Watch My Mum Your Dad in UK on 9Now

Watch My Mum Your Dad in UK on 9Now as the reality dating series is all set for a comeback, with the first season appearing late last year. The new season will be broadcast on 9Now in November. The series MY Mum and Your Dad is a heartwarming show, that displays different sides of kids and their involvement in their parents’ love lives. You can stream this on 9Now in Australia; regrettably, 9Now prohibits its content from being viewed outside of Australia. The simple solution to this is a reliable VPN, as it allows the user to dodge the licensing policies and restrictions and stream it in the UK. ExpressVPN is the best VPN available as it clears the whole how-to watch 9Now in UK issue.

Watch My Mum Your Dad in UK on 9Now [Easy Steps]

My Mum Your Dad in the UK on 9Now can be accessible effortlessly by following our easy guide.

  • Visit ExpressVPN on your device.
  • Select a server from Australia.
  • Open the 9Now website and make an account
  • Enjoy the new season of My Mum Your Dad in the UK on 9Now.

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Where to watch My Mum Your Dad in UK?

Wondering Where can I watch My Mum Your Dad? You can watch this incredible show on 9Now in Australia. The issue arises when we try to access 9Now from outside the approved geographical limits. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for 9Now as it resolves the geographical blockade issue for you by converting your UK IP to Australian and letting you surf through the Australian content.

Why do you need a VPN to watch My Mum Your Dad in UK on 9Now?

The show is a local production in Australia, and it is broadcast on Australian streaming platforms. 9Now is not available in the UK without a VPN. The content licensing policies deny viewership from outside the geographical limits. But ExpressVPN provides a chance to Watch My Mum Your Dad in UK on 9Now along with all the best shows on 9Now.

When does My Mum Your Dad Release date on 9Now?

The reality TV season 2 of My Mum Your Dad comes out on 9Now, and it is set to be released on the 7th of November 2023. Find more interesting and best trending movies on 9Now.

What is the Narrative of My Mum Your Dad?

The narrative of My Mum Your Dad is about having an in-depth look at modern-day family dynamics. The show circles around the daily life of a group of families as they tackle everyday work and life challenges and the role parents and children play in each other’s lives. My Mum Your Dad is a show based on real-life situations and how people overcome new challenges every day. You can easily access all of its exciting content with ExpressVPN, as it proves yet again to be the best streaming VPN for 9Now by never compromising your UK IP address.

What is the Plot of My Mum Your Dad?

The plot of My Mum Your Dad starts as the parents venture into the dating world to find the one and only. But little do they know that their kids are observing all of their activities from cameras. The children are given an opportunity to see their parents from a different angle instead of their usual role of mothers and fathers; here, with the help of hidden cameras, they get to see the parents as partners. The mothers, however, do not know that their children can see all of their dates. With the added pranks and challenges, the show falls into lots of interesting twists and turns, leading some suitors to face the elimination. My Mum, Your Dad, is formatted to find out if the parent can fall in love once more. The series will keep you glued to your seat from the get-go. With ExpressVPN, you can watch this show from all the 9Now Available Countries.

What Kind of Show My Mum Your Dad is?

My Mum Your Dad is a dating reality show whose premise revolves around the kids setting up their parents for a potential suitor. The parents are asked to move into a house called Second Chance Retreat and are given a luxurious stay there. The show unfolds as they are all looking to start a new chapter in their lives and eventually find true love on the show My Mum Your Dad, where to watch this exciting show is not a question to consider anymore. With EpressVPN, you can stream it from anywhere in the UK.

What Time Does My Mum Your Dad Go on 9Now?

My Mum Your Dad will be aired at 7:30 GMT., so set your alarm for this exciting new season.

Who are the Featured Cast of My Mum Your Dad?

Kate Langbroek hosted the first season of My Mum Your Dad and will also host the new season. The featured cast of My Mum Your Dad are all from different walks of life. Here is the list of all the contestants in the all-new My Mum and Your Dad.

Pricilla and Carole : Hairdresser
Tim and James: Mental Health Facilitator
Heath and Haydn: Firefighter
Neil and Dylan National Sales Manager in Sports Construction
Roe and Sachem : Basketball shooting skills Coach
Shane and Kayla Construction Business Owner
Milli and Kristy salon owner and hairdresser
Mel and Sam: Boutique store workers
Michelle and Chloe : Flight attendance
Petula and Drhys Psychic Medium
Charlie and Eliza Wine & Liquor Maker
Darren and Tess: Luxury Travel Company Owner

How Many Episodes of My Mum Your Dad Are There?

At the moment, it is not clear how many episodes there will be of My Mum Your Dad, but it is possible to be announced before the show starts.

Is there any trailer for My Mum Your Dad?

Yes, you can watch the trailer of My Mum Your Dad online on YouTube. Click the link below:

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch My Mum Your Dad in UK on 9Now

ExpressVPN grants you to view this heart-warming series from anywhere in the world. The Australian show is viewed on 9Now, but the content licensing policy that limits it within the approved region prevents you from entering the domain. ExpressVPN brings you a solution with 3000+ servers servers and speed to access all the entertainment you need.

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My Mum Your Dad will be aired at 7:30 on 9Now. My Mum Your Dad release date on 9Now will be 7th November.

The second season is set to kick off in November.

The new season is filmed an hour north of Sidney.

Wrap Up

My Mum Your Dad on 9Now is a perfect show that gives you a lighthearted, funny, yet exciting take on the modern-day family’s challenges and a chance to find true love again. The show is available throughout Australia on 9Now, but to access it in the UK, open ExpressVPN and get the same experience from anywhere in UK by connecting to an Australian server and watch My Mum Your Dad in UK on 9Now instantly. ExpressVPN offers you the safety and security you require when accessing content from outside of your region, and ExpressVPN makes your privacy and security a top priority.