How To Fix: ITV Hub Not Working On Smart TV

If you prefer streaming content on your big screen, you might wonder “Why is my ITV Hub not working on my Smart TV?” ITV Hub problems today can be many and manifold. But you don’t need to fret over it as we are going to show you how to fix the ITV Hub not working on Smart TV issues.

ITV Hub, recently remodeled into ITV X App, is the streaming hub of the free-to-air British TV network ITV. It offers Live and on-demand TV content, including news and sports programming as well as popular shows, movies, and documentaries. The best thing about ITV is that all you have to do is register a free account to stream its content.

You can watch all of this wholesome content from the ITV Hub (ITV X App), its official website, and Smart TV apps. However, several users are showing frustration over the glitches in ITV Hub on their Smart TVs, leading them to miss out on their favorite content.

One of the main reasons behind this can be geo-restrictions of the streaming platform that restrict users to watch ITV outside UK. However, you can address this issue by using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, which is the best VPN for ITV.

Let’s find some of the common ITV Hub problems today and how to effectively fix them.

Steps To Fix ITV Hub Issue on Smart TV

Before moving to the steps you need to fix the ITV Hub not working on the Smart TV issue, do the following:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN for the best streaming experience.
  2. Connect to a fast UK server (the Docklands server is recommended).

Make sure you have a registered ITV account to access its free content. Alternatively, you can get ITV free trial of its Premium Package to watch the best shows on ITV, documentaries, live sports, and the ITV movies.

Let’s move to the easy steps you need to follow to solve the ITV Hub issue on Smart TV.

Inaccessibility of ITV Hub on Smart TV Due To Server Issue

The unavailability of ITV Hub (ITVX HD) services on your Smart TV could be due to ITV’s server issues. Unluckily, you can’t do much about this on your part because only the streaming service can fix this issue. You will need to wait until the server is fixed and the app is restored to a functioning state.

One possible reason for server inaccessibility is the crowding of subscribers trying to access the app, which may burden the server infrastructure if not managed properly. This situation can contribute to the issues experienced by users trying to access the ITV Hub on their Smart TVs.

Restart The ITV App

In most cases restarting the ITV Hub can fix the issue. Additionally, you can try power cycling your Smart TV set by turning it off and then on again. Following the reboot, check if the app is functioning properly. These steps might also help in fixing the ITV Hub not working on the Firestick issue.

Check Your Internet Connection

Smooth and buffer-free streaming on ITV requires a stable connection with adequate speed, especially if you are streaming ITVX 4k content. To ensure a stable connection, verify that you are using a reliable Wi-Fi network. If you suspect any issues with your internet connection, run an internet speed test to assess the quality of your connection. Confirm if you are connected to a stable, high-speed internet connection.

Additionally, you can try switching to a different data connection, such as using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi, to see if that resolves the problem with the ITV Hub on your Smart TV. This fix may also work with ITV Hub not working on Roku.

App Freezing During Streaming

If all the servers of the ITV Hub are functioning properly, it is possible that the app itself is experiencing freezing issues. This can occur while attempting to watch any show, film, or Live coverage on the ITV Hub. Users may encounter a frozen screen, a blank screen, or error messages. If you are facing these issues, it is recommended to check your internet connection as it may be causing the problem. The same can be done to fix ITV Hub not working on Apple TV.

Reinstall The ITV Hub App

If you have downloaded the wrong version of the ITV Hub app or it hasn’t been installed correctly, it may result in the app not working properly. In such cases, you can try fixing the issue by reinstalling the ITV Hub app.

Start by uninstalling the app from your Smart TV, then power off the TV and wait for a couple of minutes. Afterward, switch on your Smart TV and proceed with reinstalling the ITV Hub app. Following these steps, check if the app is functioning properly on your Smart TV or not.

Content Not Available Error

You may also get an annoying error message saying; “program currently unavailable” on the ITV Hub Smart TV app. If that’s the case with you it indicates that you may not have access to the specific title you are wishing to watch. This error typically suggests that the show does not have online streaming permissions or rights at that time, and you will need to wait for it to become available.

In such cases, there may not be anything on your part that can be done to immediately resolve the issue. Additionally, ensure that you have selected the correct region/country on your TV as selecting the wrong region can sometimes result in errors.

Firmware Update

One more possible solution is to update the Firmware of your Smart TV. It is possible that certain streaming apps may not function properly if the Firmware is outdated. Ensure that you have the latest Firmware installed on your Smart TV. After updating the Firmware, check whether the ITV Hub app is now functioning correctly. By following these steps, you increase the chances of resolving the issue and restoring the ideal functioning of the ITV Hub on your Smart TV.

ITV Hub Not Working On Smart TV

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ITV Hub offers two subscription plans to its users. You can either sign up for its monthly package for £5.99/month or subscribe to its annual plan for £59.99/year.

As per the official ITV website, you’ll need at least 1 Mbps internet speed to stream properly without any buffering. Higher speed will let you enjoy content in HD and 4K quality.

Follow these easy steps to cast your favorite content from ITV Hub on your Smart TV through a smartphone or web browser:

  1. Set up Chromecast on your Smart TV.
  2. Click on the title you wish to stream through your smartphone/browser.
  3. Press the Chromecast icon.
  4. Choose the Chromecast device connected to the TV from the list.
  5. Hit the Play button and enjoy.


In this elaborate guide, we have explored the potential causes behind the ITV Hub not working on your Smart TV. Additionally, we provided you with the detailed steps to fix the issue. We hope that by following this straightforward guide you will be able to fix the ITV Hub not working on Smart TV issues.

If you have found an alternate way around to overcome this issue, feel free to drop it in the comments section below so that other readers can benefit from it.