How Much Is BBC iPlayer Subscription Cost Outside UK?


Look nowhere else! If you were wondering about the BBC iPlayer subscription cost, you have landed in the right place. Keep reading the blog and learn how to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK. To your astonishment, BBC iPlayer is a free streaming service. You can enjoy watching it for hours without a break absolutely for free. All you need to continue watching the BBC iPlayer is a license.

The UK-based streaming service BBC iPlayer is soaring high in the streaming industry. Known for displaying impeccable content, BBC iPlayer is compatible with many devices, making it an ideal choice to pass your time qualitatively. Its showcases some of the most popular BBC iPlayer shows like Celebrity Best Home Cook, Peaky Blinders, The Warship: Tour of Duty. The BBC iPlayer films like Bitter Lake and HyperNormalistaion are worth watching. The phenomenal content has recently caused a rise in the BBC iPlayer app.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the BBC iPlayer subscription cost.

How Much Does BBC IPlayer Subscription Cost Outside UK? [Quick Guide]

As mentioned earlier, a BBC iPlayer subscription costs you nothing. The service is free, but you must get a licence to continue streaming BBC iPlayer on your device. To do so, you have to pay for the TV license. The yearly TV licence costs you £159 per year. If we simply it further, it will cost you £13.13 per month or £3.02 per week.

So with no BBC iPlayer subscription cost, this meager amount for the license is nothing if you get to watch your favorite and popular shows on BBC iPlayer and movies while being on your cozy couch.

You can yearly pay the License fee all at once. You can easily cancel the subscription if you feel like being done with the content by watching the list throughout. But yes! Don’t forget to know more about the BBC iPlayer free trial.

Why do We need a TV License?

“Are you covered by a TV license”? You may receive this notification if you try streaming services and channels without a TV licence while living outside UK. This highlights the importance of a TV license and British citizens’ urge to get it by hook or crop.

Grabbing a license permits you to legally watch channels and stream your favorite streaming services on your device. Besides many other essentials like a bank account, national insurance number, and others, a TV licence is mandatory for UK nationals. This licencing cost also aids BBC’s programs and services funding.

Will the TV License go up in price?

Yes! The TV license pricing is sure to see a rise. Since 2010, it has risen and will go up further. Last year, on April 1, 2021, the price of a TV license went up from £157.50 to £159, which is an increase. The price of a black-and-white license for a year went up from £53.00 to £53.50. so it’s expected for sure an increase in the license fee.

FAQs – BBC iPlayer Subscription Cost

No! There is no BBC iPlayer subscription cost. The charges are covered in the annual licensing fee. Stay connected to know more about BBC account sign in.

“Is BBC iPlayer free” is one of the most casually asked questions. BBC iPlayer is free to use. With zero BBC iPlayer subscription cost, you only are liable to pay the TV license fee. All you need is the BBC iPlayer app and BBC account TV sign in details to get started.

BBC is the British national Broadcasting system, whereas BBC iPlayer is a streaming service that offers numerous channels, live and catch-up content.

You can face a legal penalty if you try watching BBC iPlayer without a TV licence.


This comprehensive blog post on BBC iPlayer subscription cost educates you to the core. It highlights the importance of getting a TV license. UK residents must get a TV license to stream services like BBC iPlayer on their devices.

We have brought you the yearly licencing plan, further comprehending them monthly and weekly. Don’t forget to pay for a TV licence before streaming BBC iPlayer on your device, or get ready to face a legal penalty.