How To Watch Peacock On iPhone In UK [Ultimate February Guide]

Are you wondering how to watch Peacock on iPhone in UK or iPad in 2024? Look no further; this guide will provide all the necessary information.

Peacock TV is a popular American-based video streaming service operated by NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast. Launched in 2020, Peacock offers various movies, TV shows, live sports, and Peacock Originals.

To access Peacock TV in the UK, utilize a dependable VPN like ExpressVPN. Recognized for its remarkable speed and performance, it’s the solution for seamlessly accessing Peacock TV content in the UK.

With a fantastic collection of content, including popular shows like “Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem” and “Hart to Heart,” as well as Bel Air Season 2, Peacock TV offers something for everyone. You can access live sports events and exclusive Peacock Originals by subscribing to this platform.

To learn how to watch Peacock on iPhone or iPad in UK, continue reading our ultimate guide.

How to Watch Peacock on iPhone with a VPN In UK?

Sometimes, we want to stream content unavailable in our region; that is where a VPN comes in handy. With a Premium VPN (such as ExpressVPN), you can access a whole new world of content on Peacock.

To watch Peacock on iPhone in UK using a VPN, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for a reliable VPN service that offers servers in the US. We recommend using ExpressVPN.
  • Go to the App Store on your iPhone/iPad and download the VPN app provided by the VPN service you subscribed to.
  • Install the VPN app on your device and log in using your VPN account credentials.
  • Search for a US-based server to connect to within the VPN app. We suggest selecting a server located in Los Angeles or any other city in the US.
connect to the US based server

Connect to the US based server

  • To access the US App Store, change your Apple ID location to the USA. Go to the Settings menu on your iPhone/iPad, select your Apple ID, tap “Media & Purchases,” and choose “View Account.” From there, you can change your region to the United States.
  • Once your Apple ID location is set to the USA, open the App Store on your iPhone/iPad.
Go to the App Store

Go to the App Store

  • Use the search function in the App Store to find the Peacock TV app.
Find the Peacock TV app

Find the Peacock TV app

  • Download and install the Peacock TV app from the App Store. Once the app is installed, open it and sign in using your Peacock TV account credentials. You can stream your preferred Peacock TV content on your iPhone/iPad.
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Following these steps, you can watch Peacock on your iPhone/iPad in UK using a VPN and cancel your Peacock TV subscription if needed. Enjoy streaming!

A VPN masks the user’s IP address and encrypts their internet connection, making it appear that they are accessing Peacock TV from within the US. You may go through our list of the best Peacock VPNs to choose the best one.

What Are The Requirements To Watch Peacock On iPhone In UK?

You need to meet certain requirements to watch Peacock on your iPhone in UK. Here are the key requirements to access and stream Peacock on iPhone/iPad:

  1. Peacock TV Subscription: First, you must subscribe to Peacock TV. Visit the Peacock TV website and choose a subscription plan that suits your preferences.
    Peacock offers different subscription options, including a free ad-supported plan, a premium plan with more content and features, and an ad-free premium plan. Select the plan that best fits your needs and proceed with the payment. Download Peacock on iPhone for easy access.
  2. Compatible iPhone: You need a compatible device to access Peacock on your iPhone or iPad. Ensure you have an iPhone or iPad running on iOS 12 or a higher operating system version.
    It is important as Peacock is designed to work on iOS 12 and above devices. To check your iOS version, go to your device’s Settings, tap General, and select Software Update. If an update is available, follow the prompts to install the latest iOS version.
  3. Stable Internet Connection: To stream Peacock on your iPhone, you must have a stable and reliable
  4. Internet connection. A high-speed internet connection is recommended to ensure smooth playback and an uninterrupted streaming experience. Connect to a Wi-Fi network or use cellular data with a strong signal strength for optimal performance.
  5. Peacock TV App: Once you have a Peacock TV subscription and a compatible iPhone, you must download and install the app from the App Store.
    Open the App Store on your device, search for “Peacock TV,” and select the official app developed by Peacock or NBCUniversal. Download and install the app to access the Peacock streaming service.
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By meeting these requirements, including having a Peacock TV subscription, a compatible iPhone with iOS 12 or higher, a stable internet connection, and the Peacock TV app installed, you can enjoy streaming Peacock content on your iPhone in UK.

Furthermore, if you want to know the list of Peacock TV Channels in UK, you can certainly check out our linked guide for comprehensive information and enjoy shows with the help of ExpressVPN, without any interruptions!

