn’t like. You can count this show in the list of best crackle TV shows.

The show centres on Jay Sherman, a chubby, snooty New York Telemovie critic who is forced to review the most tragic scenes and responds to them with the exact phrase: “It stinks.” The show also showcases Sherman’s experiences at work for his oppressive media mogul boss and at home with his family and friends. Although the ridiculous arts constantly mock him, he is forced to undergo and by the people in his own life, Jay manages to get by and take pleasure in the good things life has to offer.

NewsRadio (1995 – 1999)


Director: David Foley, Rick Beren, Skip Collector, Tom Cherones

Writer: Alan J. Higgins, Lewis Morton, Chris Marcil, Josh Lieb

Cast: Brad Rowe, Jon Lovitz, Joe Rogan, Andy Dick, David Foley, Dave Allen, Tone Loc

IMDB Rating: 8.0/10

Genre: Romance/Comedy

No of seasons:

The crew of WNYX NewsRadio, New York City’s number two news radio station, are the subjects of the workplace comedy “NewsRadio,” which investigates office politics and interpersonal connections. You will enjoy watching one of the best TV shows on Crackle.

New York radio station takes on a new news director in the form of Dave Nelson, who was previously in the position. His employees are a motley crew, each with their peculiarities and defects, and together they make up an unusual mix. Dave will have his hands complete with this project, and he is beginning to second-guess his decision to accept the offer. However, despite the fact that controlling them could be challenging, doing so will be a delightful experience.

What’s Happening (1976 – 1979)

What's Happening

Director: Danny Simon, Mary Hardwick, Bud Yorkin, Mark Warren

Writer: Eric Monte, Bruce Kalish, Fred S. Fox, Richard Baer

Cast: Bryan O’Dell, Fritzi Burr, John Welsh, Mabel King, Fred Berry, Ernest Thomas

IMDB Rating: 7.0/10

Genre: Sitcom

No of seasons: 3

Growing up in an urban setting teaches three young black men and women a variety of lessons about life, including credit cards, friendship, gambling, and love, among other things.

Dwayne, Rerun, and Roger are three childhood friends who spent their formative years in the Los Angeles area. They are continuously looking for methods to make wealthy fast and have a propensity for getting into trouble when they do so. The plans that the three friends come up with almost always end up getting them into some kind of trouble, and it is up to Roger’s mother to save them. In addition, Roger’s brattier sister Dee is the source of around fifty percent of the boys’ misadventures.

My Boys (2006 – 2010)

My Boys

Director: Phil Traill, Victor Nelli Jr., Fred Savage, Arlene Sanford

Writer: Marcia Fields, Rob Ulin, Rick Singer, Betsy Thomas

Cast: Jay Tarses, Jim Gaffigan, Michael Bunin, Kyle Howard, Kellee Stewart, Zoe Perry

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10

Genre: Sitcom/Romance

No of seasons: 4

A Chicago-based female sports journalist navigates her relationships with the males in her world, including her brother, her closest friend, and a sportswriter who works for a newspaper that competes with hers. A nice story on Cracke TV Shows.

P.J., a wise-cracking sportswoman from Chicago Franklin, often invites his friends who are fans of the same sports teams to play poker with him and spends out with them, mostly at their favourite pub but occasionally on personal occasions. These friends come from a wide variety of walks of life and backgrounds. Andy, her brother, too became dissatisfied with married life and the law profession and decided to join her. The free honesty and masculine humour of male locker rooms are combined with the tiny minutiae of female tearoom banter in their chats.

21 Jump Street (2013)

21 Jump Street

Director: Christopher Miller, Phil Lord

Writer: Stephen J. Cannell, Jonah Hill, Michael Bacall, Patrick Hasburgh

Cast: Jake Johnson, Chris Parnell, Ice Cube, Rob Riggle, Brie Larson, Jonah Hill

IMDB Rating: 7.2/10

Genre: Crime/Action/Drama

No of seasons:

Jenko and Schmidt were both high school students in 2005; however, whereas Schmidt is an honour roll nerd, Jenko is an underachiever who is famous and sporty. In 2012, they were two brand-new police officers partnered up for their first bike patrol and were eager to make some arrests. Because of an error, they had to go undercover at their old high school to track down the supplier of a lethal synthetic narcotic.