How Much Does Peacock TV Cost on iPhone in UK?

Peacock TV offers two subscription plans for users in UK who want to access it on their iPhones. Each plan has features that allow you to choose the one that best fits your streaming preferences. Here are the details of the available plans:

  • Peacock Premium Plan:
  • The premium plan costs $4.99 per month.
  • It is ad-supported.
  • You get access to the entire range of Peacock TV content.
  • Downloading content is not allowed.
  • Peacock Premium Plus Plan:
  • The premium plus plan is priced at $9.99 per month.
  • It offers an ad-free streaming experience.
  • You have access to the complete Peacock TV collection.
  • Some titles can be downloaded for offline viewing. 
Watch Peacock On iPhone in UK with ExpressVPN!Risk-Free 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you decide to cancel Peacock on iPhone, you have the freedom to do so at any time. By considering the features and pricing of each plan, you can choose the Peacock TV subscription that aligns with your preferences and budget. Keep in mind that there are Peacock promo codes to help you out as well!

What Other Devices Does Peacock TV Work On In UK?

In UK, Peacock TV is compatible with various devices, allowing you to enjoy streaming on multiple platforms. Here is a comprehensive list of devices that support Peacock TV:

  • Android tablets and smartphones
  • Apple TV
  • TiVo
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Smart TVs from popular brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, and Toshiba
  • Chromecast
  • Xfinity

Whether you prefer to stream on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, gaming console, smart TV, or streaming devices like Roku and Chromecast, you can easily access Peacock TV and enjoy its content on various devices.

Note that the availability of Xfinity Peacock on iPhone allows for seamless streaming and integration with the Xfinity platform. With such device compatibility, you have the flexibility to watch Peacock TV on your preferred device and enjoy your favorite shows and movies from anywhere in UK.

What Can You Watch on Peacock TV With iPhone In UK?

With your iPhone and the Peacock TV app in UK, you can enjoy a diverse range of content, including TV shows, sports events, and more.

Here are some of the exciting titles and events available on Peacock TV:

TV Shows
Love Island USA season 4
Based on a True Story season 1
Project runway season 20
Dragons: the nine realms season 6
Temptation Island season 5
The Real Housewives of Orange County season 17
Sports Events
Wanda Diamond League
The Memorial Tournament
French Open
Criterium du Dauphine
Pro Motocross
Lamborghini Super Trofeo at Watkin Glens
WWE Money in the Bank
Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio

These are just a few examples of the wide variety of content available on Peacock TV. From gripping TV series to thrilling sports events, Peacock TV offers something for everyone’s entertainment preferences.

Moreover, bestow the joy of amusement through a Peacock gift card, enabling your dear ones to access a realm of captivating TV shows and films on the Peacock streaming platform.

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FAQs – Peacock on iPhone In UK

Yes, You can watch Peacock on your iPhone by downloading the Peacock TV app from the App Store and signing in with your Peacock account. With ExpressVPN, you can get access to Peacock’s vast library.

The cost of Peacock on iPhone depends on the subscription plan you choose. Peacock offers a Premium plan for $4.99 per month with ads, and a Premium Plus plan for $9.99 per month without ads.

Yes, you can use your Peacock account on your phone by signing in with your credentials in the Peacock TV app. If you can’t access it, try using ExpressVPN for a smooth streaming experience.

You cannot watch Peacock TV content offline on iPhone or iPad in UK. Offline viewing is currently available only within the United States. You can unlock that feature by connecting to ExpressVPN and joining a US server.

To watch Xfinity Peacock on iPhone in UK, you can use a VPN like ExpressVPN to connect to a US server, which will allow you to bypass the geographic restrictions and access Xfinity Peacock as if you were in the US.

If you cannot log into Peacock on your phone, ensure you have entered the correct login credentials. If the issue persists, try resetting your password or contacting Peacock TV support for further assistance.


In conclusion, if you want to watch Peacock on iPhone in UK, it is possible with the right steps.

For those in UK who wish to access Peacock TV, a VPN like ExpressVPN is recommended. A VPN allows you to connect to a US server, bypassing geographical restrictions and enabling you to enjoy Peacock TV as if you were in the US.

We hope this guide has helped address your queries and assist you in watching Peacock on your iPhone in the UK. Remember to utilize the recommended VPN service and enjoy your streaming experience. Have fun streaming!