Schmidt ends up in easy classes where he meets Wendy and auditions for Peter Pan, whereas Jenko ends up in advanced placement courses where he becomes friends with nerds. His second opportunity at high school puts Schmidt’s big ideas at risk. Can they straighten out their relationship when they stumble into the evil guys?

The Partridge Family (1970 – 1974)

The Partridge Family

Director: Ernest A. Losso, Paton Price, Alan Rafkin, Charles R. Rondeau

Writer: Skip Webster, William J. Keenan, Harry Dolan, Bernard Slade

Cast: Gary Dubin, Rick Segall, Dave Madden, Susan Dey, Shirley Jones, Jack Collins

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

Genre: Sitcom

No of seasons: 4

In the fictional city of San Pueblo, California, a trio of musical siblings manage to persuade their mother, a bank teller named Shirley Partridge, to lend them a helping hand by singing as they record a pop song in their garage. They locate a manager named Reuben Kincaid, who is instrumental in making the song a Top 40 smash, thanks to the efforts of intelligent 10-year-old Danny.

Shirley gives in to more convincing and concedes that the family may go on vacation. They purchase an old school bus, a 1957 Chevrolet Series 6800 Superior, for touring purposes and then paint it with designs inspired by Piet Mondrian’s work. They then go to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, for their first live performance.

The Dana Carvey Show (1996)


Director: J.J. Sedelmaier, John Fortenberry

Writer: Greg Daniels, Elon Gold, Robert Smigel, Danelle Black

Cast: Phil Hartman, Elon Gold, Jim Fagan, Bill Chott, Dana Carvey, Kilty Reidy

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10

Genre: Comedy

No of seasons: 1

Jabs at the show’s advertisers, society, and politics.

Dana Carvey, an alumnus of Saturday Night Live, takes his ability for comedy sketches to his programme, “The Dana Carvey Show.” Not hesitant to be obscene, crass, smart, or intellectual, Carvey and his crew (mainly bright unknowns) start on a journey to ridicule the President, his advertisers, C-SPAN, and entertainment with their imaginative and funny sketches.

Charlie’s Angels (1976 – 1981)

charlies angles

Director: John Peyser, Don Weis, George W. Brooks, Allen Baron

Writer: Robert Spears, Lee Travis, George R. Hodges, Robert C. Dennis

Cast: Louie Elias, Nancy Fox, Shelley Hack, Kate Jackson, David Doyle, Denny Miller

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

Genre: Crime/Adventure/Action

No of seasons: 5

A mysterious and affluent businessman who goes by the name of Charlie conducts a private investigation firm with the help of his assistant, John Bosley. His detectives are three stunning ladies who find themselves in a variety of sticky circumstances.

A tv show about a rich mystery guy named John Bosley, who employs his secretary John Bosley to operate an investigation business over the phone using a loudspeaker. His detectives are three stunning ladies who find themselves in a variety of sticky circumstances. Throughout the show, many females in the cast departed to pursue acting careers in the scene, tv, and the fashion industry.

Snatch (2017 – Present)


Director: Geoffrey Sax, Tom Dey, Luis Prieto, Lawrence Gough

Writer: Jason Kaleko, Grant Levy, Elena Pavli, Alex De Rakoff

Cast: Ian Gelder, Daniel Fathers, Pau Poch, Tamer Hassan, Rupert Grint, Ed Westwick

IMDB Rating: 6.8/10

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Crime

No of seasons: 2

The plot of Snatch centres on a gang of youthful con artists who, after having a truck filled with stolen gold bullion, find themselves drawn into the underworld of organised crime.

This drama, which stars Rupert Grint, is a rough adaptation of the well-known film of the same name, and a real-life robbery inspires it in London.

After a gang of con artists in their 20s make the shocking discovery that gold bullion had been stolen, they are catapulted into the high-stakes world of organised crime. The con artists had to move quickly to successfully traverse the treacherous waters of London’s underbelly, which turned out to be full of corrupt police officers, local criminals, international mafias, and various other criminals.

Pan Am (2011 – 2012)

pan am

Director: David Petrarca, John David Coles, Alex Graves, Andrew Bernstein

Writer: Scott Erik Sommer, Craig Shapiro, Yahlin Chang, Nancy Hult Ganis

Cast: Jay O. Sanders, Goran Visnjic, Ashley Greene, Kal Parekh, Mike Vogel, Margot Robbie

IMDB Rating: 7.0/10

Genre: Drama

No of seasons: 1

The writer Jack Orman is responsible for creating the historical drama television series Pan Am, which airs in the United States. The series, which takes its name from the illustrious Pan American World Airways, follows the lives of the airline’s pilots and flight attendants during the early 1960s when the carrier was at the forefront of the transition into the commercial Jet Age.

Dilbert (1999 – 2000)


Director: Declan Moran, James Hull, Rick Del Carmen, Craig R. Maras

Writer: Jeff Kahn, Ron Nelson, Ned Goldreyer, Joe Port

Cast: Billy West, Tom Kenny, Jim Wise, Chris Elliott, Gordon Hunt, Daniel Stern

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10

Genre: Sitcom/Animation

No of seasons: 1

Dilbert is one of the good animated Crackle TV shows Dilbert, a resident in a cubicle, spends his days working for Path-E-Tech, a company that manufactures unknown goods. The main emphasis of the story is on how he manages to keep his job despite having a stupid boss, antagonistic coworkers, and a malicious pet named Dogbert.

Dilbert is an employee working for a giant firm with no heart or soul. He lives in a cubicle. He, along with his cynical and unmotivated coworkers, toils fruitlessly under the guidance of the Pointy-Haired Boss, known for his boneheaded decisions. Dogbert, Dilbert’s super-intelligent dog, has a habit of getting Dilbert involved in some crazy plan to earn money, much to Dilbert’s chagrin.

Hatfields and McCoys (2012)

Hatfields and McCoys

Director: Kevin Reynolds

Writer: Ronald Parker, Ted Mann, Bill Kerby

Cast: Noel Fisher, Joe Absolom, Sarah Parish, Andrew Howard, Tom Berenger, Bill Paxton

IMDB Rating: 7.9/10

Genre: Romance/History/Drama

No of seasons: 1

The story of ‘Devil’ Randall McCoy and Anse Hatfield is where the Hatfield-McCoy controversy starts. A conflict between tribes resulted in immense emotion, wrath, bravery, abandonment, murders, and allegations, which altered the history of the area and the families that lived there irrevocably.

Near the conclusion of the Civil War, two families who had been close friends and comrades on opposite sides of the conflict return to their nearby houses, one in Hatfield, West Virginia, and the other in McCoy, Kentucky, where simmering tensions, misunderstandings, and resentments eventually boil over into all-out violence.

As tensions rise between the two governments, friends, neighbours, and even troops from other countries enter the conflict, bringing the states to the verge of starting another civil war. You will have a good time watching one of the good crackle tv shows.

StartUp (2016 – 2018)


Director: Timothy A. Burton, Andrew Neel, Luis Prieto, Ben Ketai

Writer: Paul Leyden, Barry L. Levy, Ticona S. Joy, Ben Ketai

Cast: Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Martin Freeman

IMDB Rating: 7.8/10

Genre: Thriller/Crime

No of seasons: 3

An impoverished banker, a Haitian-American gang leader, and a Cuban-American hacker are coerced into working together to accidentally establish their version of the American dream, organized crime 2.0. You are going to enjoy this crime show in the list of our best Crackle TV shows.

A banker who has run out of options wants to find a way to hide stolen money. A Haitian-American crime boss has aspirations of entering the legitimate economy. A Cuban-American hacker has come up with a concept that, if implemented, would completely change the way money is used in the future. As a result of being pushed into working together, they create their version of the American ideal, organized crime 2.0.

Animals Unscripted (2019 – 2022)


Director: N/A

Writer: N/A

Cast: N/A

IMDB Rating: N/A

Genre: Family/Documentary

No of seasons: 4

Prep yourself for the wildest animals in the animal realm. The animals in this group have distinct personalities and aren’t afraid to express them. Is it any surprise to them that they are being recorded?

Bloodline Detectives (2020 – Present)

bloodline detective

Director: Suzie Keegan, Michael Staines, Emile Dinneen, Derek Dillon

Writer: N/A

Cast: Eric Kovanda, Jodine Serrin, Brian Oxman, Michael Cloke, Joseph Palmer, Nancy Grace

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10

Genre: Documentary

No of seasons: 3

BLOODLINE DETECTIVES investigates the power of genealogy and the most recent forensic technologies utilised by law enforcement to bring justice to unresolved murder and sexual assault cases. The series analyses familial DNA extracted from the crime scene and DNA that individuals have uploaded to online genealogy databases to determine whether or not a suspect is a close genetic match.

Genealogists may then use this information to determine the potential offender, allowing the police to make an arrest subsequently. In each episode, expert interviewees, theatrical reconstructions, and archival material are presented alongside host Nancy Grace to walk viewers through the investigated case.

Bible Mysteries (2004)


Director: Jim Booth

Writer: N/A

Cast: Ronny Reich, Helen K. Bond, Tal Ilan, James Strange, Kevin Whately, Bandar Atifi

IMDB Rating: 5.8/10

Genre: Documentary/History

No of seasons:

New perspectives on the historical reality of the periods may be gained via the examination of historical, anthropological, and archaeological material. Re-enactments of biblical tales and characters provide an in-depth look at a selection of the Bible’s most exciting individuals and events.

The Chosen (2017 – Present)

The Chosen

Director: Dallas Jenkins

Writer: Tyler Thompson, Ryan Swanson, Dallas Jenkins

Cast: Noah James, Giavani Cairo, Nick Shakoour, Shahar Isaac, Kirk B.R. Woller, Erick Avari

IMDB Rating: 9.4/10

Genre: Historical drama

No of seasons: 2

A likeable fisherman who is having trouble getting out of debt. A distraught lady who is engaged in a battle with her demons. He is a talented accountant who was rejected by his family and the community as a whole.

Discover how Jesus accomplishes all of these things and more in the groundbreaking first season of ‘The Chosen’ as he performs his first miracles and launches his ministry intending to transform the world. Experience Him as seen through the perspectives of individuals who were personally acquainted with Him.

Dinotopia – Mini-Serie (2002)

Dinotopia - Mini-Serie

Director: Marco Brambilla

Writer: Simon Moore, James Gurney

Cast: Greg Bennett, Terry Jones, Anna Maguire, Colin Salmon, Alice Krige, Katie Carr

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

No of seasons: 1

The tale of David Scott and  Karl, who are half brothers, is told in the mini-series. Unlike the novels, which are set in the Victorian period, the mini-series is set in current times and follows the life of the two men. A storm rages outside as David and  Karl navigate the clouds in their aircraft.

Their father, Frank Scott, chooses to hand the reins over to Karl, and then he passes out. Karl pilots the aeroplane into a storm, which causes it to break apart, and they all perish in the ensuing crash just off the shore of Dinotopia.

Extras (2005 – 2007)

Extras 2005

Director: Stephen Merchant, Ricky Gervais

Writer: Stephen Merchant, Ricky Gervais

Cast: Gerard Kelly, Guy Henry, Andrew Buckley, Shaun Pye, Ashley Jensen, Steve Speirs

IMDB Rating: 8.3/10

Genre: Sitcom

No of seasons: 2

Extras is a British comedy and among the best Crackle TV shows that focus on background actors that work in the theatre and on film sets. Andy Millman is a British man who gives up his regular work in order to try his luck in the movie business and perhaps become famous and wealthy.

Andy can’t manage to secure the significant roles he’d want, and he blames it on the “good luck” of professional actors; as a result, he’s been forced to settle for working as an extra. On the other hand, Andy can rub shoulders with some of the most well-known figures in the industry because of his travels.

The aliens (2016)

the aliens

Director: Jonathan van Tulleken, Lawrence Gough

Writer: Jon Brown, Fintan Ryan

Cast: Geff Francis, Holli Dempsey, Bronson Webb, Michaela Coel, Jordan Long, Jim Howick

IMDB Rating: 6.0/10

Genre: Sci-fi,Fantasy

No of seasons: 1

The U.K. was the site of an extraterrestrial landing about 40 years ago. They have our appearance, yet they are isolated in a poor neighbourhood. Lewis, a border patrol agent, falls in love with one.

In this parallel reality, an extraterrestrial spacecraft crashed off the British coast in the 1970s, and the aliens eventually became a part of British society. The aliens, called “Morks,” are almost indistinguishable from humans (apart from a few physical details), yet the two races never got along.

Many locals were unhappy with their new neighbours after learning that the aliens’ body hair could be smoked to produce hallucinations. Since 1990, when the wall was up in response to these issues, immigrants have been subject to a stringent curfew, identification tags, and a no-smoking hair spray rule.


We have compiled a list of the best tv shows on Crackle to help you narrow down your options the next time you open the service. So sit back, relax and enjoy the crackle original tv shows with your favourite snack.